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  1. Can't discount a QB in the 1st with the class that's coming out...especially if Flacco outplays Wilson this year. They might be keeping a vet and drafting + sitting a new 1st rounder next year. After that I'd expect either OT or EDGE rusher in play in the 1st.
  2. Coach was hyping up Flacco all summer as “starter material.” Coach is obviously feeling the hot seat heat and knows he has to win games.
  3. Unless you’re… • OJ Simpson • Aaron Hernandez •Ray Rice •Michael Vick • Jamal Adams …I don’t care who plays for us as long as we win.
  4. Dolphins offense looks like it could be a problem…
  5. Its like somebody saying they have inside info the stock you bought is about to go through the roof. You believe it because you want to believe it. But really you lost lost your kid’s college fund and Woody Johnson is keeping the Jets and moving them to London.
  6. Gase went 7-9 with a sh*tty Sam Darnold and an “expansion team roster.” (Saleh’s words) Can they revote for 2019 COY ?
  7. Exactly the kind of person we need to buy this team. Someone who is cut-throat to win and has actually built something themselves.
  8. When I watch games like this it makes realize we truly are playing a completely different sport. We're watching people with central air while we're blowing in each other's faces to cool off.
  9. Because he actively screwed us by leaving as HC of the NYJ Built a HOF reputation and career out of cheating at espionage levels - and then get caught doing it again years later Had the greatest QB ever and took the title of Greatest HC ever as a result.
  10. Devil you know....but I'd love if Woody and Chrissy sold it to someone who earned their wealth, have the motivation and experience to ensure a winning organization and won't settle for garbage.
  11. I never root or enjoy injuries to anyone. I'd rather the players I hate keep playing and suck for all the world to see. In the case of Jamal he started sucking before he started getting hurt. Here's to a speedy recovery so you can come back healthy and suck some more!
  12. Who knows the reasons why (if this even true). Another poster mentioned something about post-death estate without a clear successor in place being an issue. Maybe taking the $ and leaving is just easier for J&J and their heart isn’t in this anymore (how much of it ever was). Woody was always political but maybe his time across the pond made he re-prioritize. Either way I honestly don’t believe this story. Woody and Chris are such dummies and lame. They do this because it makes them look cool and its a cash cow for doing nothing.
  13. My hate for Bill Belichick is far greater than mine for Tom Brady.
  14. At the end of the day feelings change when prices change. One or two potential buyers might have spoken to him about what they'd offer and it sounds too good to pass up, who knows.
  15. Pretty much all OLs suck at the beginning of the season due to the CBA restrictions for practice time etc. But nothing should be "too soon to worry" with the good old NYJ, until they change that narrative by consistently winning.
  16. Did Saleh just pull a Parcells trick out of his bald head? Entice the media after a loss so the media is talking about the coach…not how bad players played. Now do another Parcells trick and…ya know…win.
  17. If we end up picking top 3-5 (again) but somehow Zack solidifies himself as "the guy" then we can trade down for a boatload of picks with the QBs that are coming in. Or....we trade Zack and draft his replacement. Or....Zack SUCKS and we cut him and draft his replacement. And the torture wheel rolls on.
  18. After so many years of inept coaching and general managing....this is the result. I have turned on Saleh quickly. I was a huge fan when he hired him and thought he had the mental makeup, personality, and thought process to be a really good head coach. Last season I thought we finished with some optimism and given the lack of talent I didn't truly hold anything against him...however....I also didn't really see anything that made me think okay he's DEFINITELY going to be a good one. So the jury was still out. Enter Week 1....and wow....I mean losing is one thing and I assumed we'd lose given our offensive injuries...but we looked unprepared, lazy, and bored....ya know that same old jets look where the players are running out the clock to get to the locker room. Look if they finish strong and team looks good, awesome! I'll be happy to sign coach's receipt. It's not like any of us WANT the team to fail but the results ... are ... the ... results...
  19. I'd love if we could hired Payton, but with Dallas going down in flames it is almost a certainty he winds up with the Cowboys. The Cowboys who will also probably be in decent drafting position to draft a QB if they were off the Dak train. Let's see how the team and Zack looks like when he returns from injury and finishes out the season. If we're picking top 5 + Zack stinks I think they're all gone...Sean Payton coming here or not.
  20. Zack Wilson better...be the guy...or we are looking a potential reset at GM - HC - QB Year 2 into a 5 Year lease.
  21. Must win games for teams (not individuals) are for teams going places. This team isn’t going anywhere. There are no must win games this year.
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