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  1. AFC being a juggernaut seems a little premature
  2. After they win next week we can give it a name
  3. I thought they were crazy going for a fg
  4. My wife gave me a pff of 27.2
  5. And I would bet Wilson had less snaps
  6. The fans are gonna hate the new owners within 2 years anyway. Book it
  7. DetroitRed


    Football is the only endeavor in life where people can’t get better. Do your research
  8. DetroitRed


    Somebody told me QBs can’t get better
  9. There is no such thing as a long term GM who does not have a bad draft
  10. Yeah. Mann needs to go. Zurline should be on a short leash
  11. Lots of pressure on Zach when he gets back
  12. The drop by Corey Davis early in the game set the tone.
  13. Thank you! The line did not have a great day, but Flacco was garbage. I saw guys open. He reacts too slow.
  14. Yes. I would say horrible QB and special teams play. Line started bad last year too. Think they will get better. Definitely a better team. Thats why i am not jumping off a bridge like some. Long season.
  15. IMO, they were the good news today. Hall did have a fumble , but i thought collectively there was more good than bad. Clemons is a handful and the reason Juwaun James is done for season. Think we have 4 or 5 guys to really look forward to. Thoughts?
  16. Respectfully disagree. Flacco definitely has some blame
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