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    Darnold Starting and QB Development

    I think it would be wise to wait at least a game or two to see what the OL and the new blocking scheme looks like. If the edge rushers come flying through let them kill Mc Cown. Last thing you want is to watch your new FQB and feel like your watching some nature channel praying for the antelope not to get hunted down and killed.
  2. Jackie Treehorn

    Bowles is fired up!

    That’s a man who knows he’s now out of excuses and needs to change his MO to stick around. He is now Bowlzo the Clown.
  3. Jackie Treehorn

    Josh Rosen vs Baker Mayfield and the picks

    What do you think about Rosen’s concussions? I doesn’t get mentioned a lot here, but wouldn’t that be a reason for GMs to stay away from Rosen?
  4. Haven’t read the thread, but no midgets for the love of God. Bring the Allen kid!

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