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  1. This is an uncomfortable truth… Blame Saleh and coaching staff will be a common comment if Zach isn’t good But Lafleur and Saleh have already proven more in the NFL than Zach. The only question would be if they stick with Zach too long and it would be tough to blame for giving the 2nd year QB a chance to work through things. If Zach is bad, you keep the org in tact and go all in on getting the best QB that hits the market. Having said that I’m bullish on Zach taking a leap. But very few folks seems comfortable holding him to a top 16 QB expectation (on a 17 games basis, or on a per game average basis)… which is making me nervous that we may have a Baker and not a Burrow…
  2. Agreed! The guy grew up a Jets fan and is a human being. Happy we upgraded but don’t need to focus on GVRs shortcomings. Didn’t play as well as desired… but wasn’t as terrible as Jets fan think he was… we all know he was below average and came up small in some big spots. His mistakes were magnified by how bad and visible they were on an already struggling team. For what it’s worth his PFF grades were always in the average range but he never really passed the eye test. Wishing him well in his next stop.
  3. I do think drops are magnified in low volume, low power passing attacks. The high flying offenses can get away with them… and the volume makes the rate look better as well.
  4. I’d add we’ve seen too many teams have great success against us in 3rd and super long… Hoping we stop teams better in those situations on defense. And on offense… we pull out a few successes in 3rd and super long when they do arise.
  5. I’d add we’ve seen too many teams have great success against us in 3rd and super long… Hoping we stop teams better in those situations on defense. And on offense… we pull out a few successes in 3rd and super long when they do arise.
  6. Every team experiences drops… some more than others. Hopefully… - we are league average or better in this category in 2022 - they don’t come in big spots - our offense is good enough to overcome great offenses get penalties, drops, and negative plays but are able to overcome them at a greater rate than bad teams.
  7. I didn’t know that was even possible. Both players could benefit from extra work and knowledge as they fight to make the roster - kudos to them.
  8. Ditto! Douglas, Woody, and Saleh have all given indications that they see Mims as part of the future. They do not have to do that… I’m not saying their sticking their necks out but it would be far easier to be silent or neutral on Mimsy. I’m taking it as a really promising sign. Love the clip - All TDs… except for Mims. Need to get Mims some in 2022… rooting hard for the kid regardless of opinions on likelihood of success.
  9. Position versatility across the IOL. Seems to pick up stunts (based on video clip in this thread). Enough beef to handle interior bull rushes… Pretty excited about a young, quality o-line depth piece… Of course his athletic profile wasn’t great but he can play. Slowest 40 of all players (not just his position) at the combine.
  10. PFF grades: 2020:71.2; 894 snaps 2021: 68.1; 481 snaps (47 snaps at center)
  11. The only thing that changes franchise narratives is a Franchise QB. Joe D and Saleh can only make us respectable… which they are doing… and providing hope. A Franchise QB is needed for sustained success… A middle of the pack QB that catches fire to make a drought ending SB run also works for me. With league average QB play, we would have won a lot more games over the last 5 years. But we wouldn’t be as close to being a perennially competitive team as we are now. We at least have a few more paths to a Super Bowl now regardless of what happens with Zach.
  12. QBs who hold on to the ball or don’t throw it away when play is done make offensive lines look worse then they are… Zach continuing to master the short passing game will be a boost to the pass blocking success of our line - which looks solid on paper. I think we’ll have at least 1 pro bowl lineman in 2022 (and it might not be Laken T - who made it last year) Brady would make our line look like we have 5 Pro Bowlers… He was so maddeningly good at getting rid of the ball quickly or throwing it away to avoid hits/sacks. Rodgers is also really good at it.
  13. I think London will be very productive, and receive a high volume of targets… He can play the position… but perhaps not explosive. Even if he’s not among the yardage leaders… I think he might score the most TDs of rookie WRs.
  14. I remember when we signed Cole there were reports that Douglas loved him… and had been interested in acquiring him the prior year He was a good signing since he had veteran experience to fill out the 2nd team, and seemed like a great locker room guy. Jeff Smith might have more athletic upside 4.36 40 time… and is still learning the position (former QB). He also theoretically offers up some gadget play capability based on speed and QB background. However Jeff Smith was not good last year when pressed into duty.
