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  1. Guaranteed: he arrives to the Jets and is injured during practice.
  2. I always knew this was a 4 win team. The losses are not the problem. The problem is that the health of the future of this franchise is on the hands of GVR Fant McGovern and the rest. So, yeah sure, kudos to the Jets organization.
  3. Dear Mr. Saleh, all due respect, shut up about your motto until you show a decent team. Go Jets.
  4. so if I put $100 on the pats and they cover, how much do I make?
  5. Thank you for accepting that there is a huge difference between what happened in 2006 and what JD has done. I appreciate that. Another difference, the scouts got it right with DBrick and Mangold. I understand that things are a work in progress. How long do you think that JD has until he gets right?
  6. If the oline continues to play the way they play last week, which is pretty much the way they played last season, by next year Zach Wilson would have endured at least one injury and would be ahead of schedule to become the next Sam Darnold in the hands of JD. A guy that had potential but was vastly under protected.
  7. You really dont see a difference between waiting an entire season to add one more guy to a crappy line, than adding two at the same time. That is what you are going to say?
  8. When your crappy oline is composed of 5 guys, and you need to fix it, taking 1 guy in consecutive years is not enough. Part of the reason of the success you recall is connected to the fact that we drafted 2 guys in one year.
  9. That is all nice and good, and surely intention is part of evaluating any process, but in the end the most important factor in evaluating a sports management process is the result you get. Would you not agree?
  10. Exactly and that takes us to the really scary point, which is that he may be really bad at drafting. He drafted Becton who has not been able to be consistently on the field. There is no argument there. Cam Clark, who nobody ever heard of, I didnt even count him. He was invisible in his first year, and prior to his unfortunate injury there was no news that he was lightning it up on training camp. AVT was not able to be healthy during his first training camp. You said 4 picks, my apologies, I dont know who the 4th is.
  11. one pick for OL in each year doesn´t cut it
  12. I wish him well as a human being, but he is not a franchise LT. Maybe he can be better as a RT. But then again his injuries will not change with what side of the line he plays.
  13. I can´t EFFIN believe that we are talking about the offseason.
  14. I didn't ask you about Becton and AVT. When was the last time McGovern was top 10? What was GVR grading last year?
  15. Were these guys top of the market? Serious question. I think we wanted to believe it would be better, but the line was already bad with the first 4 guys. There was no real reason to believe that suddenly those 4 guys that sucked last year world be good this year.
  16. Zach will be truly broken before the end of the season with this line. Panthers are not even that good. What happens to Wilson when he faces truly elite pass rushers?
  17. Cut Mann and gain a roster spot. Given the resources used on this unit... It is the same line plus a rookie and an old man. We need screen passes, max protect, a rosary, santeria, and a Hare Krishna mantra.
  18. So you're ok with risking Wilson out for the year with a broken anything? Because that's what's gonna happen with this line
  19. Next year? We need that right now if we don't want Wilson or for the year with a rotator cuff or ACL injury.
  20. It also have me that impression when I saw it.
  21. Yes, we will be better with Crowder today. He is a more reliable receiver than apparently Elijah Moore
  22. Hopefully we can get Crowder back soon.
  23. much better line?.....maybe in theory, but let´s focus on actual performance. How many times was Sam sacked 6 times in one game? True question
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