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  1. Really exciting to see Gase juiced up on Sam. Things just seem right with this combo.
  2. Really not interested in him at all. Besides the Jets have other holes to fill.
  3. It should be interesting to see what a new coaching staff can do with the O-line and the offense and defense as a whole. It just seemed like such a cluster of ineptitude the last few years with our coaching staff. Player utilization, schemes and some infusion of new blood on both sides of the ball may surprise Jet fans....I’m hoping.
  4. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=jusges+showing+score+cards&FORM=HDRSC2
  5. Well that puts him 1 click above Doug Williams. Enough said. Back in the day it was a ground and pound game for the most part. Today it’s a
  6. Worse and worse. He gave the Jets a few good years. IMO he’s packed it in and is ready for the recycle bin.
  7. Hasn’t helped that Brady has won 16 division titles since he’s been there. If the Jets were in another division it could be a different story. Anyway a new era has begun
  8. Watching Brady his whole career and seeing what he’s done. I have to agree with Joe. I don’t like it but he’s the best in my lifetime. And yes I have Johnny U., Joe Willy and Bart Starr’s football cards from when I was a kid.
  9. Lee is not an every down ILB. However used in a nickel package as an over the middle drop back LB he will be effective. I have no ill will against him. He just wasn’t used properly by those boneheads Rodgers and Bowles
  10. Have you written any fiction books? I always wondered what you did for a living. Or is it just something of a side job? Interesting piece in any event. 😉 By the way my prediction is that Adams has his breakout year 2020. We’ll see how many pics he has at the end of the season.

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