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  1. 2nd straight fumbled punt return. Bucs recovered the first, but they were not so lucky this time around. The idea behind playing games in London is to attract European fans...well then.
  2. Oh Lord, McCaffrey is making Bucs D looking like fools. There will be some yelling in half time.
  3. Bowles looks as cheerful as ever. Just lovin life!
  4. Bucs OLine looks terrible so far. No means to protect Winston whatsoever.
  5. Wasn’t that a face mask on Josh Allen?
  6. Does Josh Allen know there’s no such thing as a quarterback punt? The last int made me wonder.
  7. From a guy with limited comprehension of the game...why aren’t they running down the clock?
  8. So this is ok with the league and everyone in it? No action whatsoever will be taken? Madness.
  9. Sure Bowles was terrible but Maccenberg will always have the infamous 2nd round pick to his name. So both blew...obviously.
  10. I disagree with alternative two in the article, you don’t need to employ Brady you need to cheat your a$$ off with the salary cap.
  11. I wish Gase would either take his cap off or at least wear it in some sort of style. The way he wears it know hurts whatever message he is trying to communicate. It’s a bit like looking at a frightened turtle. We know you are in there somewhere, please come out.
  12. Hopefully the Lee trade was Williams decision, otherwise there might be trouble.
  13. I’m not really into college football, but doesn’t Bosa have an injury history? And if so, isn’t it vice to take that into account when valuating him?
  14. Darnold and Bell...I’m still scared someone will wake me up.
  15. Did you guys reach a conclusion on the weight issue or should I start a separate thread for that, so we can dig deeper?
  16. I only read the board when I go to the can, really helps me relax.
  17. Pretty please with sugar on top...build a fu$&@ing O-Line...
  18. Memphis really can’t catch a break. I really am fascinated by that video ref Butterworth or whatever his name is. “I’m not sure, oh I can’t tell...oh Lord is it my decision?! I don’t want to say.”
  19. I wonder if Mac is watching this? Not got for his rep. Hack really neither can read or hit his targets. 2nd round...ok...
  20. Oh well if Brady closed his eyes it really had to be a penalty.
  21. 3d down...incomplete...ref throws flag...holding on D...1st down. Not much to watch.
  22. The Chargers D need to make a stand here. They have looked like college cheerleaders so far.

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