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    2010, beating New England in the divisional round of the playoffs.
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    Doug Brien hitting the bottom of the field goal post against the steelers in 04' divisional game, and the "buttfumble" since my friends have never let that go stale...
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  1. BroadwayBen

    Anyone here ever quit drinking?

    That's awesome! Seems like you have made good progress, and you definitely have the right head on your shoulders. I can see what you mean with that AA approach, absolutely no room for failure, and very unforgiving. Works for some people and koudos to them, but for most it doesn't, and I know it wouldn't work for me either. However continue to stay diligent as you mentioned and you will continue to see success. It may never become easier, but you will become stronger and smarter regarding the urges. But i'm happy to hear that. Keep avoiding those hangovers, saving that money, and making the wife happy! A lot of noticeable benefits it seems to cut down on drinking. Onwards and upwards brother.
  2. BroadwayBen

    Anyone here ever quit drinking?

    @Jet_Engine1 any updates on your journey? Have to say reading your original post has had me doing some self introspection on my own habits when it comes to drinking and I have to say thank you for helping me gain awareness in the matter. In college I would drink like crazy, it was something I just looked forward to every weekend. Having grown up more and getting further away from that mindset, I'm starting to find alcohol less and less desirable than ever before. Waking up with hangovers, social embarrassments, and just down right feeling disgusting isn't appealing anymore. I wont lie I still enjoy a few on special occasions but my days of drinking to get drunk appear to be over. Just wanted to share my thoughts on the matter, but I wont ramble on anymore lol. Hope everything is going well!
  3. BroadwayBen

    Who would you rather - for sh*ts and giggles?

    If i had to, even coming off an ACL injury i'd have to go with Deshaun Watson. Shocked nobody else has mentioned him. 19 touchdowns in his first 7 games, and also the first QB to throw for 400+ yards, 4 TD's and rush for 50+ yards in the same game. Houston was a completely different team with him at QB. Oh and he'll just be turning 23 this september. All that being said though, love what we have in Sam. Think he could really be something special.
  4. You could make an argument for him too obviously. Big target which is nice and he still beats coleman in the production department so far. However, his routes aren't clean, he consistently fails to get separation, and drops catchable balls A LOT. Always seemed overrated to me
  5. Coleman just went from being 3rd on the Browns depth chart to 1st on the Bills.. Imagine being so bad that the browns 3rd WR is your best, LOL
  6. I can see this perspective, but outside of Quincy and Richardson his 2013 and 2014 draft classes were downright appalling.
  7. BroadwayBen

    Important Week For Darnold

    Touche LOL, BUT i'm trying to be objective! 🤔
  8. BroadwayBen

    Important Week For Darnold

    I'm very optimistic for the Jets but I honestly don't see that week 3 game in CLE being easy. Road thursday night games are difficult regardless of the team. Plus Tyrod (assuming he will be starting for browns week 3) doesn't turn the ball over much, and now with Jarvis Landry and Josh Gordon to throw to, it will be MUCH MUCH different compared to the disaster lead offense by Deshone Kizer last season.
  9. Devin smith was primarily a deep threat, but he was also mixed in with a some weapons on that loaded 2014 Ohio state team. They had Michael Thomas, Braxton Miller, Evan Spencer (Decent college production, but was only a 6th round pick in the NFL), Jalin Marshall (remember him? 😀), Jeff Heuerman (Broncos 3rd round pick 2015), and Ezekiel Elliot out of the backfield. Devin Smith displayed great speed, and a few of those "wow" plays at times. However, during my time watching the buckeyes, I viewed him more as a one trick pony. Unfortunately, it looks like that belief held true...
  10. Would love to see some Trenton Cannon footage from this game if possible
  11. BroadwayBen

    2018 Road Trips

    If that's anywhere near the muni lot, I'll have to pass. I understand heckling but browns fans are straight up a**holes around that area.
  12. BroadwayBen

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    Watched it as well, started out very strong but the ending was a little much for me. Lost me a bit. I will say though, the movie definitely delivered on driving its point home, and for that I respect it.
  13. Can't wait for season 4 this monday!
  14. BroadwayBen

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    Personally love what we have now, but I could live with this.
  15. https://twitter.com/ClaySmars/status/1025895750667063296