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  1. It depends really. I think to be a center you have to be more cerebral and understand defenses and pass rush concepts, but its the easiest position to block from generally speaking, as you have 2 men on each side to help you, and the most athletic pass rushers want to rush from areas with more space. You do have to snap the ball though which isn't easy for everyone Since Fant is this good of a pass blocking LT, it should be relatively natural for Becton to switch to RT, and it naturally fits his player profile better as the Right side is the strong side for run concepts. From what i know you can switch between guards sides relatively easily. the footwork is different on each side but overall its the same movements so with practice a player can figure it out
  2. Just wondering if anyone can clarify... Is the bold part merely speculative or a part of Jamal's medical... and is he at risk for spinal stenosis or is the reporter just making all this up?
  3. Honestly a lot of it had to be the timing... Gase finished the season 6-2, was it the easy schedule or was a first year head coach implementing his system? Firing him then allows critics to say the coach never got a fair shot, also firing a coach after one year... How do you recruit a coach to come here Also the roster was atrocious reeling off Jachai Polite and Darron Lee type draft picks and Macc's awesome FA signings, again a lot harder to sell a head coach to come here at the moment. And finally JD realistically only had one head coach hire left in his tenure. So he stretched his window one more year while he tried to start his rebuild, which really starts this year. But by waiting he was able to sell a new top tier head coach candidate on his vision with the assets he acquired. I'd say Saleh was a top two head coach candidate, I don't think the Jets would have hired a top 3 candidate last year. What say you?
  4. John Jastremski left WFAN for Bill Simmons podcasts company a month ago. He drops "New York, New York" maybe 3 times a week. Totally gives you your NY sports radio feel but theres no five minute commercial break every fifteen minutes, and he takes voicemails that allow the callers to swear. Its sooo refreshing. Also Carton blows now. He's a 50+ year old man trying to act like he's Big Cat and Pfft (a under 30 barstool reporter) his college humor just totally fails because he comes off as an old man loser, trying to talk about hot moms. When Boomer was his partner at least someone on the show was a young NFL star that could have gotten a lot of poon back in his day... But now he tries it with Evan Roberts who is a bigger loser than Carton. The Carton and Roberts show is absolutely horrible, Carton is definitely tried this stunt for the attention.
  5. Offensive efficiency broooo. The real thing is the Panthers gave up too much for Sam. I don't care if he succeeds there or not. Unless he turns to an all pro those picks are gonna be heattt. Maybe a Devin Smith, a Shaq Evans, and an Oday Aboushi coming our way
  6. How can anyone still support Sam? I think a lot of people didn't watch this past season because it was soo bad and didn't see what Darnold didn't do. His highlights are a joke at this point. For example, Lou Riddick's post about the epic throw Sam made to Berrios in a live football game. If you watched the entire game though Sam missed plenty of throws, constantly locked onto the same receiver. He was doo doo the entire game and then he makes some amazing pass on a broken play. That was when it clicked for me. He is a below average QB with below average pocket presence who at times makes an amazing play only the top 5 qb''s can make. It's not enough in the NFL. Joe Flacco moved the ball better than Darnold this past year, with the same supporting cast. The numbers prove it. The Jets offense was more efficient with Flacco at QB. Also, how can you bring up WIlson's durability concerns when we have been watching Sam miss 6 games a year every year. Is that not concerning?
  7. I heard the jets actually won their first game because they didn't want any pressure to pick lawrence, and two was the perfect spot for zach
  8. I have a question about this that I couldn't find online if anyone here can help. So leaving out the Jets in this scenario, I'm asking about the salary cap rules in regards to hold outs In the case that either Watson or Rodgers sits out, and their respective team decides to play hardball... So we get to the regular season now. I get if they are sitting out, so they are not gonna get paid, However since they technically could come back at any time, the Texans and Packers cannot reallocate their salary cap right? So if Houston decides not to deal Watson and he holds out, they are technically going to have $25 million lesss than other teams on their roster? Or are they allowed to re allocate the money at some point? Thanks because this should give the players and hopefully the Jets a lot of leverage
  9. I bet in the morning, you thought this would have a chance of backfiring, but felt it was worth the reward of looking like a genius on jetnation. Well now you look like a doofus. How does that feel?
  10. Yeah I want to see it too. Praying the Rams hold on right now. If they do all we need is the Kupp play and taking the L will allow Jets fans to own him on IG. The Seahawks have a horrible offfensive line and an above average defense relying on a lot of veterans. They are going to miss those picks dearly. Jets clearly won this trade, but even if their picks don't pan out, the Seahawks didn't win either
  11. As horrible as this season was (part of it was the media narrative), the Jets were not nearly as bad as they seemed. All the injuries and organizational disfunction led to the mess that was. If Douglas gets these picks right and makes a few right FA moves, this team could be a playoff contender sooner than a lot of us think.
  12. I thought about making a thread similar to this one, but you got it. Mods, can you change the name of the thread to "Jets fans who are happy with today's win" I'll admit that I am sold on Trevor too. However, I just can't root for the Jets to be winless. I'm 28, the first year I was really old enough to understand the entire league, Pennington broke out. The last few years of Rex Ryan I guess ruins his tenure here, but you can never take his first two years away from us. Those memories were epic, nobody thought the Jets would win a playoff game either year and two AFC Championships in a row? It was amazing, though I understand that if you don't win a superbowl nobody remembers it as fondly. I get tanking, but if you really love the Jets how can you be furious if they win one game? I mean its one game! The jaguars might still win another game, or whatever maybe the Jets can get Fields or trade down and finally put some players around Donald. Did you see Bryce Hall play today? Douglas is a good general manager. Admit it. He should be able to build a winner regardless of Trevor Lawrence. I for one, am celebrating this Jets win. I don't really like drinking alone at my house so instead I'm gonna get super baked. The Jets aren't winless! It's a pride thing. Who's with me!!
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