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  1. He seems nice enough to me… I wonder if they’re gonna make Watson do a pigs in a blanket commercial, or something like that.
  2. Alright. fair enough, the Jets should make the playoffs...but that must be based on some reasonable idea of what games they will win the upcoming season. It's pretty hard to buy based on a Bengal game and some vague arguments about the nature of the league. I usually say the entire universe could be understood with some basic Seinfeld knowledge, this as well.
  3. This is taunting at its worst! Not ok!
  4. Manchester United international trophies?! You’re confusing them with Liverpool.
  5. I found the whole “arm strength discussion” the other day deeply disturbing. Arm strength from an angle, arm strength on the run…what the h&@l is going in peoples lives?
  6. Well here’s a list where the Jets come out on top! https://www.nfl.com/news/ryan-fitzpatrick-retires-from-nfl-ranking-fitzmagic-s-nine-most-memorable-stops “Gang Green got the full FitzMagic experience. Signed as a backup before the 2015 season, the QB was thrust into the starting role after Geno Smithgot cold-cocked by teammate IK Enemkpali. Of course, from there, Fitzpatrick went on to have the best season of his career, racking up 3,905 yards and 31 TDs, breaking Vinny Testaverde's franchise record. At home in coordinator Chan Gailey's offense and teaming with Brandon Marshall, Fitzpatrick made the Jets wildly entertaining in Todd Bowles' first season as head coach. As Fitzy's career has gone, however, the season ended in a lousy three-interception fourth-quarter in a loss to the Bills that kept the 10-6 Jets out of the playoffs. The Jets re-upped with Fitzpatrick in 2016 but never recaptured the magic before his inevitable benching.”
  7. Well if this doesn’t summon SAR I, nothing will. If he still reads the forum I can see him itching to dig in.
  8. I remember at least a couple of blatant occasions last season…so there’s more to fight than just one opponent.
  9. Wasn’t this the year Woody was getting more involved in the draft?
  10. Can someone knowledgeable tell me why the Rams took a timeout?
  11. Yeah, wonder what else they can do…
  12. Imagine Josh Allen being the answer in that draft…who would have known…
  13. Refs apparently decided to help Cowboys out a little…
  14. Oh you miserable… Look at Zach making sure everyone in the arena sees him with big man Feeney. Those were the days.
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