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    2010, beating New England in the divisional round of the playoffs.
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    Doug Brien hitting the bottom of the field goal post against the steelers in 04' divisional game, and the "buttfumble" since my friends have never let that go stale...
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  1. Section 109 row 18, we were at about 45 yard line or so behind the Jet bench. Also, after the Kearse touchdown he looked up at them and pumped his fist into the air. Pretty cool, and I felt like I was a part of it. Might be fan boying a bit, but hey I haven't been able to attend many jet games living in Ohio!
  2. They were very nice people, and it was a real pleasure. I live in Columbus, OH and I bought tickets for my step-dad and I for his 50th bday. It was a nice treat to find out we were sitting with the McCown's. Regardless of what your opinions are on McCown, it was nice to see him get his first win at that stadium, and the first 3 game win streak of his career while sitting with his biggest supporters. Even got to meet him after the game. The guy is a true professional and he brings highly sought after leadership traits directly to the locker room. It was an honor to experience a game with the people that helped instill those traits into him. Tank or not, this is just one of the few reasons I cannot root against my team. When the jets win, it elevates game day experiences so much more. The draft hasn't happened yet, but this season is happening now. So, as you know, J E T S Jets Jets Jets!
  3. Williams Released

    You make a valid point. However he was a rookie last year, and an undrafted one to be specific. We'll have to give the kid a chance, he could have matured. It sounded as if he had a decent off season as well
  4. I want to see more Stewart!

    I've often wondered the same thing. He brings a nice mix of athleticism with a fine motor for the game. I wouldn't worry though, he'll get his chances as the season progresses.
  5. I could get behind this. Witnessed the OSU v Oklahoma game here in Columbus. The guy is a competitor.
  6. Positives/Negatives From Todays Game

    THIS. No idea why powell wasn't featured in the slightest way more. I just can never seem to comprehend a Bowles' decision...ever
  7. How is buster skrine still on an NFL roster? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. The line hasn't been great but man forte looks so slow and unexplosive Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. How Bad?

    +1 thank you
  10. How Bad?

    Yes on paper we are unproven (aka "horrible" in today's NFL landscape).... but come on. Were 0-0, and haven't played a single game yet. The negativeness is astounding. It's football, try to enjoy it and hope for the best.
  11. How about Matt McGloin?

    Matt McGloin didn't even come to my mind as a possible option. Very low ceiling, and I'm not in the mood to see Ryan Fitzpatrick 2.0 this season. However, are we that against geno? I'm very intrigued to pit him, petty, and hack against each other this preseason and allow competition to grant the position to whoever earns it. Realistically we are not a team that is contending for the Super Bowl or even the playoffs really next year, there's a lot of unproven players (which I definitely see some potential in though). Why not let the young guys compete and see what happens? Worse case scenario we end up with a high draft pick next year AKA Sam Darnold. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Would YOU fire Bowles?

    +1 for you sir. Could not agree more Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Where can I buy a Robby Anderson jersey? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Actually excited to watch the games now since some of the younger players are getting their chances. Also, we can spoil a division opponents playoff hopes, not too shabby! Oh and I bet a buddy of mine a case of beer that the Jets win tonight, looking forward to the game!
  15. Let's discuss - Who is the next coach?

    As a buckeye fan, I would love/hate this move at the same time. Urban is a phenomenal coach, however, I do not see him leaving the collegiate level. He even stated that Ohio State has always been his dream job.