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  1. that is a good one, lol, what does your avatar name mean in Spanish?
  2. I started on JI around 2003 or 2004 as Jets Fanatic. I was never a prolific poster, so eventually there was another JetsFanatic who posted all the time. I remember PatsFanTx as the biggest troll, who the oldest posters seemed to just enjoy, sort of like with SAR here. Due to personal matters I actually didn't watch football from 2012 until we drafted Darnold. I figured I would check JI again only to find a sad lonely virtual place, with unfinished stories of digital betrayal. I think I googled Jets message boards and found this place. This is pretty good.
  3. all the time? @FactsOnly can you back that up with facts only?
  4. signing Maye to a long term contract would be a bad idea? Maye is better than most options that would come out on Free Agency? I personally think it would be better to keep Maye and keep trying short yardage passes to the tight ends we have, including the Yeboah experiment.
  5. Gruden can't be worse than a guy that is learning on the go.
  6. Can we bring Gruden as an assistant consultant that in reality would replace Lafleur?
  7. It was the 6th round, we could have taken him - we needed another G - and there was nothing but upside. PS: he has become a talented starter
  8. Or.....just a thought, dont get all amercany, MAGA-esque on me.....stop singing the national anthem on sporting events
  9. In order to understand the people who voted yes, the bottom line is not drafting Zach, but key decisions that came later. I would not have drafted Elijah More, because everyone knew the biggest thing that you can do to protect Wilson was draft olinemen. I would have drafted C Creed Humphrey, and would not have drafted Hamsah Nasirildeen, instead would have gone G Trey Smith. So the draft would have ended like this: Round 1 · Pick 2 (2) Zach Wilson QB Brigham Young Round 1 · Pick 14 (14) Alijah Vera-Tucker G USC Round 2 · Pick 2 (34) Creed Humphrey C Oklahoma Round 4 · Pick 2 (107) M
  10. Not at all, maybe you got confused and clicked on the wrong post. I clearly pointed to Lafleur, Saleh, and Douglas.
  11. You what else would be good to see? pre-game adjustments, he can adjust so well in 15 mins, why can he adjust with a week´s notice?
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