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  1. Christian Ponder and Zach Wilson is a fun comparison...

    Stat wise and off the field...

    People say Samantha Ponder is attractive and it was Christian's best win.  Zach sleeping with older women so far has been his best win.

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  2. He brings size and toughness to the wide receiver core so hope the coaching staff can continue to find a role for him in this offense.

    Given the premium value that wide receivers command it is nothing but upside for the Jets at this point given his physical tools and talents.

    He is also a more prototypical X which is still harder to find than the Y and Z.


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  3. 13 minutes ago, Greensleeves said:

    No - disagree. With the media already piling on players the last thing a player needs are fans making it hard on them too. There's a reason why it's tougher to make it in New York - it's the media with big egos and fans that don't support their players. He's shown elite throwing ability, now he needs to learn the position while playing - being a constantly in flux O-line. He's 4-1. The sky isn't falling.

    Zach absolutely needs more criticism.  If you keep making the same mistakes over and over, it isn’t a mistake - it’s a choice!

    Zach needs to choose to take a hit, to deliver the ball on time, to stop turning his back on pressure, to stop backpedaling when delivering balls, etc…

    It has to get through to him… we can’t coddle him and have him believe he’s on track.  He isn’t.

  4. The game plan to stop Zach is well known.  Take away the run and force Zach to beat you in the air.

    Fans talking about Zach’s inability to beat teams in the air won’t stop opposing defenses from being excited to play against Zach.

    If anything, hopefully fan criticism causes Zach to do some self reflection and abandon his losing style of QB play.  Sadly he seems supremely confident that he is playing well, and believes his approach/ style of play is acceptable.

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  5. Teams will continue to stack the box and force Zach to beat them in the air (single high safety).

    Good QBs can carve that coverage up.  Zach can’t bc of his deficiencies.  His inability to QB at a starter level is made worse because he is terrified of getting hit.

    After teams take away the run, fans will complain about not running the ball, and the play calling.

    The reality is that any run/pass balance issues on offense lead back to the QB.

    The defense, special teams, and slamming good RBs into heavy boxes, will not be able to bail out Zach consistently for the rest of the year.

  6. I would also add that the narrative about Geno being bad for 7 years is just not accurate...  he didn't play after he left the Jets.  (Behind Eli, Phillip Rivers, and Russell Wilson)

    The Giants coaching staff did want Geno to start over Eli Manning in 2017... bc he was outperforming the vet in camp, and they eventually made it happen for 1 game.  Geno put up a QB rating of 84 or 85 in the one game that he played.  The backlash to benching Manning got the Coach and the GM fired.  Not Geno sucking. 

    His only significant playing time after that was 4 starts last year in Seattle where he produced a 103 QB rating and a 5TDs to 1 int ratio.  He played consistently well last year and consistently well this year.   This year over 8 games, 107 QB rating and 13TDs to 3 int ratio.  It also might be good to note in 3 seasons with Seattle he's had to play in 2 different offensive systems.

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  7. 3 hours ago, UnknownJetFan said:

    You know, sick of this damn town and fans. If Wilson can’t get better, then why is Gino Smith better when he was the worst decision maker with the worst mechanics to ever play at the pro level in his first like 7 years. But, hey Wilson has to be Joe Montana in his second season after only 18 starts or he is a bust that should be benched. If at one point he is not the one we will go in a different direction knowing we are still in good shape with a top 10 D and some good pieces on O. But, let’s see how things go between now and after the bye week before we jump to too many conclusions.

    I love the Geno story... and hate how his success is now be weaponized as a new "outlier" example/argument to "prove" points:

    • Troy Aikman
    • Peyton Manning
    • Josh Allen
    • And now Geno Smith

    With that said, Zach will have to learn humility, and have his opportunities taken away to reach his inner Geno level of potential.

    In fact, the Geno Smith "patience" argument is an argument for benching Zach and letting him mature on the bench as a back-up.

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  8. 6 hours ago, doitny said:

    thats it right there.

    i looked it up and Zach has been hit 7 times in 5 games. thats is tied for lowest in the league.

    the best QBs .... Herbert 28, Burrow who plays tonight 27, Mahomes 25, Brady 21... Flacco 17 in 3 games.

    he needs to grow a pair and stay in there and make a play. 

    Wow - that's a fantastic find.  It does explain a ton!  He is not that dude in the pocket... and even outside of the pocket he is scared of getting hit...

    He is not comfortable playing against grown men in the NFL.

    I'm also still worried that Zach believes he is better than he is, and that he's not particularly coachable.  When you continue to make the same mistakes over and over again - its not a mistake...its a choice!

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  9. I am certain the coaches have covered Zach’s flaws with him, and are working to clean it up.

    A few barriers mentioned might be:

    Fear of getting hit

    Over confidence in his play style and super powers (Ego)

    Stubborness (not coachable)

    Intellect (brain can’t process quickly)

    It turns out, one or all of the above are possible since Zach has not made the “easy” adjustments and is playing the same way.  Perhaps a loss forced Zach to address the barriers that are preventing him from being a successful QB in the league.


