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  1. I literally can’t think of ANY other non-football real-life examples of this .... oh wait ... Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. Yea McCarthy really lit it up last night with the most talented offensive roster in football outside of the chiefs . I’ve never seen more 5 yard passes in my life outside of a jets game and at least we have a reason to do so because our offensive talent is a joke . Have you ever seen a receiver like amari cooper have a crowder-like stat line of 8 for 80? Well you’ll see plenty of that on Mike McCarthy cowboys . Really a shame we missed out on such offensive innovation , such genius . The same guy who had a top 5 all time talent possibly even most talented QB EVER for over a decade and won a single Super Bowl Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. Interesting stuff, so for the authentic crowd experience I expect to hear jet chants until about midway through first quarter then the opposing team fans overshadowing us like we’re the road team ! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. Worked out well for this guy! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. The likelihood of the ballage details being anything other than a 7th under conditions like being on the roster and active for most of the season , is slim . Another Gase guy to be around that knows the offense a bit and can help out and be a 4th rb to activate in the event someone like Perine got hurt was much more likely the thought . And under the current circumstance of every and anybody capable of catching a pass being injured on this team , bell is MUCH more valuable than fournette , fournettes never lining up in slot or making athletic catches like bell did many times last year Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. Reading through this thread , it is clear now why every other topic makes me want to gauge out my eyeballs . Leonard fournette is a decent nfl rb, he’s not shifty he doesn’t run particularly hard but he’s got good top end speed for someone who’s probably 230+ and he can receive OK out of the backfield . Weigh that against his attitude that has been a story every single year of his career and it makes no sense to bring him here . The locker room is finally almost big mouth and big attitude free and everyone wants to sign a rb with a big mouth a big attitude and will be completely inefficient behind our line unless they are SIGNIFICANTLY improved over last year . Say it with me ... RBs DO NOT MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE . Give literally almost any nfl talented rb a good offensive line and play caller and they’ll look good . Bad offensive line and NO RB IN NFL HISTORY would look good . There’s a handful of exceptions from my eyeball test who do provide a noticeable improvement over the dime a dozen but even they wouldn’t be good without blocking and play calling : McCaffrey Barkley Zeke (I think) Kamara I think Joe mixon Bell (I think) Aaron Jones Kareem Hunt That’s the short list of guys I think are worth going out of the way to pay extra and could be better than the rest given the same exact circumstances Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. I forgot he was on the team until you just said his name . Haven’t heard a single thing on him since we drafted him . Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. What Darnold has done in his first two years is an even bigger miracle than winning 7 games last year lol . I wasn’t a huge darnold guy on draft day but mostly due to scouting reports concerning carelessness with the football . I wanted Baker on draft day, couldn’t believe the browns drafted him. I still think Baker is going to be very good especially this year with the moves the browns made but if we could redo the draft tomorrow, I’d take Darnold . I wasn’t even aware of how big a deal something like pocket awareness and movement was until watching him , first time I’ve seen a jets qb possess this skill at an elite level . Darnold has not only NOT made an absolute fool of himself given two bottom 3 offensive lines , the worst collection of wide receivers , 1 year of Todd Bowles , 2 new systems and a case of mono but has actually held his own and then some . I remember in his rookie year we went to Chicago , best and most respected defense in the league by far at that point with Mack just on a kill the qb tear , and his starting receivers for the day were Deontay Burnett the UDFA rookie and rishard Matthews who was suiting up with the team for the first time . A Nathan peterman type game with 6ints and complete meltdown would have been acceptable but he held his own . The rest of his career hasn’t been any different . Now with the offensive line being built , mims , a healthy Herndon , a ton of upcoming draft picks and the first GM I’m I have full faith in in my lifetime , Darnold can start to get some protection , some run support , build chemistry with the wide outs . I can’t imagine how good he can look with some of these very basic and necessary things for an nfl qb given that he’s looked great at times with 0 of those things . We have to hope Gase succeeds this year to keep up the continuity , we’re finally building , NO MORE SETBACKS! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. The complete lack of understanding last years roster situation and specifically offensive line situation is the culprit . Even the most clueless fan acknowledges this fact , but it’s mostly just an opener they use to say But Gase sucks anyway without actually grasping that winning 7 games was an absolute miracle . Same people likely predicted us to 7-8 wins or less anyway assuming we were healthy and that the line wasn’t the worst in the nfl . There’s plenty of reason to doubt Gase as a head coach especially when it comes to just being able to communicate with players but some of his accomplishments that get used against him are actually incredible when you look at what he’s been dealt . It’s ok for people to say “I’m not sold on Gase but let’s see” but instead they echo the jets hating world and just say “he sucks “ but never provide anything more then shotty reasoning Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. Bell took 245 out of 350 rb carries last season and missed a game . He also was targeted 80 times and caught 66 of them . So... - he wasn’t underused despite what the Fake News nfl media and jets beat report . - he ran behind quite possibly the worst offensive line ever fielded in jets or even nfl history - the line will be a little better this year but not even close to league average ... is this really about bell not getting 2 more reps in practice or just another bizarre Gase criticism. Honestly , the media coverage of Adam gase as a coach is not far from the media coverage of Donald trump Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  11. I apologize , mostly lurking jet boards for 15+ years now since I’m a kid and after all Ive sat back read over the years , the Gase Criticism of what the offense looked like last year without actually understanding how bad it was looks like the breaking point for me to come out swinging lol . Forgive me! