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  1. MaxAF

    What is Jeremy Bates doing?

    Not really surprised.
  2. He had a couple decent games last year. I’m in the wait and see club ( if there is anyone out there in that club) I’d like to see how Williams utilizes him.
  3. The Jets currently have 3 QBs on the team, if McCown stays. I didn’t know the Jets were in the market for another QB.
  4. Don’t see that ever happening. Did anyone see him play last year? I realize he only had a couple weeks with the playbook but he looked horrible.
  5. Lee gets one more year to prove himself. I recall on an early interview where Gase mentioned he liked Lee. https://www.nj.com/jets/2019/02/nfl-combine-2019-5-takeaways-from-jets-adam-gases-press-conference-leveon-bell-unicorn-chris-herndon-rebuilding-roster-more.html
  6. MaxAF

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Titans

    How about Bortles?
  7. MaxAF

    Crowell released

    I wish him the best in all his future ass-wiping endeavors. 💩
  8. MaxAF

    Giants in Talks to Trade OBJ

    Let’s hope not. And they did pick up Randy Moss.
  9. MaxAF

    Giants in Talks to Trade OBJ

    Nice counterpunch by the kickers net. I love that video.
  10. That would be cool.....if it’s true.
  11. Pretty sure Gase ran a zone blocking scheme with the Dolphins
  12. He’s a solid O-lineman. Big salary. I think he was injured last year.
  13. MaxAF

    Random Bannings

    I had one about 2 weeks ago. Logged out and back in and it was gone.
  14. MaxAF

    The RB Myth

    Jets want a 1000 yard rusher? 1st step: Get an O-line that can open up holes for a RB to run through. I don’t care what round the Jets draft a RB in or how much money they through at a vet. RB. or how creative a RB is. If there is no where to run they won’t be successful. Great RBs can create, cut back, be patient in finding seams but if there’s nothing there but a Defensive wall to run into or D-Linemen are hitting you before you get to the hole you’re not going anywhere. I’m hoping the Jets are planning to make some major upgrades and throw some big money into the Line.
  15. Well at least he argues with Refs. Something we haven’t seen in 4 years.

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