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  1. Sam is definitely not a blue chip player but we did get Top 50 draft pick compensation for him. Basically what you can get for a player is a bad way to define blue chip.
  2. Offensive Line = 2 Connor McGovern is top 10 amongst Center despite the hate for him. Laken Tomlinson is top 10 amongst Left Guards Fant, AVT, Becton right now are projected as above average starters (based on history/ reasonable expectation)
  3. He sucks and got traded for a 2, 4, 6. The point was trade value that can be obtained for a player is a bad way to define "blue chip"
  4. Sam Darnold was the last blue chip player we had! (Which at least invalidates the trade threshold criteria for defining a blue chip player)
  5. Are Jermaine Kearse, David Nelson, Stephen Hill or Greg Salas available? Just asking for some old QB buddies of mine…
  6. Zach to London does seem like NFL version of the Zach to Dax Milne connection that helped get Zach drafted. It’s hard to get too excited about drafting a weapon that high that is not going to deliver explosive, game changing plays. But delivering TDs in the red zone and consistent first downs is somewhat compelling at 10 for this offense.
  7. Deebo feels like he could be a Percy Harvin type player - (obviously way better). Great production but questions on how sustainable the production is over time. I would feel more comfortable betting on a Deebo ($20m/year player) if we had a proven QB.
  8. I like the contrarian view - although I think Deebo is a special athlete. I would prefer a more traditional proven WR1. Ultimately we are trying to remove variables for Zach. The tough part is there weren’t many “actual” options in FA despite all the receiver movement.
  9. The hot take would be 81 players under contract and not a single Pro Bowler. (Although we do have an All Pro in Berrios - ironic since All Pro is usually harder to get than Pro Bowl)
  10. This! Basically we have a lot of bottom of roster “options” that we can cut at any time with little or no cost. It’s basically a sign of really thorough roster management. We’ll definitely have some camp bodies, and good competition at the back end of roster.
  11. Drake London is the best old school X in draft - kind of like a Keyshawn Johnson or Brandon Marshall type. Current day reminds me of a Courtland Sutton…or a more dynamic Michael Pittman. Can beat press man on the outside, makes it safe for QB to throw it his way, and move the chains. 4 is a reach. Ok with him at 10, although I think wide receiver ADP is getting a little rich. If he runs in 4.3s or low 4.4s at his pro-day take him at 4 - since he would be a unicorn.
  12. jNYC1

    Bryce Huff?

    Having said all that, Bryce Huff is a solid player, and a nice piece for the defense. Grades out really well (as a pass rusher). Rooting for him to stay healthy and continue to work on his craft. Great story for an undrafted FA.
  13. jNYC1

    Bryce Huff?

    The 2021 Jets couldn’t stop the run either creating a lot of short passing opportunities. When we got teams in 3rd long, quick screens and dump offs could easily get 20+ yards. Thats means it’s hard for edge rushers to translate pressure and pass rush wins into sacks (and we are disappointed with the sack production)
  14. jNYC1

    Bryce Huff?

    I hate to say this but good QBs can get the ball out in 2 seconds neutralizing the rush… and when screens go for 15 yards against the Jets consistently there is just no need for opposing QB to sit in the pocket. Pressure with no sacks will be the norm, no matter who we have on the edge, if we don’t have playmakers in coverage that can make a qb nervous in the quick passing game.
  15. Predicting NFL success is wild. Tough business when great traits, great college production, great character, great work ethic are not guarantees of success…
  16. Draft is tough. We want edge and wide receiver in top two picks and expect immediate pro bowl type contributions. But it does feel like there are no sure things at 4 or 10, since weak top end talent and no QBs at the top of draft pushing quality non QBs down. Usually you want pro bowl potential in top 10, but the range of potential outcomes for edge and WR might be solid player in Top 10, jag or bust. Ironically there will likely be pro bowl RBs, LBs in this draft taken outside of the top 10 or even 1st round.
  17. “You are what your record says you are” as an argument is an over simplistic argument. It ignores context, strategy, and long term planning. When Amazon was losing money hand over fist, their record was a losing company. In fact they were making smart investments and building for the long run. Joe D has had strong process and decision making. Some investments work and some don’t but the process has been good. No guarantee of results, since QB is the ultimate wild card - and hard to de-risk.
  18. No Q slander allowed. By all metrics he’s been essentially a top 15 DT in the league - if not top 10. Clearly we all want to see more… but let’s not pretend he’s a jag.
  19. Voted Corey Davis… the slander toward that man is crazy. You would think we’re paying him 17m+ a year…
  20. Definitely not a clean game for Zach but probably one of the few games where he showed his touted big play ability. It was the easy stuff that he struggled with - he had numerous opportunities to close out that game with simple accurate passes that he couldn’t deliver. I think when he tried to clean that up in subsequent weeks it led to the skipped passes phases.
  21. Agree - will be best outside receiver the Pats have had in a few years. The Pats have killed us the last few years despite their underwhelming receiver core. This an upgrade for them so I don’t like it. Given the Pats draft history it was unlikely their third round pick would’ve helped them much in 2022.
  22. Feels too risky... I think 2 or 3 of the teams in the division will be getting the ball out in under 2.3 seconds or relying on screens anyway... neutralizing impact of edge rushers in passing game. I like Sauce at 4 and then edge at 10 - grabbing a player that can set the edge, relentless motor, and rush with variety of moves and counters... JJ or Karlaftis at 10.
  23. KT feels like high bust potential. PAC 12 has poor offensive line talent, and KT did not dominate - never had more than 9 sacks. KT was never dominant in the PAC 12, even though he appears to have great tools. He feel's like someone who might disappear in the NFL against significantly better offensive linemen. His production doesn't scream elite (against weak o-line talent), even though his athletic traits are elite/ near elite. For reference, in 2019 Hamilcar Rashed JR (as a junior) put up 14 sacks in 11 games. In 2019, KT put up 9 sacks in 13 games (as a freshman - in his most impressive year). We signed Rashed post draft and he had 0 impact. KT is arguably a little more athletic but overall did not generate significantly more production than Rashed if you look at their college careers. Just adding to the dialog for consideration. Elite athletic traits vs weak competition should have generated more production is the crux of the concern.
  24. The rebuild is complete… cleared bad contracts… young players and veterans on good contracts. No dead money. Flexibility, salary cap, and draft capital solid. Wins will be a function of QB play. Crappy qb play means limited improvement in wins. Mediocre qb play means +3-4 wins. Top 10ish qb play means we push for close to 9-10 wins. Crappy and/or mediocre qb play will be blamed on Joe D and Saleh (fairly or unfairly).
  25. This… Put a top 16 QB on this team and the floor is 7 wins… Hoping Zach can get to middle of the pack or exceed it.
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