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  1. That’s a fact. Been a fan since Namath won the SB. I’ve come too far to turn back now. And yes I’m an idiot, a masochist, and insane.
  2. He’s probably is fed up with the NFL BS and the suckage of the Jets.
  3. Hey Nico. I see you sneaking in here to read these posts. I feel that way at least 2twice a year. Bet you’ll be back. And don’t use some new name.
  4. How bad is this sh*tshow???? I haven’t shut a Jets game off in 40 years. I just did.
  5. Agreed. The so called “QB whisperer” is equivalent to pissing in Sam’s ear.
  6. I didn’t see the game but was reading through the game posts. Unfortunately Gase will probably be here for the usual 3-4 year stint. Then another coach and another rebuild. Hopefully things will get better as the season progresses.
  7. I’m at work. Doesn’t sound very good by reading a few posts. 😖
  8. Yeah he wants to play for the Jets because no one has picked him up. That should tell you something. Seems like at times he’s an impact player and other times he’s invisible. And with his injury history to boot... Pass.
  9. You nailed it brother. This is my last Adams post. And I’m going to try not to click on another Adams title post.
  10. He’ll probably be traded to the Browns next year when the Hawks get sick of his whining ass bull crap and don’t give him the payday he wants. The Browns like those diva type players. How’s OBJ’s career going? I’ll tell ya. OBJ’s first two seasons in the NFL, he had 7 and 8, 100 yard plus games. Last year, two 100 yard plus games and one of them was 101 yards. The other 161 yards against guess who??? Jamal Adams and his New Jack City backfield. Freaking clowns. See ya Jamal, you won’t be missed by me. A safety isn’t gonna make or break any team.
  11. Plan A. Epic failure. Plan B. Shut up and play the game

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