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  1. Don't we have a dreadful record in just about every one of our uniform combos?
  2. Did I find it slighty pretentious? Yes. Did I even think about/remember the national anthem performance until now? No.
  3. Lots of points being taken off the board with wilson horrendous short game. Especially in the red zone.
  4. Jets get penalized for playing football. Congrats NFL officiating, you always seem to outdo yourself... 3 points on the board that shouldn't be there. That being said, way to bend but not break. Lets see how the O responds!
  5. Considering ALL the injuries and setbacks this team has had the last few years, it's about time some good luck starts floating our way. I'll certainly take it
  6. Ulbrich was with the falcons the last couple years. Applying this same logic, he should know this falcons roster and how to attack some of their weaknesses on offense. right?
  7. That's a damn good point. See you in Indy
  8. My guess is this line gets upwards of 8.5 or 9 before kickoff. At least
  9. I believe it's only fair to put him under the microscope at this point. He has had 2 drafts and 3 seasons to acquire talent. This team has managed to progressively get worse! Something has got to give. This Mims debacle is a lose lose for everyone
  10. I have tickets for this game as I live about 3 hours away in Ohio. However, I am seriously reconsidering wasting the time and the money to go support this product on the field. I have never been to Indy and have always wanted to see lucas oil so that may still be enough to get me to go, but I'm heavily considering selling my tickets at this point.
  11. I think he should get another mulligan for this year, however, If we are not at least a 7 win team in 2022-23 then I believe he should be shown the door....
  12. @ Carolina = W vs. Patriots = W @ Denver = L vs. Titans = L vs. Falcons = W (Bye week). @ New England = L vs. Bengals = W @ Indianapolis = L vs. Bills = L vs. Dolphins = W @ Houston = W vs. Eagles = L vs. Saints = W @ Miami = L vs. Jaguars = W vs. Buccaneers = L @ Buffalo = L 8-9 This is me being a bit optimistic. I can see us finishing anywhere from 6-11 to 8-9 this season. Either way we have some fun young talent to rally around this year! Definitely feels different.
  13. In between contracts for work, so I have the next 2.5 weeks off. Was planning on getting a few fiction books to read to help do something a little more mentally productive than some TV/movie bingeing. Anyone ever read Fear and loathing in Las vegas? Been on my list for awhile and may start with that one.
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