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  1. Serious question. Does anyone really care? I’ve seen this topic brought up multiple times by different beat writers. I could care less. When he decides he decides. They can really beat a topic to death.
  2. This is most definitely one of the stupidest threads ever started. The guy who started it needs to go outside or get a hobby or something. He needs something else to do. It’s not rocket science. GM and his scouts put in the work, put together the board and make the picks. As fans we hope our GM knows what he’s doing and gets it right. It’s pretty safe to say Douglas isn’t curled up in the fetal position worrying he’s being played by the Niners or any other team. This thread is just laughable.
  3. Now that’s a draft that would make me smile. Good job.
  4. No because he is over rated and not worth the money he wants and Douglas got 2 firsts for him. He wasn’t going to help us be a playoff team and Seattle won because of offense. Jamal and the rest of the defense was brutal. He didn’t help them win 12 games. If you can’t see this you are clueless.
  5. 100% correct. PCP63 gets it. Well said. So many on this sight are clueless. Douglas has done a great job loading up on draft picks. That is half the job. Now we have to see what he does with them. How he got a 2,4 and 6 for Sam is shocking especially since it seems no one else was talking trade for Sam.
  6. Yeah because that mummy looking hairdo is a genius. . Taking what ever Kiper says as gospel is a joke. That statement alone shows you don’t know what you are talking about.
  7. Posted on Twitter by Brian Costello. I believe it’s accurate.
  8. I believe you are off by 1. Don’t think they have a 7th round pick. You might want to change title of this thread.
  9. Yep, this is exactly right. Very smart observation
  10. Very well put. No reason not to spend. There are a bunch of good free agents that would help this team now and still be major contributors when and if they turn this thing around. Can’t wait for free agency to start.
  11. You guys are absolutely nuts if you wouldn’t give up 3 firsts for Watson. We still would have a first this year and next and plenty of cap space to improve this team. The guy is a top quarterback who is in his prime. Wow any of you who said for a second and some other crap have to be on some heavy drugs or just stupid. It would be like they flipped picks with Seattle for two years and gave up a 1st for a true franchise QB. Douglas should be fired if he didn’t make that deal.
  12. Now that we know who the offensive coordinator is, has anyone heard who will be running the defense? Haven’t heard any names being mentioned.
  13. Very well said. Sar or Sore whatever his name is just can’t grasp this concept. I for one think it’s hysterical how he enjoys showing his lack of football knowledge and any common sense. If people are unhappy with him just ignore. That ends the problem.
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