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  1. Ha ... I think a logo change would be more economical. I mean yeah, woody will obviously take the more profitable option anyway. Just wishful thinking though
  2. As an ohio native, and attending multiple browns/jet games, it is FAR from family friendly in their muni lot (Majority of their tailgating crowds).
  3. If this forces us to build a new stadium and move out metlife, i'd be all for it
  4. Definitely going to cleveland on 9/18, and possibly going to Minnesota 12/4 or Miami 1/8
  5. I believe my mom roots for the Jets strictly because of how passionate I am about them lol. She seen how miserable they make me
  6. Hopefully the jets can grab him. I mean can you imagine him in a Kyle Shanahan scheme?
  7. With the 192nd pick, the Minnesota Vikings select LB Malcolm Rodriguez, Oklahoma State @heymangold OTC @Dcat on deck
  8. With the 191st pick, the Minnesota Vikings select OT (will move to Guard) Logan Bruss, Wisconsin
  9. With the 184th pick the Minnesota Vikings select P Matt Araiza (AKA "punt god") San Diego State @New York Mick OTC @SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN on deck
  10. Minnesota Vikings select Edge Christopher Allen, Alabama. @NYJetsVets91 otc @Integrity28 on deck
  11. With the 77th pick the Minnesota Vikings select TE Jeremy Ruckert, from THE Ohio State University. @section314 on the clock @King P on deck
  12. With the 46th pick, the Minnesota Vikings Select: QB Sam Howell, North Carolina @choon328 is OTC @Integrity28 is on deck
  13. The vikings are desperate for a Cornerback. Did some digging and their new DC Ed Donatell has already stated he will be utilizing a lot of nickel formation, which only increased the need to add to the CB room. Stingley Jr was elite his freshman year and as the pseudo GM of the vikings, I’m going to bite here. Just outside of the top 10, I’ll hope Stingley Jr can return to his freshman form. He has a ton of upside.
  14. With the 12th pick of the NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings select CB Derek Stingley Jr, LSU @JiFapono OTC @WhartonJet is on deck
  15. I wouldn't be upset with London either, he's supremely talented. I just have more of a gut feeling with Wilson more than anything. Bottomline, we need to surround Z Wilson with some more talent.
  16. Assuming we don't make a splash for Aj Brown or Metcalf, I absolutely hope we get Wilson at #10. He's definitely my favorite of this WR class. Great pick @HawkeyeJet
  17. Give me Saleh. I rather see some emotion in my coach when we are down 14+ in the 4th quarter than some lifeless guy who has stood in the same spot since quarter 1
  18. True, but if we can't get 6 wins this season, then Douglas may have to be gone. its been 12 seasons since the playoffs, and only one of those seasons were we even close to making the playoffs (2015). This fanbase if starving for semi-competent football. I want to play meaningful games past the first week of November for once.
  19. At this point I would bet the house on over 5.5. Usually i'll admit i'm blindly optimistic every offseason, but this just seems ridiculous!
  20. Definitely would. I was a Wirfs guy over Becton during that draft bc I thought the floor was tremendously higher with Wirfs (even though Becton has the clearly higher ceiling). Becton could easily go on to be an All Pro linemen every year if he put it all together. But i'd rather not take that risk, and get a redo with the 3 first rounders this year if they did hypothetically agree to this deal. I do not think the Bengals would agree to this though, at all.
  21. McShay also said that he thought Jordan Love was a better QB than Justin Herbert. Will be interesting to see how the chips fall come April
  22. I'm honestly flattered that my silly attempt at satire made this much of an impact today. It was a wild game. In reality, I can absolutely live with a loss like this. We had life all game and competed with a super bowl hopeful-club while our rookie QB is showing improvements/promise. That's all I can really hope for this late in the season. Plus, my partner would absolutely disown me if that was real (as she should).
  23. Since it's fictional, it can definitely be left open to interpretation. My opinion is that they were probably crying because of the general mayhem that ensued, and the social ramifications of their dad/husband acting like a complete maniac in front of 40+ guests....over a Jets game
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