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  1. Keep in mind, Jets wins will do nothing for Elijah’s career if he’s not putting up stats.  And if he’s not contributing, as a fan, it’s not that painful to the team or me if he wants out… we’re not using him well, and our QB hasn’t proven yet that he is great at feeding receiving weapons.

    Elijah put in the work to build a connection with Zach and in this offense, and the results over all games played with Zach in this offense don’t look great.  Running clear out go routes 30%+ of your routes isn’t helping.

    It’s business never personal.  

    You can love winning, love your team mates, and love the fans, but if you’re a professional athlete, you are the only one able to protect your interests.  

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  2. Free Elijah Moore. (In this offense or elsewhere)

    I posted this in another thread.

    Personally, if I were a talented receiver, on a rookie contract, I would not want to play for the Jets.

    Unproven passing attack and QB…plus high potential for slander from a fickle fan base… and overactive media/ content creator environment…

    Now second contract… a slightly different story… but only slightly judging by how Corey Davis’ is viewed on his very reasonable WR2 contract.

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  3. Personally, if I were a talented receiver, on a rookie contract, I would not want to play for the Jets.

    Unproven passing attack and QB…plus high potential for slander from a fickle fan base… and overactive media/ content creator environment…

    Now second contract… a slightly different story… but only slightly judging by how Corey Davis’ is viewed on his very reasonable WR2 contract.


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  4. Daniel Jones and the Giants pass catchers are probably all stars if they were able to do anything against the vaunted GB pass defense.

    Checks notes… realizes Jones completed over 70% of his passes, 100 QB rating, 1 sack, with no turnovers, while throwing to jags.


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  5. Jets dominated despite minimal contributions from Zach.  As a Jets fan - I am super excited about the win.  The bonus is I know a bunch of Packers fans and can talk trash all week.

    Having said that, conventional wisdom is that this is an important year to learn what we have in Zach - as this team is a QB away from sustained success.

    Looking at the big picture, we still need to see more consistency from the Jets passing game, especially given the pass catching weapons and what appears to be a solid running game.

    I think we can walk and chew gum.  Thoroughly enjoy the win, and discuss the improvement needed from Zach.


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  6. If a Jets QB was playing as well as Geno, no one would be talking about QB problem.  We would all be talking about the other issues with the team.  

    Same with Seattle.  The team has issues… notably on the defensive side of the ball.  We fleeced Seattle with the Jamal trade and indirectly with the DJ Reed signing (paying Jamal limited their ability to retain a young talent)

    I don’t think Geno is the best QB in the league, but over the last 9 games he’s done some really good things to show he can consistently play QB better than 18 to 20 QBs in the league.  If he gets better that would be a bonus for Seattle.

  7. Jets win AND Geno sucks.  Lost to the 1 and 3 Saints, who dropped 39 on the Seahawks.

    Geno could only muster:

    • 16/25 - 64% Completion Rate
    • 3tds - 0 ints
    • 139.7 QB Rating
    • 10.7 Avg
    • 268 yds

    All jokes aside - he did take an awful sack in 4Q on a 3rd and 2 late in the game.

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  8. Geno's stats as a Seahawk includes 8 games started, and in his time in Seattle:

    • a passer rating of 105.7  (103 pass rating in 2021)
    • 11 tds to 3 interceptions
    • 7.6 yd/avg
    • Completion percentage of 73.7% (68%+ completion in 2021)

    He was solidly above average in his 4 starts last year, and so far is solidly above average in his 4 starts this year.

    It's a great story... who knows how it will turn out.  People have really old tape... the dude hasn't had an awful start since he left the Jets in 2016.  (With the only significant playing time for the Giants and Seattle:  Having said that he has 100+ pass rating across all his game action 2017-present). 

    BTW - Seattle's D is really bad this year... and Geno doesn't appear to be the type of QB yet that can consistently elevate a team to overcome it.  Remarkably they are not losing games bc of his play.  I'll also add he will likely have bad games this year - since most QBs do... but so far he's been consistent in the opportunities he's gotten.


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  9. Zach "Mother F-in" Wilson.

    Say it  again - Zach "Mother F-in" Wilson.

    He earned that name in the 4th Q for at least a week!

    Enjoy the win.  We haven't gotten many in recent years.

    His stats look terrible but he delivered when it mattered - and kept the spark of hope alive that he can potentially fulfill his promise. 

    On to Miami!

    (The FQB discussion is fun and all... but winning is more fun.  All sides of the Zach debate (and the JD, Coaching Staff debate)  - please enjoy and live in the moment for at least a week!)

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  10. Saleh was put in a tough spot by Ulbrich’s comments.

    He defended his player.  He defended his coach.  He pointed out that the media did indeed latch on to the sound bite for clicks and engagement.

    I’m good with Saleh’s response to the meaningless self inflicted press conference/ media story.  

    Q is playing more snaps this year once adjusted for the game where he went out with an injury per Connor Hughes.  Hopefully the coaching staff continues to refine the rotation and packages quietly behind the scenes.

    Having said all that, WINNING is still the best deodorant.  Hopefully the whole coaching staff is focused on doing whatever it takes - with urgency - to apply deodorant!


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  11. Zach has mobility, will try throws downfield that Flacco won’t, and got closer to game manager levels at the end of last season with a poor supporting cast.

    Zach also holds onto the ball (3+ seconds), doesn’t protect himself well, and has shown inconsistency on the simple move the chains plays.

    As a Jets fan it’s tough to know what to expect when he gets back on to the field.

    I’m guessing if Zach plays vs. Pittsburgh they will pressure Zach and try to trick Zach on some of the quick throws to mess with his confidence.  

  12. I’ll never understand the hate Corey Davis gets from some in this fan base.  He’s a solid receiver on an affordable deal…

    His drops are magnified because our offense (and team) has typically not been able to overcome the types of errors that good or great offenses tend to overcome frequently.  

    In the Browns game we were able to overcome the Wilson drop… the Browns were sunk by an Njoku drop that would have helped them ice the game.  

  13. Zach should start when healthy regardless of Flacco’s success.

    It does raise the bar for Zach to clear, since Flacco is playing tough defenses behind an o-line that hadn’t played together..

    Through two games… the often maligned Joe Flacco has put up:

    61%+ completion percentage

    308 yds/game

    5/1 TD to Int ratio

    90+ QB rating

    I would be ecstatic if Zach put up those types “numbers” with a leaky o-line in any 2 game stretch.

  14. Jamal Adam’s made out well despite the injuries.  He got paid!  His dad missed out on making anything in NFL due to injury (and lower salaries at the time)

    Jamal is set for life based on his rookie and second contract.  I am sure he’s frustrated with not playing but he’s probably also thinking “Life is good”

  15. The floor for Flacco is what we saw against the Ravens.  The floor for Mike White is probably a 3 interception game.  

    White might have a higher ceiling but the variability, is what most coaches are scared of when in a bad spot.  

    Flacco avoided back breaking and terrible mistakes despite man coverage and heavy pressure.  However, he also did nothing great to overcome the situation. 

    Neither option is great or they would be starting somewhere.  

    I personally would prefer Josh Johnson over either of them (or Streveler who was a backup QB in Canada - look it up - despite starting due to injury and winning the cup.  His passing was stats were never great against CFL competition, even though he lit up unrosterable players in the pre-season)

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