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  1. Thanks for listening. You make a great point about about inaccuracy on screen passes/swing routes, I never even considered that. I'm going to check out the links that you posted.
  2. Thanks man, we really appreciate the subscription! My brother is a HUGE Jets hater. He got so much enjoyment out of that week 17 Buffalo win over the Jets.
  3. For anyone that is interested, I did an entire podcast about Christian Hackenberg. The iTunes link to the episode: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/afc-east-bros-kyle-smith-gary/id1035430459?mt=2&i=372565638 The Stitcher link to the episode: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/afc-east-bros/e/45375144?autoplay=true Topics discussed include: Christian's decision making What Jordan Palmer has done/not done for Christian The Blake Bortles comparison The content of Christian's character His hand size and how that could affect him His
  4. Good work, Joe. Almost all of his highlight plays come in the running game/screen recognition. While Jets fans love Pryor, we need to recognize that he is a limited player that thrives in a certain role. We can't expect him to play deep free safety the way that Rex deployed him from time to time his rookie year. Kudos to Bowles for putting him in a place where he can succeed. -Kyle Smith
  5. Having a good motor is one of the most important things for a defensive lineman. D-line snaps are at premium in the NFL with all of the substitutions that defensive units make in the NFL. If a guy is going to take plays off, then the team would be better off subbing him out. It's nice to see that Jenkins has that. With all of that being said, I still need to see improvements in other areas of his game.
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