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  1. I keep flashing back to the deep 2015 edge class with Fowler, Beasley, Shane Ray, Bud Dupree, and Randy Gregory. Top 2 edges busted…. Crap shoot. Have to trust Joe D and Saleh
  2. All great points. If surrounding Zach with the best weapons possible is a goal, then I don’t consider trying to get the best possible running back as a poor choice. Especially since we’ve built the offense completely with the exception of WR1 and RB. Most confident that a high end RB will give us the most incremental value to the offense in 2022 - based on what the committee produced in 2021 - and lower risk than finding a late round gem in the draft that will likely have more holes in their overall game (ie pass blocking, receiving, power, etc). I also agree that there may be serviceable options later in the draft… but making the offense as strong as possible for Zach eval is the lens I prefer.
  3. Isaih Pacheco - RB Rutgers. Good scheme fit… blazing fast, decent size 5’ 10”/ 215, and ran behind a crappy o-line. Fastest RB at combine. Late round flyer.
  4. jNYC1

    Running Back

    Most of the playoff teams had a stud rb taken in the first two - three rounds of draft. Helps you get to the playoffs, and helps the other parts of the offense gel for playoff runs. 49ers are more the exception than the rule.
  5. jNYC1

    Running Back

    Agree. Green Bay, Bengals, and Rams all value the RB position… not to mention teams that rely on similar principles. If we can get a Aaron Jones/Dalvin Cook/ Joe Mixon/ Jonathan Taylor type player you do it…
  6. I expect the Jets to actively look to trade back from 10… although the Edge and Receiver class is deep the top tier of edge could be gone by 4 (Hutch and Thib). The next edge on the Jets board may be gone by 10 and a reach at 4. The Wide Receivers are all tier 2 by historical standards (no Chase, Jefferson in this class). The wide receivers in this class would not be taken in the top 10 of any of the recent drafts.
  7. Narratives are misleading. Green Bay, Bengals, and Rams have all invested in RBs despite running variations of the scheme. It doesn’t hurt to have a superstar RB which can now commonly be grabbed in 2nd round… reducing the risk of identifying a Jag that will emerge. RB room is weak besides Carter. Why not have a potential weapon added - since Zach needs weapons - we’ve invested in O-line - we want to run the ball - and good o-line can make a really good rb elite.
  8. IDK - it’s possible that the edges the Jets want at 4 or at 10 are off the board. That assumes the player we would want at 4 isn’t there, and there is an edge we would take at 10 but not 4, and that players goes also. It reasonable that the Jets don’t see any of the receivers as worthy of pick 10 - ie a high probability #1 - and work their board for best available - picking up edge and wide receiver in second round. Not that crazy but it would be horribly unpopular in the moment. (Assumes no great trade back options…which is what I think the Jets would prefer to do in the above scenario)
  9. Cheap, athletic, rotational depth piece with scheme familiarity… solid low risk team building. Quietly, Nathan Shephard played much better down the stretch - no penalties - solid stats - and may have been the bigger depth signing that fans probably weren’t too excited about.
  10. Oddly I think the receiving core is better now than it was when Joe arrived. Davis is a high end #2 and is being paid that way. Elijah looks like he could be very good. Braxton appears to be a contributor in the slot and as a returner. The core could use upgrading but beats Enunwa/Robbie or Kearse/Robbie duos in Sams first couple of seasons.
  11. It feels like Christian Watson would be a project. We already have an athletic “project” receiver with Mims… Watson could be a good pick but doubt that the team or fan base would have the patience to wait 3 - 4 years on the return…
  12. Big Breece Hall fan… agree with overall plan. I think high end RB addition jumps up in priority since we didn’t add a playmaker WR in Free Agency. Personally I think we can wait on tight end and instead grab another receiver to improve odds of picking up talent long term at the position.
  13. The Jets currently have 2 receivers that are reasonably capable of putting up 1,000 yds in a good offense in Elijah Moore and Corey Davis. Neither is a proven superstar WR1 but we’ve seen worse. Davis would have hit around 1,000 yds and 7-8 touchdowns despite having a season many hated. The second half of Elijah season was also on pace for 1,000 yards as well once the o-line and qb play improved.
