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  1. I can't stand hearing the term "Draft capital". Not sure when it started, but pretty sure it's been worn out by now. Enough already (but happy we have some this year)!
  2. Bob trying to help the Jets lose to secure a higher draft pick by hitting the IR. A loyal soldier.
  3. This kicking thing has now become a complete debacle. I often see Joe Douglas blamed for this problem, and he is the CEO of the operation so he does bear some responsibility, but what about the Special Teams Coordinator, Brant Boyer? I believe I read in some of the recent discussions about Morestead and Braden Mann that Boyer was the one who "pounded the table" to draft Mann in 2020. His video highlights in college were legendary and he had won a Ray Guy Award as the Nation's top Punter. He was mediocre at best last year, prior to his injury and is now below minimum performance levels for
  4. Mack Wilson will get a FedEx package with an NFL fine thanks to that hit.
  5. Back up the truck, take the best draft pick offers for Trumaine and Leo the Pussy Cat.
  6. Feels like Tess and Booger are cramming all of the material that they didn't get to use into these last few minutes of the game.
  7. Highlight of the game was Broadway Joe's opening to the show. He is the OG.
  8. Time for a contest to guess who will be at the Quarterback tryouts on Wednesday. Brock Osweiler is a definite possibility. Better not see Paxton Lynch here.
  9. Le'veon will need multiple MRI's this week. Taking a beating.
  10. Unfortunately I like to get as much Jets information that I can and SNY is basically the only game in town. Love Ray and Bart and even Jonas but Jeane is bad at broadcasting.
  11. Wow, where was Marcus Maye running to on the OBJ touchdown?
  12. Leonard Williams is such a disappointment to watch. Never quite gets there.
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