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  1. Pass. Jets need youth and positive attitudes. JJ has neither.
  2. What’s important is that the Jets improve the weak positions not trade in the areas of strength. A good team has players that create synergy. Players working together that makes the team as a whole stronger than a few stand out players. If the O-line improves and the Jets aquire a better WR group then Bell becomes a better RB. If the Jets get an edge rusher and CBs then Adams becomes better. Keep the solid position players and improve the weak areas. My 2 cents.
  3. Brady was 19-36, 169 yards, 1TD/1INT, Rtg 63.3 last night. Just saying.
  4. Watching NE as much as most Jet fans do, c’mon man, they always get the calls. The clock is ticking on Brady. He’s showing signs of an aging QB. Time is catching up on him. It was a very bad move by them dumping Jimmy G. Oh well.
  5. So was Mc Carthy. Just saying. And he coached Favre and Rodgers in case no one noticed.
  6. Good stat to support the narrative
  7. Game is not on in upstate NY. Bills game and Saints game here
  8. They need new strength and conditioning trainers.
  9. IMHO This is the NY Jets #1 epic failure of the 2019 season. Above all else the Jets signed one of the best RB’s in the NFL. Once again who is to blame? Gase or the roster or both. Last week against the winless Bengals who were ranked close to last in stopping the run game Bell had 10 touches for 32 yards running mostly at the middle of the line. The Bengals least vulnerable avenue. Gase has not found a way to use Bell to the Jets advantage after 12 games. Sorry I forgot it’s not Gases fault, it’s our crappy O-lines fault. If Gase is the Offensive genius he thinks he is I would expect him to find a way to design plays that would make Bell succeed. He’ll probably get traded next year and rush for 1200yards on some other team.
  10. Seems to me that Gase has his system, albeit, a losing one and he doesn’t move from it. I think there’s a distinction between HC’s where one coach might run their system regardless of player personnel and another coach will access their player personnel and design a system around them. As an example look at Harbaugh and what he’s done and Belichick who never gets early DP’s but consistently puts a competitive product on the field year after year. THAT’s THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN EXCELLENT COACH AND A MEDIOCRE COACH. Gase is mediocre at best. I realize the Jets have issues with there roster and injuries. So the question is, Do the Jets let Gase hang around until he has all his pieces put together or dump him in a year or 2. Unless Gase is the Offensive genius HE thinks he is and the Jets build around what he wants, we Jets fans have a lot more losing to look forward to. As of right now some of us are either blaming Gase for stinking up the field and some are blaming the roster and some both. The only way we’ll know whose right is more time and change.
  11. Gase isn’t going anywhere but I’m not a big Rivera fan. Some team will probably pick him up though. No thanks.
  12. I’m quite amazed at the injuries this team has had this season. I know teams get beat up in this sport but who is conditioning these guys. I was a strength coach for many years for a football team albeit just a HS team but we were strong and healthy. I owned a gym and powerlifted for many years...and was a national caliber competitor. A lot of my kids came back from college with a program I wouldn’t wipe my ass with. Maybe they should dump the training staff. Maybe I should apply. 😂
  13. Bingo. Thread is moot. Gase isn’t going anywhere

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