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  1. This is why it also makes sense to a QB (cough WILSON cough) this year. Wilson will be in the 5 year rookie deal (4 plus the option) and within that time we can build around him without the QB megadeal. GM • HC • QB all on the same timeline. If it works, extend them all! If it fails, all gone at once. No past baggage.
  2. Apparently he was never happy with the LaFleur hire from day 1. I’m sure he sick of the fact that the Packers wastes years with one of the best QB’s of all time from roster mismanagement, keeping McCarthy too long, and now to what he thinks is a poor coaching hire in LaFleur.
  3. Oh absolutely Watson is the preferred choice. I just don’t think it’ll happen. Draft a QB • Sign Mullens • Let the rookie learn half a season / full season, whatever it is. Mullens or even Beathard would be a big signing because we need a QB in that room that knows the system. While being QB friendly, knowing those complex zone blocking schemes, audibles will crucial between big gains vs. big losses on any given play. Theres a reason those guys were kept as long as they’ve been.
  4. If we draft Zach Wilson (which we absolutely should)... We shouldn’t start him Day 1. Sign Nick Mullens who knows the system, can handle the install the rest of the offense and never be a true long term threat to Wilson, but a good viable back up.
  5. True ... or after one of the worst seasons in franchise history, we can just enjoy the hype and hope of the offseason instead of being grumpy old men.
  6. Well it depends. If its a team picking in the 20’s that sign Stafford, then they were never really in the mix to trade up with us. But yea if its Carolina that’s a big blow to our trade down potential. I think Carolina and now Detroit are our best trade down options. After that Denver seems determined to run it back with Lock one more time. Let’s see what happens with Dallas and Dak. San Fran might be a possibility but going from 12 to 2 would take a lot.
  7. Agree but... • Watson still hasn’t officially requested a trade. • Texans have said they have no intention of trading him. • Watson doesn’t have much leverage if Houston refuses to trade him. Sitting out will cost Watson a fortune. • I think this is a Watson power play to get a coach he wants.
  8. Gotta agree here. As much as I want Watson and think this would be something we absolutely must pursue through completion...it has a pipe dream feel to it. No harm chopping it up about the possibilities though. But reality is Darnold or Wilson will probably be our choices.
  9. Agreed, just saying that it seems to be. I’d personally draft Wilson at 2 and ship Sam off to the highest bidder.

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