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    dominating the cheaters in New England in 2010 playoffs...CANT WAIT
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    just one!? Probably doug Brien's two missed field goals against Pitt in 04 playoffs
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    who knows their names??
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    no, nor will i be for the next jet Super Bowl

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  1. How about the gem from Andrew Brandt right under trying to shame fans for being more concerned about the cap effects of a player being dropped than for the financial welfare of the player . Let’s start a gofundme page for the next cap causality . If 100,000 of us donate $3 maybe we can give some poor unfortunate soul cursed with the blessings of being an nfl athlete a decent wage . The amount of completely delusional points that trickle down from this statement are mind blowing . Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. I literally can’t think of ANY other non-football real-life examples of this .... oh wait ... Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. Yea McCarthy really lit it up last night with the most talented offensive roster in football outside of the chiefs . I’ve never seen more 5 yard passes in my life outside of a jets game and at least we have a reason to do so because our offensive talent is a joke . Have you ever seen a receiver like amari cooper have a crowder-like stat line of 8 for 80? Well you’ll see plenty of that on Mike McCarthy cowboys . Really a shame we missed out on such offensive innovation , such genius . The same guy who had a top 5 all time talent possibly even most talented QB EVER for over a decade and won a si
  4. Interesting stuff, so for the authentic crowd experience I expect to hear jet chants until about midway through first quarter then the opposing team fans overshadowing us like we’re the road team ! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. Worked out well for this guy! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. The likelihood of the ballage details being anything other than a 7th under conditions like being on the roster and active for most of the season , is slim . Another Gase guy to be around that knows the offense a bit and can help out and be a 4th rb to activate in the event someone like Perine got hurt was much more likely the thought . And under the current circumstance of every and anybody capable of catching a pass being injured on this team , bell is MUCH more valuable than fournette , fournettes never lining up in slot or making athletic catches like bell did many times last year Se
  7. Reading through this thread , it is clear now why every other topic makes me want to gauge out my eyeballs . Leonard fournette is a decent nfl rb, he’s not shifty he doesn’t run particularly hard but he’s got good top end speed for someone who’s probably 230+ and he can receive OK out of the backfield . Weigh that against his attitude that has been a story every single year of his career and it makes no sense to bring him here . The locker room is finally almost big mouth and big attitude free and everyone wants to sign a rb with a big mouth a big attitude and will be completely inefficient be
  8. I forgot he was on the team until you just said his name . Haven’t heard a single thing on him since we drafted him . Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. What Darnold has done in his first two years is an even bigger miracle than winning 7 games last year lol . I wasn’t a huge darnold guy on draft day but mostly due to scouting reports concerning carelessness with the football . I wanted Baker on draft day, couldn’t believe the browns drafted him. I still think Baker is going to be very good especially this year with the moves the browns made but if we could redo the draft tomorrow, I’d take Darnold . I wasn’t even aware of how big a deal something like pocket awareness and movement was until watching him , first time I’ve seen a jets qb poss
  10. The complete lack of understanding last years roster situation and specifically offensive line situation is the culprit . Even the most clueless fan acknowledges this fact , but it’s mostly just an opener they use to say But Gase sucks anyway without actually grasping that winning 7 games was an absolute miracle . Same people likely predicted us to 7-8 wins or less anyway assuming we were healthy and that the line wasn’t the worst in the nfl . There’s plenty of reason to doubt Gase as a head coach especially when it comes to just being able to communicate with players but some of his accomplis
  11. Bell took 245 out of 350 rb carries last season and missed a game . He also was targeted 80 times and caught 66 of them . So... - he wasn’t underused despite what the Fake News nfl media and jets beat report . - he ran behind quite possibly the worst offensive line ever fielded in jets or even nfl history - the line will be a little better this year but not even close to league average ... is this really about bell not getting 2 more reps in practice or just another bizarre Gase criticism. Honestly , the media coverage of Adam gase as a coach is not far from the media coverage of Donald
  12. I apologize , mostly lurking jet boards for 15+ years now since I’m a kid and after all Ive sat back read over the years , the Gase Criticism of what the offense looked like last year without actually understanding how bad it was looks like the breaking point for me to come out swinging lol . Forgive me! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  13. Again I don’t know if Gase is a good head coach , I think he’s got the x & o side down if given a decent roster and could even be exceptional on that end of being a coach which is the way harder trait to find then the coach who connects with players , unfortunately there’s too many weird stories that come out here and there that make it seem that Gase is too socially awkward or too wrapped in his QB or favorite players or something going on that make it seem like he doesn’t have the “relating to men” part of coaching down . Which sucks because we always have that coach and never the one
  14. The Steelers have one of the best o lines in football , CRUCIAL to the starters success but if it’s not an elite starting qb it’s 100% necessary for a backup to have an above average o line , the difference between the teams two lines is really the only difference that matters but I’ll just add in also they had better skill players not by much by again only more magnified by oline play AND they had/have one of if not the most talented defensive roster in the league ... AND WE BEAT THEM, Qb aside every single other aspect about the Steelers roster is and was better than the jets last season and
  15. His qb gets MONO 5 days earlier (seriously as we all know , MONO, I’m still in shock even for the jets) the decent backup he had played maybe 2 series before Myles Garrett snapped his leg , luke folk the third string qb who doesn’t belong on an nfl field like all 3rd string qbs , takes the field for the first time in his career on Monday night football against the browns (who were 0-1 and who were hyped by everyone including Vegas to be division winners last year and no doubt knew it was a game they needed to win ) and to top that all off D. Thomas and Braxton Berrios were seeing significant
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