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  1. Not only was Joe Klecko a dominant player in the NFL but he is the definition of a stand up guy! I watched his whole career and he will always be my favorite Jet, There is no player in Jet history I enjoyed watching more than him. Laugh if you like but I would get as much satisfaction from his being inducted into Canton as I would in the Jets winning the Super Bowl again.
  2. Curious as well. I thought my halfheimers just made me forget where we were picking.
  3. Actually 3rd biggest the biggest two are the Johnson Brothers (not to be confused with the Brothers Johnson). After all they are responsible for MacDoodoo!
  4. Maybe coincidental but when I watched some of his film coming out of college I thought his first step was a little slow. Maybe that's why he gets pressures but not sacks. He's a good player but certainly expendable!
  5. My all-time favorite Jet. Only jersey I own. Get 73 in the HOF now.
  6. Call it what you will but I don't think it's planet Earth!
  7. Are people assuming that? I thought this was a what if exercise based in a fantasy world!
  8. Make the deal! This obviously gives us back a second but also additional draft capital which could come in handy. I would also think Washington will be picking mid round or better next year so the 1 and 2 are gold.
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