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  1. Looks like Saleh and JD are sincere in their plan to give the youngsters reps and opportunity to grow. In under the best circumstances, expect a lot of big whiffs by the secondary in Year 1.
  2. Such an underrated movie that has aged so well.
  3. “Not to sound like an a$$hole….but I’ll go ahead and be one anyway.”
  4. Stafford is significantly better than Goff and it’s not even close. Having said that…I still don’t expect to see the Rams in the Super Bowl.
  5. Prayers out to your wife, but there’s no better place for her care. I worked at MSKCC for years and it’s the best of the best.
  6. Jamal Adams is such a loser to cringe levels of embarrassment. I couldn’t be happier that we not only got rid of him but received what we did in compensation.
  7. Yeah I’m not expecting much but it seems like the coaches were using him often and if healthy would seemingly get a bulk of the 2nd team TE reps.
  8. I was excited for him as a UDFA… but it seems like Kroft is the guy to watch out for at TE
  9. Good point, just not sure there will be enough for him with the rest of the group. Should be a good battle at camp.
  10. Hi Adam…have you shaven that awful beard yet?
  11. I think the running back position has the potential to be the biggest surprise or let down for us this season. LaFleur has talked about and it’s been obviously demonstrated for years that this offensive scheme is predicated on the run game…which opens up the big play passing threat. I feel good about our OL for the first time in a decade. Tevin Coleman has been largely forgotten and underrated this off-season for good reason (injuries) but if this guy can stay healthy I think we will really have something here on offense. Michael Carter obviously a rookie, but if as good as adv
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