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  1. MaxAF

    Revis officially retires

    All said and done Revis gave the Jets some great years, hence “Revis Island”. He got his money and you can’t fault a guy for getting as much as he can in his profession. Don’t we all strive for that. I think what sticks in many Jet fans minds is the horrendous last year when he just looked like he quit. He got old guys, lost a step and packed it in. That part stings but he did play lights out and was solid for many years with the Jets.
  2. Looks like tailgating. I bet he didn’t feel a thing.
  3. The old saying, “wars are won and lost in the trenches holds true”
  4. Doubt it. The guys been out of football 2 years. Why would he still be juicing. Almost every time an NFL player commits a violent crime, the steroid hysteria comes out. Maybe, just maybe they are just violent people. The jails are full of violent people. They weren’t all on steroids.
  5. Agreed. He runs a very complex offense that I believed Eli really struggled to adapt. I remember him changing Eli’s footwork the first year he coached. We’ll see this year if Manning is washed up or he just couldn’t run MacAdoos scheme.
  6. If Macadoo was that good he’d be working somewhere....and he’s an offensive guy supposedly. Darnold has a bit of a wind up delivery...so that makes him unqualified for QB in the NFL, BS. Hack worked on his motion all off season and all it got him was cut...twice. But Hack looks good throwing the football now.
  7. The biggest issue TB has to overcome is he is one hit away from ever playing the game again. One shot to that knee, even a slip could be the end. Remember it was a non contact injury. I believe GM’s and coaches know this and will avoid him like the plague. Will his value ever be franchise caliber??? I don’t think so. Will a team put all their eggs in Teddy’s basket and count on him as their #1 guy? I don’t think so. So the question is.....is TB destined to be a backup QB somewhere, anywhere and if anywhere, why not with the Jets. I don’t see his value being anymore than it is right now. That’s why the Jets got him for next to nothing and no other team picked him up. It’s too bad, I like the kid for a lot of reasons.
  8. I agree. If you recall last year they gave Hack a lot of work in preseason. They definitely wanted to make it happen with Hack. But he just couldn’t get it done. The Jets definitely put the best QB on the field last year as Petty was ahead of Hack and he sucked. I’m sure Darnold will get a lot of preseason opportunity and it will be interesting to see hopefully a big contrast from last year.
  9. Last year. He’s crazy if he goes for another year of 5-11 after spending 90 mil
  10. This has to be a turning point year at every aspect of the game. If the Jets incur another 5-11 season with all that cap money they had and spent, I have to think they will look seriously at a revamping of the coaching and GM positions. There should be no excuses for not starting to look like contenders and I’ll go as far to say wildcard status.
  11. They may have not looked good in many of the losses but they were in it. A TD or less in many of the games in the 4th quarter was the difference between winning the majority of those games or losing them. This is why I’m not thrilled to see McCown start and see how far he can go. He’s a game manager not somebody who is gonna take the offense and win it in the fourth quarter. The conservative approach must be dismantled this year and the team needs to be aggressive on both sides of the ball and take chances. I think Darnold has that gunslinger mentality. It doesn’t always lead to victory as I’ve seen Favre throw as many int’s as td’s in those situations. None the less it’s how you have to play this game. Bowles needs to play to win not play to keep the Jets close.
  12. If you take a look at the 2017 season the Jets played well for 3 quarters in almost every game they lost. Only Denver, Raiders and Pats 2nd game did they stink up the field. If they played 4 quarters of football their record could have got them a wildcard spot last year. With that being said I’m expecting at the very least 8 wins this year. Anything less than that would give serious consideration to Bowles future. There also needs to be development with Sam and he should see action at some point in the season (if he’s even remotely ready to take the helm). Early signs show he should see action this season. Red shirting him could be disastrous for Bowles. Jets are well into the rebuild. Mac and Bowles should be able to put a competitive team on the field. Bowles needs to start taking chances on both sides of the football and make things happen.