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  1. I would not go there yet. He just definitely is not there now. Maybe never
  2. Wow Lawrence. Hey, say what you want, but Zach has not thrown that killer pick. Hopefully the production improves today
  3. People actually think there is a QB competition? Really. Really? Really??
  4. Zach actually had a better QBr vs Denver than Herbert .
  5. Maybe. But, you can’t find his one positive take on Zach
  6. There was absolutely free runners on Sunday. But sometimes he needs to hit a hot immediately or throw it away . Still too many bad decisions.
  7. So far, not good enough from Zach. Check back in a few more weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the ride
  8. https://www.duvalpride.com/showthread.php?tid=37535
  9. ACL is really a 2 year injury. Most returning players struggle first year back
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