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  10. Can anyone cherry pick a generally accepted production statistic or metric that shows Zach is good?

    Genuinely curious… The clean pocket stat is the only one I’ve seen (although I also suspect that stat has now shown Zach has regressed after Sunday)… And I guess the QB wins…

    “Olympic gold” levels of mental gymnastics are required for us to justify poor QB play.  

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  11. Zach made the same mistake in Pittsburgh.  If Pittsburgh had challenged the play, it was clear and obvious that the defender got 2 feet down.

    Process vs Results.

    Zach's process (and processing) have been bad... but since we were winning games a portion of the fan base focused on results.  The Pats loss highlighted Zach's dreadful process (and processing) which have been evident all season.


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  12. Zach has not earned the right to be the unquestioned starter for the remainder of the year.  His play is too poor and inconsistent.  I'm ok with patience, if patience means Zach watching from the bench again, if current level of play continues over the next game or two.

    Zach's "one bad" game is actually a pattern of poor play... and he is persistently making the same mistakes.  One example - he threw an interception in the Pittsburgh game that wasn't challenged even though the defender got two feet down.  Fast forward to this week and he throws an interception while throwing the ball out of bounds. 

    Same mistakes week after week, and now his public comments indicate that he's not figuring out how to handle pressure...

    Zach Wilson - "It gets old getting out and not seeing anything there."  Unfortunately, this can be viewed as an indictment since there are plays to be made.  He can't handle pressure - period.

  13. JD and Saleh will do the smart thing for the franchise... They'll start Zach, and reevaluate the plan at the bye.  I believe they understand that Zach has not panned out as hoped... and its hurting the development and success of the roster.  An inconsistent performance similar to the last 5 weeks, will likely lead to "temporary" benching to see what Mike White can do executing the offense in year 2 of the system. 

    Mike White may not be the answer but it will give clarity... (much like last year when every other QB played better than Zach in the offense).  If the offense can be executed with a much less talented player than it becomes even clearer that Zach doesn't get a 3rd year as the unquestioned starter.  Also allows the org to determine if Mike White is a long term back-up, or does the entire QB room get overhauled heading into next year.

    If Zach can show a massive improvement at Buffalo it would be surprising...  More likely its more of the same replacement level QB play. 

    At that point, you have a couple of weeks to assess and implement the go forward plan.  Remember the coaches see the players practice, and have an inside view of the team's psyche - we fans don't.  Although, I am sure there are enough glimpses for us fans to speculate that players know what is holding them back.

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  14. 3 hours ago, HighPitch said:

    This is also a reasonable statement. If Parcells was running this team or Belichick you could be 100% sure that Zac would’ve been polled and that’s on Sally not Zack

    Who is Sally? Why the mindless name calling?

    Saleh has done well with this team.  Zach… not so much.

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  15. 1 hour ago, T0mShane said:

    I watched the video and it was…uncomfortable. That’s a dude who believes he’s a star and isn’t afraid to burn his team to the ground if they stand in his way. OBJ vibes. His situation isn’t going to improve here unless the QB situation improves, and the QB situation is dead on arrival. 

    As a Jets fan, I think it is selfish and he should be benched. 

    Having said that, agree with Elijah's personal decision to aggressively try to get out - he is being misused and Zach is not good.  I would do the same.  Toney gets to play with Mahomes and Elijah has to play with Zach.


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  16. 25 minutes ago, Darnold's Forehead said:

    Zach cannot even be a game manager at QB.  He effectively puts this team is a worse situation every game.

    It was the same deal in Pittsburgh, only he was able to put together a few nice drives.

    Agreed - As a game manager - Zach has put up terrible production and made games way closer than they should be.

    He has shown very limited upside in generating explosive plays or TDs.  

    Through 18 games he has shown less than Darnold, Geno, and Sanchez.  I truly didn’t think that was possible from a #2 drafted QB in this offense.


  17. 40 minutes ago, JTJet said:

    No. I'm quite content actually. 

    We have a really good team with a sh*tty QB, and this game is finally opening up the eyes of the very few pro Zach stragglers left. 

    Would prefer a win and QB playing well.  

    The loss stings less because a key problem at QB is more visible to the GM, coaching staff, and fans.

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  18. We didn’t need the loss.  I’d be happier if we won.  

    The silver lining is it does open the much needed discourse on Zach.

    So far Zach hasn’t earned a 3rd year, and has not earned the right to be the unquestioned starter of this team for the remainder of the year.


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  19. Sure his production as a starter is worse than most of the QB busts in NFL in the past 10-15 years.

    But he hasn’t had to do too much and doesn’t turn the ball over…(2 TDs, 5 ints)

    And yes - Josh Allen showed way more in his first 18 starts than Zach so far - but we should be silent on criticism and exercise patience.

    Just gearing up for the 4th Q comeback since Pittsburgh proved that’s when Zach plays best even if he’s been sub par in the first 3 quarters. There’s still time…

    (heavy sarcasm!)

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