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  1. I am hopeful but I see about 4 to 6 wins this year, which will be abslutely be an improvement from last year.
  2. Oh boy, when you see the calendar like this....uuufff, I don't know man, maybe we win 4 games .
  3. If you are truly upset by this as you should, DO NOT WATCH IT. And while we are at it, make sure to not watch any TNF games. I promise you that if enough people do not tune in at all, they will stop the bul lsh it.
  4. I'm pretty sure that Griffin is gone and I would not be surprised if the Jets let Wesco walk.
  5. I am hopeful that McGovern´s play improves. I am pretty sure that both Ty Johnson and Josh Adams will positively surprise.
  6. Can people please stop watching football on Thursdays?! wtf!
  7. Hi , can someone please explain what exactly determines if a player is eligible to be signed to the practice squad, especially a non rookie. I thank you.
  8. The fact that we picked up so many defensive backs, I think is a testament that no one, and I mean no one is guaranteed a spot. Just an opinion.
  9. please get a kicker ...or two.... now
  10. we signed Hamilcar Rashed from Oregon State
  11. Jose Borregales - K Shaka Toney - ED Matt Bushman - TE Bryce Hargrove - OL Alaric Jackson - OL Dylan Moses - LB
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