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  1. I can’t believe this thread is 3 pages and counting. These press conferences mean nothing. Doesn’t matter the team or GM or sport. They say the same thing every time which is nothing substantial. You all know that and yet you continue to speculate what might happen. Most of you seriously need to get a life. Turn off the computer, read a book, play with your kids, kiss your significant other. Anything but this. It is truly laughable how many of you care. The team is a disaster. The only things of interest are how many of these pieces of trash on this team can be moved for picks before the deadline and when Gase will get canned. Hopefully after he has led us to 0-16.
  2. That’s so nice of him considering how totally inept he is. This team is just sad. I don’t know why anyone would watch them the rest of the year. I gave up watching weeks ago. There is nothing to get excited about with this team. Why do you guys put yourselves through this torture?. Play with your kids, talk to your wives, read a book, watch paint dry. Anything is better then wasting precious time watching this garbage every week.
  3. How about the never seen in the NFL. 3 way deal. Dallas gets Adams, Jets get Ngakuoe, Jax gets Dallas #1 pick. You fill in any extra pieces to balance it out.

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