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    2010, beating New England in the divisional round of the playoffs.
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    Doug Brien hitting the bottom of the field goal post against the steelers in 04' divisional game, and the "buttfumble" since my friends have never let that go stale...
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  1. A mix of all 3. But the Johnson's brought in idiot A and idiot B..so... I'll let deductive reasoning do the rest
  2. BroadwayBen

    Under the Radar free agent signings

    This was the cherry on top for me
  3. Health first, football second. Wish him the absolute best. Can only imagine how hard this stuff would be to go through.
  4. BroadwayBen

    Dave Toub(Assistant HC/Kansas City)

    Tbh, with the state this franchise is in, I'll cling to any shiny glimmer of hope. But Taub seems very intriguing. Really enjoyed reading this article and he is now one of my favorite prospects out there. Some of the the things said about him hold a lot of weight in my mind.
  5. The last two weeks I've elected to put on the redzone channel as background noise. Absolutely zero appeal to watch the jets right now with Sam not playing. But live games?? LOL I wouldn't be caught dead in metlife stadium right now.
  6. Personally, whatever they have to do to get the playoffs to 8 teams, I say do it. I think what you have there would have been a lot more interesting than yesterdays slot of games. I truly feel this year may have caused enough momentum to cause the talk for an 8 team playoff amongst the committee. We can only hope.
  7. And ultimately I agree, each team has reasons why they should or shouldn't go (Except Bama lol, 140% lock). You've presented a very good and honest rebuttal, and I respect that. In my initial post I had mentioned I was being biased by the fandom comment . It will be interesting to see tomorrow who ends up rounding out the top 4. Personally, I would love to see an 8 team playoff. It could at least cause more clarity with the power 5 conference champions. I do believe that should hold SOME weight. And I do find it a little outrageous that UCF can be undefeated 2 years in a row and be left out. Something may need to give
  8. I get it, Ohio state has to wear that blemish and rightfully so it will probably cost them a playoff spot. It's more of a slight towards notre dame. If were gonna do the best team stuff then we can't sit here and pretend that Notre dame isn't objectively worse than Oklahoma, Ohio state or Georgia, and extremely lucky pulling out 5 one score games this year.
  9. Just to stir up controversy at 1:30AM and let my buckeye fandom get in the way things: Notre Dame beat Michigan by 7 Ohio State beat Michigan by 23 Notre dame beat Northwestern by 10 Ohio state beat Northwestern by 21 If its really about putting in the 4 best teams, explain to me how Notre dame is a better team than Ohio State right NOW?
  10. Georgia looks the part but there is no way they can let a 2 loss non-conference champion in. Tbh they need to switch to an 8 team playoff
  11. Without a doubt, Haskins was very fun to watch and deserves everything that comes his way. The fan in me still has a glimmer of hope OSU gets a shot but the realist in me is looking forward to taking it to Washington on the 1st of the year.
  12. BOWLES... my bad, i thought it was more obvious than that
  13. Get this guy out of town please.
  14. Same boat as you tbh. I want to get in, but purdue was atrocious and even maryland kind of tarnished this years buckeyes for me too. Lets see what happens

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