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  1. Hopefully LaFleur has some new plays up his sleeve. Seems like the entire league knows the ones his been using so far.
  2. Well it went so well last time, so I mean. Yeah I am hopeful.
  3. F@$king h&ll! Two guys beat me to posting the Tankathon table! F$&king no lifers!
  4. Some knowledgeable guys in here claim it to be 2023, so yeah. Until then…
  5. Haha man, thanks for sharing that! He somewhat reminds me of Jesus Quintana.
  6. With 5 pass TDs to his name already, Zach hands it over with two minutes of the game to go. Nothing strange with that, all superstar QBs do that.
  7. Hope he picks up the bill, after all the pain he and his brother have caused.
  8. Speaking of borderline poetic: “There will be many sleepless nights ahead in Seattle as the Seahawks look to determine the severity of their quarterback's injury and his availability going forward.” https://www.nfl.com/news/russell-wilson-injures-finger-replaced-by-geno-smith
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