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  1. I saw the same thing and wanted nothing to do with him. Just goes to show the crap shoot that is the draft. I think the biggest thing for a drafted player is going to a team that will coach to your strengths, while workinf on your deficiencies progressively.
  2. Yup, that and arm strength. Look how that worked out. Its a crap shoot.
  3. Allen and Darnold are both being trained by Palmer.
  4. Im our heart of hearts we all knew this was the pick, since Indy made that trade.
  5. Josh Allen

    NFL is a copy cat league as they always say, and that sort of move would fit the trend of McVay and Kyle Shanahan. I’d be all for it. We’d also have our DC replacement on staff in Dennard Wilson.
  6. Josh Allen

    If what we all fear and that is Rosen (mostly) and Darnold are gone at at 1 and 2, then I really think this pick comes down to Jeremy Bates. Reports have come out that he really blew away the organization last year and is probably in mind to be their HC someday if Bowles doesn’t make something happen here. Or at the very least they realize that Bowles has no idea what a good qb would look like and the organizario. will defer to Bates on the coaching portion of the decision.
  7. Myself and a lot of others have said that Wyoming never threw bubble screens, and quick slants. Almost all of college and most of NFL teams do that now. Thats a huge chunk of Brady’s game. You add those easy gimme throws a few times a game and suddenly as you said his % meets and beats thats threshold at 60. Something to consider, and I’m a Mayfield > Allen guy, but no Allen hater.
  8. Josh Allen

    At the end of the day, to his core, Mac is a scout, an old school scout. They all love “the measurables.” I’m getting myself ready to accept Josh Allen as our fate.
  9. Josh Allen

    Are you comfortable with Cam Newton as your franchise quarterback? Because Josh Allen’s skill set and flaws are similar. Cam has only eclipsed 60% completion % one time in his career. The guy makes some amazing throws and runs, while also missing badly on many throws. But, Carolina doesn’t seem to mind. So is that the type of quarterback you want? Me personally, I want Rosen.
  10. Josh Allen

    I think you’re confusing what I was saying. I would love if we drafted Mayfield. I’m not saying I wish he were an inch taller. I could care less. I’m saying that if he were taller, whoever picking first or second would take him. They’re stuck in their ways, that I don’t agree with.
  11. Josh Allen

    Every draft pick even if you’re #1 needs some sort of development, but it should never be a player as raw as Josh Allen to be taken #3. Too high of a pick for a project. Yes, he probably the most naturally gifted quarterback ever. But the physical measurables are only half the job. Its not about just throwing the ball. You gotta complete passes. You gotta lead a team, coordinate an offense on the field. Look if we draft him, I’ll root for the kid until he fails. But i think the pick if Darnold and Rosen are gone, is Mayfield > Allen. The funny thing is, if Mayfield is 1 inch taller. Hes the first or second pick without any batting an eye.
  12. The Jets have had “renters” stigma attached to them ever since moving out of Shea. They were “renting their livable space” at Giants Stadium, and then they “rented” Brett Favre for a year, they “rented” Parcells’ services for a quick few years. Even though NYJ owns half of Metlife Stadium, it’s still not a stadium of their own. We didn’t need a 3 year rental of Kirk Cousins. We needed a long-term answer at qb.
  13. Loving Josh Rosen (merged)

    Josh Rosen is not only the best quarterback in this draft, but on the short list of best qb prospects to come out in a long time. His mechanics are flawless. The ball comes out perfectly, with strength, touch, and accuracy. I thought he was a better prospect than Darnold even last season during “Samania,” when Darnold was being touted as Montana/Elway/Brady/Manning/Unitas into one big ginger ball.
  14. Drafting and developing our own franchise quarterback, to play his entire career, and win us a chanpionship(s) has been my ideal scenario as a Jets fan for a long time. That was my “Plan A.” Plan B for Cousins I was fine with, until he heard he wanted a 3 year deal. I’m sick of mercs, especially short term band aids at quarterback. We need OUR quarterback, not A quarterback, and we need that individual here for a MINIMUM of 10 years. This is perfect. I’m happy Cousins isn’t here.
  15. Loving Josh Rosen (merged)

    I really think the Giants pass on Rosen. I can only see the Giants taking Darnold from thid quarterback class, and I think he goes to Cleveland. Giants won’t trade all the way back to 12 with Buffalo, as the Giants are in “win-now” mode and need their rookie to produce immediately. They’ll probably take Barkley or trade down with us at 3, or with Denver at 5. But I don’t know if Denver will even want to trade up. But I can almost guarentee they won’t be trading down to 12. Gettleman just said he wants a guy you can see wearing a gold jacket some day. Thats a top 2/3 pick in Barkley or Nelson.