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  1. Remember what Red told Andy Dufresne... ”Hope is a dangerous thing...”
  2. Rest of this season is to develop/evaluate Darnold and to see if Gase is the right coach for him. Hopefully Gase is gone if he proves nothing by the end of Week 17. We have our hands full with the rebuild that Douglas is undertaking. We can’t afford to waste another year if Gase is terrible. Hopefully he shows us something. Situation reminds me of Shanahan/Garoppolo. Jimmy was hurt all last year but the year before they had an encouraging bunch of games. This year was the prove it with wins year. Rest of the season Gase needs to have Darnold looking good, offense clicking. Next year will be the show it with some wins year.
  3. Fans say this about evert coach we had. Run through the list and you’ll find the same excuses. However... In the interest of being fair, the clock starts now on Gase. He has until Week 17 to show us. To be even more fair, I’m not even talking about wins and losses, with the deficiencies this team has. But Gase isn’t a coach whose purview reaches O/D/ST, and that’s fine. He’s a specialty coach. Well he needs to show us why he is the best coach for Darnold and this offense. It’s that simple really. Do not accept mediocrity for the sake of 2 of the best HC’s of all time had some rough starts. Come on... If by season’s end, Darnold has made a huge leap and the offense is cooking. Keep him. If not, FIND AN UPGRADE. Why wouldn’t we all want the best possible coach, teaching Darnold?! To answer the “okay if not Gase, then who?” I say, ANYONE would be an upgrade if what we seen continues now. Yes the OL sucks, but we’re not asking for 56 points a game. We need a progressive and improving offense and qb. Adam Gase, the test has begun, please close your notebook.
  4. Gase deserves the rest of the year with a healthy Darnold. He deserves nothing after that. If this mess continues, he’s gotta go. This has been historically bad results in the easiest era for offensive football. No one expected Gase to win Weeks 2-5 given the circumstances, but no one expected THIS. It is really embarrassing. You have to be able to move the ball a little. Yes the OL sucks. But guess what? It’s this bas because the bead coach hasn’t gotten it fixed. You can scheme an OL to look moderately average. This team looks like a hs team.
  5. Well that’ll definitely make it awkward when we try and sign him, haha. Had no idea. The other 3 then, lets get it!
  6. We’ll have plenty to spend and many holes to fill with trumaine, avery, leo, winters, khalil, beachum, enunwa getting cut or no offered a new contract. We should be targeting: - Yannick Ngakoue - Rodney Hudson - Brandon Scherff - Byron Jones
  7. I love Jamal Adams, ability, energy, and desire. Having said that, I’d be perfectly happy if we traded him for good value. He just doesn’t play a prime position.
  8. Joe Douglas already has shown he knows what he’s doing. He knew this was a dog sh*t roster, far from contention. Which is why he didn’t satisfy the “TRADE FOR A CORNER AND WE’RE CHALLENGING NE FOR THE DIVISION!” Or the “TRADE FOR CLOWNEY AND THE LOMBARDI IS OURS!” Crowd. He knows there’s no quick fixed or one move to finish off this roster.
  9. Kirk Cousins asked for and got max $. All you need is one sucker to overpay.
  10. Absolutely no sense in rushing Sam back. He is supposed to be the Franchise player for the next 15+ years. Rushing him back against the Eagles in a dead end season makes zero sense. Split reps with him and Falk, to get Sam back in the swing of things. Then have him ready at home for Dallas.
  11. Because I believe he’ll be asking for big $. I like Robbie, but he can’t win one on ones with tough corners. That’s a huge liability if you’re supposed to be the top receiver. He also doesn’t fight the ball. Douglas wants a tough team. If Robbie wants to take a fair deal i think he’d be back. I just don’t think he’s taking less to stay with us.
  12. Jenkins I say is 50/50. I don’t know if hes the type of OLB Joe Douglas wants. Maybe back on the cheap. Robbie will probably be asking for #1 $. He’s no #1. Leo is GONE. You can easily get that same production from an UDFA. Harrison is clearly not likes by this regime. Some team will pay for him for solid depth. Avery will not be back. Makes way too much $, wasn’t signed by this regime, and is coming off a major injury. He’s a huge cap savings cut and Cashman looks solid. Mosley essentially took Avery’s spot as they do the dame things.

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