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  1. Josh Rosen vs Baker Mayfield and the picks

    What do you think about Rosen’s concussions? I doesn’t get mentioned a lot here, but wouldn’t that be a reason for GMs to stay away from Rosen?
  2. Haven’t read the thread, but no midgets for the love of God. Bring the Allen kid!
  3. Smoke Screen or Legit

    I read that Bakers’s hands are pretty small, is that an issue?
  4. Dear Lord you guys never seem to learn. I’ve been a Jet for two years and the answer is so obvious: draft BAD (best available defender) and trot out McCown. Oh and yes, I enjoy the pain.
  5. The playoffs; coincidence or not?

    Ah come on! Stop acting like you weren’t in total shock and disbelief last draft when Jets went with safeties round one and two.
  6. If only Brady could catch.....

    Tom Brady can’t catch em hard balls, he needs em soft and nice.
  7. Caption this pic...

    Tommy Boy’s butt still looks hot in those trousers...
  8. ***The Official Super Bowl Thread***

    I haven’t been watching the NFL nearly as long as you guys and I almost gave up after the Decker offensive PI call against Pats, thinking this must be rigged. But since my visit in NY two years ago (home opener loss to Bengals) I have really followed the Jets closely and now I can still do it. Moment of joy, there is still hope. Only disappointment is that @SAR I has turned a Giants fan.
  9. Conference Championship Games (F the Pats)Thread

    Was this one real or is it a Photoshop work?
  10. Not Saying I'm Just Saying Thread

    The Bills Benjamin TD that was overturned was a pretty close one to say the least. Doubt it would have been the same result the other way.
  11. The Official Jets vs Dolphins Game Thread

    This is amazing...
  12. West Coast Offense Principles/Info

    A big thank you for posting this! As I am still learning the game it helps me a lot and probably it helps many of you born into this sport as well.
  13. Isn't it common for players with Richardsons character to keep themselves in check for a season ahead of a contract expiry? And when the ink has dried... Hm maybe that is what happened to Mo?
  14. Jets Camp 8-4

    I find it odd that the offensive guys are running laps when the defensive ones obviously will need the stamina.
  15. This is not good at all. What if Jets get a top 3 draft spot dispite Hack having a great year? What to do then?