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  1. Excited to see Zach play with the added muscle. Anyone who has gained significant muscle knows that it makes you feel like a Superman. I think that will help him with the obvious fear he played with in the pocket last year.
  2. Unless we are in the room, we can’t speak to this. Reporting is nice. The jury is hearing the evidence and decides what is credible. And the corruption would have to be coming from the common man, the same average Joe , who is called in for jury duty.
  3. So Juicy’s text did him in, and Deshaun’s didn’t? Interesting
  4. Ok, it’s different. He does not go to jail or get his life ruined , unless you prove it in court. There you go
  5. The justice system has bought into his innocence
  6. Nope. If you are accusing him of rape, you have to prove it. Thats how it works
  7. The innocent do not have to explain anything. Do you not understand that? It is up to the accusers. That’s pretty basic stuff
  8. OK. I did not know that he sent them checks. I have no evidence of that. But you are accusing one group of being motivated by money, and not the other. That’s your prerogative
  9. How did they get 18 women to say he was innocent? Luck? I don’t care about any other case. This one is unique to anything else, and no other outcome should impact this one. Yes, I am defending his right to innocence until proven otherwise
  10. Wrong. That’s where we are different. How about, I don’t believe anybody. You must prove you’ serious allegations. You don’t get to lock people up over allegations or even ruin their life. I don’t know who is making what up . Either way
  11. Maybe you should advocate to overturn our system. Make it easy. Allegations are enough to lock you up for a few decades. Start it up
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