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  1. I’m sure you all, like me, have Jamal in your idp Fantasy leagues.
  2. Refs are smiling before handing out penalties to the Jets. Disgraceful.
  3. J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets! This will be the start of the Sam Darnold-era in NY!
  4. No leader of men looks like this. It’s a matter of ethos above anything else.
  5. 2nd straight fumbled punt return. Bucs recovered the first, but they were not so lucky this time around. The idea behind playing games in London is to attract European fans...well then.
  6. Oh Lord, McCaffrey is making Bucs D looking like fools. There will be some yelling in half time.
  7. Bowles looks as cheerful as ever. Just lovin life!
  8. Bucs OLine looks terrible so far. No means to protect Winston whatsoever.

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