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  1. With the Top 10 looking like: - 3 maybe 4 QB’s - 1 Edge - 2 stud WR’s - 1 freak Corner - and 4 OT prospects... I think for sure 1 of the OT’s will be available for us. I hope its Becton, he’s an absolute freak of nature. But I think he’s be gone long before we pick.
  2. Arians is in win asap mode. He’s probably only got 2-3 years left. So this makes sense. I completely forgot about Tampa when thinking of teams that need a QB. I just think that Rivers would rather play for Indy or Tennessee...if they wanted him.
  3. Most Likely: Colts or Titans. Long shots: Saints if Brees retires Raiders and they trade Carr and draft Rivers’ replacement in waiting. Broncos if they’re not 100% sold on Lock (and they shouldn’t be). Vikings if they’re over Cousins. Their window is closing. Bears should go after him but they won’t, as they seem all in on Trubisky.
  4. Player: “Galloping Ghost” Red Grange Team: “Purple People Eaters” Minnesota Vikings
  5. I like Jenkins. But Bart is right here IF Jenkins wants big $. If Jenkins asks for a reasonable contract, then you sign him.
  6. Sherman started the beef years ago. But Revis looks bad for saying anything right now. Revis’ 3 year elite run was as good as any NFL player at their position, in the history of the league. Montana, Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, Jim Brown, Reggie White, Tom Brady greatness. Revis has always been a selfish douche and I can’t stand him.
  7. Offense: Conklin (backup plan Thuney) Defense: Yannick (backup plan Judon)
  8. I actually really love these rules. They’re not mindless just for shock value entertainment. They enhance special teams in all phases. My only gripe is the XP choices. While I like the choices, I just assume every team would go for 3 from the 10 every time. It should have been 1 point from the 2...2 points from the 15...3 points from the 30.
  9. If you can get a 3rd or even a 4th for Bell...You take that deal, even if you’re splitting next year’s salary.
  10. Billionaires complaining about money is hilarious and the epitome of greed. It’s like Robert Kraft bitching that he doesn’t have enough fingers shoved up his a$$hole. How much is enough?!
  11. I love them. Wish the main logo was a little different (cut out the football, and add some better design) but the uniforms and helmets are amazing. Easily some of the best in the league.
  12. Instead of turned loose and throwing the ball all over the field, I’d actually like to see how Sam plays with an actual running game. Takes the pressure and focus off, opens up play action, and helps balance the offense. Balanced offense, like San Fran’s this year while 22 year old Sam still grows.
  13. Joe Brady will be on the fast track as a Head coach candidate over the next few years.
  14. Good catch. It would be a much better game than Super Bowl I (hopefully).
  15. It was only a matter of time. Colin Kapernick lit the league on fire his first year or two and was a better pure passer than Lamar. Eventually to be a QB long term you have to...throw the football. Once they take away the running lanes and make you think and throw....it all changes.
  16. O’Connell on the fast track to being a HC. A year or two with McVay and he’ll be a HC somewhere, and actually deserve it.
  17. I love Jamal. But if we’re getting a first and a second back for him, I’m all over that deal.
  18. Not just this season. His 2nd year at Miami, espn pre season voted Miami with the worst roster and expected them to be picking top 3 with Gase drafting his own QB. His last year in Miami they had some free agent additions, but that was still a dog sh*t roster he took to 7-9, with backup QB’s for a lot of the season. None of this is evidence he will be great. But jury is still out.
  19. Obviously Douglas was comfortable enough with Gase to come here. But he was also not completely sold (no reason he should be) and needed a 6 year commitment. He gives Gase his 2 years, and then can hire his own guy if he sh*ts the bed. Also, don’t forget people in the league were fawning over Gase up until the Miami Miracle and the subsequent 3 game losing streak that ended Miami’s season last year. He was always mentioned as young, smart, innovative, and extremely detail oriented. Constantly praised for taking a sh*t Miami roster to the playoffs and kept them competitive the 2 seasons after with back up QB’s. If Gase wasn’t such an arrogant, socially awkward, prick, douche, the narrative on him would be that he has the makings of a good coach, but he is still growing and has had bad luck and rosters. But he is a douche and hasn’t won anything. So the narrative is, he’s a failure.
  20. While Larry’s instincts on Lamar as a player were good, unfortunately he would be horrible if we drafted him. He’s on one of the best teams, top to bottom, front office, coaching, roster. We wouldn’t have had the structure or roster to help Lamar succeed. He needs a very specific system that obviously works well. We wouldn’t have had the OL, run game, or coaching to foster that.
  21. Front page for The Post: Giants fan face in hands with headline ”Judge Dredd”
  22. Wow talk about someone with a limited resume. Apparently no one wanted to work for Gettleman.
  23. So happy he didn’t go to the Giants. They’ll pivot to McDaniels, but I think McDaniels would pick Cleveland over them if both teams want him. McDaniel’s is from Ohio and apparently loved Baker Mayfield in the draft. Looks like Garrett would be the choice for the Giants. I doubt they hire a first time coach with dinosaur Gettleman still there.
  24. I too wish we had an owner who was a self-made billionaire, and publicly stated that losing seasons are unacceptable and winning is everything.

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