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  1. I think it's time for the Jets to step up and pick a potential franchise QB. It looks like a promising group and I would say do it now at any cost. They also have to shore up the O-line and that also needs to be a priority either through the draft or free agancy or both. Who stays and who goes should be interesting.
  2. After a few losses most on Jet nation would be shouting fire the bum😆
  3. Sad state of Jets backup QB's

    Excellent point and I would agree with that. However the coaching staff sees much more of them than we do. Would like to see Petty get his shot.
  4. Sad state of Jets backup QB's

    Unfortunately McCown is the best QB on the team. The Jets for decades for some reason through many different OCs , HCs and QB coaches can't seem to develop QBs. I have this terrible apparition that Hack gets cut and the Pats pick him up and he becomes the future franchise QB for them kicking our ass for years to come. Just a bad dream....I hope.
  5. Good post of information, but it's not rocket science to realize the Jets O-line has been the major "stick in the eye" of this franchise's woes. As fans watch games week in and week out it's obvious the line is not opening holes for a legitimate ground game and McCown has little time for plays to develop.
  6. I think we all know that McCown is no stellar QB but he has done fairly well in most games notably against the Pats, Falcons and the Bills. Don't be surprised to see Mac, Bowles and McCown back next year. Not saying I like that scenario but it wouldn't surprise me. And it will be difficult to gauge Petty or Hack with a couple games as to whether they are the future QBs for the Jets. I think the team is behind McCown and pulling him now may be detrimental to the players as a whole. In all honestly as I watched the Bucs game any QB would have struggled. He had no time at all to throw until late in the 4th when they went into prevent D.
  7. Hey brother, I'm with you. I want to see these young guys play as much as anyone. As a matter of fact I believe Petty would have done just as well if not better than McCown thus far. IMO. Hack, I still have hope for. I think he could be good, maybe great, he just needs some playing time. And we can't really make a legitimate accessment with a few games. Goffe didn't look that good last year, look at him this year. Wentz also struggled last year although he looked better than Goff. Some guys take off in the NFL, (Prescott) some guys need time. Some guys look great initially and digress. (RGIII, Kap) No 2 QBs are the same. We as Jet fans are desparate for a franchise QB and dont have much patience for failure. So Petty or Hack go in for a couple games with our leaking sieve front line and many jump on the "they suck" bandwagon.
  8. As a HC there is no such thing as a non-playoff year. Each week a team plans to win unless you clinch a playoff spot and the game is meaningless. The Jets are still mathematically in the hunt for a playoff spot. If the coach portrays an image of, oh well this season is over let's put in Hack and see what he will do, the rest of the team has no motivation to play and risk injury. I've said here many times before, until McCown gets hurt or the team is mathematically out of the playoffs we won't even get a sniff of the youngbloods.
  9. Most will disagree with me on this, however McCown's numbers and performance doesn't warrant him being benched. He's middle of the pack with NFL QB's, (ranked 13th) he's playing well. The Sunday loss to the Bucs wasn't on McCown. Penalties and a O-line that couldn't hold back water is what I credit the loss to. The Defense held up well and kept the Jets in the game but they were on the field way too long and were gassed in the 4th Qtr. The Jets were just flat Sunday. Winters had a horrendous game with penalties and he just got beat almost every play. Bowles job is to win games not evaluate QB's for 2018. No coach in the NFL will ever throw in the towel, sacrifice losses to evaluate next years QBs. The coaches work with the QBs every day. Last year he kept Fitz playing way too long. This year McCown's play doesn't justify a benching. I'm not a big fan of Bowles right now, not to say as he matures as a HC he could be better. Last week many were singing his praises, this week he needs to be fired. Oh the fickle fans of the NY Jets. I was hoping the Bills game would put them on a path to make a run, but it was the same ol' Jets. And the schedule doesn't get any easier. They needed that win against the Bucs.
  10. Kapernick: a way out

    Kap can stand on his head and spit nickels, or kneel, or squat or whatever. If I'm a team owner, which I'm not I wouldn't sign him because I think he stinks as a player plus or minus nothing. Team owners want 2 things: to win and fill seats. He had his shot many times over, came into the league with high expectations and performed well. So did RGIII. Wheres he right now. So he can't make his money on the field and he's trying to make it in the courts as a social martyr. Good grief.
  11. I will definitely agree with that statement however the schedule that year was soft. McCown faces a pretty tough schedule this year and he had the Pats and Falcons on the run. Beat up the Bills pretty good. We'll see how he finishes out the season as the schedule continues to be challenging. If the Defense finishes even close to what we saw last week it could be a surprise ending for the Jets. They have to put together a string of wins and consistency on both sides of the ball.
  12. The Jets need to move away from quick fix retread QB's and try to get a young franchise QB and a solid backup. They may already have the backup on the Team. In Eli's defense though, Mc Adoos offence is pretty complex. Eli had a tough time the first year adjusting. I think he might do much better in an offense similar to what Morton runs. He is a 2 time SB QB. Dont know if it's just the O scheme, chemistry, or he's just washed up but he is struggling.
  13. Her 15 minutes of fame. Probably BS.
  14. McCown is currently ranked 18th in the NFL. Ahead of Cam, Eli, Winston, Dalton and some other very good QB's. I'm not a big McCown fan but Not too bad.
  15. Like any job, the boss or owner has a right to select anyone they think would be a good fit for the job. It's not just ability but how an employee fits in the organization. It's nonsense to cry about not being selected about getting or not getting a job. And there's nothing wrong with talking about a potential employee with other bosses, (owners) or staff, (coaches) about that fit in an organization. It's business 101.