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  1. MaxAF

    Dare I say that the pig is........

    Well it was a good ending to a crappy football week. At some point, age catches up to you in this game. I know we’ve seen Brady come back in the past but he can’t play forever.
  2. When’s Mc Guire coming back and what about Cannon.
  3. Much booze mixed with a disastrous Jets loss makes for violent posts. Dumb sh*t!
  4. Anderson is great on the long ball when no one can touch him but on a short ball, with his toothpick arms, they are just gonna take it from him....like taking candy from a baby.
  5. MaxAF

    Baker looked legit

    Mayfield looked good. For a guy entering the NFL mid game for the first time, he brought it. Got to give him credit for that. He’s an intense player, a gamer. The 3 game gauntlet for Darnold is over. He looked ill prepared for this game. I didn’t particularly like the play calling. We can’t see the downfield receivers whether they were covered or Sam just missed them. It was definitely an off night for Darnold.
  6. Is this the “I told you so post Carl”. Very undisciplined game.
  7. Mayfields got enough time to build a camp fire back there
  8. Mayfield looks good. He’s a gamer.....for all your Jet fans that wanted him.
  9. Darnold running for his life and extending the plays
  10. And tied with the Steelers and gave the Saints a run for their money
  11. I have to agree with you. Hope you see this Crazy Carl
  12. Field goal. Brown’s fans are cheering like they just won the Super Bowl.

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