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  1. The nail in the coffin. Thankfully, he’s a goner
  2. This is inexcusable. Where was Bowles during all of this? I’ve defended him more than a lot of people, but he was either in agreement to quit, or wasn’t even watching the game. How do you quit on a game with 11 minutes left?
  3. Jarrett Stidham

    He didnt play wel and neither did his team. Every college prospect has had bad games. If he decides to come out (which I’m seriously doubting now that Gus seems to be staying at Auburn) he’ll be a second rounder. I just hope we get him.
  4. Jarrett Stidham

    100% agreed. If we could take a LT in the first and Stidham in the second, and if available a C with our other second...that would be be optimal for me.
  5. Forte & Winters Questionable

    Questionable = The new probable...under the new injury report rules.
  6. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    Unfortunately this is the first year of a rebuild thats been needed since The Santonio Meltdown in Miami. The competitve rebuild initiated by Woody after fear of further Banner-Dragging-Planes, set this team back. So here we are. I have to say, with Woody gone and a bare bones roster, I have been extremely pleased and surprised by Mac and Bowles this offseason/season. I believe the team is headed in the right direction, and with more time will have a very good roster. But, the biggest concern I have about this team is the most important aspect of today’s NFL...quarterback. My concern stemming from Macagnan having the balls to trade up for someone he loves....along with Bowles ability or inability to recognize QB talent, or how to develop the position. So my optimism is blocked by this notion that we will not find a quarterback, or if so, he won’t be in good coaching hands. We’ll see.
  7. Bowles: McCown Starter "Through End of Year"

    I think its plainly obvious, the organization as a whole has decided that Hackenberg and Petty are not starter material, ever. They’ll draft a QB, and resign McCown for next year.
  8. Kelvin Beachum

    We need to invest in a high round pick at LT. Having said that, Beechum has been better than I expected. But LT and C both need to be drafted. Sooner the better.
  9. I expected to see more out of Stewart. Its been disappointing to say the least. I don’t know if its a result of Anderson and Kearse playing so well, but even Kerley before his suspension was doing well and Stewart was barely seeing the field. Hopefully Stewart can become more productive, but Hansen is looking pretty good. Expecting a big jump in Year 2.
  10. I really liked the pick, and expect him to be a long term player for us.
  11. Im just happy they both Rex Ryan and Geno Smith are no longer here.
  12. Even without the lateness issues, his production doesn’t warrant his contract. This is just an extra incentive to cut him loose.
  13. What do we do with Mo?

    Resign Ealy Cut Mo if he doesn’t take a major restructure.
  14. Ryan Shazier

    I also don’t want either of my sons playing. I played, but it comes down to risk vs reward. Not worth it. Try baseball, they get paid more anyway.
  15. Jarrett Stidham

    Yeah i was actuslly using Jimmy and Carr from their college evals. Its tough to find someone in thr NFL who i think Stidhams game is close to. I didn’t wanna say Brady cause then everyones gonna be say “oook relax.” But in actuality, he throws lots of short and intermediate quick throws very accurately, and then opens it up with long shots down the field.