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  1. Very well put. No reason not to spend. There are a bunch of good free agents that would help this team now and still be major contributors when and if they turn this thing around. Can’t wait for free agency to start.
  2. You guys are absolutely nuts if you wouldn’t give up 3 firsts for Watson. We still would have a first this year and next and plenty of cap space to improve this team. The guy is a top quarterback who is in his prime. Wow any of you who said for a second and some other crap have to be on some heavy drugs or just stupid. It would be like they flipped picks with Seattle for two years and gave up a 1st for a true franchise QB. Douglas should be fired if he didn’t make that deal.
  3. Now that we know who the offensive coordinator is, has anyone heard who will be running the defense? Haven’t heard any names being mentioned.
  4. Very well said. Sar or Sore whatever his name is just can’t grasp this concept. I for one think it’s hysterical how he enjoys showing his lack of football knowledge and any common sense. If people are unhappy with him just ignore. That ends the problem.
  5. Praise the football gods. . Maybe someone should get the police to do a well check on that Sar guy.
  6. Has to be his wife or Mom posting as Sor. That’s the only explanation for the unwarranted love shown for Gase. He looks clueless out there. We all know the problems. We have seen it all for 2 years. And I was one who said let’s give the guy a chance when they hired him. Gase proved all the naysayers right. Unbelievably bad hire. It’s amazing how Sor is the only one who sees this man as a good fit. He shouldn’t sniff a head coaching job ever again.
  7. My favorite comedian. Good choice.
  8. So now we all get it. Sar is a comedian. This is the funniest take on Gase ever.
  9. I agree. I was just having a little fun too. Objectively I can’t see how anyone except maybe the Johnson brothers think Gase should stay.
  10. I find The posts by Sar very interesting and informative. This forum is for opinions so why shouldn’t he be free to post. I seriously ask though what it is he sees in Gase that makes him a good leader for this team. No adjustments, no designing an offense to use his players strengths. They were going no where yet Frank Gore was the lead back. A serious question what makes Gase a good coach? I think if Sar isn’t having fun with the rest of the guys on this sight he is either delusional or he is indeed Adam Gase.
  11. Seriously asking, why is this guy being believed? There is 3 weeks left in the season and they already made their decision. With all the rumors and really good choices out there they are picking someone who we will all hate. I’m not saying original post is wrong just asking why is everyone taking it as gospel and getting to ready to jump off a bridge?
  12. This is a brutally bad idea. They would be better off keeping Sam and surrounding him with better players if they are going to trade the pick. Which I hope they do not do. Got to draft Trevor.
  13. I can’t believe this thread is 3 pages and counting. These press conferences mean nothing. Doesn’t matter the team or GM or sport. They say the same thing every time which is nothing substantial. You all know that and yet you continue to speculate what might happen. Most of you seriously need to get a life. Turn off the computer, read a book, play with your kids, kiss your significant other. Anything but this. It is truly laughable how many of you care. The team is a disaster. The only things of interest are how many of these pieces of trash on this team can be moved for picks before the deadl
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