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  1. Zach "Mother F-in" Wilson. Say it again - Zach "Mother F-in" Wilson. He earned that name in the 4th Q for at least a week! Enjoy the win. We haven't gotten many in recent years. His stats look terrible but he delivered when it mattered - and kept the spark of hope alive that he can potentially fulfill his promise. On to Miami! (The FQB discussion is fun and all... but winning is more fun. All sides of the Zach debate (and the JD, Coaching Staff debate) - please enjoy and live in the moment for at least a week!)
  2. I’d like to see the media ask a few more questions about Bryce Huff… playing JFM more as an interior pass rusher… or what is going on with Laken or how they can stop the bleeding from bottom of the league safety play
  3. Saleh was put in a tough spot by Ulbrich’s comments. He defended his player. He defended his coach. He pointed out that the media did indeed latch on to the sound bite for clicks and engagement. I’m good with Saleh’s response to the meaningless self inflicted press conference/ media story. Q is playing more snaps this year once adjusted for the game where he went out with an injury per Connor Hughes. Hopefully the coaching staff continues to refine the rotation and packages quietly behind the scenes. Having said all that, WINNING is still the best deodorant. Hopefully the whole coaching staff is focused on doing whatever it takes - with urgency - to apply deodorant!
  4. Terrible awareness and judgement to say Q was winded in a press conference. Ulbrich should stick to bland coach speak about urgency and needing to clean things up…until the defense gets better or he is fired. Surviving the press conference shouldn’t be that hard…
  5. Zach has mobility, will try throws downfield that Flacco won’t, and got closer to game manager levels at the end of last season with a poor supporting cast. Zach also holds onto the ball (3+ seconds), doesn’t protect himself well, and has shown inconsistency on the simple move the chains plays. As a Jets fan it’s tough to know what to expect when he gets back on to the field. I’m guessing if Zach plays vs. Pittsburgh they will pressure Zach and try to trick Zach on some of the quick throws to mess with his confidence.
  6. Going to watch the replay because I skipped the game to spend time with the family. We haven’t won back to back games in a long time after a big win. Hopefully there are some positive signs with both Miami and Bills looking like tough division opponents.
  7. I’ll never understand the hate Corey Davis gets from some in this fan base. He’s a solid receiver on an affordable deal… His drops are magnified because our offense (and team) has typically not been able to overcome the types of errors that good or great offenses tend to overcome frequently. In the Browns game we were able to overcome the Wilson drop… the Browns were sunk by an Njoku drop that would have helped them ice the game.
  8. Zach should start when healthy regardless of Flacco’s success. It does raise the bar for Zach to clear, since Flacco is playing tough defenses behind an o-line that hadn’t played together.. Through two games… the often maligned Joe Flacco has put up: 61%+ completion percentage 308 yds/game 5/1 TD to Int ratio 90+ QB rating I would be ecstatic if Zach put up those types “numbers” with a leaky o-line in any 2 game stretch.
  9. Jamal Adam’s made out well despite the injuries. He got paid! His dad missed out on making anything in NFL due to injury (and lower salaries at the time) Jamal is set for life based on his rookie and second contract. I am sure he’s frustrated with not playing but he’s probably also thinking “Life is good”
  10. Geno will allow Pete to play offense the way he wants (heavy run based)… without complaining. Russ wanted to cook.
  11. The floor for Flacco is what we saw against the Ravens. The floor for Mike White is probably a 3 interception game. White might have a higher ceiling but the variability, is what most coaches are scared of when in a bad spot. Flacco avoided back breaking and terrible mistakes despite man coverage and heavy pressure. However, he also did nothing great to overcome the situation. Neither option is great or they would be starting somewhere. I personally would prefer Josh Johnson over either of them (or Streveler who was a backup QB in Canada - look it up - despite starting due to injury and winning the cup. His passing was stats were never great against CFL competition, even though he lit up unrosterable players in the pre-season)
  12. I think the Jets let Edoga go because he wasn’t a great pass blocker, even though he was solid run blocker. Given the dearth of tackles with scheme familiarity and experience, I’d feel a little better if he was still on the roster since we are pretty close to seeing McDermott in action with a tackle injury. I have a sneaky suspicion Fant will miss time at some point during this season related to his knee.
