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  1. Not at all interested in Antonio Brown here. You thought Santonio was bad? Pass. Also Gase has publicly stated he wants team-guys who are all in and he has zero tolerance otherwise. So thankfully, it’ll never happen.
  2. Adoni Beast

    Jets are winning a Super Bowl

    I didn’t...and then the Red Sox and Cubs won. One day it’ll happen.
  3. Adoni Beast

    Peyton Manning for OC?

    Peyton Manning has been considered VP of Football Ops by the Colts. He’ll be the next John Elway and run a team, if he wants back into the league. He’s not going to coach.
  4. Adoni Beast

    Why no OC announcement yet?

    Possible. Say what you want about Bates the play caller. Butbthe QB coach is responsible for mechanics, footwork, etc. The two biggest knocks on Sam Darnold coming out of college were his happy feet and his fumbling problems. Both were cleaned up nicely this season and were never an issue at all.
  5. Amazing news. The man is a better person than he was QB, and he’s a HOF, so that’s saying something. A cancer patient I treated, finished his treatments a couple years ago and donated to Jim Kelly’s charity. He also wrote a note to Jim saying he was an inspiration to every cancer patient. Jim flew that man and his family out to Buffalo and got them box seats, etc all on the house. That’s the kind of man Jim Kelly is.
  6. I’ll never forget during the 2015 season, as we getting ready for the Buffalo game, and a presumed playoff birth...Jet Nation was feeling really good about themselves. Mike Weathoff was on SNY. They asked him his thoughts on Todd Bowles, COY canidate, etc. And I hear, “I’m not impressed at all. I never see halftime adjustments in any phase of the game. That will hurt any team.” I remember thinking “wow what a hater. Making up nonsense. Bowles is about to take a team to the playoffs that went 4-12 last year.” Mike Westhoff: Legend Me: Typing this
  7. Adoni Beast

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    Just watched that video where they’re at the NIKE HQ. it doesn’t sound at all like a minor change. I’m still anticipating a complete overhaul of logo, colors will probably be added to traditional green/white, etc.
  8. Adoni Beast

    Shoring up the OL

    Through draft and/or free agency we need to come away with 2 or 3 starters on the OLine.
  9. Adoni Beast

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    Extremely valid points.
  10. Adoni Beast

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    I’m actually all for keeping white helmets. I just want a different shade of green than our current one. If they’re keeping those stripes on the helmet the same, then it’s more of a tweak than a complete rebranding as has been described.
  11. Adoni Beast

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    Good points. I also think that with all of the rumors floating around about color schemes, logos, etc. one of theories or leaks was correct. This video goes completely against anything being reported, to keep us off the scent....hopefully.
  12. Adoni Beast

    3 Coordinators, No Head Coach

    Agreed. Does anyone in their right mind think that Payton, Reid, McVay, Nagy, Pederson, etc have any idea about defense AT ALL? The answer is no. There are CEO HC’s. But you don’t have to be one to be great. You have to master your speciality (O, D, or ST) and set the tone, the identity, and the attitude .for the team. There is no better example than Doug Pederson (the most underrated coach in the league). He’s all offense, calls the plays, focus is there. Lets Schwartz handle the D. But he gives his entire team an aggressive mindset. Go for it on 4th down, don’t play scared, no prevent D if we have the lead, etc.
  13. Adoni Beast


    This is the right type of HC we need for now. A guy who is going to focus on ensuring Sam Darnold will reach his full potential. This guy has been outrighr saying “I’m going to devote my time to Sam, and build an offense WITH him.” I mean that’s exactly what we needed. The scary thing is we went 8-8, Bowles would still be our coach and Darnold would be on the road to becoming a game managing QB. Whatever happens after the next few years, if Darnold becomes a star but we’re 9-7 missing the playoffs...then we get a CEO HC who can manage the whole team.

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