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  1. Entered the season at a solid 5.5 but dropped down to 4 after week 1. Hope he proves me wrong
  2. Starters: 1. Carson Wentz, 2. Dak Prescott, 3. Daniel Jones, 4. Dwayne Haskins Backups: 1. Andy Dalton, 2. Kyle Allen, 3. Colt McCoy, 4. Jalen Hurts
  3. Very tough between Dak and Baker, went with Dak. I think he is grossly overpaid. Guess time will tell
  4. Late to the topic, but the two hurdles at play here are the O-line and Adam Gase. He had absolutely no chance at times in the pocket. Also, Gase still thought it was a good idea to call long developing routes from receivers last year, knowing how bad the line was......
  5. Literally LOL'd when I got to this part. So happy he is gone
  6. Taking my girlfriend to cincy tonight and to see the game tomorrow! Can't wait!
  7. Either the refs blew that whistle way too early and made that play essentially unchallengeable OR Gase just blatantly didn’t want to. Either scenario pisses me off
  8. I live in Browns country and its been mixed. Obviously they had higher expectations than this but most of them still remain optimistic
  9. This. I can see it being within 3-4 points either way.
  10. I think the rest of the season is good which would only be 6 games.
  11. two no call no shows get most people fired. Also, taking it to social media and not taking much responsibility isn't a great look either
  12. Gase will somehow win a power struggle with Christopher Johnson and be the owner of the jets come Monday
  13. I thought they were supposed to be a metaphysical antidote to rid all the bad culture out of this organization. Shucks

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