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  1. Its an absolute tragedy and heartbreaking, but we don’t know all of the facts. Look, Coach Knapp (rest in peace) could have been your father, brother, friend etc. But that 22 year could easily be your son. What if it truly was an honest mistake? A slip of the wheel, looking at the other lane because a car there creeped up too close, blinding sun, etc. We don’t know…its horrible but we shouldn’t be quick to drop the “lock him away” chants, especially with our limited knowledge of the situation. I feel for Coach Knapp’s family, and I feel for this kid/his family as well. The
  2. The dysfunction is obvious and real. It’s been this way for over a decade now, we all know. But that’s sort of the point to all of this. Saleh and Douglas are supposed to turn around the entire organization…not just win some games and be a wild card team once every 5 years. I don’t believe the Johnsons ever truly tried changing the organization since Woody bought the team. They thought they could win…or win enough “their way” as if that ever involved a coherent plan. This time I believe they truly have given the keys of the organization to RS & JD. This is going to
  3. New … Jets fan? Welcome, but sir…look around. Is this really where you want to be? Have you thought this through? Taken any new medications lately? Ohhhh! The old gluten for punishment. Well I hope you like the feeling of getting kicked in the nuts, because that feeling is the perpetual motion of the life of a Jets fan. Its akin to the breathing process. It just naturally happens. No one has to teach you to breathe. You just breathe. No one teaches you how to absorb constant nut shots. You just Jets.
  4. “Not going anywhere anytime soon?” Like you’re shocked lol The guy was one of the most coveted Head Coaching candidates this offseason + is a rookie HC + with basically a rookie roster… …and we’re talking about him getting fired already?
  5. I too actually think we will win. I expected 0-2 start so I’m bacting 1000 !
  6. Man I’d be right there with you if Zack didn’t put up such a sh*t game. Let’s hope for some major improvements this weekend
  7. I get it and it’s true…we can’t just keep NOT winning. The problem with 2015 was and would still be the aftermath. That team fell apart so quick early in 2016 and we were unable to have any flexibility to improve until years later. Too much $ on the books, and not enough young guys getting reps to develop + the poor drafting (which is a separate issue). The difference between what Tanny did in 2009-2011 vs 2015 and what we have now is….they had a young core that was built up through a rebuild. Revis, Mangold, Brick, Leon, Keller, Brad Smith, even Kerry Rhodes. We had young guys who d
  8. You’re right about nothing being shown to us that proves “this is different.” Hopefully we see something like that soon.
  9. To actually be good in this league, you need to build/rebuild the right way — through the draft & timely free agents sprinkled in. The problem is it takes a few years to build it. This isn’t the NBA where 1 draft pick or free signing changes everything. The biggest problem for us as a fan base is that we’ve been doing half measures since 2021. There was never a true start-from-scratch with the key players (GM - HC) aligned. This is that…we are there now. But we suffered for a decade of putrid “football.” So our patience is gone. Unfortunately though, it is the only
  10. Yes and no. There’s a conceivable path to them both being gone next year. If we’re bottom of the league (wins & losses) and Zack Wilson is a bottom tier QB… Then they may want to regroup for 2023 with new GM•HC•QB if we are looking at a top pick. I have expectations and faith that this won’t happen…but that would be the way the plug is pulled early.
  11. Let’s see how the team responds, because as bad as we are, this is a winnable game. If our D shows up and O doesn’t completely sh*t the bed like last week we can steal a W on the road. But honestly, even without a win thought this team (especially the O) needs to show up, improve, and be competitive. Let’s see what Coach Saleh has up his sleeve. This game has a “Herm Edwards” game feel to it. Most of you are laughing or thinking that sounds awful, but whenever we had a rough stretch, Herm always seems to pull out a surprising road win and right the ship a bit. I have
  12. I’m not happy with the results or the showing by Zach yesterday, because with decent QB play that was a very winnable game. But…I am surprised that so many people are surprised that this has been the start lol. Not sure what people expected. I didn’t expect 4 picks (1 was really on Davis though) but either way, didn’t expect a nightmare game. But I certainly didn’t expect Wilson to light up Belichick D in his 2nd pro game.
  13. NORMAL NFL TEAMS: Year 1: Incremental improvements while looking competitive by season’s end. Year 2: Competing for Wild Card Year 3: Deep run in the playoffs Year 4: Super Bowl But NYJ TIMELINE:
  14. Definitely not lining himself up for contract #2
  15. So far the season has gone as expected… - Close loss at Carolina - Embarrassed at home by New England
  16. Never understood the rush to start Wilson. Today was embarrassing.
  17. Sounds about what you’d expect in a circumstance like this. Don’t forget how bad and for how long we were. It wasn’t by mistake. Things were run so poorly here that when someone comes in and tries to do it the right way, its a shock. It takes time. The whole “first 8 weeks” portion of that post hits it right on the head. You pretty much hope to have your full installs on both sides of the ball by then, while able to adjust to the opponent. That’s when you hope to see real progress and things start clicking. Anyone who had playoff aspirations this season were just being too hopeful.
  18. Right. Let’s compare a HC who is on the Mount Rushmore of HC’s to a Rookie HC who has coached….1 game Fair comp
  19. That is looking like the score at the same point in time this Sunday unfortunately….
  20. If we cant: • stop stunts •run the ball •execute timely screens…we’ll bez
  21. - The Offensive Line was so bad, which was shocking, and the biggest disappointment yesterday. - Considering the lack of talent we have on defense, I think holding a team to 19 points on the road is a positive. I really thought that this defense was going to be one of the worst in league. They still might be by season’s end, but let’s hope for more efforts like yesterday. - Continuing with defense, the tackling was so much better. I feel like every season since 2012 our defense had more missed tackles than any other team in the league. This was a welcome change, but the DL needs to s
  22. On the contrary…not only did it not make me regret…it was completely evident that Zack is a superior talent to Sam. Now let’s keep Kapono upright and we might actually win some games.
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