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  1. He had movement, so that’s great news. Hopefully, this is just a temporary thing. Prayers up
  2. No Darnold updates today? Strange
  3. I don’t think there will be a single who. Some combination of the team, taxpayers and whoever else.
  4. Becton had the biggest smile he couldn’t contain when talking about Zach and the offense. His press conference clip is worth the watch
  5. I’d make a significant wager that Bless Austin is making this team. Guy has more NFL snaps than any corner on the roster, and he’s going to get cut? As a not so wise man once uttered ,“Cmon man”
  6. Why? What happened at practice? I missed it. I was running a few errants
  7. Too early to write Mims off but this speaks volumes as to what they were throwing out their last year at WR
  8. I’d say the Eagles are the favorites
  9. All of the top picks get the money within weeks. I’d like to see examples of this not happening
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