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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory?
    dominating the cheaters in New England in 2010 playoffs...CANT WAIT
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  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    just one!? Probably doug Brien's two missed field goals against Pitt in 04 playoffs
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew?
    who knows their names??
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    no, nor will i be for the next jet Super Bowl
  1. Your Favorite QB Prospect

    Mayfield But hoping for cousins with Barkley or Nelson Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. the trades were aggravating at first but really, who the hell knows the difference between 15 spots here or there in terms of the player , the draft is a big mystery. So whats wrong with moving 15 or so spots twice to get 3-4 extra players on a team that has holes all over. 15 years lurking here and another jets board and the whining is worse than Berkley after the Hilary L, Mac brought in 2 udfa wrs and 1 7th rd wr who made the team last year and has had decent late round drafting ability. After round 2 I would think quantity is better to have especially on a depleted roster
  3. He's making room for the mansion he intends to buy after we grossly overpay him
  4. Come on bro , that was just an isolated incident , no one before , currently or in the future has done or will do that ... And it def doesn't cross over to other sports ...
  5. I got to try and find it... Anther thing from last season or two making a rigging easily possible is how the league has made what constitutes a catch so difficult to comprehend that you can't even argue which way they call it because it changes on a weekly basis
  6. Still waiting for an argument against some of the facts presented , open for debate , not 100% convinced myself just found all that stuff and made me open my eyes a little... Week 13 before saints or packers flagged for offensive holding in either 2010 or 2011 , please tell me as an NFL fan on a teams forum that u believe it's coincidence when I can see a hold on almost literally every play in NFL games.... Best offensive lines in history I guess 🙄
  7. For the record I don't believe all games are fixed , just ones that could sway the NFL into more favorable matchups , ones where there is a major trend in one favor In Vegas and occasionally when the owners or league would benefit from a certain outcome , NFL owners share revenue , they all want what's best for business
  8. Yea because your house and the most watched tv event every year hosted by the most powerful sport in America have the same "in case of power loss" plan ... Here's the difference between me and you , I'll check the evidence from both sides and make a decision and you, you'll just cry "nonsense" without even looking ... Watch the documentary , mentions plenty of named still around today , is it now different because it's 40 years later? Check the court ruling on the jet fan case . it is not a crime for the NFL to alter games as they please , it was ruled merely to be "entertainment"
  9. Well I knew those were coming haha, but hey I Havent checked a jet fan forum for 15 years as a die hard fan because I thought sports was fixed , that paragraph is even too extreme for me sometimes but then you add in things like POWER OUTAGES at a Super Bowl and it becomes more believable lol, I mean come on a power outage in a blowout Super Bowl than the game magically turns tides , I can't even say it out loud without laughing a little
  10. This is a topic I can't ever remember being discussed on here or my days at JI. Growing up my father always used to tell me when something unbelievable happened in football that the game was fixed as a kid who loved playing the game and was a diehard jets fan I would argue with him against that point every time, partly because i didn't want to believe but mostly because I didn't think it was reasonable to believe it could be done without leaking out to the public. I ALWAYS felt calls always went in favor of teams like NE and the giants but chalked it up to league favoring the markets and their owners (which is kind of like fixing) and have at times like we all have just seen some bizarre calls that are truly hard to believe were just bad officiating. This years NFL playoffs though were the breaking point for me, after seeing the Blair Walsh missed FG (a fg that no exaggeration could be hit by myself and any other semi athletic person 7 or 8 out of 10 times) and the complete meltdown by the bengals, i started looking into possible evidence. I mean the NFL went from Bridgewater and the vikings and The kid from Alabama and the bengals to Big ben and the steelers and Russell Wilson and the seahawks , I understand its the playoffs and they will get the ratings either way but you can't tell me the outcome that happened wasn't exactly what the NFL and its casual fans wanted to see. Even down to Peyton Manning riding off into the sunset on the heels of a season where he was actually more of detriment to the team than an asset, it was just so corny and really hard to believe, Brock Osweiler was better. Cam Newtons not diving for loose balls in the biggest game of his life , EVERYONE watching was thinking "what the hell was that" after that play. Even this years NBA finals , CAVS down 3-1 , how much money does the