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  1. I’m usually a glass half full guy but this is Sams’ second start of the season whereas the healthy QBs are 6 weeks into it. Just hope he comes out slinging the rock with bad intent and doesn’t have to shake off any rust. O-line has to block and protect like their mother is the QB.
  2. I know from my past Powerlifting days that the company AST had 2 supplements out 19NOR and ANDRO that would cause you to fail a drug test for anabolics. It may be possible that some supplements still contain elements that would cause someone to fail a drug test.
  3. I totally agree with this. A 2 back set would help with the run and pass game, especially with the o-line deficits the Jets have.
  4. I usually get out around the beginning of November. Bucks are much more active but I hear ya.
  5. If we are 0-6 after the next 2 weeks it will be just in time for hunting season and I’ll be in my tree stand with bow in hand waiting for something to kill, taking in the sights and sounds of the Great Northeastern woods instead of in front of my TV swearing at one particular individual on the sidelines holding paper in his hand and looking clueless. It’s a much better feeling on Sundays.
  6. Don’t you worry Crusher he’ll be rolling out......he’ll be running for his life.
  7. OK........so when is it time to fix the mistakes. Week 6 is approaching. Maybe after another 3 year rebuild. The Johnsons’ would be better off burning their money in the fire dumpster than spending hundreds of millions on what they currently have. Maybe JD can turn it around.
  8. I get what you’re saying about Falk. Not that I entirely agree but the argument has some merit. So you’re giving Gase a pass based on Falk. We’ll revisit this at week 8, week 12 and week 17.
  9. There you have it. Maybe Gase should adjust HIS system to get this offense going. And I get it Falk is horrible but that’s Gases boy too. So far the Offensive game plans have not worked. Last night saw the 49ers with a 2 back set. Oh but that’s not Gases system. What if the Jets put 2 TE’s sets to help block. Oh but that’s not Gases system. Is Gase willing to make adjustments in his system to get the Jets Offense going or is he a blockhead like Bowles who keeps doing the same thing every week expecting different results.
  10. I’m thinking more gunslinger Favresque. He’s got the moxie for sure. Jury still out in my book. He could be the next Brett Favre or bust.
  11. Sarcasm brother. That’s all I really got left at this point and probably all I’ll have for at least 2 more weeks.
  12. Well I guess he should get a participation ribbon then.

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