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  1. For some reason, Jets fans have this extreme hatred for a coach where the team made deep playoff runs under him. Despite how you feel, I'm very positive the players wanted to play for him. Because he was a defensive-minded coach, I don't think the defense would of been this bad. He struggled developing the offense, but Bowles is stuck on stupid so there is not much of a difference here. Rex bought energy to the team. I know it's a sin to like him, but I miss him. BTW, it wasn't all Rex's fault the team went to crap. Whoever decided to take away Braylon and Cotchery from Sanchez wa
  2. I'm sure Chiefs and Texans fans thought their season was over...Look what happened. Though it's more unlikely for us to make it under these circumstances, the fighting spirit you have is great.
  3. Lol. I noticed that too. The airport could not get in contact with jet because it's engine died and crashed.
  4. But forreals, the best Bills game is probably the 1998 one where we locked up our first Division title.
  5. Beat the Patriots and the Dolphins and lose all the other games. 5-11 should keep us in the Top 5 picks for the Draft.
  6. I want to put that f**ker in a cannon and shoot his a** into orbit around the sun.
  7. The special team penalty and the result after covered the whole history of Jets after the SB win. R.I.P. Jets season. We hardly miss ya.
  8. It's up to us to sweep the Patriots now...
  9. Holy s#!t!!! The amount of smug and arrogance there is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. Can't WAIT for the day things go wrong the Gaytriots.
  10. If Geno is healthy, start him next week. Give Petty time to heal and practice.
  11. Yes. Just like the 62-7 Jaguars-Dolphins game that put Marino into retirement.
  12. Supporting the QB you're going to play with in the next couple of games is apparently "sucking up".
  13. Prediction: Geno will provide the spark to the Jets season. After manhandling the Patriots in the AFC Championship game, Geno leads the Jets to 30-27 SB win over the 16-0 Vikings. Geno gets signed to a 6-year deal. Just a prediction.
  14. If Geno starting doesn't make any sense, Petty should of been the backup coming into the season.
  15. Rex Ryan has coached the Bills to wins over 2 playoff teams and a team on the rise. Meanwhile, Bowles is not going for it on 4th and 2 in the 4th quarter. Fitz threw 9 picks in 2 weeks. Has Mark ever been this embarrassing?
  16. Well, that sounds like a personal problem. These athletes are role models for kids. If kids see these athletes being brave enough to stand up for what they believe, hopefully they can do the same. Because you want to ignore that doesn't make it wrong. This is bigger than sports.
  17. A fanbase that mostly hates your guts and a team that is not starting you even though the starter is playing horrible. Geno shouldn't even have to give a f**k anymore if you ask me.
  18. Are these threads illegal? I probably shoulda read the rules.
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