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  1. I haven’t watched a pro bowl in years. And after watching 1 quarter of the game, I’ll never watch another one again. Worse than watching an inter squad practice game.
  2. Bingo. These guys are the best in the league. Why risk $15 million contracts. They are not going to get hurt in some meaningless game.
  3. I wasn’t a Gase fan when they picked him as HC. Comes in with a losing record and was never stellar or outstanding. I’m not a Gase fan now. So some are giving him the benefit of the doubt because of the roster and injuries. I have to wait til next year to see if he turns this team around at least somewhat. Sam did OK this year. Didn’t have a break out year. One thing, I don’t think the team quit on him and Sam has confidence in him. It’s not an easy schedule next year so if the Jets go 7-9 or 8-8 I would consider it a failure.
  4. Harbaugh built his offense around Jackson. It’s a pretty good concept for the Ravens. Bell was a top 5 back in the NFL with the Steelers. If it worked in Pittsburgh it can work in NY. If Gase threw out his plays and put in some Steeler plays, with a better O-line it would work. A good coach will stick to his scheme. A great coach will utilize the talent he has and design his game as such.
  5. Better yet add a FB that can block, run and catch.
  6. They were 4-4 the 2nd half on the season and that was with Brady. First half on the season was a cakewalk with no good teams including the Jets x2. They lost a must win game at home to the Dolphins. One and done in the WC game yesterday. BB coaching didn’t look that dynamic. Still a great coach but not immortal. Gonna be a nice next few years while they try to find a replacement for Brady. Even if he stays he’s not what he used to be.
  7. Siemian will be the backup next year. There are too many holes to fill in the rest of the roster.
  8. Patriots have looked worse than I’ve seen them since I can remember. Losing home games. This era is just about over. Brady is just old and inaccurate, can’t make the throws he used to, long ball isn’t there. He’s not getting the PI calls he used to. The pig is finally ripe. They needed that game last week and lost to..... the 2019 Dolphins. Fitz threw for over 300 yards. They have nobody in the wings to takeover the QB position.
  9. Are you absolutely positively sure Gase didn’t give Sam mono????😂
  10. The season is over. It was a decent finish. Williams has done an excellent job with the D considering many injuries. I’m not sold on Gase at this time although my previous opinions were emotionally driven. I have seen some changes in the play calling that I like. Is Gase the elite offensive guru that SAR says he is? I’m not in that camp by a long shot. However the team did not quit on him, he didn’t lose the locker room and Sam is seemingly all in with Gase. I’m willing to see what he can do with an improved O-line and maybe a #1 receiver that I hope the Jets can pick up. Gase has to find a way to get Bell back to his true RB dynamics. Over 1000yds rushing and another 500-600 receiving. Jets have promising TE’s for next year. I’d really like to see a stout FB added to the mix next year. Teams are having success again with a 2 set backfield. Sam IMHO is progressing and I’m confident he’ll continue to get better. The schedule will not be easy next year so this team needs to come out of the gates hard and fast.
  11. So when was the last time he played in an NFL game? He just gonna walk on and be what he was. 🤨
  12. It would be pretty stupid and irresponsible to use his 7 year old son as a twitter account to comment on dumb twitidiots posts. Fake news!!! It’s treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors. Impeach Gase!!!!
  13. But....but the Dolphins had injured players and, and a bad QB whose doing quite well now and, and the Dolphin team was banged up and, and Ajayi and Landry got dumped because someone didn’t like them and, and the dolphins had injuries.
  14. The pattern is the Jets offense gets progressively worse throughout each game. The Defense always trying to hold on. Adjustments by Gase. None that I see.
  15. Yup. It stalls after the 1st drive and gets worse as the games play out. Maybe it will be different this game. Maybe not.
  16. Seriously though he’s progressing well, has good command, rocket arm and can run. Accuracy is improving somewhat. He’s gonna be good. Real good.
  17. I’m not convinced he can even coach the offense, let alone having him butt heads with Williams on Defense. He’s not my opinion of a good coach
  18. Pass. Jets need youth and positive attitudes. JJ has neither.
  19. What’s important is that the Jets improve the weak positions not trade in the areas of strength. A good team has players that create synergy. Players working together that makes the team as a whole stronger than a few stand out players. If the O-line improves and the Jets aquire a better WR group then Bell becomes a better RB. If the Jets get an edge rusher and CBs then Adams becomes better. Keep the solid position players and improve the weak areas. My 2 cents.
  20. Brady was 19-36, 169 yards, 1TD/1INT, Rtg 63.3 last night. Just saying.
  21. Watching NE as much as most Jet fans do, c’mon man, they always get the calls. The clock is ticking on Brady. He’s showing signs of an aging QB. Time is catching up on him. It was a very bad move by them dumping Jimmy G. Oh well.
  22. So was Mc Carthy. Just saying. And he coached Favre and Rodgers in case no one noticed.

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