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  1. He's officially gone? Who picked him up? Will he ever play in the NFL again?
  2. Not a big Clowney fan but with our current defense, and Williams at the helm, he would probably put up better numbers and would improve the overall Jet D. However, I don't see JD making a move for him. He's had injury issues throughout his career also.
  3. 2 things that stood out. Obviously the O-line didn't help him out much. And play calling was what it was. I think later in the season Gase had better play calling for him. He was a top 5 back IMHO in the NFL. I think he still should put up some very good numbers. He kept a good attitude last year and was at least saying the right things when interviewed. The box was stacked most of the time and when you don't have a good O-line.....well you see what happened. While the O-line may be improved this year, the Jets are still going to be middle of the pack at best. So it's up to Adam Gase to dial up the plays that will be utilizing his strengths. We shall see.
  4. I don’t see any rush to up his contract at this point. Let’s see what kind of character he portrays when he might not get what he wants. He’s got a lot of years left in this league to get his payday.
  5. LB’s can typically still play into their early 30’s. Jets haven’t even gotten a full game out of this guy yet. I’d like to see what he does after a full year in Green before we talk about cutting him.
  6. I like Dak. He’s tough and gutsy. But he’s not an accurate passer IMHO. That’s crazy money. I can’t see any other team out there putting up that kind of money for him. Has had a good line in front of him with a great RB and well above average receivers. Most top 10 pro QB’s should be able to put up his numbers in that system. 2019 Stats 4902 yards. Ranked second 30 TD’s. Ranked 4th 11 Int’s. Ranked 19th QBR 70.2. Ranked 4th.
  7. Smart move considering what’s out there. He can game manage if necessary. Better than throwing Fales out there.
  8. Spot on man. You’re probably one of those guys who actually reads the information and spec. sheet that came with the box of masks. 😉 By the way I’m a woodworker too. Used to build custom furniture and had a side business.
  9. True bro. But the right to assemble is a constitutional right. And it’s time to let people do that in a responsible way.
  10. Yes I saw that article. If assemblies were to mitigate in a proper manner I don’t see a problem going to church. I work at a chemical company in upstate NY with 1,000 employees and we are deemed an essential business because we make products for many healthcare companies. We have not had 1 case ( so far) in the plant since this started and we have aggressive mitigation practices in place. Everyone has an opinion and many people are living in fear and I’m not saying just go out and be ignorant about what’s happening but let people in common sense and safe ways live their lives. I know people who have died because they were afraid to go to a hospital because they didn’t want to get the virus in a hospital and die. I would like to know how many people who have died because they are not getting medical treatment for strokes and heart attacks and other illnesses that could have been prevented. Nobody seems to be tracking that. Stroke clinics and elective surgeries are down more than 50% in many areas of the country. Not to mention businesses that will never open again. This solution to the virus is devastating to many people and many people are also dying because of a virus they didn’t get.. And no one is talking about that. My wife works at a hospital and they furloughed a third of their workforce including her. How is it we can stuff a subway full of people and that’s OK but we can’t go to a Sunday church service. I guess in the end my friend we can agree to disagree. And by the way “ GO JETS”
  11. While I can agree with your 1st sentence, I can’t agree with your second sentence and neither can the constitution. The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices . It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely. We are not free to assemble. We are not free to attend a church service. And you can throw the 2nd Ammendment in there also as in some states as they have prohibited gun and ammunition sales as well.
  12. I do not fear this virus. I haven’t feared it since day one. I haven’t missed a day of work since this all started. If I get it I get it. If I die I die. I’m 60 years old. I’m abiding by the social distancing rules and take necessary precautions but the flu virus season is over, Covid is a flu virus and a very bad and deadly one at that but I’ve had enough of this BS. Our liberties and constitutional rights have been shat on. You can disagree and it’s your right but I refuse to live in fear of this virus. I wear a mask in public to respect others who don’t have my mindset. And I’ve done a lot of research on this. Not every scientist, virologist or medical professional agrees with what Fauci and Birx has propagated. Heck they don’t even agree with what they said from month to month. Rant is over!
  13. He’s got some injury issues. Not big on him coming to the Jets. But I’d consider him on the cheap.
  14. Yup. He’s going to the Pats. And I agree, if the Jets are going to be what “real” Jet fans want..... bring it!

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