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  1. Unpopular opinion but... In today's wide receiver market, Corey Davis' contract has value. It would be hard to replace his potential production and blocking at cost in free agency. And yes, I understand he has dropped passes. Personally more concerned about his injuries. Value his blocking and believe he is a more than a solid WR2/3 with a competent QB. Lastly, I believe we need to continue to build the WR core, but it can't be overstated how much having piss poor QB play impacts WR production. THe anemic passing offense makes it easy to think that Davis is not a productive receiver. I think we would be fine running it back with a WR core of Wilson, Elijah, Davis, a rookie, Mims, and J Smith. Add in the TE weapons, and RBs out of the backfield and a competent QB has more than enough playmakers to work with on offense. I would be disappointed if Davis is cut but could understand if we need the money for O-line or QB. I just don't think we will be improving the WR corp through free agency, and don't believe we will match his veteran production with a rookie likely picked later in the draft given our needs.
  2. jNYC1


    The National Football League Comeback Player of the Year Award refers to a number of awards that are given to a National Football League (NFL) player who has shown perseverance in overcoming adversity, in the form of not being in the NFL the previous year, a severe injury, or simply poor performance.
  3. Parcels formula sounds good but is empirically not a great predictor of success on its own. It feels like if there was an effective formula for de-risking the “QB draft pick” teams would follow it… in practice, drafting QBs is maddeningly unpredictable…
  4. Stating the obvious… It’s extremely hard to draft an elite or Top 10 caliber QB. (I guess it does help to have a #1 pick when a consensus generational talent exists but Rodgers, Brady, Mahomes, Wilson, Allen, (you could throw in Watson, Herbert, Jackson, Hurts, Dak) in the last 15 years illustrates #1 pick is not the only way) It’s hard to win a Super Bowl. The majority of franchises fail to land an elite QB. There are usually only 5-7 elite (or 5-10 near elite or better) QBs in the NFL at any given point in time.
  5. Several of the elite, all time great, Super Bowl winning, QBs didn’t win Super Bowls early in their careers. I remember how Peyton was regarded when he kept getting knocked out of the playoffs. Outside of Brady, elite QBs aren’t locks to “carry” their teams to Super Bowl wins every year. (And I’d argue Brady plus great coaching helped his sustained success). Aaron Rodgers was GOAT level for several years in his career and has only won 1 title which is insane. Any narrative about Allen feels premature. He is a top 5 QB in the league. Good chance he hosts a Lombardi before his career is over. Of course, AFC also has Mahomes and Burrow so the road will always be tough.
  6. jNYC1


    Daniel Jones being better than Sam Darnold and Zach Wilson from day 1 is the biggest surprise. He's been better than QB32 for his whole career... even pre- Daboll
  7. Classic Chargers Choke Job...
  8. Brock Purdy putting up 300+, 3TDs, no turnovers AND one the best six game stretches for a rookie QB is making me nauseous. Of course San Fran is stacked, but Purdy is making the throws to the open guy and letting playmakers make plays in space. That has been a struggle for our offense. The only things that is making me feel slightly better is this is what we are trying to build here. Studs on D (Q, Sauce) Studs on O (Garrett, Breece, AVT) Need a few more young guys to reach their potential (JJ, Elijah, MC etc) With a competent O we should be able to put teams away. With a competent O we should also have a few more Pro Bowlers and potentially some more guys in the All Pro mix.
  9. I'm here for the ritualistic Offensive Coordinator sacrifice... MLF seemed like a nice guy but didn't show enough or have enough experience to adapt/overcome the "QB anchor/albatross" that was hanging around his neck (...coupled with the poor O-line performance and injury to Breece he didn't have enough rope to learn on the job.) Bad QBs definitely shorten the life span of OCs, and remove the margin for error. Schemed open a ton of open receivers so he should land on his feet in the incestuous football game of musical chairs. Play calling, run concepts, and personnel usage were all areas of opportunity for him that would have been masked or been non-issue with average QB play.
  10. Laken is a major problem. There were no signs this season that he can function as an average guard in the league which makes it even worse. He is top 5 paid player on the team deliver below the levels of Brian Winters, Alex Lewis, Greg Van Roten. Despite conflicting reports, its clear that it would be difficult to cut him in 2023. Joe Douglas usually sets things up to have a solution to player not working out. An aggressive off-season in 2022 has left us with a sub-par guard being paid like top 5 at the position (and a sub par safety that will be at ~10m/ year.) I like Douglas, and like his process. The outcome on Laken really sucks... I do wonder if the Laken signing (and to some extent Zach) impacts how much weight Douglas puts in the input of the coaching staff going forward. Put simply, I think Joe D will take the opinions of the coaching staff less seriously going forward.
  11. Trade for Tannehill or Sign Geno. Most effective paths to competent QB play in 2023 at a reasonable cost
  12. Joe Flacco IS elite! Do we resign him if he balls out? He’s younger than Brady… SMH! On the positive side, the Dolphins have had a disastrous slide, along with QB issues, so we at least have company in our misery. A loss gives us better draft position and a win knocks out the Fins at our hands… and either way I’m emotionally numb on the outcome.
  13. I’ll repeat - I like JD and want him to stay. It’s order of bad… Laken was a massive, disastrous signing. Set the offense back - especially given all of the injuries. If he was even slightly below average this year it would have helped our offense tremendously. Whitehead has decent tackling but is not a “good” safety and is a massive overpay. Safety play has been a weak link in the defense. Those two signings were important to get right and we missed. Very few FA signings in the first two months of FA have worked out. First two months of FA are like the first 2 rounds of draft. Big investments
  14. I’m a huge JD fan. Looking at 2022 - DJ Reed is best FA acquisition. Laken was a disastrous signing (due ~17 million in 2023). Got terrible play for a big money player. Whitehead was a bad signing (due ~10 million in 20223) Letting Morgan Moses walk when he only signed for 5 million TE signings (underwhelming despite money spent; Conklin in particular) To a lesser extent Berrios overpay Very few success stories from players signed in first month or two of free agency over last couple of years
  15. I'm ok and supportive of playing the starters... but I guess others are more worked up about it. The Jets don't have a long history of "young players" being hidden on the bench that are great or even good players. The good young players play... Even though every year, fans kill coaches for not playing younger "depth players", that are usually at best serviceable depth players or worse. Someone refresh my memory on all those young players that Bowles and Gase refused to play?!
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