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  1. Unfortunately, we don’t know if Harbaugh would want either of them. But more importantly...chances are very high that Zac is getting a HC job somewhere (Cleveland, NYJ, Denver, Cardinals smaller chance but who knows, Washington is a possibility, Green Bay (althught with Rogers’ age I think they go with an experienced HC, Baltimore), and taking his brother with him as OC. There are going to be A LOT of jobs open next year with young QB’s to mentor. We’d have to offer HC/OC or we aren’t getting them on staff.
  2. I’d like the Taylor pair for HC & OC. If they want an aggressive and seasoned DC, I hope they look Rex’s way. Rex knows he’s done as a HC, or at the very least never getting the HC job here again. But don’t think Rex wasn’t going off against Bowles and Mac the other day on espn for no reason. I bet he would take the DC job here if they wanted him to.
  3. Called Mayfield to Cleveland a couple of days before the draft.
  4. Benjamin Allbright who is usually pretty well informed tweeted that this is who the Jets want as their next HC and OC, coupled with a seasoned DC (which was mentioned in another tweet).
  5. Even if Mac were to hit pay dirt on every free agent this off season, he still needs to have a great draft next year. Whoever we sign will be short term fixes. He’ll need a stellar draft to keep his job. Not every off season is going to be a 100 mil splurge spending spree.
  6. Adoni Beast

    John Harbaugh

    Parcells won with Giants, took Patriots to a Super Bowl and Jets to AFC Championship. Holmgren won with Packers, took Seahawks to Super Bowl. Shula took Colts to Super Bowl and won with the Dolphins. As you said, Vermeil. Dungy won with Colts, took Bucs to NFC Championship. John Fox lost 2 Super Bowls with Panthers and Broncos. Coughlin won with Giants, took Jags to AFC Championship. After that I can’t really think of any. But it can most certainly be done. A lot of those losses were close and could have easily given those coaches 2 Super Bowls with 2 teams.
  7. Agreed. I just hope Mac is gone with him.
  8. Adoni Beast

    Rex and Greenie on Get Up now

    Actually Baltimore won a Super Bowl with Rex as the DLine coach. Marvin Lewis was the DC when Baltimore first won it. Rex’s best year with Baltimore as DC they lost to PITT in the playoffs. Rex has 0 rings as a coordinator. But I’d love him to be our DC, anyday.
  9. McAdoo was there for 2 years. But I agree with everything you said.
  10. I honestly have no idea how he doesn’t get fired tonight or tomorrow morning. There is zero benefit to keeping him. Get rid of Mac while they’re at it too.
  11. Adoni Beast

    Harbaugh/Ravens headed for Break-Up

    Harbaugh never had the most talented team or an elite QB. Ozzie hasn’t done him many favors the last 5 or 6 years. I’d love if we got Harbaugh and gave him control of personnel.
  12. Can’t remember when our last one was. But I am excited to go into the bye week without Bowles...
  13. Adoni Beast

    Long Term Damage To Fan Base

    Sounds to me like you raised a couple of smart young men who won’t accept a bad product for a false sense of fandom loyalty. They’re ahead of the curve.
  14. Adoni Beast

    What channel is game on today?

    Nicely done sir.
  15. I’ve only rooted once for the tank, and even then during the games I pretty much couldn’t handle it and wanted us to win...last season. Now that we have our QB, I’ll be rooting for wins and for Bowles to be fired. Unfortunately those two are hand in hand. So its tough. But I want our guys to develop, learn how to win, and make thid place an attractive destination for new coaches and players.

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