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  1. I don’t like the way Ben coaches football.
  2. Adoni Beast

    Hackenberg visiting the Pats

    Definitely agree. Admit it’s not going to work and move on sooner rather than later. But there is generally a 3 year rule for rookies. By their 3rd year they should be able to show they belong or not. Sometimes the results are so bad though the firsr year that you don’t wait.
  3. I still think his ego is waiting out BB to retire first and wants to win one without BB. I also think Brady made sure Kraft kept McDaniel’s on as a successor for this very reason. He’ll push on as long as he can.
  4. Adoni Beast

    Hackenberg visiting the Pats

    Every talent evaluator seems to do the same. Ozzie Newsome drafted about 10 QBs prior to Joe Flacco. This isn’t an exact science. Drafting is like playing the stock market with all new companies without any real track record.
  5. Adoni Beast

    Should the Jets draft another QB in 2019?

    Can probably get a good backup in FA. Unless they love a long term/developmental guy in the 5th or later.
  6. Adoni Beast

    For the "Trade Teddy" guys.....

    If Bridgewater is healthy, looks good in pre season, and Darnold isnt ready, then you give Bridgewater about 6 games to start. If he looks good, but we’re below .500 at that point, if a team is willing to trade him, Mac pulls the trigger. At that point, either Darnold is ready, or you have McCown until he is. If we’re 5-1 with Bridgewater, you ride that wave until it crashes.
  7. Adoni Beast

    Wait. Leggett is good?

    Herndon has legit starter material. I see Leggett as a career backup. Nothing wrong with that as long as he produces enough.
  8. Adoni Beast

    OTA QB Mentoring Tidbit

    If they were certain Bridgewater’s knee was fine when free agency started, they would have only offered the QB Coach job to McCown. But McCown was always signed this year as the Jets were facing the unknown with Bridgewater’s knee and how the draft would play out. McCown is the safety net starter / QB Coach. McCown’s job is to coach and mentor. He’s only seeing the field if Bridgewater’s knee gives out...or if Bridgewater is traded and Darnold’s not ready.
  9. Really excited. The value return for what we gave up is going to be really good. I envision him being a quality starter for years here.
  10. A healthy Bridgewater is the best starting Quarterback this team has had since we had a healthy Favre. If Bridgewater beats out Darnold, then start him until we are out of the playoff race, or if some team offers a lot for him. Darnold is obviously our guy long term, but there is no need to rush him. If Teddy starts, this should relegate McCown to unofficial QB Coach this year, readying him for the official role next year.
  11. Sanchez was never a top 3 talent who was being considered as the first pick by every team not in Cleveland. His ceiling was Alex Smith, with a basement of what we got.
  12. I think a lot of us here like it because we liked this kid coming out of the draft last year and hoped we’d trade him. He was a second round prospect in every mock and evaluation and fell to the third. The patriots were called genius’ for getting him in the 3rd. This kid has good starting potential, and we got him for nothing at all. This isn’t some usda who people are overhyping.
  13. Adoni Beast

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    I’d also say that Darnold’s arm is definitely stronger. His scrambling ability is also more of a threat (not for big gains), but for extending plays, than Jimmy G.
  14. Adoni Beast

    Antonio Garcia Released by Pats

    Beat me to the punch. I love this. Wanted us to draft him. Didn’t give up anything for him. He can play in a zone scheme and potentially be our LT of the future if he develops right.
  15. Hes a rare exception for sure and to me is more important than Brady. But the majority of coaches are not as important as a Belicheck or few other coaches in sports.