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    Sports, Movies, lady friend, long walks on the beach.
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    2010, beating New England in the divisional round of the playoffs.
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    Doug Brien hitting the bottom of the field goal post against the steelers in 04' divisional game, and the "buttfumble" since my friends have never let that go stale...
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  1. What ancient burial ground did the Johnson's pee on?
  2. Somehow Mosley’s groin has gotten worse with 3 weeks rest
  3. In my profession SI stands for suicidal ideation..
  4. I dont think it's likely. They are a CJ mosely injury away from being 2-1 and they barely scraped by two other 1-2 and 0-3 teams. Not saying they're bad, but they certainly aren't part of NFL's elite.
  5. Really wish the Jets could take a deep dive chance on Cody Thompson from the KC practice squad. Super productive in college at toledo and he damn near made the chief's 53 man roster. Not the flashiest, but excellent route runner and can play outside and in the slot. He was also one PFF's top 10 graded rookies of preseason
  6. Would you have then finally bought a jersey? lol
  7. yeah its upsetting with how long some of these seasons are apart from each other. I almost feel like I need watch the whole damn series again to remember the important details since it's been so long.
  8. I found that while I was looking for a cool pic for my fantasy team and just couldn't pass up the opportunity lol
  9. I usually agree with a lot of your posts, but I don't think we should look to do that quiteeeeee yet.

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