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  1. Sanchez was never a top 3 talent who was being considered as the first pick by every team not in Cleveland. His ceiling was Alex Smith, with a basement of what we got.
  2. I think a lot of us here like it because we liked this kid coming out of the draft last year and hoped we’d trade him. He was a second round prospect in every mock and evaluation and fell to the third. The patriots were called genius’ for getting him in the 3rd. This kid has good starting potential, and we got him for nothing at all. This isn’t some usda who people are overhyping.
  3. Adoni Beast

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    I’d also say that Darnold’s arm is definitely stronger. His scrambling ability is also more of a threat (not for big gains), but for extending plays, than Jimmy G.
  4. Adoni Beast

    Antonio Garcia Released by Pats

    Beat me to the punch. I love this. Wanted us to draft him. Didn’t give up anything for him. He can play in a zone scheme and potentially be our LT of the future if he develops right.
  5. Hes a rare exception for sure and to me is more important than Brady. But the majority of coaches are not as important as a Belicheck or few other coaches in sports.
  6. QB is the most important, because a great QB can make an average or even a bad owner/gm/coach look good. But the teams that have a good structure of owner/gm/coach are usually the ones that find a good QB, not always, but mostly. QB first is the most important, followed by owner, because a good gm, who will be able to make sure to surround that QB with players and coaches who will enhance and protect the QB. Then owner, then coach.
  7. Get him on a mismatch with a linebacker, open in space and good some big gains.
  8. Adoni Beast

    Jamal Adams ESPN Interview

    He made a lot of great plays, tackles for loss and good coverage. The Browns game and the first Patriots game he was absolutely brutal. By second half of the season though, I thought he looked really good out there. Those labelling him as only a box safety are missing the multiple responsibilities he had on each play. With better corner play this year, I can see him having more of a honey badger role, freeing up some impact play opportunities.
  9. Adoni Beast

    Antonio Garcia Released by Pats

    If cleared to play with a full recovery expected, he’d be well worth signing and developing. I was hoping we’d draft him last year...but took Stewart instead.
  10. Adoni Beast

    Jamal Adams ESPN Interview

    Because of where he was selected, I definitely agree with some complaints and want to see more impact plays from him, ints, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, etc. But I think most people who watch the game, instead just looking at highlights and reading the stat sheet know that he was damn good as a rookie. He still has a lot to do though to live up to his own hype and draft position.
  11. I like this kid the more I read about and hear from him. As much as I want a new LT, LG, and a better long term answer at C (although lets see how Long does for us) you can’t take people just for need. You have to love the player. Game is won in the trenches and we seriously needed to revamp our dline. Hopefully next year we can sign and draft upgrades on oline.
  12. Adoni Beast

    Breer Nugget

    You can’t exaggerate results from a rookie minicamp too much, or it looks like your team is a joke. “Pretty pleased” is as much as you can put into an official quote at this point in time without looking like a desperate drooling simpleton. But make no mistake, I’m sure the Jets are absolutely giddy beyond rationality. This is the first QB in 50 years (besides 3/4 of a season with Favre) that has truly elite talent. We saw some of the clips and Darnold was making throws look effortless. Whatever he was showing in relation to attitude, leadership, playbook retention, etc only further enhanced their celebratory delirium. I’m sure that “pretty pleased” comment was coupled with uncontrollable school-girl excited laughter and happy squealing. “Uhh...Breer, can you just post that we’re pretty pleased? Thanks.”
  13. File this under “no sh!t” category. Everyone who wanted QB1 on their board would have traded up to 2, if the Giants didn’t fall in love with Barkley. In March, SOJF’s were all like “Oh Mac sucks! He traded away 3 second rounders for Josh Allen.” Nah we just got one of the best QB prospects of the last decade.
  14. It is going to be difficult for someone who has been so bad and couldn’t even leapfrog Bryce Petty on the depth chart to stay in this league much longer. Obviously we hope he can be a good long term back up. But I just don’t see it.
  15. That’s a good point. A bad habit today, was a good time in the Mad Men days. Let’s see if Bates is what people are saying he is.