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  1. When the Jets won the Super Bowl, they ran behind Left tackle and guard. History repeats
  2. As soon as guys are expendable, the next second there is an injury and we are starting Lawrence Cager. Keep them all. Jets are under the cap
  3. I couldn’t understand why Douglas would go out on a limb and describe Moore as having outstanding character. I don’t trust guys who would do the dog urination thing to play on my team. After listening to this, not only am I convinced he will probably be, at the very least a solid player for us, I have no doubt he is a high character guy. Very much worth the listen https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/play-like-a-jet-new-york-jets/id1236901698?i=1000520012449
  4. Yes. I don’t agree with just handing him the keys
  5. I thought it was a guy named McDonald who replaced Kanish? Am I hallucinating?
  6. I agree. I just think at the start of camp some players will have a leg up
  7. Yes, Davis was a premium draft pick. He stays. And Lamar Jackson should be higher up
  8. Gase was always throwing on first down
  9. They actually would have kept him if they had the third overall. Shefter reported that
  10. So incompetent they draft the same guy twice
  11. He brought it up because it was on the back page of one of the papers. Not a big deal
  12. The truth is this organization has done the exact opposite for more than a decade. I have no problem with them going right back there. This game is won in the trenches
  13. How far would they have to drop to recoup a third? I would guess about 20 spots down, to do that
  14. If you are familiar with the 1980-90s Howard Stern, it’s very obvious this is who Cartion grew up listening to and who he desperately wants to be. He does a very poor job of it , to put it kindly. That show is just bad radio.
  15. What was the Cimini question? Couldn’t hear
  16. Yes, but I will guess they had Tucker rated over Jenkins by a decent margin. Let’s go get Jenkins today
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