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  1. You can actually die coming back too early from a concussion. I hope he is OK. But I also hope the dolphins did the right thing
  2. Just flood the middle of the field on passing downs. Not hard to solve Tua
  3. Thanks for the informative post. Its the coaching that worries me
  4. Anyone who thinks this will not be a challenge with the LT situation is clueless. Zach still has to perform better
  5. It’s pretty embarrassing that the Jets have great corner play and a bad defense
  6. Since Mitchell seems to be serviceable, they have a week to help Mcdermott out. Will certainly limit the offense, but have to do it. No excuses, if the coaches do their job
  7. They really need to make sure he is 100% ready. Gotta be able to really move with the tackle situation and that’s how he got hurt in the first place
  8. Huff has to be active. And they need to bench washed up players like Joyner
  9. He better have a plan to help out the LT next week. And clean up the idiot plays on defense. Do the basics
  10. Yeah. The line is bad, but he needs a great line to get anything done
  11. FanT has been bad but sometimes you have to make a quick decision. Or at least avoid the rush. He provides zero help
  12. Flacco can’t avoid a rush and can’t secure the ball.
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