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  1. I think mine was the Titans game in 2012….Sanchez’s 4 pick Picasso.
  2. Really? Revis wasn’t THE key player of that defense? Lol Our OL had nothing to do with our success? Rex was gifted a roster with 8 pro bowlers in 2008. Let’s not play revisionist history here Credit is due to him for what he did, but he didn’t win it and he couldn’t keep sustained success when it was his turn to pick the players.
  3. If there’s any best time to ever turn a season around, its after the bye.
  4. • He almost made the playoffs with Ray Lucas. • The proposition of James Dolan or Woody Johnson combined with (at the time) small dick energy from BB being in BP’s shadow made BB walk. • Rex Ryan took a championship roster and yes almost won it. But he was the driving force in roster retention and refill and left with us dog sh*t. He couldn’t develop a player or spot talent. Anything else?
  5. The Parcells haters make me laugh and cringe. • He was hired to win NOW • Almost won it all 2 years after a 1-15 record team he inherited. • Tried setting up the franchise with Bill Belichick as the HC, Charlie Weiss as the OC, Romeo Crennel as the DC, a 1st round QB of the future, and two 1st round pass rushers. Whatever went wrong with the exit strategy is debatable but he was clearly trying to win a Lombardy and leave a long term franchise of success behind. The hate is odd considering all of that.
  6. How does such a conversation between the league and these teams go? GOODELL: ”Hi, this is Mr. Goodell….would you mind explaining your low attendance?” J&J: “Yeah…uhh…hi Rodg….” GOODELL: “Don’t call me Rodg…” KHAN: “Well sir…I mean Covid really put a damper on…” GOODELL: “Mr. Goodell will do just fine, never mind the sir. You operate in the taint swamp of Florida. Covid doesn’t exist in the minds of the people there.” SNYDER: “Well you made us change our names. People keep trying to buy Redskin tickets but can’t find them.” GOODELL: “Shut your smug face.
  7. Hey! That only happened once…and it was a bet! …. That I lost. But still!
  8. Never understood the rush to start this kid. Mahomes sat his whole rookie year.
  9. Agreed. Wilson definitely needs to improve, but Saleh has gone against what he said they would do for their rookie QB and that is support him not ask him to carry the team. They’ve done the opposite.
  10. I don’t think its time to push the panic button yet. The loss of Coach Knapp is clearly exposing an unseasoned LaFleur. They will need to bring in a QB vet with a strong track record or an entirely new OC all together next year if this continues.
  11. That team and front office will be torn down and rebuilt from front office through the coaching staff down to the roster. That entire organization was Gruden’s…
  12. If Zack Wilson is a bust I think its time we cancel the QB position for this franchise and just play rugby rules
  13. Yeah I really don’t get it to be honest. Same story with every Jets HC/OC. They just seem to go away from what makes the most sense…I don’t know what else to say. My only thought behind all of this (and I forget who but some poster on here who apparently has ties to a member of the Jets beat kind of confirms this theory)… The NYJ organization did not / does not believe this team was going to win many games this year, especially in the first half of the season. I think what we are seeing is the offense & defense installs, without paring it back. Now, to me that’s not the best
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