  14. The Bills built around Josh Allen the right way…in his second season his wide receivers were Cole Beasley, John Brown, and Isaiah McKenzie… we are already better than that heading into 2022 season with likely more improvement.
  15. Did you read what Jets fans were saying to him as he was just trying to provide info? … DJs response was fine… the tweets directed at him... were full of “passionate” fan speak
  16. Take some shots at receiver in the draft and get the best RB in the draft in the second or third round. Yes it’s early, but try to secure a stud RB complement to Carter behind the upgraded line. Weapons for Zach!!
  17. Jets current WRs are better than anything Geno or Darnold had to work with during their times as Jets…. Don’t ever remember seeing this level of panic. Side note: ARob isn’t the answer and didn’t help Fields out last year; Robert Woods, Tyreek, Devante were player driven decisions - not misses. Ridley wasn’t an option. Cooper is the only one we can quibble about… and he hasn’t exactly been dominant.
  18. We can’t fully evaluate Zach until the other 10 players on offense are all above average, proven starters… and there’s at least one average starter behind each of those 10…bc of injuries.
  19. Part of the deep edge class of 2015… that produced busts like Vic Beasley, Dante Fowler, Shane Ray and our very own Lorenzo Mauldin. Bud Dupree and Danielle Hunter I think we’re the best rushers in that class. Beasley and Fowler were definitely considered the two best prospects. Shows how unpredictable draft rankings are in hindsight.
  20. Pass rusher talent has eluded the Jets for a long time. Doubling down on a deep edge class with a couple of selections seems prudent given it’s the key to Saleh’s defense. Definitely first round and possibly in the second round. Edge is the premium position we are weakest at historically and it’s a good time to break that cycle (or at least get two tries in the educated crapshoot that is the draft). The hope is 1 gives you meaningful production and the other is a developmental contributor that can step up when Lawson’s contract is up.
  21. Great post. Appreciate the thoughtful and realistic off season plan. I think the Jets know they have to bring in a veteran wide receiver and TE, in order to accurately assess Zach. Rookie TEs struggle to make an immediate impact. A couple of years ago the Patriots traded up and took 2 tight ends only for both to make 0 impact. The next year they paid big money for two free agent TEs. Wide receivers can make an immediate impact, but are dependent on high quality QB play. If a highly selected receiver doesn’t produce, is it Zach, the offense, or is it the player? Early last season that was the question about Elijah Moore.
  22. Listen to me now, believe me later on. The Jets will keep Sam Darnold AND draft a quarterback. Joe Douglas hates risk. First round quarterback success is a coin flip, and a job killer for a GM, if the GM get’s it wrong. Joe Douglas will draft a QB and keep Sam (without picking up the 5th year option). Keeping Sam reduces risk for Joe and the coaching staff. They can have a QB competition. They can have Sam start. They can ease a rookie QB in later in the year when scheme and system have been installed and the team is starting to gel. Sam Darnold is a scheme fit and Joe Douglas loves one year deals. There is no need to pick up Sam’s fifth year option, and he is an affordable veteran quarterback with upside. Joe Douglas loves draft picks but a second or third round pick will not change the franchise, and Sam is cheap insurance for Joe. Saleh is a leader that can handle a QB circus, and make the right QB call at the right time, just as Flores did with Fitz and Tua in Miami last year. Sam can audition... Sam sees what kinds of deals first round busts have recently received. Best case, he balls out and Jets have good problems to work through - pay him or transition to the rookie. In all likelihood he’s average and the Jet’s move on with certainty that the investment has been fully evaluated, a rookie has had time to adjust to the NFL, and no regrets on sunk costs with Sam. All of this reduced risk for price of a 2022 2nd or 3rd that has a less than 50% chance of yielding a serviceable starter. Joe likes that math.
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