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  1. I don't think people should be ashamed or afraid to feel optimistic. In the same manner , people have the right to be pessimistic.
  2. The biggest matchup is Ulbrich vs Joe Burrow. Then OL vs Bengals pass rush. Those are the only matches that matter imho.
  3. The win is historic because of the percentages involved that made it so unlikely, but it is actually greater than that. It is an amazing win because of the plays by Mann, Wilson, Flacco, Carter, Mitchell, Davis, Hardee. True team effort. This type of win is that should turn a roster into a team. I can´t wait to see how they react against Cincinnati.
  4. Can´t be anything that happy that one of our players receives an accolade while in our team. I hope that this recognition serves as motivation for Mann to dispel any obstacles he has been facing that stops him from being dominant.
  5. true...leadership may take a little, but likeability is a characteristic of most leaders
  6. or even Jacob Martin...gotta try something to light a fire under their arses
  7. bring Anae and Huff to the active roster this Sundya and give them an opportunity to improve the pass rush
  8. We need a different DC now. For example, a guy like Gregg Williams would do wonders with this roster. Not that he would ever be brought on board. But the problems of the defense begin and end with Ulbrich.
  9. Any chance we can give Huff and Anae a chance to play
  10. This. I mean the individual talent is clearly there, and sometimes we can see individual players making plays. However, the overall defense looks poorly coached and that is in that Ulbrich guy. I am really sorry about this, but he looks really stupid and his work demonstrates as much. And Saleh continues to let him be unaccountable.
  11. the quote was "...the earliest would be Pittsburgh..."
  12. for a late round pick and the help he is getting, he is doing great, hopefully he becomes a great player
  13. if he continues to be this good, it will open the options for the other receivers
  14. Was the option of Eric Fisher much worse than Fant? or do they have confidence that it was a one-time occurence?
  15. nads of steel would be when he shows a prepared team to win this Sunday and every Sunday, despite the ridicule he brought upon himself
  16. Yes, and actually what he said afterwards to clarify his intention was perfect and what he should have said from the get go, which actually goes along with what you say: "dont tell me you are good, show me you are good"
  17. That´s cool if you feel that way, but again, none of it trickles down if Saleh gives up in his little phrases and takes it like man. But he couldnt do that, he had to show this false bravado. I dont hate Saleh, and I dont even want him to be fired. I just think that he said something really stupid that he is not going to be able to back up with facts.
  18. of course that in the grand scheme of life is not the apocalypse dude, but the wanna be fun coach who wanted to be positive vibes only said something really stupid and really weak, and we are in a Jets fan board discussing Jets things; again this distraction was not created by the fans or the media, it is all on Saleh
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