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  1. Wrong. The product isnt based on fan loyalty. It's' entertainment . Its based on what's hot now. Fans who only buy one teams product, don't buy as much as someone buying different paraphernalia each year. Profit and revenue sharing means the league as whole doesn't give a damn if the only thing they sold was Brady jerseys, nation wide. They all still profit. The league still profits. If no one buys a Darnold jersey from here on in..it doesn't hurt the league or the Jets. Bandwagon fans are happier and smarter then loyal losers. Capitalism and profit sharing, say so. NFL-TV contracts/money , nullify needing a long term , loyal, single team fan base. Every time the Rams move, they end up in a Championship. They've also won a championship in 3 cities. The only franchise to do so. Maybe the Jets need to think about moving now.
  2. Rams don't remotely fit into that category. They have as big a national fan base as any popular old school team . Being one of the original 8, or 10. Of course fans were quiet during this down period. But comparing them to Jags etc. Is Wayyyy off the mark. And over the next decade, their bandwagon will get heavy. Just like the 50s to the 80s Pats..sure, nationally not a big deal. Locally, the Celtics, Bruins were doing enough to keep fans busy. They didn't need Pats to be good. But notice how the Pats, Red Sox were conveniently on the upswing, while Celtics got quiet. Bandwagon isn't a negative term to the league. Bandwagoners are how the league makes billions on tickets, tv deals and merchandise. Of course it's a dumb term, like troll anyway. It translates to: people smart enough to not waste life away watching losers for years.
  3. Sports is entertainment. ...like you expected anything else from me... You're welcome.
  4. I like bondage outfits on hot women. I could care less about the whole sub culture, fetish thing though lol.
  5. The same govt that tells you, you're free. Is the same one making sure you aren't free. Nothing has ever been up to the individual..while a ruling class is present and in control. People think they need to have a right presented to them by govt , to be free. Freedom simply is. It needs no approval or validation. I don't need a right. I simply can just be.
  6. Propaganda. Revisionist history. People let their emotions be swayed by symbols. I would like a nazi flag and confederate flag to display, simply because they are cool artwork. But people are idiots and think..oh, that most certainly means you'e racist or support something evil. People are idiots. They let symbolism rule their minds and reasoning.
  7. Don't you see? You were mocked. They intentionally gave the boy the name of a cuss word/penis. To laugh at you.
  8. Animals are for the most part, free. You havent been free, one single day in your life. Words have kept your mind in bondage to someone else's influence.
  9. I assume you ment irony. ? You're mocking the vast intelligence and wisdom in that post? Its' basically the most intelligent, profound, educational thing, you've read all month. Learning to read obviously didn't help you gain wisdom or insight. I did load you with iron of the mind but you of course reject the magnificent gift
  10. Lets' put it this way.. You dont need to learn how to read, to learn words. As a child/baby, before schooling. You learned an entire language by sight, sound and memory alone. Your mind was pure and free to a point. Then you walked into a class room where the immediate dumbing down began. You learned an entire language as a child....then they sit you down and... See Dick run. Run Dick run. School is a waste of time and intelligence.
  11. Your response shows poor comprehensive ability to what I said. Which means you have a poor command of words and their meaning in the first place. The English language is the world's financial language, based in numerology. It's. Entire purpose from the beginning was to dumb you down. Learning words/reading, makes it easier to lie to you and propaganda to take hold. The English language is full of useless words.. like belief and coincidence. Reading doesn't make you smarter. It makes you easier to dumb down, through less violent means.
  12. A single tear falls from the father's eye.* reminds of the 70s anti litter commercial and the Indian shedding a tear lol. also Dave Chappelle referencing it once
  13. Ok. In all seriousness..like they say.. the Victor writes the history books. They entirely embellish something and it takes 20 to 50 to 100 years to completely erase the origin. In school I learned Lincoln simply freed slaves.. while most adults learned that' false. Thats still pushed in schools to this day. Most everything you think you know about the last 200 years, is a complete lie. The story of the American aboriginal is no different. America is one big, fat, freaking lie
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