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  1. I googled bing once....I did. I also turned up the volume on my remote while watching a silent movie....
  2. But what am I clicking on to bring it to there? I know how to do a still screen shot on my phone, to use click to choose file, , but how does a short video apply on pc?
  3. It's going to be one of those games like the 1940 ,73-0 game. Just ugly
  4. They both have dark hair and so does my sister. I wonder too sometimes lol
  5. I'm on pc, I don't know to interpret your example.. to apply it, here
  6. as long as they make millions while losing. Thats the only standard they need.
  7. This is season 100. Tomorrow leaves 100 days left in the year. I'll go with 100-0 , maybe 100-12. Other possibilities 47,72 100 or 77 seems good right now...
  8. They say I don't drink much tea. If anything, I think he'd end up in Chicago first. Reich has Colts
  9. Hell, he'd probably coach Detroit, come to think of it
  10. Harbaugh is connected to the Bears,Colts, Ravens. He has no connection to Jets.
  11. Annoyed? You root for a team that never wins..and keep coming back for more. You should be pretty tolerant of being annoyed by now lol Throughout history, censorship has always been a indicator that truth was being supressed. I'm simply giving my view of national media.. we disagree on something, The end. It doesn't need to be something I need to walk on egg shells about, amongst friends, virtual or otherwise. Now! Let's go out there tomorrow and try to lose the game by less than 50 points!!
  12. i've heard that sh__ in pre game stuff about them every year. on the radio in the car. on tv. none of matters. theyll run the ball more this this year and just not score as much lol but theyll still win...except for one game this season.
  13. There's a fire, you can see it. So what? You will never be able to prove whether it was entirely natural or premeditated.
  14. Look at it this way.. What they don't tell you about is more likely the stuff that happens. Brady does appear kind of sweet..if you know what I mean..nudge nudge, wink wink
  15. This is simply a logic discussion. I'm not personally attacking a single soul. There's nothing to get emotional about or take personal. I have simply pointed out that you can not prove as real, anything that you read. How/,why is that difficult? People base a belief in something based on faith in media. Not on any actual knowledge or proof. Believing what you read is not knowledge or proof of anything. This is no different than any other disagreement about any other topic. You don't base liking or hating someone over trivial gossip about jocks. Or anything else. I am friend.. me friend..me not enemy. ..me not make hate towards you.
  16. I don't need to prove anything that didn't happen.Thats what can't prove a negative , actually means. You can't prove something happened based on words on a screen. Until you can prove any incident physically took place. There's nothing I need to defend.
  17. All you keep doing is repeating stuff you read. That doesn't make it real. Do you not understand the words "lie, hoax, fiction,fake, not real. They can make fake pictures, fake video. You have no way of finding out the actual origin of where any tweet came from. You are basing all your knowledge on nothing but faith in words alone faith. In media. That proves nothing.
  18. Lol I forgot which game I first saw this...like the SB or something. Just freaking hilarious in its simplicity
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