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  1. You nailed it brother! 👍🏻
  2. Yup. The Mac-Mannish connection is gone, hence the leaks are minimal to none.
  3. Very good point. Either play my way and win or hit the road Jack.
  4. I think a viable answer is that Mac made some decent moves but also made some terrible moves. A team needs stability. You can’t have stability when you’re firing coaches and GM’s every 2 or 3 years. I would guess that the Management wanted Mac to work for the Jets and when Gase came in he was exposed for what he really was. A good scout perhaps, but a crappy GM.
  5. In my opinion, 100% spot on.
  6. MaxAF

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    I’ve heard some of the dumbest sh*t on this forum in the last few days. Trade Bell before he even starts the season. Think about it, when was the last time a team signed a top 5 RB (in his prime) and traded him before he received a single hand off. Do yourself a favor Jet fans.... just laugh off the dumb sh*t and white noise you here for the next few weeks and be excited about the upcoming season.
  7. MaxAF

    Bad start for gase, SOJ (merged)

    I’m not listening to the rumor mill. I’m not listening to the crappy beat writers. I’m not listening to the SOJ fans. Here’s a team that’s trying to get the right coaching personnel, the right player personnel and the right administration to put together a winning franchise and I’m going to wait and see before I pass judgement on the moves the Jets made. I like what’s going on so far. Bowles and his staff for the most part had to go. Mac had to go. I think most would agree with that. So what’s the issue. I will hold my criticisms at the end of the season. Hopefully it will be in January.
  8. What are you smokin brother??? Fire Gase who has not even started coaching yet? Bell is gonna demand to be traded? Bell is not gonna play his best?
  9. There will still be a lot of players to pick up after cuts. I guess Gase or the new GM will be making those decisions. I’m cool with it.
  10. MaxAF


    Done deal. End of story.
  11. MaxAF

    R e l a x

    I don’t give a rats ass what the stupid media says as long as we win.
  12. MaxAF

    R e l a x

    I don’t get how many on here are slamming Gase who has not coached a single game for the Jets yet. Gotta love the Jets fan base. No one has any idea what happened. It’s all speculation at this point. For Mac and Herm to be fired at the same time is quite puzzling. Peyton Manning gave a supporting recommendation to the Jets on behalf of Gase. I don’t consider Manning a football nimrod. I realize his numbers were not that great with the Fish but c’mon guys, we have to give this guy a shot before we drag him to the gallows. I view Gase as a no nonsense coach who eats, sleeps, drinks and sh*ts nothing but football. That’s the kind of coach I want coaching my team. He has no tolerance for divas and slackers. If your not gonna give him 100% at all times then GTF off the team. You think a Belichick or a Parcells with a similar mentality is a bad thing?
  13. MaxAF

    Mac fired!

    Just opened up Jet Nation and saw the exploding board. Wow man wow. Timing on this is crazy. Hopefully we’ll get the real scoop soon as to the details. I thought the draft this year was pretty decent aside from not addressing the O-line to protect Sam. I’m shocked.

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