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  1. I haven’t watched this before, but it’s really great stuff! @GREENBEANs whole appearance is like The Dudes smarter, sharper and more energetic brother. Awesome! As for Mims, what I am wondering is if he was already injured when Jets drafted him or if he was injured after that, I haven’t kept track of that. Anyway game day, will be great to finally see a Jets game again!
  2. Haha I knew Ficken would be in the lead! So Jetsy! And to be a good Jets fan, I also voted for him.
  3. All this nonsense about QBs, RBs, WRs etc etc. What about the new punter?!?!
  4. They forgot the most important position!!! Where do the Jets rank regarding safeties?!
  5. Yeah, Tua's fatih was sealed the moment the Dolphins drafted him and with Fitzy lurking about. The Glassman and the Bearded One is a really bad combo. For our fragile little friend that is...
  6. Already lots of Pats players opting out, can’t have too many opting out from the same team.
  7. Not sure who the “we” are, but I don’t think NASA made the bras...
  8. Naw come on, look at this celebration!
  9. This is before the home opener 2016, hope is in the air and the Mo jerseys are out! If only Nick Foles had tied his right shoe it would have been a day to remember. That jersey is probably cheap today...
  10. I would prefer him to have zero impact, negative might be too much to hope for.

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