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  1. On 10/24/2022 at 10:18 AM, BigRy56 said:

    The dude has a ton of work to do and nobody can expose a team's weakness like Belichick. Huge test coming up for Zach Wilson - play well and get a W on Sunday and he'll be alright

    Pressure is currently Zach's Kryptonite... He'll see a lot of it on Sunday.

    Needs to have a mix of the following:

    • a few answers after he escapes it and/or
    • quick throwaways. 
  2. 8 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

    He can escape pressure, that’s not the problem.  The problem is that there are too many plays where he has no chance to do anything except run around and get to a point where he can throw it out of bounds.  The offensive game plan needs to be able to counter these blitzes.

    Agree - but PVO.  I think there is a play calling element and a QB execution element.

  3. NFL QBs face pressure on 30-40% of passing attempts (irrespective of blitzing). 

    Zach is able to escape pressure but provides little to no positive production in those scenarios. 

    The lack of production under pressure, invites more pressure (ie blitzing.)

    If Zach can figure out how to produce positive yards under pressure, I will be all aboard the Zach is good train!


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  4. Thoughts with Breece!  He’ll be back.

    Sucks for the young man.  He was on track for Offensive Rookie of the Year.  He was also the Offensive MVP for the Jets.  

    This is truly a bitter sweet win when you lose a guy like Breece.

  5. No interceptions for 3 straight games!

    No passing touchdowns for 3 straight games!

    Can someone please mention the 2 passes where the “pass catcher” made incredible plays and runs after the catch but fell short of the end zone.  It certainly proves the QBs ability to throw touchdowns and I’ve certainly forgotten about those two passes.

    Can someone also please mention the 4Q in Pittsburgh? That also certainly proves that Zach will be fine.

    I agree that patience is needed (and being tested), and he is not yet a bust.  However, Zach’s production, or lack thereof is reasonable discussion.  So far his production has sucked.

    Can someone also mention that he hasn’t had to do too much because we can consistently go three and out but our running game will eventually break a few big runs, and our D is playing well.

    Physical talent alone is not a strong predictive factor, and that is the best thing Zach has going for himself at the moment.

  6. Happy with the win!

    Worried about the team’s QB.

    Those two things aren’t contradictions.

    If we won 47 to 40, I’d be happy with the win and worried about the defense.  (Maybe even happier with the win since a strong offense and QB play is often needed to match up with the strongest teams in the conference.)

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  7. Would rather play Russ…

    Russ rarely throws to the middle of the field…and our boundary defenders are strong.

    He isn’t the running threat he once was and would be playing through nicks.

    I’d rather beat a historically good QB, despite his woes this year.

    Rypien is an unknown who probably has only beat the Jets in his career… too lazy to look it up. Back-ups can spark teams and given how poorly Russ has played and how polarizing his personality is I’d rather not see if that’s the case.


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  8. This agent has pushed the envelope for players…

    Deebo was under full contractual control with a year left on his deal, with limited “practical” leverage, and managed to get paid.

    Leveraging unconventional means to address NFL contracts is rising… for players at the high end of the talent spectrum.

  9. Not surprising Mims still wants to be traded.  It’s not like he’s seen much action here.  And just bc he’ll be active this week he may still be below Jeff Smith in the pecking order in a weak passing offense.

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  10. 3 hours ago, jamesr said:

    Mims will be 3rd / 4th option at WR, and the RBs and TEs will get their share of targets too. I don't see Mims doing much, but not necessarily through any fault of his. Just won't be that many balls to go around. If he does get a few looks he'll have to make the most of them.



    Denver pass defense is a lot stronger than GB.

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  11. Haha - did I hear Bart talking about Noah Fant returning…

    Poor George Fant being dismissed by fans and media after being a complete anchor for us last year… and struggling while trying to play through injury this year.

    Football is a tough business.

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