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  1. Brady doesn’t practice

    I exaggerated it, so you'd know i was kidding
  2. Brady doesn’t practice

    ohhh shuttt uppp he plays for a paycheck like the rest of them. No human being walks around wondering what anyone thinks of their legacy. old retired players are just that = Old retired players
  3. bad for the league. They upset the little kid
  4. Finish this sentence....

    f the Jets upset the Pats on Sunday, it will _______________________ not make toe-head return his Beckham jersey,regardless
  5. What are you Complaining about?

    people try to get creative week to week, thinking they dont want to waste good teams early. Stalking losing teams makes more sense. You only use 16 teams anyway
  6. Don't you realize? the Jets are making your survivor pools that much easier!
  7. youre on my fantasy team.Dont effing stop running!
  8. Dont worry about it Bro, I'll just pretend to chase you,we be Makin' your highlights look good!
  9. Chiefs vs Cheats

    ok, big deal,Pats will go 12-4 or 13-3. only the games will now look in jeopardy till the end. but I already expected them not to go all the way this year.
  10. https://playoffpredictors.com/football/nfl/?L=Aw18ZXTt-DFOS1b0ckA you can do week to week or what makes more sense of clicking on individual teams in standings and doing their whole season at once. when it saves,the link in the address changes so you can link that and people can see what you did if you link it here. I hope it doesnt have the same problem it did last year where I would finish.. but when I pasted link to another site it changed my playoff seedings different. Maybe I didnt finish or something,I dont know?
  11. MNF Colts @ Jets

    pretty simple..Colts are winning
  12. MNF Colts @ Jets

    Colts simply arent losing