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    Sports, Movies, lady friend, long walks on the beach.
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    2010, beating New England in the divisional round of the playoffs.
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    Doug Brien hitting the bottom of the field goal post against the steelers in 04' divisional game, and the "buttfumble" since my friends have never let that go stale...
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  1. My dad and I have an ongoing joke about the Fitz curse. Follows him everywhere he goes. Scary
  2. BroadwayBen

    Word Association

  3. BroadwayBen

    Word Association

  4. BroadwayBen

    Adam Gase blocking scheme

    Have been a big powell guy since we drafted him. One of the more consistent producers on offense we've had the last few years. The only limitation with him is he has trouble staying healthy. However, I would love for us to re-sign him at a good price to be in the rotation this season.
  5. BroadwayBen

    2019 WR watch

    Just to add some buzz on late round flyers, I love Cody Thompson from Toledo. Smooth route running and had good production throughout his time for the Rockets. Lead the NCAA in Yards per catch at 19.8 in 2016. Had 1,269 yards and 11 touchdowns as well. In 2017 he was on pace to do even better but broke his ankle in week 5. Still had 537 yards and 4 TD's in that span. 2018: had a quarterback change and the team had a generally down year, Thompson posted 647 yards receiving but still found the end zone 10 times. Some guy I would love to see in the 7th round or an undrafted FA.
  6. BroadwayBen

    Off Topic - Star Wars

    The only thing I appreciated from episode 1 was the darth maul battle with qui gon and obi wan. Was cool to see how advanced the light saber battles had become from the original trilogy 20 years prior.
  7. BroadwayBen

    EPIC Super Bowl Rant || Jets Fan Loses Mind

    Love the energy and while his points are agreeable, I somehow still find this guy exceedingly annoying.
  8. BroadwayBen

    Deontay Burnett

    One of the biggest (out of the many) gripes I had with Bowles, was that he always seemed to play aging mediocre veterans in meaningless games, instead of trying to audition cheap young players. Can't catch lightning in a bottle if you don't even try.
  9. BroadwayBen

    Deontay Burnett

    He's already produced more than Ardarius Stewart and Chad Hansen combined
  10. BroadwayBen

    Home sick with the FLU

    RN here. Hopefully you're feeling much better now! With the flu vaccinations the CDC makes their best prediction on which flu strands are most likely to be in circulation for that flu season. There is never any guaranteed fool proof flu vaccination unfortunately. However, I would still recommend it. Even if you have a healthy immune system, it will help your immune system recognize the pathogen and be better equipped to defeat it. I'm required yearly to get the vaccination for my job, but I do know others who get the vaccination and still get the flu as well as people that don't get the vaccination and seem to make it out unaffected.
  11. BroadwayBen

    Belichick quote of the week

    And we feel the same about him and that organization. So I'm okay with it. Just going to feel that much better when the jets start to take over this division here soon. Father time will ripen this pig in no time 😎
  12. BroadwayBen

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    Nightmare scenario for me
  13. BroadwayBen

    Jets 2019 opponents Home/away set

    Cincy is the top choice just by convenience (2 hour drive for me) However, if that week doesn't work out for some reason, I may try to catch a road game in Miami and spend an extended weekend there. Me and the gf have never been.
  14. BroadwayBen

    Jets 2019 opponents Home/away set

    Damn, Cincy is 2 hours away from me so I'm fully intending on going to that one. Are they as bad as browns fans? I've went to the last 3 jets v browns there and it was miserable.
  15. BroadwayBen

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    Love the concept but yes you nailed it with the logo

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