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  1. Trent Cannon as a punt returner might be a question mark.
  2. As mopesque as it gets...could he be the Jets new mop? We need a poll
  3. You’re absolutely correct. I wrote my post in a state of euphoria after watching a replay of the game early in the morning here.
  4. No no no, this is a misconception. Trot out McCown in the 2nd half. He is done as a starter anyway.
  5. Jackie Treehorn

    Jets Training Camp - 7/30

    Well judging from that he already has Josh Allan beat.
  6. Yes yes, all will be forgotten instantly when he throws a TD. Jets fans are known to forgive and take care of their own.
  7. Oh no! Sam is all about football! I read it somewhere... All about football I say! All about football... https://surfeuropemag.com/features/the-greatest-ginger-haired-surfers-of-all-time/
  8. Jackie Treehorn

    Mehta: Sexton to Blame For Darnold Holdout

    You only need to turn your head to European soccer for two seconds to realize that a salary cap is essential.
  9. Jackie Treehorn

    Time for Darnold to Call First Audible is now

    I find it really funny some people try to protect Darnold by saying “it’s not easy to stand up to an agent when you’re only 21” and in next breathe claim “he is an NFL starter”. If your a potential NFL starter you should for f@&$cks sake be able to tell one fat guy what to do.
  10. This post should have a question on who you like to see ride that Uber with McCown for the same sessions. My answer would be Bowles.
  11. Jackie Treehorn

    Now I’m genuinely aggravated!

    Anyway you see this it does reflect poorly on Sammy’s “all about football”-image. I can’t really see how the entire blame can fall on the agent.
  12. Jackie Treehorn

    Darnold Mystique Infecting the Jets!!!

    If this was a one off thing it wouldn’t matter much, but if they can’t agree on a rookie contract what will happen down the road when it will be time for a renewal...
  13. Jackie Treehorn

    Jets fire senior director of team operations.

    This is exactly what happens when you suck at hiring and doesn’t do proper research. “So why did you leave the Jags?” ”Eerm uuuh...because I want to be on a winning team.”
  14. Sign this beast!!! Eh...young rookie.
  15. This is getting ridiculous! I am not scanning the press frequently, but either the media is really negative towards the Jets or you posters tend to only bring the bad rankings. Honestly...are you?
  16. Jackie Treehorn

    Jets risky plan giving Darron Lee more responsibility

    If Lee is supposed to call he majority of plays, they really need a plan for Adams and his mouth. Maybe we will see when the series comes to Adams.
  17. Jackie Treehorn

    Is there a sunny side and a shady side at MetLife?

    My only visit I was in 234, shade and an excellent experience in every way.
  18. Jackie Treehorn

    Now that the dust has settled

    I have mixed emotion about all this. Not because of the Darnold pick, the draft was at 3 am here and I was up and literally jumping with joy when Darnold was picked, but because I have only been a Jets fan for three years now. Ok I am proud not to be a “band wagon fan”, but knowing how long you guys have been waiting it still feels a bit like cheating. Or...what the f@$k...life is all about timing. Sammy D is Super Bowl bound and I am hooked on the Jets. Really thought it would wear off...
  19. Sheldon Richardson was legit and performing and got us a 2nd round, which everyone thought was a pretty good deal. Teddy is not as legit and has yet to perform and he will give us a blue chip edge rusher? Think eg Jaguars could do better than Teddy B if they opted for a trade.
  20. Jackie Treehorn

    VEGAS: Bowles' job appears safe with Jets

    On the other hand I would like to know the odds on Jets having a new HC within three seasons.
  21. Jackie Treehorn

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    Fitzmagic probably set this up. He’s a menace to any starting QB in the league.
  22. “Forumists” should be up there somewhere. Essential for any franchise with self respect.
  23. If he returns from that kind of injury playing at full strength at least we know he’s mentally tough. Scary stuff.

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