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  1. Taking my girlfriend to cincy tonight and to see the game tomorrow! Can't wait!
  2. Either the refs blew that whistle way too early and made that play essentially unchallengeable OR Gase just blatantly didn’t want to. Either scenario pisses me off
  3. I live in Browns country and its been mixed. Obviously they had higher expectations than this but most of them still remain optimistic
  4. This. I can see it being within 3-4 points either way.
  5. I think the rest of the season is good which would only be 6 games.
  6. two no call no shows get most people fired. Also, taking it to social media and not taking much responsibility isn't a great look either
  7. Gase will somehow win a power struggle with Christopher Johnson and be the owner of the jets come Monday
  8. I thought they were supposed to be a metaphysical antidote to rid all the bad culture out of this organization. Shucks
  9. What i interpret out of this is that it's very rare to have a largely impactful DT. May not want to draft that position in the top 5 picks 🤔, but hey i'm just a poster here.
  10. I think I'm still in denial. I really thought he had all the makings to positively change the culture
  11. Chase Young is a monster. He's virtually impossible to block 1 on 1.
  12. This has me losing a little respect for Adams, Guy thinks he is way bigger than the team. Also highlights the complete dysfunction of this front office as well. Lose-Lose....
  13. For the fun of this, I would be leaps and bounds happier to have mangini or rex right now compared to this straight up mess we have with Gase. (and yes poor drafting is a HUGE part, but gase hasn't even showed a semblance of doing anything correct as the HC) Whats also funny is that I genuinely thought Todd Bowles was rock bottom. I was convinced there was NO WAY it could get any worse. No possible way. Hilarious
  14. While I agree with most of what you said, i dont think Gregg williams has came close to getting a free pass and being labeled as a great coach. Countless times today the jags converted on 3rd and 10+. Minshew looked like a 10 year vet out there. How many times was the running back going to come out of the backfield and burn a Defensive END for a 15 yard gain and a first down? Just frustrating all around today.
  15. Time to see what this defense and gregg williams is all about. Its put up or shut up time. Minshew has looked good but he is still a young and inexperienced QB. We better be able to get after him
  16. I was thinking the same but I see OAK as a tougher opponent than NYG
  17. Comes from a place of confidence rather than arrogance or "cockiness." But I don't think this particular quote should be looked into this much.
  18. What ancient burial ground did the Johnson's pee on?
  19. Somehow Mosley’s groin has gotten worse with 3 weeks rest
  20. In my profession SI stands for suicidal ideation..
  21. I dont think it's likely. They are a CJ mosely injury away from being 2-1 and they barely scraped by two other 1-2 and 0-3 teams. Not saying they're bad, but they certainly aren't part of NFL's elite.

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