NBA lose if the finals ends in 5, instead it goes 7 and steph curry , a basketball god a month ago and record setting 3 point shooter , looks like guys i play pick-up basketball with. Its getting to feel so overwhelmingly fake that its almost laughable. Anyway, after trying to find evidence to without a doubt convince me sports are rigged I'm still kind of in a state of not wanting to believe it but know in my heart its the truth. Boxing- everyone knows how badly the mafia and clowns like don king affected the outcome of boxing matches. Soccer- just watch the two escobars 30 for 30, pablo escobar having refs killed for making calls against colombia, how do you think the rest of the officials called games for colombia after that, baseball- black sox, rose, mlb being completely aware of steroid use but no one cares because ratings are up then when it gets national attention they pretend its a concern (something the NFL does all the time) , basketball - tim donoughy , draft lottery head scratchers , are we supposed to believe that he was the only one? theres another 30 for 30 on the mafia influence on college basketball that escapes my mind right now. Football is the sport I love so naturally I searched deepest there, there was a documentary done in the mid 70's with a female reporter (forgot name of the show but similar to 60 minutes) she has an hour story on locked up gangsters revealing how players threw games at orders of gamblers , how a lot of the nfl owners then (still some around today) had/have mafia ties in there history. Oddly enough, she died in some weird car crash shortly after it aired. Our own claim to fame sb3 , the nfl is threatened by the afl popularity because of the points being put up in the afl and the nfl knows if the jets lose a merger is very unlikely so the colts who dominate everyone all season sh*t the bed and the nfl becomes what it is today making all parties involved happy. Manning wins in retirement year, ray lewis the same, eli wins two superbowls for the manning dynasty (and is so average he is rarely even talked about in the "elite" convo) the "patriots" win after 9/11 , the saints who are just abysmal for decades win within years after katrina and win that crazy game against atlanta on MNF. I understand some of those even I still don't except as fixing but all of it said together just makes me think. I mean are we really supposed to believe that all the professional leagues now have so much parity that every game especially in the nfl is so close and so exciting? Did you know that in 2010 or 2011 that both the saints and packers (two pass heavy star qb teams) were not called for an offensive holding penalty until WEEK 13!!?! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? it isn't possible . I used to believe that too many people would have to be involved but really it only takes one referee making calls, or even more effective and less noticeable - not making calls to change an entire game. Another pretty tough one to believe- only one team in NFL history made playoffs (i believe) in years their city hosted the Super Bowl , why would that matter? Because the host city would lose on an entire city of people coming to see the Super Bowl as fans or "tourists" if the jets were playing in a Super Bowl at metlife, I'm not going to be spending money on hotels restraints and other activities that someone traveling from denver or seattle would. I've missed many points and maybe lost your attention with others. I'm not the greatest t presenting information but theres a few links believe that explain and lay out the facts better. There's still a part of me that can't accept it but I think anyone with an open mind can see that no major business like the nfl would leave money and ratings to chance. I'll end with this, after spygate, one of our very own jet fans sued the nfl for money back for purchasing tickets to a sporting event that he felt was cheated, it made all the way to grand jury before ruling came down that the fans merely purchase tickets to be entertained and the nfl has the right to entertain as they wish (aka fix a game if necessary) , the ruling frankly made the nfl on the same level as WWE. Check the links, i know I'm all over the place. Some probably already believe and others will call me a conspiracy nut but recent sports history and just getting older is getting me to see that big business always gives the consumer what it wants. Sadly, even if i we knew it was fixed many, and maybe myself, would still tune-in. Have a look for yourself... http://www.thefixisin.net/index.html http://spaces.covers.com/blog/MaximumWins/NFL/03042012-Reasons-Why-The-NFL-Is-Fixed-For-Profit.html
  11. Most memorable play in Jets History?

    off the top of my head the Braylon catch down the sideline against the colts to set up game winning fg , don't think I've anticipated a single play as much as that one ... Also props to collinsworth who was calling for that exact play right before the snap ... Pretty sad that's it at age 26 -__-
  12. http://playmakermentality.com/5-plays-darron-lee-ohio-state the same guy goes into detail about how high of a ceiling lee has and how at his worst he will still be a solid player
  13. I'll be legitametly upset if this guy doesn't make the roster ... in all seriousness , whats the catch? a net average that increased every year from 39-48 yards, only a handful of returnable punts and dropped a ton inside the 20? whats the catch?