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  1. At this point I think we end up 2-14. Wins coming against against Denver & Miami once. After that...maybe squeezing in an upset against Cleveland. 3-13 is our ceiling. The top pick will definitely be in play for us.
  2. Definitely not out of the realm of possibility. But I think he believes in Darnold and beefed up the OL to protect him and basically “get him through the year.” But there is a chance he’ll trade Sam away for whatever we can get. I can’t see us winning more than 3 games this year so we’ll probably be picking top 3 and with all of our picks in prime position for a QB.
  3. Rhule, Kingsbury, McCarthy, hell Jim Caldwell! Anyone else who interviewed that year would have had Sam as a top 10 QB...even with this roster. We all knew it. Seriously was here ANYONE legitimately happy when we hired Gase ? Excluding...The homer glass half full Jets fan mentality. Anyone objectively didn’t come away from that hiring process and actually think “Oh this is going to end well.”
  4. He should go f*ck himself with Dowell Loggains oversized cl*t / undersized d*ck.
  5. It’s true...we’re not even competitive. 1 winning season (and didn’t even make the playoffs) since 2010!....in a league built on parody.
  6. Every year we get embarrassed by a team with a scrub back up QB, while our offense can’t get a first down and our defense has cement feet. Every ... single ... (smashes whisky glass) ....season.
  7. A lot of Jets fans were called “debbie downers” when Sam was drafted because with Mac/Bowles we said we’d never develop Sam properly. The same thing happened when we hired Gase, “Oh SOJF’s complaining about everything!” How is it that the majority of our fan base is smarter than our ownership/gm’s/hc’s? Pretty sad. I feel like it’s too late for Darnold with us. We wasted 3 years stunting his growth and exacerbating his bad tendencies. He might find long term success with a team like the Saints (good offensive coach and talent). But with us it may be too late...too many half-assed rebuilds with the wrong gm and coaches. Joe Douglas is our only hope right now. There’s not a single player (besides Bechton) or coach on this roster/staff that is an absolute lock to be here next year.
  8. Couldn’t have it better myself, and it’s because Gase’s offense looked slow, confused, and lifeless just like last year. Sam looked jittery and lost just like last year.
  9. Probably 2-3 years. There’s still hope for him, but the problems are: - He/we won’t show any progression this year because of Gase. - We won’t have the draft amount of picks or draft as highly as we are going to in future years. It’s also a good QB class. So next draft is the perfect year to draft a new QB. - If we hold onto Sam next year after continuing to suck this year (projected hypothetical) with a new coaching staff, then he’s not tradable, he’s cuttable. Other gms/coaches will still look at him and blame Gase/Jets for him not developing and might trade a 2nd or 3rd for him in the offseason. Let’s see if Sam can overcome.
  10. He was bad and missed a good number of passes that would have went for first downs. The fear is real folks. We’re treading to bust territory and the NYJ organization has no one to blame but themselves. Out of the 4 top rated QB’s in his draft, Sam was seen as raw and in need of proper coaching development. They kept Bowles and promoted Bates as the OC who was previously out of the league for many years and currently still is. They then hire Adam Gase, a coach with a career losing record, no history if developing a QB, and refuses to hire an QB coach to fine tune one of Sam’s weakness, mechanics. We added to true offensive playmakers in all the years Sam’s been here, supplied an awful OL for 2+ years, and let his favorite WR walk in free agency. What did everyone think was going to happen?
  11. If this continues and we’re 3-13 and every game sam is 17-38 182 yards 1 td 2 ints It’s really starting to look like we’ll be drafting Trevor Lawrence and completely rebuilding from scratch...which is probably the wisest thing to do at this point.
  12. Sam Darnold is a white sanchez...which sounds as dirty as you think it is.
  13. Mayfield had the same kind of game Darnold did. They’re both looking like bottom tier meh QB’s.
  14. I agree it's becoming obvious that Sam’s ceiling is average, his mean is meh, and it’s time to move on from both.

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