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  1. Realize its the 1st preseason game. As fans, we're pumped to see some of the new toys. But Jesus Christ, when was the last friggin time you've seen this team step on the field totally pumped, prepared ready to kick some damn ass, only to look like a bunch of ill prepared, totally disinterested group of well paid amateurs. Year after friggin year, we repeat the same sh*t!!!!!! WTF!! Douglas should pull Saleh into his office and demand at once, that him n entire staff start producing a better friggin product and start showing some fire n fury on the field. Stop the soft spoken bullsh*t already! That bullsh*t clearly doesn't work.
  2. First of all, what the hell does Smith really know about football? B- ball is his wheelhouse. Not to say u can't be versed in both. But football, he's irrelevant to me
  3. Ungrateful jerkoff. Alot of these kids lack the proper manners and decorum needed when exposed to the cameras and spotlight
  4. I'm pumped about this draft and free agent signings. Definitely looking forward to how this translates to on the field product. But it seems every friggin year, there's an injury or two or three that totally crushes our optimism. Not trying to jinx this whole thing, but we have to stay healthy! There's always gonna be injuries, but it just seems it's always those that we have great optimism for that land on IR or worse. Lets hope and pray that we get ALL these guys on the field and they stay there. If so, we have a good chance to be really special this year
  5. Flip flop. Mostly NFL network. Can't stomach Brooks or McFarland
  6. Bottom line. We need both. If u can't score points, u can't win. Funny how that works. This team looked embarrassingly inept on offense most of the time. At the same time, the defense was equally as pitiful at times. Need playmakers on both sides. Just my 2 cents
  7. Sure, why not. If we perpetually suck every year, we're bound to hit one eventually. I think Wilson will rise to next level and be our generational talent. Cut this dude some slack
  8. mattg

    Cooper Kupp

    Absolutely. And Brady was drafted in the 6th. And I've been playing the lottery for 20 yrs and haven't won crap. Absolute luck when a team finally gets one right.
  9. In hindsight, we're absolutely better off not having made that trade. Kudos to JD for throwing his hat in the ring, but WAY too much to give up and then have to pay Hill. Gotta admit, I was pretty friggin excited for about 20 minutes though
  10. Ok. 58 yrs old and still that f##kin clueless? Geez man. Bad, bad decision. We're all human. I get it. Just mind boggling really
  11. Sounds a little bit like tampering to me. He's still under contract with Packers, no?
  12. Yeah, being a fan for 40+ years, there is a certain degree of skepticism, but I'm feeling pretty good about this kid. Has to be an improvement
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