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  1. Those refs work for the CFL, they probably needed that call to stay afloat for the fiscal year. A 1 million dollar give away? Nobody does that.
  2. hokiejetfan92

    Mike and Mad Dog 30 for 30 (MERGED)

    Yeah I know but I really only would want to listen while I am driving. I unfortunately don't have a fancy bluetooth in my car either.
  3. hokiejetfan92

    Mike and Mad Dog 30 for 30 (MERGED)

    I live in VIrignia Beach now, and sports talk radio is terrible around here I can not stand it. I miss Mike and the Mad dog. Or WFAN in general
  4. Just sharing my insider account with you guys. ESPN makes it a pain to copy and paste the full article these days so I'm only putting in the AFC east. I consider it my contribution to the board. Browns were the only team rated worse than the Jets FYI http://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/page/2017NFLFPR/2017-nfl-future-power-rankings-projecting-next-three-seasons#MIA
  5. hokiejetfan92

    Guys being played out of position

    The only thing I will say is the league is different now. Teams run spread offenses like crazy, especially on third down. You can't be nearly as physical as you used to be when receivers are downfield. Sure, David Harris over the past 3 years was a great Mike LB, but our pass coverage on RB's and TE's was horrendous if he had to cover them. Lee was supposed to fill the role of the coverage/speed linebacker.
  6. hokiejetfan92

    Sam Darnold not a lock to enter draft

    It worked out for Luck. Anyways i thought Darnold wasn't even the consensus best quarterback. Aren't there supposed to be 2 other qbs that some believe have more talent than Sam?
  7. hokiejetfan92

    Keys to success in 2017

    The op clearly forgot about special teams. 1/3 of the game. Without that were screwed
  8. Shhh don't ruin the salty jets fans anger with facts
  9. I know what you mean, only times I ever actually got angry over a-holes on the roads was when I was insanely stressed out. It is annoying when people break the rules on the road, but what is the point of letting it ruin your day?
  10. Ya know no matter how bad the Jets are, or how terrible management's decision making tends to be.... Come June I cannot wait for August to come around and to see if they are finally gonna figure it out. THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!
  11. hokiejetfan92

    A Case for Extending Richardson

    Well the media will tear the Jets and Maccagnan apart for trying to trade Richardson, not getting a reasonable offer, and then resigning him after. Didn't they do that with Sanchize after the Peyton Manning sweepstakes were lost
  12. Todd Bowles is a former DB, so he has to improve the secondary. If he shows he can coach up his new DB's. I'd bet the defense surprises many
  13. hokiejetfan92

    Passing on a QB in 2017

    I got in here late, but I think the article is fundamentally flawed in the sense that it doesn't take into the Jets previous seasons of drafting. They had drafted QB's multiple years in a row prior to this year. If we weren't going to use the first round pick on a QB and with Trubisky gone, what was the point of having a third project QB on the roster, they can't all make the team? A veteran is needed Couldn't not drafting a qb this year imply they would rather bet on Hack and Petty for this upcoming season than whatever project qb they could find in the draft? But the writer is just assuming Petty and Hack are trash.
  14. The only thing I saw definitely written is that he and Todd Bowles do not get along, and while this is my outside judgment, I think Calvin and Sheldon are your typical immature people in any profession that are relying on talent more than hard work and dedication when it comes to their job... and once you get to the highest level of you're field (the NFL) where everyone is talented, the lack of attention to detail starts to come out.