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  1. maybe not that bad, because Woody can make the big free agent signing with Robinson or Thuney or even Fournette. JD can then draft Justin Fields.
  2. stop right there: both knees! I had no idea. I am not being sarcastic, but that sounds like too much risk.
  3. over Justin Fields who competed at the highest level and whose college stats compare pretty much with what Trevor Lawrence did? why Zack Wilson over Justin Fields? Wilson is a top #2 overall pick type of talent?
  4. I don't buy it, not because I wouldn't want Darnold to return, but because based on the timelines of the Douglas contract and the Saleh contract, it would seem logical that they would want someone also new at the QB position
  5. Did I hear correctly that Saleh was thinking of Kafka as OC?
  6. Marvin Lewis Bengals was the most infamous undisciplined team that I can recall. Young team + weak coach: no thank you.
  7. Mock 2.0. Extra Pick in the 3rd round via Darnold trade. I should note that this draft is based on the assumption that Jets sign either WR Robinson or Smith-Schuster, G Thuney, and Edge Judon.
  8. Morgan was not the biggest blunder. Jabari Zuniga is.
  9. Prospect, not guaranteed. The same people who praised Trubisky and Mariota are dying the same thing about Lawrence. Maybe the kids is going to be decent, maybe he'll be great, I wish him the best, but losing your sh#t over a win? c'mon!
  10. Absolutely not. But as I said, and you know it too, there were several moments in which this team could have or should have won. The reason this team had not played up to its potential is all Gase. Get rid of him and improvement is immediate.

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