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  1. Was it Bowles or Gase who had a boom box playing stadium noise during practice for players to get used to it. Whoever it was is obviously a genius and should be treated that way in here henceforth.
  2. This is pure North Korean stuff, a closed poll on Jamal Adams where the only voter is @T0mShane
  3. So you didn’t even need a full page of posts to turn this positive note on Jets ILBs into a Jamal Adams thread.
  4. The stars are aligned for Tua to get injured. His odds was poor to start with, but with Fitz as his backup...
  5. Crowder x 3. Him and Darnold have really looked like they have some chemistry, when Sammy has had the time to throw.
  6. I can see him end Tua Tagviokalola...whatever’s...career. That would at least count for two.
  7. For a non-native English speaker, this is an excellent place to learn the nuances of the language.
  8. He ended Brady’s time as a cheat with a pick six, he should have been signed already.
  9. Big fat f@&$ing NO! However, just between us Bill, we do know a great QB who is a free agent.
  10. We need a poll on who is the most likely scapegoat at the end of the season...
  11. Oooh, this is scratching me where I itch! Fish are going to go from tank for Tua to tank with Tua.

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