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  1. Ha you got me there. I was more so referring to the last 10-15 years seems like there has been quite a few changes. and heck even the late 80's and 90s went through multiple
  2. Not healthy? I mean I could see it being "not healthy" if he begins to be too self indulgent with his free time or something along those lines. However, an extended break from work can be very therapeutic for some people.
  3. I will be fuming if this kid doesn't get a fair shake at training camp/pre-season this year. But something tells me this coaching staff will let guys compete. Loved the little bit I've watched of Deontay last season.
  4. It's playoff berth or bust for me. Whether that's 8-8 or 12-4, I just want a shot to win the whole thing in the winter months. I expect Sam to take a big leap this season. Yes, there will be some ups and downs, especially being as thin as we are at CB and C/G. But honestly, with the new pieces we added, the new coaching staff/front office, the new uniforms, and shift in the culture itself, it just feels like it's time to take a jump.
  5. Nothing but great things to say about this guy. Dude shows up to work each and every day and just wants to do his part. Not easy for people to accept a backup role and play for 10 different teams. However, this guy made it 17 YEARS in this league. Knew something that others didn't.
  6. Agreed. I have already vowed to visit minnesota the next time jets play there. That stadium looks beautiful
  7. Not a father quite yet, but happy fathers day to all the dad's on this board! Go Jets!
  8. If he doesn't perform this season, I find it highly unlikely he'll be kept in the organization for another. Trying to be optimistic about this situation though. Maybe he'll perform for williams.
  9. I care way more about the success of the jets compared to another team's baggage/drama, but I would be lying if this doesn't make my jewels tingle slightly. Living in Ohio, fans around here are damn near obnoxious about the browns. I went to the last three Jet road games in Cleveland and have gotten an egg thrown at me as well as being called every swear word in the book. I know humans are tribal in nature, and football can bring out polarizing reactions in everybody, but browns fans take it to a whole different level. I really REALLY hope we spank them week 2.
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