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  1. The last thing Arron Rodgers would do is play for the Jets.
  2. Here’s how this scrip goes. If the Jets draft Wilson he’ll be a bust. If the Jets trade down Wilson will be the next Patrick Mahomes.
  3. I think Sam may have improved with the new coaching staff, new offensive scheme and some new infusions into the offense. But I’m ok with the decision. Well it seems like it’s Wilson. JD says Sorry about that to all the Watson guys but he’s got his own plan and Watsons not in it.
  4. Watching JD’s moves in FA since he’s been here, seems his philosophy is conservative with the monies, trying to avoid Mac type deals like the plague. (Long term contracts with big money) We haven’t seen him pull the trigger on a big name, big contract yet. Perform and I’ll show you the money philosophy. Probably a good thing. Jets been burnt on those big money signings with Revis, Mo, Bell and so far Mosely.
  5. To your point....JaMarkus Russell was a human freak. How’d that work out. Mahomes seems pretty average. How’d that work out.
  6. I will not pass judgement on anything like this until all the facts surface. This happens all the time. Sometimes true, sometimes untrue. The court of public opinion has wrecked a lot of lives.
  7. I think this whole QB debate will revolve around the consensus of Zack’s pro day success of failure. If the Jets like what they see in Wilson they will pick him up and if they don’t they stick with Sam and trade the #2 for more DP’s. Just my 2 cents that makes sense.
  8. What did he get like a million bucks a minute for his tenure playing with the Jets.
  9. I think that was Gase’s call. Since Gase couldn’t get Bell to get 3 yds/carry in his genius offensive scheme
  10. Really on the fence with this one. Sam’s got 3 years in the league. I really can’t put all the stink on him. I think the crappy coaching and lack of protection has cause his stagnant growth. Can Lafleur remake him with a newly infused OL and some better route runners and superior receivers? Unknown. On the other side is Wilson. With his Jim McMahon headband and an overly frail frame which concerns me. Plus he actually looks like a girl I dated in HC... which is pretty scary. I don’t know if I could watch that every week. However, he could turn out to be great and I would hate for the Jets to miss that opportunity. One thing though the transition from college to pro is another level. He looks amazing in his college play but the game is much faster in the NFL. The windows for passing close quicker and every player is elite compared to most college players who will retired from football and pursue their academic successes. Kinda leaning towards new beginnings with Wilson. But wouldn’t be crazy disappointed if they trade down for more picks and keep Darnold. My bet is if they like what they see I his pro day debut Sammy is history.
  11. Unbelievable. The money these QB’s are getting. That’s 20% of their salary cap for 1 player with a F’d up ankle.
  12. This is my post of the week.... so far. It is only Monday, however, you’re completely accurate. The transition to the NFL from college is huge. You got a better chance at winning at the Casino crap tables than picking a QB in the draft. Where’s Wenz, Trubisky, Rosen, Goff, Johnny Manzell, etc, etc, etc...... I could go on and on. Many get so high on college QBs and most don’t pan out. Hell the Jets picked Jamal Adam’s and left Mahomes on the board. One thing is for sure, ya just don’t know whose going to transition successfully from a college QB to an NFL QB.
  13. Great post Sperm. I’m not sure what direction the Jets are going in. They may not even know yet. However the options are not all blue skies. I don’t think JD will dump a bunch of top DPs for Watson. Just goes against his philosophy of building through the draft. Dak is out. He wants too much money and if JJ won’t pay him why would the Jets. Getting a QB through the draft is a crap shoot. I was never a Suk for Sam guy. I actually liked Josh Allen for his raw talent and cannon arm but that’s yesterday’s mail. Not sure if any of the QBs in that draft would have excelled to greatness considering the coaching and personnel. I know Sam has not made the moves we all wanted him to make in year 3 but man that whole team and coaching was so disfunctional. Would another QB rise above the Gase offensive scheme and our OL issues? Unknown. One thing is for sure. Gase didn’t help Sam one bit in making him better. He looked lost and played crappy in Gases offense. He’s regressed no doubt. The question is can he be resurrected. And does the new regime think they can remake him. I think Salah and Lafleur will hold a lot of weight in the keep or dump Sam conversation.
  14. I like Dak but..... not for the payday he’s looking for. Mac would probably do it but JD won’t.
  15. You got that right. We’ve been in about a 9 year rebuild. Ah....what’s 3 more years
  16. Glad to see he finally found his true calling in football. Wish him the best.
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