  13. Tomlinson did have a rough stretch during the playoffs despite being a “Pro Bowl” guard. His PFF scores during the playoffs I remember being bad. Was hoping it was an outlier. Now I’m hoping Tomlinson’s first game is an outlier… On Fant I’m also getting nervous. In addition to Fant switching sides multiples times, it feels like the knee injury and subsequent surgery are a lingering concern. He’s had a lot of days off, and ramped very slowly in the preseason which hints at the fact that he’s not 100%.
  14. jNYC1


    Rooting for Geno… but two sacks in the fourth quarter in big spots where a lil pocket awareness could have helped him. Didn’t move off his spot at all, really deep in the pocket… Russ would have gotten away.
  15. jNYC1


    The hate Geno gets from Jets fan is hilarious. He played with terrible weapons, and way too early since he was coming from a spread system. Carved out a nice career for himself. Didn’t get a ton of chances once he left the Jets but played well when he did. Should have started ahead of Eli when he was with the Giants (and the coaches knew it.) Keep hearing he’s such a horrible guy. As a borderline roster guy and backup QB I doubt he would have stuck around if he was as terrible as some Jets fans definitively proclaim. Glad to see him balling. Hope he can keep it going. Great story. As a Jets fan it doesn’t actually “hurt” if he does well.
  16. I think many see Duane Brown on IR and think there is a chance he comes back after 4 weeks… Since he’s a tackle, I can’t see him playing through a rotator cuff injury after 4 weeks of rehab given the range of motion required in pass protection. It would be better to think - probably out for the year and move on intellectually and emotionally. Thank goodness we don’t have much dead cap $, since the $ on injured reserve are starting to climb.
  17. Saleh did mention in his presser that they wanted Zach 110% mentally and physically. Abundance of caution approach… Probably does protect the coaching staff a ton… if Zach were to come back and get hurt again or if Zach were to come back and play poorly. Probably also not a big difference in ability to win games…
  18. 4 weeks of Flacco would provide a good baseline for us fans. Most agree Flacco is a borderline starter at this point in his career. He will play tough defenses to start the year. On Zach’s return, he has to clear the baseline. Early last year we blamed everyone for Offenses woes until Zach was out, and it became clearer that QB play was a major contributor…
  19. Wildly optimistic (perhaps delusional) take… The Jets are playing chess not checkers. Keep Ravens guessing about starter… Then announce 4 weeks… making the next 2-3 opponents game plan for Flacco. Bring back Zach week 2.
  20. Zach should sit for at least 4 weeks. He's too precious to risk him playing... before he makes up the 4 weeks of practice time that he missed before the "expensive" (and highly invested in) offensive line has at least 4 weeks to gel before he has had enough time to learn on the bench before he is game shape coming back from 2-4 week injury, that happened ~4 weeks ago Not to mention he has to have at least 4 weeks of observing how to run the offense and how to use all the weapons at his disposal in this complex scheme. He can't possibly be expected to have timing with his receivers despite working with them extensively before the injury. Also his injury probably took a mental toll that might take at least 4 games to heal. And boy, these AFC North team are tough... not sure he can face them at 100%. He'll need to be 110% physically and mentally. If he comes back any sooner he was rushed back... [*Please note: posted while hooked up to a sarcasm machine...*]
  21. Silver lining… There is a chance that Pinnock makes his way back to Jets… he is still a project and will get exposed if he has to play a lot this year. There is no doubt he was trending up…in his transition to safety.
  22. Narratives from pre-season performance are terribly unreliable... With that said, it feels like the Pats might not be 2 automatic losses for us...
  23. I'd add waiver wire to the evaluation criteria. Some wins (both in terms of quality players, and draft resources obtained for former waiver claim players) Joe D process has been really great. It's a results business so wins will be ultimately how he gets judged by a large chunk of the fan base. I suspect the ownership evaluation process would yield high marks despite the results to date (with wins not being the most heavily weighted factor in the evaluation formula.) IMO, his job is much SAFER (even if this year doesn't play out well) than many might think is deserved by record.
  24. I wish Geno success! In 2021, Geno had a passer rating over 100, 5 TDs and 1 interception… Small sample size and not world beating, but sadly light years ahead of the QB play we’ve seen over the last several years.
  25. Worst nightmare - he goes to Green Bay for a conditional 6th, and puts up 1,200 yds and 8 TDs.
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