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  1. Ecuadorian Jet

    Chiefs - Jets Agree to Darron Lee trade

    Everything about my team is depressing.
  2. EDGE Josh Allen OL Michael Dieter CB Jamel Dean DT Renell Wren TE Isaac Nauta WR Damarcus Lodge
  3. Ecuadorian Jet

    **** UDFA 2019 ****

    This is my short wish list OL Beau Benzschawel, Wisconsin OL Martez Ivey, Florida EDGE Wyatt Ray, Boston College
  4. Ecuadorian Jet

    So much talent left.

    I remember just a few days ago people ridiculed Macc for telling the press that he wanted to trade down. The joke was that by saying he"d lose leverage. So this guy that exposed he wanted a trade out of the pick, then turned around and rejected everything just to grab BPA? That doesn't make sense.
  5. Ecuadorian Jet

    Dolphins potentially interested in Rosen

    Didn't the Dolphins just drafted Dwayne Haskins in the first round?
  6. Ecuadorian Jet

    Takeaways from this draft so far

    But you even question the reliability of the draft media coverage, so.. what gives?
  7. Ecuadorian Jet

    So much talent left.

    "reliable nfl guys" ....c´mon man
  8. Ecuadorian Jet

    Takeaways from this draft so far

    I think that you are right on point with everything except this.....maybe. As I mentioned in another thread, after the Jets there were no trades either until pick 10. Is it possible that team figured out that they had no urgency to trade up that high?
  9. Ecuadorian Jet

    So much talent left.

    playing devils advocate, nobody traded until pick 10.....is it possible that there were no offers on the table?
  10. Ecuadorian Jet

    So much talent left.

    CB Joejuan Williams G/C Connor Mcgovern
  11. Ecuadorian Jet

    So much talent left.

    I dont think anyone is interested in Darron Lee. Can we objectively trade Leonard Williams?
  12. Ecuadorian Jet

    Reasons Williams is a good pick

    Can we get anything in return if we trade Leonard Williams?
  13. Ecuadorian Jet


    Are we in a position to trade Leonard Williams? Can we get anything for him now?
  14. Dont like Hurd, I think that in the same range you are better off with Mecole Hardman from Georgia
  15. Ecuadorian Jet

    Jets "Determined" to Trade Down

    If for some reason Bosa falls to us, there is no way that they are trading down. However, if Bosa is gone, I am positive that they will. Furthermore, I think that if the latter scenario unveils, then the trade gates will open and Leonard Williams and/or Darron Lee may be used to sweeten trade offers.

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