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  1. Costello said 5 starters on D were out. Not an excuse, just curious Reed, JFM, Lawson who am I missing?
  2. He gets the luxury of chalking it up to the pre season. if this is the effort week 1, it will be an early hot seat. The fan base is gonna have a short fuse
  3. God has blessed your family. Great days ahead
  4. The way Sauce has started, I would NOT have drafted an OT
  5. Wonder if We will still hear about Zach having a horrible camp
  6. No QB in the league can function with 2 backup tackles
  7. He was missing 2 starting tackles. Check out Mahomes in the SB when he had the same deal. He was horrible
  8. Twitter can literally ruin your life
  9. I hope they are considering AVT at RT. At least get him reps there as an experiment. Herbig is more than an adequate G
  10. Last year 2 picks and really bad. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/lists/new-york-jets-training-camp-green-and-white-scrimmage-takeaways-zach-wilson/
  11. He was bad last year. I hated the 2 consecutive throws last night, but he was way better this year
  12. Yup. People who weren’t there can criticize the messenger. I have not been overly critical of Zach. But that needs to be cleaned up
  13. Just got back. Zach put up 2 consecutive balls he had no business throwing. Yeah, he was ok otherwise. But , you just can’t do that as an NFL QB
  14. Pretty sure Zach was horrible last year in this scrimmage
  15. Appreciate the offer. I was able to get them
  16. If anyone has extra tickets, I would appreciate it. Yes, I’m desperate and begging
  17. They shouldn’t be on anyway. Zach is a disciplined kid. Most of them are not that smart
  18. He told Zach “ I got you, they ain’t gonna get there” That is going to be huge for Zach
  19. Im disappointed after seeing the new addition to the Panthers cheer squad last season
  20. Because the media has convinced them that young QBs don’t progress and if they don’t start out great it never gets better. People just agree with what they’re told
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