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  1. Plus people keep forgetting that he got that CB Bryce Hall on the 6th, and that we may have screwed the pats out of a QB. Make believe that it was they took Hall on the 4th, where he was projected, and Morgan on the 6th. People are getting a little repetitive with this Morgan pick. God forbid he turns into a good player.
  2. You really believe that the reason people are not "hot" on Edoga is because he didn't have pro-bowl caliber play?
  3. May sound cruel and abrupt, but get a divorce. You're gonna go through the whole range of caring, being upset, fighting, blaming, hating, reconciling, hating again, getting closer to the stepson, feeling betrayed by the stepson, detaching, isolating, etc. Get a divorce now. Not meaning to be insensitive, but may be the only way to keep a healthy relationship with the woman you love.
  4. if we still have another one of those 1-year deals, I would like for the Jets to make a bid to Clowney.
  5. I love me some One Jets Drive, I think they are well produced for the most part. Even my wife enjoys some of the episodes.
  6. another uniform discussion....yikes....what's up with the guys in this forum?
  7. I love all the uniforms because they are the Jets; anyone that gives credence to this or any other similar asinine discussions should reevaluate his or her priority of values. I do have a preference for the all-white uniforms, and I love the new helmet.
  8. Tangibles alone is Revis. However, the respect and admiration that you get from and for Klecko is unmatched. My vote is undoubtedly for him.
  9. thank you! I did know Dewayne, and that was actually around the time I started watching the Jets, but I guess I missed that "nickname"
  10. Please no more Thursday games, and why not....no more Monday Night games.
  11. If any of you have been following the news, you may have notice that my country has been in the eye of the storm in South America. I can say with almost certainty that the US will will continue to see the curve of the rate of infection going up, and with that the increase of the fatality rate. Wishing to be wron because I have family in the US, but everything that the US is doing to "control" the disease screams problems.
  12. Without having seen a single down on professional football from these guys and basing an opinion from their college career which may or may not translate to the pro level, I would give the draft a B+, just because I would have liked another receive in the draft.

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