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  1. yeah... the kept footage for 50 years that they never showed? how convenient, since tech has given them the ability to fake it even further , during the 50 year span. they told you they lost instructions how to get there and recorded over footage of the event...but oh , yeah, we kept all this other stuff secret...? theres no legit explanation for how they go number two and get rid of it either. people just dont think it through. i'm leaving on the table.. maybe they have or havent. but when you say.. "oh, we lost the instructions how to and havent done it in 50 years.. lol. it means its bullsh*t.
  2. I'm aware.. I just used the term google, as opposed to just saying the word " look". No need to get defensive or sarcastic.
  3. Just google away. Something will show up
  4. No, QBS are judged by fantasy point potential. Get with it, bro. Besides, no one gives a flip about Foles or Rypien or Dilfer anymore.
  5. Which keeps making them more and more money, every year. They are endorsing every story they release that involves themselves. Bad publicity is still publicity.
  6. The Jets need as many distractions as they can get. Distractions win Championships. Ray Lewis and big mouth tight end Sharpe, Tom Brady/Pats, Robert Kraft, Favre (Medical drugs) Pack had Andre Rion on team Too and 4 time loser Beebe.
  7. Nothing happened to him because nothing happened. Another made up incident.
  8. A face. One of the faces. Definitely not THE face of the league.
  9. 8-8, 9-7 if i'm drugged and manipulated to be nice about it
  10. Nope, you still have no clue what YOU are talking about. I win! As usual. Youre welcome.
  11. 1.lol 2 proves you don't know s__ about the leagues. Do better research. All leagues have some form of revenue sharing. They are not 28, 32 etc separate business. 3. Stop stalking me. I'm not attracted to you
  12. 1.I know more than you ever will about entertainment sports. 2. Stop stalking me
  13. But But he has to pander to the Ohio crowd. Bunch a every day hard workin men, don't' take no guff. Tell it like it is. It' just a dumb quote and unless it' on video, he probably didn't even say it
  14. I do know that. He won't win enough. Do I care if im wrong? Not at all.

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