  15. - he was sick during installations and lost 20 lbs - he caught Covid during the season and had tough time with Covid (apparently it hits people differently) - he was known as a super hard worker with fantastic work ethic (great character) until seeming lethargic and low effort during the season (see above two comments) - he didn’t feel like himself physically until almost a full month or two after the season ended - wide receiver market is hot and he will make a lot of money given his size speed profile if he can showcase his unique skills - besides money, the desire to prove doubters wrong burns strong within him (he’s still mad he was drafted in 2nd round - and he’s coming for those fans that wrote him off) As a jets fan it’s house money! Who doesn’t love playing with house money?! - would have gone in first round of the 2022 draft based on college production and measurables - tremendous value on rookie contract if he can contribute - great option to replace Davis when Davis’ contract is complete (after year 3). It will be final year of Mim’s cheap rookie contract. - he will explode in his contract year playing alongside Wilson, and Moore - offering the size speed combo that will complement the rest of the weapons
  16. Regardless of opinions on whether you believe Mims will or won’t work out… he’s near the top of list of Jets that we all should be rooting hard for.. Of players fans have soured on, been dismissive of… or have low expectations: Mimsy Becton Corey Davis (reasonably paid veteran WR2) Connor McGovern Nathan Shepherd Rooting hard for all those guys!
  17. Yep - Don’t forget they absolutely love Nathan Shephard - or at least they rave about the “strain” he exhibits. They didn’t pay him a lot, but after the stupid penalties early in the season he played really well down the stretch.
  18. I definitely think this offense will be based on the running game. Even running the ball a ton there should be opportunities in the passing game. 220 - 230 yds/game = 3,740 - 3,910 yds. Trevor Lawrence with a crap team, mediocre weapons, and bad coaching was in that range in 2021 (I think just under ~3,700 yds). Mac Jones was in that range in 2021 and I think there was one game where they didn’t even let him throw the ball. IDK - I struggle with setting the bar too low for the #2 pick in the draft going into his second season in the same scheme.
  19. I may not feel as strong... but I would hate to be debating whether Zach is the answer after this year. I think you could plug several stop gap QBs (Gardner Minshew, Jimmy Garrapolo, Jared Goff, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jameis Winston) on this team and get 4k passing yards in today's NFL (~235 yds/per game)
  20. 2nd best roster in division on paper, 4th best QB based on past performance… In 2022, if Zach is 3rd best QB in division or better, we should jump to 2nd place.
  21. I pulled a Blake Cashman and injured my shoulder patting myself on the back for my contrarian opinions pre-draft: - Any defense values a potential stud corner - including Saleh's (overblown narrative that corners don't matter in scheme) - RB at 2 make sense (good drafting teams do it and that's where the studs are most consistently found since team's don't draft them in the first) - Double dip at edge (in a deep edge class, premium position we never have - although in all honestly Clemons was not a name I ever expected) Most Jets content creators dismissed these "takes" outright...
  22. I thought: Hits: - Sauce was a realistic pick at 4 - Jets would pass on KT - Breece was in play in 2nd round Misses - Drake was Jets #1 receiver on their board - LB and Safety would be drafted - Jets would only be able to get 2 out of 3 top prospects across Receiver/Edge/CB
  23. Analytics followed blindly is the exact opposite of how smart teams use analytics. Joe D understands draft capital, draft value, positional value, and analytics. All of his moves suggests a deep understanding... and based on context, Joe D said - F-ck the 5th round pick - lets go get a snack! Inefficiencies in the draft market due to "analytics dogma" means potential superstar RBs are available for plucking in the 2nd round. Now maybe its not a slam dunk of success but the odds are maybe 70/30 (vs. 50/50 or lower later in the draft.) Get the guy you want, enjoy the cheap rookie contract, and enjoy immediate contributions (superstar or not). The analytics "absolutes" and "definitive narratives", should continue to evolve, and should not/ will not be absolutes in the future. At the very least they will be more nuanced.
  24. Not necessarily full year stats - but a few wish list items: - 1 or more 300 yd passing days would be nice. - 1 or more multi-touchdown days with 0 interceptions - No sacks from running out of bounds, when a throwaway is possible
  25. The stat that more than half of QBs were at 66% or higher completion percentage is an eye opener and a good gut check. This type of scheme should have a ton of easy completions (It’s not like the Futuristic Gase offense…)
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