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  1. Say what you want but Brady winning with the Bucs is much better than with NE 🤷‍♂️
  2. Bill's biggest downfall is how stubborn he appears to be. Sometimes he takes the "my way or the highway" approach too literally and it costed him the last couple years of Brady's career. Am I complaining about this? Absolutely not 🤣
  3. Say what you want but Brady winning with the Bucs is much better than with NE 🤷‍♂️
  4. Looks like a damn Semi pro team. We have to have the worst uniform revamp of all the other teams so far (besides maybe the buccaneers of 2012 or whatever)
  5. Was really hoping to see the browns pull this off but they'll probably have to score 40+ to do it.
  6. Still think these new uniforms are both evil and an abomination. Classics are FAR superior to the new look, and yes i'm still grieving about this. Really hope the jets can return to (at the very least) a revamped version of the classic look in the future.
  7. Redzone channel for me today!
  8. It's a great defense. But a #1 prospect should at least be able to stay above water against the big boys. Come on now. Good for him for staying composed and showing great leadership. I'm not arguing at all about his leadership skills or character. Was Sermon's 331 rush yards purely because of his inspiration though?
  9. Fine take that play out and he is still 12/26 for 114 yards with an INT. thats 4.6 ypa. I'm not gonna argue that he is a bad prospect. I just don't think he "willed" the team to victory yesterday. TREY SERMON "willed" this team to victory.
  10. Did you actually watch the game? Did you see his stat line? He looked TERRIBLE in moments yesterday and i'm an OSU fan. He could be a good pro, but no way I would rank him higher than Lawrence...
  11. For me, I can completely understand why those two college coaches would need some convincing. Both Fitzgerald and Campbell are the top dawgs at their schools. They have a say in everything, but most importantly they have always been heavily involved in the recruiting. How much say/influence is JD going to give a new coach coming into the NFL in personnel decisions? I would imagine this issue could be very important. I know the NFL is glamorous and would net them much more money. But these coaches have leverage with the success they've had in college. They have the luxury of waiting to take the job that they want.

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