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  1. Doesn't matter anyway. Bowels is still around and he can't coach to save his life. You could sign an all star team and he and Kacy Rodgers will ruin it. All I'm saying they were saving all this money for free agency and then they half way fix the team. Doesn't make since because this is the last year of Bowles and Macc so they might as well go all out. let the next team deal with the mess.
  2. Where is the pass rush gonna come from? Robbie Anderson will be in jail so we'll need another WR.
  3. You left out they got a competent coach. One who can make in game adjustment and not look stupid on the sidelines. Oh and also their defense is not coach by an equally dumb coach named Kacy Rodgers. Who I can't believe hasn't been fired yet.
  4. Passed on Mahomes too. Mahomes in one game in his rookie season passed for more yards than Hackenberg in 2. So the Jets have no QB and Macc is taking back to back safeties. Even if he gets a QB in the draft they'll have them on the 3 year no actual playing time schedule. Macc should have been fired this year.
  5. I agree but you can add a few like Charley Winner and Joe Walton. I hope we don't have another situation like Walton. He stayed like 7 years and was terrible. They just rewarded Bowles for losing and you have these Bowles apologist chiming in that he needs to stay around. If he has less wins than losses by game 6 he needs to be fired. Tired of hearing they play hard and he's a nice guy crap.
  6. Herm problem was managing the clock and had to have a coach do it for him. He talked a great game but didn't back it up. Bowles is in a coma for 4 quarters. So Herm wins this one easily.
  7. I like them both. But Mccagnan will probably go back to back kickers. We will not advance anywhere until Bowles and Macc are gone.
  8. I agree if he were so good why did we need to draft another safety. One who I believe is the better of the two. Mahomes did more in one game than Adams did in a whole season. So are we going back to back tight ends this year?
  9. I agree I was a Macc fan and thought the Jets got that right finally. Getting a real scout in that position instead of a bean counter like Tannenbaum. But now I'm not a Macc fan after he went back to back safeties in the draft. Either he has no balls and making picks just for Bowles instead of looking at the weaknesses across the entire team. I guess Macc was in a coma last year and missed the offense mess last year.
  10. That's more on Bowles cause he sucks. He coaches scared and his very next defensive adjustment will be his first.
  11. So we are back to waiting 3 years for next years QB class. How do you know the QB we pick will be a franchise one. How do you know the ones we didn't pick this year wouldn't have worked for us. I trust Andy Reid evaluation 1000% over Macagnan and Bowels. If Hackienberg doesn't see the field this year they need to dumpster that dude. Just chalk it up to a lousy pick and try and correct it as soon as possible to get the stench off the team.
  12. David Shaw with Macc staying on as GM. Jimmie Johnson gets a group together to buy the Jets away from Woody.
  13. Thank you, I'm glad someone else feels that way. Rex wanted to be here too unlike Groh, Bellicheck, and Edwards. All Rex needed was a competent GM.
  14. Jets have gone BPA for the last 10 years and its gotten them nowhere. Its lazy scouting and only fits if you are picking at the back end of the draft every year. The Jets also have a problem taking high-end talent only from the defensive side of the ball. It made the roster lopsided and that is why you have Bowles kicking field goals down 38.0.
  15. Isn't that the same crap Hack went through at Penn State? Went fro success with O'Brien to total abject failure under Franklin. Maybe it will reverse this time after sucking in preseason, making a huge leap under Morton. Yeah right.
  16. Yeah it is amazing how some fans think. Sanchez got us deep into the playoff twice first 2 years. Namath didn't, Pennington didn't so that is a great reference point. Guess that blew up in your face.
  17. Well being that the Jets have tried that approach before with the same results how bout we try something different. If they are sitting on him with all this chaos then there must be some real concerns. If that is the case then we will never see Hack play for the Jets. He has to be pretty bad. I think the guy is psychologically damage and I don't think football is a immediate priority. He might need some therapy. Football players are there to play not be babysat. When those young kids stormed the beach at Normandy did the country have time to babysit them. No it was man up time and do your job.
  18. Bout time they move to that. If you are drafting DL every year and running a 3-4 you are in the wrong defense alignment. A 4-3 will generate more pressure and now we will have to find a way to trade Lee because no way is he a 3-4 or 4-3 linebacker. There are safeties bigger than him.
  19. Well said. Macc mailed it in with this draft. I can see Lee being a Bowles pick but Hackenberg was all on Macc. He drove to Happy Valley to do a private workout with Hack. I don't know what he saw to make that pick but alot of team wanted nothing to do with this guy. Now the question what do you do going forward? I would draft another QB this year and make Hack either man up or the Jets move on from him in a year or 2. There are no viable QB in free agency and the jets need to draft a QB every year until they find one or two of them. That is the only way they can get out of the bad PR of takin
  20. That's not what you said. Your comment below: Fitz was benched, Geno was out, Petty was starting. Every player practices because you never know what might happen. Case in point with the Jets when they lost 2 QB's in one game. With your comment it makes Bowles even worst as a coach. You don't draft people to sit and baby sit them. So now we are drafting players to look at. This is football if he can't play get rid of him and get someone in here that can.
  21. Extremely flawed logic. Must have never played sports in your life. If you have 1 healthy QB and still not playing and definately NOT PRACTICING you stink. Capiche? The only reason you would not practice if you were healthy is if you were banned because of PED's or some other violation.
  22. They forgot the most important stat. Total shanks in a game/season. Quigley would win that by a landslide.
  23. This will change some things. Now what if Clemson WR Mike Williams is staring at the Jets in the 6 spot? We have so many needs it will take 3 offseasons to fix.
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