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. Again I don’t know if Gase is a good head coach , I think he’s got the x & o side down if given a decent roster and could even be exceptional on that end of being a coach which is the way harder trait to find then the coach who connects with players , unfortunately there’s too many weird stories that come out here and there that make it seem that Gase is too socially awkward or too wrapped in his QB or favorite players or something going on that make it seem like he doesn’t have the “relating to men” part of coaching down . Which sucks because we always have that coach and never the one who could win the chess match . But I just can’t stand listening to people anymore making comparisons to the Steelers or saying how bad last year was . THE OFFENSIVE LINE IS SO IMPORTANT That an above average one could lead a relatively weak team to be competitive enough to be .500 or better and a weak one WILL ruin the season for any team without one of the very few elite QBs . We didn’t have a weak o line last year , we had the worst o line I’ve ever seen fielded, something like 14 different lineman started in 10 different offensive line combos or something ridiculous like that , and not even a single one of those 14 players was even an average player . If that’s all the case was it would be excuse enough , but it wasn’t , his QB missed 3 games with mono and probably wasn’t right for most of the season , his wrs were average if I’m being generous , Herndon misses the year . These are enormous problems for any team but nevermind one with absolutely no offensive talent and a 2nd year qb in the first year of a new system . There is no other way to take last season under these conditions than 7-9 was an absolute miracle . I can’t really take anyone seriously who thinks there was something Gase could have done . Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  13. The Steelers have one of the best o lines in football , CRUCIAL to the starters success but if it’s not an elite starting qb it’s 100% necessary for a backup to have an above average o line , the difference between the teams two lines is really the only difference that matters but I’ll just add in also they had better skill players not by much by again only more magnified by oline play AND they had/have one of if not the most talented defensive roster in the league ... AND WE BEAT THEM, Qb aside every single other aspect about the Steelers roster is and was better than the jets last season and it’s not even close Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  14. His qb gets MONO 5 days earlier (seriously as we all know , MONO, I’m still in shock even for the jets) the decent backup he had played maybe 2 series before Myles Garrett snapped his leg , luke folk the third string qb who doesn’t belong on an nfl field like all 3rd string qbs , takes the field for the first time in his career on Monday night football against the browns (who were 0-1 and who were hyped by everyone including Vegas to be division winners last year and no doubt knew it was a game they needed to win ) and to top that all off D. Thomas and Braxton Berrios were seeing significant time at WR there was no Herndon and the offensive line was worse then even normally were last season which was already worst in league by far while Myles garret just abused kelvin beachum to highlight 1 of the 5 offensive line mismatches . Despite all this it was a close game until 1 Beckham breakaway , and that’s a credit to the defense and honestly the offense for simply just not turning it over more or letting them be in position to score more considering how bad those circumstances were . I was at the game and If I remember right folk I think hit Berrios deep and the guy drops it when the game was only like 10-3 or 3-3 .... Go ahead and explain to me how not just Gase but how anyone other then the gm can be responsible for a loss in that game , it’s a miracle that it wasn’t as ugly as the patriot game and no hc or qb in nfl history could have succeeded that night offensively except maybe prime Peyton Manning . Any thought that Gase could have done anything that night except pray, is exactly the problem with this fan base . Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  15. I definitely hear you , those Margin of losses is unacceptable but I do honestly believe if you asked me to give you the exception it would be a team playing an offensive line incapable of of blocking for either aspect of the game. Whoever said you build from the inside out was 100% right and I don’t think fans in general appreciate the o-line enough even if they give it lip service . Basically every successful jets team I’ve ever seen had an above average oline play and that’s all it took those offenses to at least be capable . The jets might have had one of the all time most injured offensive lines in nfl history and it was bottom 3 talent wise when the original 5 were still healthy. I know it sounds like excuses but there just isn’t any qb, coach anybody that can scheme or devise a game plan that can account for a line allowing pressure in 3 seconds and having the rb get hit at or behind the line every down . I’m not saying Gase IS the answer or IS the genius but I’m actually impressed with his record given what he’s worked with . I don’t know what praise you think he gets though , he seems to be the most universally hated hc among jet fans and the nfl as a whole . Gase had a unique road