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  1. There are zero sure things this year. Have you been watching?
  2. Everybody knows what is gonna happen in these games, until we find out nobody knows. Bills or Chiefs can both lose next week. Chiefs already did and Bills lost to the Jags. And reminder that the Pats were horrible down the stretch before they played the Bills. Let it play out
  3. Or Burrow doesn’t throw screen passes to defenders
  4. Amazing that the Jets beat both these teams. People have to remember the Titans haven’t lost a game when all of their big 4 play
  5. I love when people can tell you ,how other people are thinking
  6. Jets need good players over need. Especially since they need everything
  7. Not a draft where teams are looking to trade up. Let’s face it
  8. He is more Lebron than Jordan. He left New England for a super skill position team
  9. I think if Watson wins games it will die out. Different story if there are criminal charges
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