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  1. MaxAF

    Jet fan Gameday experience reply

    Couldn’t have said it better and wouldn’t have changed a word of it. Thank you!
  2. New Jack City has got nothing but jacked up. I mean C’mon man we’ve been drafting secondary guys and buying FA secondary guys. Bowles was a safety for 8 years and a DC. and yet every week I see blown coverages. Play after play with guys wide open over the middle. They blitz with DBs 10-15 yds off the line. WTF. My high school coach could do better. Incompetence to the Nth degree.
  3. MaxAF

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    I cannot support Mac after nearly 4 years of drafting and with a ton of cap money for FA’s. IMHO he has failed. The Jets are not even watchable anymore. This is year three into the rebuild and they are just putrid. I actually hate Sundays. And I don’t see the schedule getting any easier the rest of the year. NE Titans Bills Texans Packers NE Possibly a win from the Bills and the second NE game if they have the Playoffs locked up with home field advantage and the rest their starters. They very easily could lose out the rest of the season.
  4. MaxAF

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    In hindsight it might look like McCown was overpaid but at the beginning of the season the Jets had no idea how Darnold would develop. Would he be ready to start the first game of the season? No one really knew at the time. Keeping Teddy around would have made the QB situation muddy considering he probably was the better starter than Sam, however stunting Darnold’s growth and development in his first year. That’s why he more than likely was traded. And if Sam was a disaster, Josh would have moved into the starting roll. This kinda makes sense to me if that was their rationale.
  5. Give Sam a decent front 4 and a couple go to receivers and he will soar. I think he’s doing ok considering he currently has neither, he’s a rookie and just 21 years old. I can’t imagine one of my sons at 21 doing what he’s doing.
  6. MaxAF

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    I don’t know about all this. What I do know is Steve Young mentored under Joe Montana, Rodgers under Favre, Garrappalo under Brady.... shall I go on. So the guy came in rusty.... Didn’t play at all in preseason, maybe 1 series and hasn’t been on the field since. He’s 39 and not that great to begin with. I for one wasn’t expecting him to light it up. AS far as how he’s help Darnold, I don’t know, I’m not in the film room with him, I’m not at practice everyday with him, I’m not on the sidelines during the games with him and neither are any of you.
  7. I just don’t see the Jets giving the Cheaters a game. They are characteristically bad after a bye week. Currently 1-4 the last 5 years after the bye week. Plus the Cheats are usually on a mission after a beat down week that they had last week. It would take a miracle the magnitude of Moses parting the Red Sea to get a victory.
  8. MaxAF

    Last time we hit rock bottom

    Seemed like a couple years ago 2018-19 was the years the Jets were gonna turn the corner. He we go again.
  9. MaxAF

    Damien Woody on fire.

    Looks like another at least 3-4 year rebuild.
  10. We’re such a desperate bunch of fans. Look at the names you just called out....and that’s the best we got after 3+ years of Mac and Bowles.
  11. I also was one who gave Bowles the benefit of the doubt and even supported him hoping, thinking that he needs a couple years to evolve into the HC position. And I’m sure he’s a good guy. However after almost 4 years I am now officially on the Fire Bowles band wagon. After watching teams like the Rams, Saints, Packers, I can’t even watch the Jets play. Watching the Rams offense yesterday switch it up during a routine drive to a hurry up offense and Goff effortlessly moving the team downfield. Jets can’t even get a play into the huddle and get to the line in 40 seconds and has to burn timeouts every game. Good Grief!
  12. I think this picture says it all
  13. At least if the water boy ends up being HC our expectations won’t be so high albeit higher than our current situation. Bowles yesterday and every week for that matter at the post game presser; “We didn’t coach well in any aspect of the game”, “We stunk it up as coaches”. When asked how do you explain that? Todd Bowles, “You can’t. You can’t.” ” You just have to try to get to the next game...” Great Leadership, just great. That’s the kind of coach I want in my corner. At least he’s got it all figured out now.

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