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  1. Hopefully, all the off-field "issues" are behind him.
  2. What about posting their names, positions, and scouting reports?
  3. Don't forget that even when the draft is over, Douglas "attacks" other teams' practice squads and/or rosters. I know it's not usual for us, but we truly just have relax, sit back and watch.
  4. We are officially deep at CB, TE, RB, and solid at QB and WR
  5. It wont surprise me if he trades Perine or Mims for a 4th.
  6. Perhaps is time to trade Perine now that we can get something for him before he gets cut in training camp.
  7. I can def see Douglas trading down from 38. All those teams that passed on QB, will probably want to secure one now. I will be really happy if we do and and come away with LB Muma and anything else.
  8. Titans will probably get Dean at 35
  9. The Titans will probably get him at 35
  10. You need to look at the depth chart to truly appreciate the needs. As of right now, imho, we desperately need help at LB, maybe Chad Muma Then, the next glaring spot to reinforce is: C, maybe Luke Fortner Finally, we should try to get another RB, maybe Hassan Haskins Then after that, you can try to get a S, another WR, another LB, and finally TE.
  11. There is no need to debate. If you remove the name , and look at this situation: One of your starting tackles missed all but one game last season, per the coach "maybe" will be there for training camp. Would you draft an OT as a safety net to keep the best interests of the team? When would you draft him? 2nd round? Third round?
  12. I did not want Darnold because he reminded me of Matt Leinart. When we drafted him, I supported him all the way until the day he was here. Thibodeaux has some talent, but he is absolutely under the impression that he is better than he really is. He is in for a rude awakening when he finally plays in the NFL. Plus, I see some of the unfounded "Manziel" arrogance. Plus he looks like he will be a diva from 10 miles away. Do not draft him
  13. What about Hassan Haskins from Michigan, could be a good complement for Elijah Moore.
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