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  1. I was about to make another Capt Morgan joke, but that isn’t funny anymore. Incredible if they don’t manage to get their rookie #2 overall QB to get every single rep there is with the team. Just incredible.
  2. Sounds like a blueprint for how you eventually never get any good GM or HC to sign and stay with the Jets. No talent wants to operate under influence of such moronic decision making.
  3. @Defense Wins Championships Firstly, there is no sarcasm here, I am being sincere. Secondly, as a fellow human being I feel obligated to tell you, that it seems to me you're in need of help. I would advice you to stop visiting sports forums for a while and get someone to talk to. I wish you all the best.
  4. Great news for me! I’ve learned a lot from your reports. Greatly appreciated!
  5. I hate the Patriots, but I’m also sick of watching Brady getting all kinds of favors from referees. So to play the game, I would go with the option that would be most fair, ie not given by refs or other factors.
  6. Since I’ve never been a guy that obeys rules, especially quantitative ones, I’ll just say I’m looking forward to see Wilson’s timing with the entire WR corp.
  7. Lots of Panthers fans getting their hopes crushed… ”Yeah let’s tune in to see our QB of the future.”
  8. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/07/nfl-jets-sam-darnold-holdout-ends-camp-welcome I remember when Sam the Savior trotted out to training camp after signing his rookie deal. Great times of hope! How bright the future seemed.
  9. I don’t really think it’s the helmets…
  10. I get what you’re saying, I just wonder if some of his reaction is due to the blowup against the Bucs? The D was awful and the O was managed in strange fashion towards the end. The refs are not so much the Packers can do about. Handed it to Brady with that last PI call. Anyway still sour grapes after that loss?
  11. Obviously Trubisky should’ve stayed, he would have become a superstar under the influence of Foles, just like Darnold benefited immensely from McCowns years of experience in the league.
  12. Just woke up, happy to see you’re partying hard at your end.
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