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  1. I haven’t read your thoughts on the current one, but it’s too early to tell, regardless of your opinion
  2. Attract paying customers. That’s the idea. Types of green is the only diversity. And that’s exactly why Kap doesn’t have a job. The customers can’t stand his ass, evident by them booing him out the building. You don’t need owner collusion for that. Any idiot can see it’s bad for business
  3. Both are public figures, Who cares? And we can all tell jokes, comedian or not. Dangerous people want to restrict speech because they are offended. On top of the fact that there are clear double standards, which someone else pointed out earlier
  4. People think I'm joking when I say the growing number of effeminate men is going to be real problem in society
  5. Absolutely. That’s is dumb But, was he joking? I haven’t read them and won’t waste my time. I’m just curious as to whether he was authenticity telling jokes. Because I do think, that’s very different and doesn’t have to be bigoted. Also why, I’m so glad Chappelle is doubling down on his comments and not letting the mob control him. First person I can recall with the balls to do so
  6. Any given Sunday. No excuses for either team. Win the damn game
  7. JFM played in the super bowl and recorded a sack before joining the Jets
  8. Or maybe Bill’s failed spending spree and losing record without Brady is starting to catch up to him
  9. I agree, but I believe that will definitely come
  10. Is exactly what I screamed after the TD where Zach pointed to Davis for a bomb. Well, it’s even better on the all 22, when you see where his receivers were positioned before the throw. This is some high level stuff.
  11. You gotta see the all 22 to understand. It’s more amazing than you think
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