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  1. So we have not yet named McCarthy yet. which means the organization is split on McCarthy. Just great!!!!!!!
  2. Jets are absolutely going to blow this coaching job. Unbelievable we have McCarthy and we are going to go with a college head coach. All Jet fans get ready to explode
  3. The bright side, they lose in this embarrassing fashion. Maybe they fire Bowles tomorrow
  4. Jojo's jets


    Down by 13 with 5 minutes letf and he punts . Unbelievable let the fire Bowles chant begin.
  5. Jojo's jets


    I have seen enough of Kacey Rogers. 3rd & 14, and u can't stop them . I also think I seen enough of Todd Bowles
  6. Could we maybe try & stretch the field? These quick passes to Quincy all night. Try play action something, Gezzzzzzz horrible. Maybe resign Adiraus Stewart & release Robby Anderson
  7. Darnold looks great handing off the ball. Great job Bowles
  8. Todd Bowles always talking about cleaning up the penalties, every week. How's that working out? I try & root for him but it's starting to get very hard. It's the same mental mistakes every week with this team
  9. Everyone on special teams should be fired
  10. Penalties again. Going to continue to kill this team
  11. This team desperately needs a pass rusher
  12. How many games will he play next year? Because there is a good chance the league will suspend him
  13. Yes cut him now because he will do it again. He has more arrests than TD
  14. I would be happy with everyone, except Josh Allen at the # 3 spot. We don't need another two year project at # 3.

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