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  1. One of my new favorite players and its mostly a result of his father.
  2. I get the whole "learn through the bumps in the road" mentality but I don't agree that he should have started the first half of the season. He should have sat and learned for at least half...but hey we're past that now and hopefully he's ready to establish himself as "the guy."
  3. Chances are that if your resume currently reads "Former" + "Jets" you suck at your job.
  4. I’ll do you one better. If Zack is good, but we’re still in position to draft a prospect that we feel is better long term. Don’t hesitate. Every position should be constantly considered for upgrade every offseason.
  5. We should be ready and willing to draft a QB in the 1st if Zack is meh or worse. Do not double down
  6. Definitely one of my new favorite Jets. Now let’s see it on the field.
  7. I mean if Mims becomes a good backup, decent starter then I'll accept that at this point.
  8. Uncertainty is fine and if people are picking up to win only 4 or 5 games still, hey that's cool. What I take issue with is these "reporters" and "anal-cysts....analysts" are actively telling a fan bases to "calm down with your excitement" What kind of journalism or expert analysis is that? It's just trolling.
  9. Dear God the media has done nothing but gone out of their way to rain our little post-draft enjoyment parade. God forbid we are universally praised for something positive.
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