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  1. I have complete confidence Darnold will be great. I have even more optimism for Joe Douglas and feel he is as important or even more so than Darnold. If Darnold doesn’t pan out I have confidence Douglas will have this team competing and will be able to get the next QB. But I think Darnold and Douglas will be both be in their positions for this team for the next 15 years.
  2. I fully expect the OL to be revamped next year. Douglas places great emphasis on the line. I honestly can’t understand how anyone can devalue the line, but it seems we have since Mangini. We might have 3-4 new starters on the line next year. If one of our WR’s down, our lack of depth is going to break our offense.
  3. For people focusing on Gase’s record. Sean Payton’s first 3 years: (10-6, 7-9, 8-8) with Drew Brees. Then went 3 straight 7-9 seasons between 2014-2016. Drew Brees never having a major season ending injury any of those seasons. Yes Payton earned his keep during the other seasons. But, I think Gase did a pretty good job with Ryan F’n Tannehill. Gase’s leash should be short, with the raw talent he has in Darnold. 2020 we should contending, and/or Darnold should be quantum leaps ahead of his rookie season by then, or Gase should be shown the door.
  4. Agreed, even if these big signings turn out to be great, you have to be able to draft well for continued success. His drafts have been horrific and our depth all over the roster sans RB is abysmal. I’m no Mac apologist but a huge part of the problem was the HC - GM relationship. The HC needs to have a planned program that has specific player profiles. Bowles never had one, minus maybe the secondary. Mac clearly wasn’t an all-inclusive ceo type that solicited feedback and team cohesion. It was amateur hour and we all knew since about Week 3 of 2016 after the KC game. This free agency class might pan out for us, but if we are going to get a championship, it’ll be because Douglas will fill out the starting roster and stack up quality depth pieces that make sense for Gase and G. Williams.
  5. I don’t mind if he’s egotistical douche. I think he definitely is, and a psychotic one at that. I was referring more to them saying he was clueless, and ruined the locker room. I think he was clearing the locker room out of the problems. Media was spinning that as, players can’t play for him, because in turn he treated the beat writers like sh*t.
  6. From what I’ve read, Gase wanted to try and win and Stephen Ross wanted the team to tank (which they are). Gase had already planned to fire defensive coordinator Matt Burke and had a plan for replacing him. He also had decided that he would move on from quarterback Ryan Tannehill and sign a bridge quarterback and probably draft a rookie for the future — assuming he could identify the right draft pick. And that’s a solid plan for a team trying to win. But the Dolphins are going in an opposite direction now because that’s what Ross has been convinced is best. So Gase no longer made sense for the Dolphins. And the Dolphins no longer made sense for Gase Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/armando-salguero/article223850050.html#storylink=cpy
  7. Always liked Gase, and whatever initial concerns about him seem to have been Miami media propaganda because he completely disregarded them. His record in games that Tannehill started is the most important stat for me. If he can win like that with a QB who talent level is a decent back up, then we have reason to be excited. The other validation for me is Joe Douglas. The hottest name for GM, who could have had any job he wanted next season, took this job. Noway he takes this job if he doesn’t think Gase is a good coach. Sure he bought himself insurance with the 6 year deal to fire Gase if need be and hire his own guy, but he obviously thinks highly of Gase.
  8. Jenkins was picked in the 3rd. He wasn’t a top rated 1st round prospect. He wasn’t even sold as a pure edge rusher. He was more of a Calvin Pace comp. He’s met that comp and improved his pass rushing productivity. He’s a good player. He isn’t in line for a big pay day. I don’t understand the article at all. Delete Jenkins’ name, insert Leo Williams and the article makes a little more sense.
  9. And we wouldn’t have had to suffer through Fitz starting for us in 2016.
  10. “Not looking forward to the season.” ”we suck...we know it and you know it.” ”just tryin’ get day paycheck in maaayyne” Are these the kinds of quotes you want to hear?
  11. I’d like us to trade a 3rd or 4th for Trent Williams. He has another 4 years of prime left. Doubt it will happen though. We definitely need corner help. Trading - 4th or later rounder or signing a vet would be ideal. Other than that, obviously who gets cut and becomes available, but OL, Secondary, and WR depth should be the targets.
  12. Wow these are huge gets. Alexander and now Savage & Hogan (Wrestlemania 5!)
  13. With the right free agency and draft for 2020 , I’d expect a Super Bowl.
  14. 8-8/9-7, which is a real shame given the talent on this team. Our secondary will be our back breaker all year. Teams will spread us out and score quickly. High hopes for Polite, but our lack of EDGE will only exacerbate our corner issues. Our OL while not as bad as our secondary will stall a lot of drives, and limit our ability to chew up clock with a lead. Unless some trades, or key waiver/cut players are picked up, our ceiling is around.500.

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