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  1. I saw an article on this, it said either team could break the lease in 2025. They have to give a two year notice if either teams wants to break the lease.
  2. Wow usually in August the Jets are Superbowl contenders, not this year seasons over. Moderators should be embarrassed to even let this be a topic.
  3. Even if Mims does play? Gase will hand off to Frank core or screen play to Frank core.
  4. Don't worry after the election if Biden wins? the following week the virus will be cured. 80,000 fans will be allowed back into stadiums. Do you believe in miracles?
  5. Let's be honest whatever we think about Beningo, if they lose to Miami ? there might be more than 1 plane flying over MetLife stadium come the next home game
  6. Agree with your saying but you have to be concerned about his mechanics
  7. Trade anyone on this roster pile up picks.
  8. No more excuses for Darnold he took 10 steps backwards, his mechanics are gone.
  9. 2025 the Jets have a option to break the lease? Please do
  10. Come back to Queens or Manhattan ? Until then I will watch in the comfort of my house. I hope u were watching yesterday Woody
  11. Gezzzzzzz! what a disaster 3rd round pick, what a waste
  12. Maybe one way to get the Jets back to NYC? All Queens & long island residents stop going to the games.
  13. The Jets have to get back to Queens. I think their in the lease until 2025. Right now they play in a alluminum can.
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