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  1. You should see all the threads about clothes and uniforms.
  2. We are still a 2-14 team, every single player coming back this season has to be better than last year.
  3. Easily this has to be on the Top 10 of Most Horrible Ideas of the Off-season.
  4. i honestly dont know the manner in which PFF grades, but from a spectator pov, the line seemed way more firm once he lined up next to Becton. It seemed to me that it was the correct assesment based on the rather quick offer he got once we didnt extend him.
  5. 2021 Offensive Line: Becton Vera-Tucker McGovern Pending* Moses Pending Battle: Lewis vs Van Rotten vs Clark vs Fant vs Feeney
  6. It would be easier to use AVT as LT temporarily if we kept Pat Elflein as LG.
  7. When Seattle doesn't pay and Adams is humbled by the reality of free agency and team friendly deal is worked out, I would absolutely welcome him back. The only thing that makes me hesitate is your super long emotional thread @Defense Wins Championships
  8. Well intentioned post but naively optimistic. Zach Wilson is a prospect, and like many other prospects , has a higher percentage of busting than of succeeding. On the other hand, how does a 2-14 team has an easy schedule? I am a fan just like you, but I honestly see us winning 6 games being super optimistic. What the Jets do have differently from other years is the alignment of GM and HC. I hope just like you that we win as many games as possible.
  9. I dont understand why fans appear to get emotionally attached to players who barely have contributed to the team.
  10. true, but I would argue that under the same circumstances Ty Johnson managed to look better.
  11. Okay, I about had it, lol j/k, but not really.... there's gotta be a license or something for people to be allowed to start a thread...... between people who write a paragraph long title and this.... there's gotta be some sort of regulation
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