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  1. Sorry Spermy but Maccagnan pretty much told Hackenberg starting would be something in the future on the draft phone. There are a TONS of articles and QOUTES from APRIL that state Hackenberg was to be developed as a prospect with potential not immediately starting and that Fitz was to be the teams priority that offseason. Further, Geno was immediately promoted to QB1 and was already slated to receive all the 1st team reps. Below is an article from Newsday which has bits from Maccagnans phone convo with Hackenberg, stating they would help him reach his potential ( "we are going to invest some time with you") and touches on the all the other subjects above. Again sorry but Hackenberg was never going to start in 2016. http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/nfl-draft-christian-hackenberg-selected-by-jets-with-no-51-pick-1.11746030 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Agreed. I have read posts where users think the Jets are already looking past Hackenberg and to next years draft due to the team being gutted. I see what you see and no matter the supporting cast, an evaluation can still be done with the circumstances included. Did Hackenberg make the right pre-snap reads? Did he make the right decisions? Is he improving? :ETC: In fact, if he does well enough, a real case can be made to continue forward, just because of the supporting cast. I also like the fact that Hackenberg and his receivers will grow together, making for a strong bond. He's here now and has a strong work ethic. He's putting in the effort. It's funny that his footwork and mechanics which were huge issues, have not been topics the media have been able to bash. They had to just find something and it's been the reporter belting. I believe he will improve there too as we have months to go. As you mentioned .. no matter who we draft at QB, there's gonna be a bust risk, but also a growing pain of learning curve. On top of that, we haven't even seen a second year of football out of a few of them yet. Lets concentrate on Hackenberg first. Best case scenario! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. LMAO @ peeps already writing off Lee. I swear this forum kills me sometimes. Especially when we are talking about a players rookie season, playing through injuries, bad defensive line play, and his place in Bowles system. As for associating him with players that sell drugs and tote guns .. odds are on our side he won't .. he comes from a high middle class background and did not grow up in an environment where that was the norm. Overall he's a good kid, idc what I saw in the video .. no fists flew and no women were hurt. As for his comments on social media .. he's still a kid wtf .. odd and obnoxious 22. I'm sure lots of people in this forum said and did crazy stupid things at that age and turned out alright. LMAO actually some of the comments I read here by fellow posters are worse than Lee's [emoji14] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I agree with the statement regarding his maturity level. He seems more like a fratboy than the Face Of A Franchise. I heard that during his visit with the Jets, Mike Mac was bent down on one knee tying his shoe, when all of a sudden Lynch runs behind Big Macs head yelled ,"LYNCH BOMB" and farted!!!