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  1. Saquon Barkley

    I dont think we can afford an elite RB just yet, we need to draft a QB and a DE in the first two rounds.
  2. I am as exited as most about the win last night. However, Bowles could have done better in that possession at the end of the first half. Can't wait for the next game.
  3. He had a sack and an interception...I think.....Id say trade him now.
  4. 49ers Trading CB Rashard Robinson to Jets

    What have the 49ers receive in return for this gem?
  5. Perfect! Sign RB of your preference Sign Alex Smith Trade 1st and one 2nd round pick to 49ers for the overall pick for the QB of your preference. Draft true pass rusher with one 2nd round pick Let Alex Smith to get us as far as possible. Allow QB of your preference to learn (like Aaron Rodgers learned from Favre) Win Superbowl 54
  6. Nice! This means that Wilkerson gets a sack or two and enough trading value for us to get a 4th or 5th rounder in exchange.
  7. jets viewership down the most

    It appears we need to kneel some more so we can bring our viewership to the same level of the other teams.
  8. Is he tradeable? Maybe if he has one good showing against Miami someone could be interested before October 31????
  9. I'm not against the idea of parting ways with Bowles, but please please please no more rookie head coaches.
  10. Adams call vs. Gronk

    That was the first of many bs calls to come.
  11. We need everything: QB RB Pass rusher G C
  12. WR dept. : Quincy Enunwa ~ ~ ~

    So all WR news are lumped in this thread?
  13. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    Rudolph puts way too much arch on his throws which results in an odd spiral. Plus, it seems to me and I could be wrong, that a significant amount of attempts we saved by the WR1.... Washington I think. Not a first or second rounder in my opinion.
  14. Way to early draft thoughts

    I'd consider a true pass rusher in the second round with the second pick. I like Joshua Allen from Kentucky but he may be too raw ......maybe? .....not sure.
  15. Way to early draft thoughts

    Considering that we have three picks in the first two rounds, I think that a realistic and solid draft would be: QB Luke Falk WSU 6-4, 223 RB Damien Harris Alabama 5-10, 216 C Will Clapp LSU 6-3, 309