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  1. Ecuadorian Jet

    Possibly the most important stat on Gase

    Ranked 31st total offense and Total yards Ranked 26th in scoring and 22nd in touchdowns.
  2. F uck you Chris Johnson
  3. Ecuadorian Jet

    Adam Gase Presser - Monday

    I want to hear that he's leaving and not taking the job
  4. Ecuadorian Jet

    Jets (Requesting to Interview) HC Candidates

    Being close to that balance is a journey, and I believe that an experienced head coach is much closer to achieving such goal than someone who has not held the position of head coach ever before.
  5. Ecuadorian Jet

    Jets (Requesting to Interview) HC Candidates

  6. Or maybe we need Bart to keep calling him a vagina?......maybe?
  7. Ecuadorian Jet

    Game Observations (DET)

    I hope 96 stays healthy.... man he is disruptive!
  8. Ecuadorian Jet

    Leonard Williams

    All the problems with the Jets begin and end with Bowles. Everyone but Johnson knows that.
  9. Ecuadorian Jet

    Our OLINE; officially DEFCON-2

    This is exactly why Darnold should not be the starter.
  10. If that is the case, then I would say, start Bridgewater until the very trade deadline, and then start McCown. It is exactly because this Darnold is our guy that I do want to risk him behind this oline, unless they show in preseason that they can play above their potential.
  11. Perhaps, it is the grade of caution what I do not share. I envision that at one point during the early part of the season, we decide to extend him or not. Only one preseason game has passed, and already people have forgotten about the reality of sudden changes in the NFL and real bad luck this team has had. Is it really an unlikely scenario that Bridgewater gets traded as some people desire, and in the first season game our poor offensive line gives up a hit on Darnold that benches him for an entire season? do people have that much confidence in this oline? How many good backups do we need? I don't know. You tell me how important is to have depth in professional football.
  12. I must be crazy and/or stupid. For the first time in a real long time we have a true starter and a true quality backup (you choose the other), and all I hear from Jets fans around "hey let's trade one of them!". Did people forget that "5 mins ago" Chad went down and literally 1 play later Jay Fiedler went down? How did that season go? Do we have a better offensive line than that one?
  13. Ecuadorian Jet

    Hackenberg signed by eagles

    Having another arm in the game also means having another arm in training camp, which eventually affects the reps they all get.

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