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  1. Is he unproven though? what about his previous experience? In his position, isn't better to see what and who actually is worth anything until the end of the year rather than making moves that could be the wrong ones in retrospective?
  2. he's not giving up authority, he's looking for a scape-goat
  3. First, why "unfortunately"? Second, why is that the only alternative? Reward winners, not losers. Reverse the order of the draft. Give the SB winner the 1st pick, and the worst team the last pick. Watch how tanking stops immediately.
  4. He wanted the job. He took the job. Now he needs to do the job.
  5. Sounds like getting a balanced HC - not a boring turd, or a jacked up arrogant prick - is virtually impossible.
  6. Gase is such a no non-sense guy, yet he failed to make adjustments on the 2nd half or 4th quarter. I'm not making apologies for anyone, but wasn't it reported that Anderson was injured prior to the game?
  7. He has arrived that issue by wearing his hat over his eyes and looking down.
  8. My first of many: I hate football on Thursdays, and honestly don't give a hoot about football on Mondays. All games on Sundays, that's it.

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