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  1. I’m shocked. Just shocked! Can you believe it. Shocked!!!
  2. In all seriousness I hope Rosen is there at 3 but if not it will be Little Baker Mayfield or Allen.
  3. Think about it, the Jets gave away their #6, #39, #49 2018 draft picks and next years 2nd round draft pick to the Colts to take a RB???? And I know they are not going to trade out after giving all those DP’s away. Now that’s just ridiculous. They know They don’t have a shot at Darnold so they gave those picks up for Rosen, Allen or Mayfield. And if Rosen is gone it’s gonna be Allen or Mayfield. That’s how it plays out brother. But anyway you slice it we get a QB.
  4. Well Darnold is out and if Rosen goes number 2 you’re gonna take a RB or trade the #3 spot instead of taking a chance at a possible franchise QB whether it be Allen or Mayfield. Now that’s an epic move. The Jets are taking a QB at #3 or the Jet fans will burn that stadium down. Guarant****ingteed.
  5. So you’re not gonna answer that question. You’re dodging like a politician Starkie!
  6. You may be surprised if he goes #2. I believe Darnold is a lock for 1. Say Rosen goes 2. Who do you like for the Jets at 3?
  7. I only saw one Wyoming game last year but check out some highlight film on him. He’s got a high ceiling brother. Whoever gets him won’t be sorry. And when we take little Baker we’ll be cursed once again by the QB Gods.
  8. This kid is coming out of college. They all have inconsistencies and a lot to learn transitioning into the pro’s. But he has potential and a high ceiling. I’m going on record right here Starkie. He’s not gonna be a bust.
  9. I realize the stats on Allen aren’t that great but I would challenge anybody on here to take a few minutes and watch some film on this guy. He will amaze you. He has all the tangibles to be a great NFL QB. Size, check. Arm Strength, check. Pocket presence, check. Throws well on the run, check. Can run the ball, check. Accuracy, check. Has a nice touch on the ball. I can see why a lot of former QBs, football analysts and others are on his bandwagon. He’s no Hackenberg. Looks a lot like Big Ben but more mobile. Whoever gets this guy won’t be sorry. Naysayers, do your homework and check him out. Don’t just be a stat checker. Just my opinion.
  10. Quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks..... just give me a QB that can win games and get the Jets to the big one.
  11. Rosen too much a risk?

    I would be extremely surprised if the Giants do not go QB at #2. Eli is on his way out and with this QB pool they have to take one of these guys. Darnold 1 and Rosen 2 and then it’s Mayfield or Allen to the Jets. Mayfield would probably still be the at 6 so the only reason to move up would be to keep another team (Bills) from getting the top 3 big guys. I’m thinking Allen goes to the Jets which I’m ok with.
  12. He’s under pressure and creating. That will work great with the Jets O-Line. The fact that he throws a deep ball, real deep adds a dimension that Defenses have to cover.
  13. All the QBs coming out have some up sides and down sides Tom. Darnold struggled a bit this year but has great mechanics and throws a really nice ball. Rosen already has had shoulder surgery and concussions but I’d be thrilled if the Jets get him. Mayfield would be my 4th guy but he is a gutsy gamer. Just excited to see a talented QB squad coming to the draft and I hope for once in my lifetime the Jets pick a QB that can put some close games on his shoulders and come out on top. And I go back to the Namath days. It’s been a long time man.