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  1. Adoni Beast

    Joe Douglas quick profile

    If this is the guy we can get to replace Mac then I will love the move and give Gase and Chris Johnson credit. I’ll the young innovative guy who learned from Ozzie and DeCosta, over the old school guy who learned under Charlie Casserly.
  2. I’ve stated before that Mac clearly wasn’t behind the hire of Gase. Gase obviously knew or found out. Add that to the fact that Mac didn’t get the players Gase wanted in the free agency or draft and this was all said and done. Gase pulled a real power move here. This is his team now. Big dog, alpha move. It’s all on him now. Gase will have probably have final say over personnel when the new gm is hired, just like he did in Miami. This is exactly the kind of guy this organization has needed since Parcells. No bs, killer instinct to win, put it all on me. Now, let’s see what he can do. His new gm hire will buy him a couple of years to get this done. I’ll tell you what though. You don’t give this kind of power to a HC unless you’re super bowl caliber team (or the insanely hapless Bengals). Lets hope Gase is more Pete Carrol/Belichick than Marvin Lewis.
  3. I think Gregg Williams’ biggest contribution to this team will be ensuring accountability and motivating, more so than X’s & O’s. Bowles held no one accountable and provided a zombie paced culture. Add on to the fact that his “scheme” was always absolutely ridiculous. Sheldon Richardson as an edge rusher?... It seemed Bowles was content with the DL clogging up the middle, keeping the OL busy, so he could rush 1 or 2 from the secondary. I expect Williams to have his DL rush aggressively and let the secondary ya know...try and cover.
  4. Adoni Beast

    Options for Edoga: Starter or Depth?

    Depth this year. Starting at LT or RT IN 2020. I’m thinking they’ll push hard for LT.
  5. Adoni Beast

    Wisniewski signs...with the Eagles

    Yes this is a very good point. It just seems like they’re almost completely against looking at upgrading center. But i suspect cb2 and possibly c will be addressed after cuts or potential trades.
  6. Adoni Beast

    Wisniewski signs...with the Eagles

    I get that they are fine with Harrison. I am surprised though they are not signing veteran depth at Center.
  7. Adoni Beast

    Christopher Johnson vs Woody Johnson

  8. Adoni Beast

    Christopher Johnson vs Woody Johnson

    One of the biggest fears I have about us never winning one is ownership. Success starts at the top.
  9. Adoni Beast

    Mid-May Musings

    Good post by OP. I agree with most. My musings: - Loved our off season and didn’t expect fill every hole in 1 off season. - Like that they didn’t just overpay guaranteed $ deals on Paradis or Morse who have serious injury concerns. Spend the $ and draft picks on people you really want. - Absolutely hate that Loggains has any input at all in Sam Darnold’s development. I don’t care that “its Gase’s offense.” I don’t get why you have this guy on your staff at all. - Corners are a real concern. - OL not a concern but not a strength. - WR’s one strained ligament away from being a concern. - Gase will hopefully be the coach we all want him to be, which should net the team more wins than they’re projected. If not, its 7-9/8-8 kind of season.
  10. Adoni Beast

    Quinnen Williams Interview

    Josh Allen’s ceiling is Anthony Barr. Q Williams is Aaron Donald. Doesn’t mean either is guaranteed to reach it. But, you don’t draft that high for need, unless the need is a blue chip.
  11. Now that the draft us over, there’s no reason to trade him unless we get an offer that’s greater than what we would be projected to receive for a comp pick. I think we would get a 5th comp pick for him. So no reason to trade him unless someone’s offering a 4th, which I doubt anyone is.
  12. I don’t understand how any Jets fan can hate Mark Sanchez. He didn’t turn out good. Some of that was the teams fault and some of that his. He bottomed out fast, but gave us some of the best moments of our franchise history. No he never turned out to be the FQB we thought and hoped. I don’t like back and say he was great, but the Jets screwed him. I know he had potential and then sucked. I just don’t get the hate.
  13. Adoni Beast

    Le'veon mistake?

    As long as he comes into mandatory camp fit and ready to work, then I don’t care. But considering he took a year off, and got a monster contract, it isn’t a good look for him not showing up. Not the end of the world, but would have been good if he showed up.
  14. Great video. I get why a lot of Jets fans were so meh about drafting another DLineman. But this kid could be our Aaron Donald. If you can get consistent pass rush from the interior, it produces a lot more opportunities for the rest of the defense to make a play. He was the best player in the draft by a decent margin.
  15. He was consistent alright. Stupid non without ever breaking stride. Did you not watch the game in Miami last year?! Announcers, players are the sideline couldn’t believe he kept Long in. There is nothing to miss!

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