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  1. I buy into all that. I do. The problem is that as much as I believe, I also have to believe that JD would not have chosen Gase as HC if given a choice. Why? Because Gase is an example of inflexibility, uncooperativeness and unintelligence. I'm coming to the realization that Sam Darnold would be the sacrificial lamb in all this. Fire Gase, which is the right thing to do, would put Darnold at further disadvantage. So, you sacrifice Darnold and start all over new QB and new HC.
  2. Fire Gase. Pick the best WR o Edge available. Even if they draft QB, first they have to fire Gase.
  3. Doing nothing is Gase thing. He does nothing in preparing, coaching, mentoring, etc. Other than that he is a great coach.
  4. If he is doing that, he is a fuc#ng #sshole. Why not instead surround with talent to your current #3 pick to make sure he succeeds? Only a fuc#ng #sshole would do that.
  5. Any chance that the next news is that Gase is out?
  6. I really wish the draft changes and the best team is rewarded with the 1st pick or it becomes a lottery , so this loser mentality would vanish.
  7. What ever happened to Montgomery? Wasn't he supposed to be decent but behind in the depth chart in CLE?
  8. This should not even be a freaking debate. The moment that QB in TEN got the chance to get away from Gase, he became fuc#n Comeback Player of the League Why does this topic require a discussion?

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