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  1. Yes, but can you do that?
  2. He will take the check down. Gotta admit, Sam needed to do that a lot more
  3. Jets were never taking Fields. Darnold would be back, if Fields were the only other option
  4. I agree. It would just be nice to have a top skill position player for once in our lives
  5. If nothing else, we should be seeing some long completions being made
  6. That must’ve been a search engine on steroids you used to find that article
  7. How many here would be opposed to N Harris at 23?
  8. I agree. I watched the full game last night. He was under duress, and that did lead to inaccurate passes, but not turnover worthy. The offense was run heavy, and there was a surprising amount of QB designed runs on 3rd down. He had a better 2nd half when they opened up the passing game more
  9. Didn’t he get us Mac and Bowles? Bowles was much better
  10. How legit was Coastal Carolina? Do they have any big prospects in the draft or future drafts?
  11. Having a team that doesn’t look like it’s ever practiced
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