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  1. Bowles and Macc are coming back

    Francesa just stated Mac reminds him of George Young
  2. I Want Josh Allen

    iTrade with the niners for the 2nd overall is what I want
  3. Overall, the secondary play has improved since last season and that was not going to be easy, starting so many rookies. Im not making definitive statements about any player 10 games into a career. As an example, Revis got burned at different points of his rookie campaign. Let's hope they get even better next season
  4. Spend some time on other NFL message boards and you will quickly find out those fans also complain about the exact same things.
  5. We can easily move to the top 3rd or 4th spot with a nice long losing streak.. keep hope alive
  6. Six games left. 4-12 would be nice
  7. Does Giants loss help/hurt us?

    So lets see....... last time the Giants were in this spot, they drafted their franchise QB and went on to 2 SB victories. You tell me who it helps
  8. Because Misery Loves Company...

    Giants are not trading with the Jets. Epecially with the chance to land a franchise QB. Wake up
  9. Because Misery Loves Company...

    Giants are going to lock up the second pick. The absolute worst case scenario, on so many levels for the Jets. Unreal
  10. Women are taught in our society that you can strike a man without consequence. With that said, he is an officer of the law and did not use proper judgement.
  11. Are the Jets good

    Cant emphasize enough the tremendous job Bowles and the rest of the staff have done. Garbage roster, garbage QB, but they play hard, compete and are in every game. Always prepared
  12. You just don't throw away a 2nd round pick, Niners will go forward with Jimmy G
  13. Except they have a legit shot to win more games than us. Next 2 home games are very winnable...... Cards and Giants
  14. This Bowles debate

    Really don't know what people expect out of this roster. Is this a ten win team? Am I missing something?
  15. I want Petty to start also, cause I want to tank. With Mcnown, we actually may win some more games.