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  1. He got lucky. Probably just took a late round shot never in his wildest dreams thinking he would turnout like he did.
  2. If you’re a fan of the game you got to give TB props. I’ve been around a long time and the last 43 yr. old QB I can remember was George Blanda. Good QB ( he was also the kicker) but nothing like TB.
  3. I never underestimated it. Smacked me in the face every week. Had to stop watching it to keep me from throwing my scotch glass through the TV
  4. Gotta give Todd Bowles props. Bucs D has been top shelf. I’ve said it before he’s a great DC just not HC material. Hope Salah transitions to HC with great success.
  5. Fake News. JD will not break the bank nor take a big hit on the DP’s. It’s just hasn’t been his style. IMHO. After all it’s not like the Jets are a QB away from the SB.
  6. In all seriousness though, this last whole season was probably one of the worst seasons in Jet history. And I’ve been around since Namath. Darnold was lost but so was the rest of the team. This system that La Fleur is implementing is right for Darnold. I’m sure they will give him an opportunity. Then if he sucks with the new coaches and a new system we move on to the next one up.
  7. He’ll be starting for the Jets in 2021. Book it.
  8. How soon we forget. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/top-play-sam-darnold-scrambles-finds-robby-anderson-for-a-touchdown
  9. I seem to remember him connecting pretty well with Robbie
  10. Well I’ll tip my hat to what I think. Sounds like he’ll let the OC team evaluate Sam and see if he can be resurrected. He talks about QB’s who were better in their offensive system. Sounds like Sam’s got a good shot. If we’re honest evaluators of the Jets the since Sam has been here he hasn’t had much to work with. I think the last 2 years were a bust because Gase just had a crappy offense. I don’t think Sam was even able to audible. How many times did you see him kill plays. He needs to be re-evaluated by good coaches in a good system. To me this system is taylor-made for Darnold and I believe they want to see him operate in it before they give up on him. They’re much more insightful than your average arm chair QB Jet fan.
  11. That was a good press conference and I notice both of his eyes were going in the same direction at the same time. That’s a plus.

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