to hc in this game . I’ve read a ton of articles on him going back to his days of hs football . Honestly viewing him as person through those stories seems to make him look socially awkward in a way which is probably why some players who hate him and others really appreciate him . I hate Peyton Manning but through those pieces I read it seems they really did have a back forth for every game plan / pre snap read and Peyton really did respect his input . The guy is 3-5 vs belicheck in 4 years with just absolutely minimal talent and I’m guessing a backup qb for 5 of those 8 games . No darnold for 3 games and god knows how close to 100% healthy he was for most of the season after the mono, hands down the worst offensive line I’ve ever seen except maybe whatever year Adrian Clark started lol , just a pitiful rotation of skill players , his defensive mvp gone after 3 quarters . I think I heard last year Marcus Maye Robbie Anderson and Jamison crowder were the only Jets to play in every game . ALL THAT and we’re a kicker/Mosley injury away from sweeping the bills , I was at the browns game , darnold even with mono and we win that game , who knows what would have happened vs eagles . Point is outside of some unusually horrible luck even for the jets where the starting young future franchise qb gets mono like a middle school girl in week 1 , we still with all this could have easily won another 1 , probably 2 and maybe even 3 games . Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  16. Throw me in with you two . Except I can’t say I know Gase is good I just see the circumstances he has had and how bad his record really should be. The rare football genius is there but can he translate it on field and learn to deal with or develop the other life or social skills needed to be a great hc . But the idea that he’s the laughingstock of the league )and he is it comes up all the time in fantasy podcasts and other news) is just so extremely over-critical of people that laugh at anything the jets do and haven’t actually looked at the details of what Gase has worked with in his career so far Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  17. I get that it was , but in terms of talent we are/were at or sometimes below those teams , we are the “easy” and we also could have easily completely deflated at 1-7 but we beat 6/8 teams equal or close in talent in second half with most players aware that it was over at 1-7 Again I’m not trying to cover for Gase I think he has real legitimate excuses , he has a decent record even a good when considering he’s had a backup QB for 35-40% of his games as a hc. I don’t like that some players clearly don’t view him as their leader and I don’t know how to even judge his offensive system , he doesn’t change a whole lot even with injuries which is a huge negative . He’s just an odd case when he look at his history and I think if he puts it together he could be a special hc, but I understand he’s out of hear if fans are unhappy after this year and he will be because when are we ever happy as hey fans Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  18. I hope that last sentence was a pretty funny joke and not actually a thought you formulated as a possibility lol Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  19. I’m not sure how to judge Gase yet the easiest summary is that he’s one of the few guys who actually deserves every single “excuse” he has but at some point if the guys this unlucky than we have to cut ties ... He’s the pinnacle of jokes around the league especially in the fantasy community and I don’t get it , you’d think he we Kotite with the abuse he gets but the reality is he’s nearly a .500 coach with a playoff appearance in 4 years , the kicker is he’s had 36 starts with the QBs that we’re supposed to be franchise qbs in Darnold and Tannehill and 28 with their backups or their backups backup ... being 4 games off .500 under those circumstances is actually pretty remarkable . I can’t say exactly how talented dolphins offenses were in his time there but we know what he had to work with here last year , the most injury hit jets team I’ve ever seen and that wouldn’t even have mattered because the offensive line was so bad they would have been equally horrible without all the team injuries . Again these are all very valid excuses but after a while does it even matter ? Hope we’re healthy this year and that the line play is at very least occasionally adequate Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  20. Adams last year was almost playing on the level of a Troy polamalu , game winning stops , pass break ups , he blitzes as good as any safety I’ve ever seen , he’s the emotional leader , literally ripped the ball out of Daniel Jones hands like a child and scored , you know why you don’t see that in many games from many teams ? Because there aren’t a lot of defensive players as special as Adams ... are the Steelers as good as they were for a decade without polamalu? Maybe they’re a solid team but constantly one of the best bc of his ability to make plays like Adams showed he can make last season ... we finally have a true stud probably HOF bound player as the face of the defense (hopefully Sam takes that role for the offense ) and 3 quarters of this forum want to trade him away for draft picks who will be hit or miss , miss 8/10 times with this franchise ... I don’t get it Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  21. Crazy... there’s at least 4 hall of famers on that list and another 2-3 with outside shots but at minimum are names you’ll lump in as part of best receivers of that time period Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  22. Jets have had some success with big free agent lineman , Faneca and Damien woody were big parts of our only successful years this decade Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  23. Did Williams provide anything worthy of making a highlight reel lol , his most memorable moment of the season was blessing himself after sneezing [emoji58] Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  24. By week 7, Cooper would become the most hated player on this forum ... but sure it would be nice to see a 200 yard game twice a year when he feels like playing hard Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

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