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  1. Yea...he had a super bowl team already and you proved my and his point. He had a roster set already before rice.
  2. HAha true BUT he won two super bowls before Rice was ever drafted.
  3. Bill Walsh used to say “get the receivers when you’ve taken care of everything else.” While I don’t completely agree with that in today’s game, I do believe in taking care of the OL before spending high picks on wrs/rbs/tes (if you had a choice between ol and playmaker). Barring certain exceptions (a Randy Moss type player) you go with LT if there’s one there that you like.
  4. I agree is unacceptable and wildly insane that this ineptitude has gone on for this long, in a league that is designed for bad teams to become good quickly. But, it is the reality. It is another rebuild. And given the looks of the roster. It will take 2-3 years minimum. I cant sit here and say “I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS!” All day long...it wont get me anywhere.
  5. This is a 2-3 year rebuild. Douglas wouldn’t come here unless he got the 6 year deal because JD knew this, and cause he needed to be able to hire his own coach in case Gase ya know...keeps sucking. We’re not gonna get it all this offseason, but it should start with the OL and upgrading WR, or keeping Robbie and adding a true #1 in fa or draft.
  6. Lol over/under against Baltimore will be a QBR of 5. Gonna be a bloodbath Thursday.
  7. I for one cannot believe that our 22 year old Qb who was playing linebacker a few years ago, is in his first season in this system, isn’t primed and polished enough yet to nail every throw with pinpoint perfection and efficiency. What I saw was a kid who threw 2 tds, had a good completion %, against a bad team but playing on equally as bad of a roster, came back from behind to lead his team to victory. Our roster blows, our hc at his best is suspect, at worst horrendous. What more do you want from Sam at this point in time? People are insane.
  8. The only time I ever wanted to lose was when we were tanking for Darnold/Mayfield sweepstakes. Now that we have Darnold I believe that every game and win is invaluable to our 22 year old. Filet the fish. It’s Victor Green’s birthday, so let’s take it as a good omen and get a W...if we do, it’ll most likely be our last of the season anyway.
  9. Hopefully he’s gone after 2020, when he bombs next year too. Then I hope they actually let Joe Douglas pick the next coach, instead of dumb & dumber brothers.
  10. We do sir. I think most coaches not named Gase, Shurmur, Taylor would have beaten Buffalo, Miami, and Cincy.
  11. As I already stated if Rhule had a good gm and or qb then I think he’ll do well right off the bat. I think Darnold is the real deal and MOST coaches, even average would have us at 7-5 right now. We had a cupcake schedule with minimal travel. I picked the giants example specifically because I dont like their gm or qb and think that just about any coach that isn’t BB will have a long rebuild ahead of them.
  12. I didn’t say he can’t reach .500. Lets say the Giants hire him. My belief is that roster is awful and will take time to be competitive. I also don’t believe in Daniel Jones as a FQB. I think their GM blows. I wouldn’t bet Rhule could get them to .500 in 2 years in that scenario. But, put him with a team with a good GM and/or a QB I believe in, and yes I think he’ll be an excellent coach. At the very least, better than Adam Gase who has already 4 years of evidence of bottom tier coaching ability.
  13. I don’t believe an NFL team will hire Rhule next season? Of course I do. That has nothing to do with making a bet on his win-loss record 2 years from now before he is even hired by a team. You’re a strange dude.

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