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  1. No. But he did as much as he could reasonably do, without sacrificing the future of the whole roster. - Didn’t trade multiple draft picks and overpay a WR. - Didn’t overpay and get us locked into a long term deal with Robbie. I liked him, but he was never going to be worth what it would have cost to get him. Having said that, I still think Joe Douglas had a really good off season.
  2. Absolutely agree with the op here. Fun non douche personality is emerging.
  3. I’m all for keeping Jamal Adams. It should be our priority to keep him. But I’m so okay with trading him for a boatload of picks if he’s asking for crazy $.
  4. One of my favorite Jets game in their history. Wish we wore white unis at home as our default.
  5. They will absolutely crawl across the finish line and finish out the season. Just do it with empty arenas and get ready for 2021 full houses.
  6. Maynard Toon Walker Sauer Chrebet Keyshawn Santana Rob Moore Coles Cotchery
  7. Run blocking bulldozer at guard. Multiple pro bowler in the midst of his prime. Seeking salary that matches current cuttable back up guard. I’m legitimately confused why he hasn’t been signed yet.
  8. I think hes going to be a stud. Athletic and extremely accurate. He’ll be a thorn in our side for the next 12-15 years.
  9. Yup here in sunny North Carolina
  10. This is exactly the schedule this team needs. - It will finally get Gase out of here, or - He will prove he really is a good coach. I can’t see Douglas giving Gase another year if he has a sh*t year.
  11. Best way to shut up a big mouth is to break its jaw. Win and they shut up. Lose and ... jets...
  12. Will just be another excuse to keep Gase. But, yeah I feel like this unavoidable and I hope teams like the guys on their practice squads.
  13. Yeah this is pretty much it. I expect another great season from Gregg and the D. It’s time Gase lives up to his end of the bargain. I seriously doubt Douglas is going to let his own success hinge on a coach he didn’t hire. Yeah I know they were “friends” in Chicago for 6 months, 5 years ago lol. That’s why Joe demanded a 6 year deal. Gase is going to have to overachieve offensively and with wins to stay here.
  14. Seems like a really low bar set. I guess it all depends on what kind of losses we are having. If Sam ends up throwing for 4,500 yards, 40 TD’s, 10 picks and we end up around 5-11/6-10 with most of the losses being one score last second losses due to defense or special teams, then I might be inclined to bring Gase back because he proved his worth an offensive coach and QB guru. Barring that from happening, Gase needs to at least be around .500 and have Sam take a nice step forward.
  15. Honoring those two teams for not even making the Super Bowl is an embarrassing participation award.

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