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  1. A good organization would've hired Westhoff as HC after Mangini or Rex. Instead we got Toilet Bowles.
  2. He's a ST coach for the Saints now.
  3. Rooting for my Kamara who I begged for all last year in the draft and my guy Mike Westhoff to beat the Pats.
  4. Westhoff is the best Special Teams coach of all time. They had a 101 yard kick return recently as well. That never happens with the new kick off rules.
  5. Westhoff drew up that punt block. Should've been our HC after Mangini smfh. I hope he gets a ring.
  6. Please point me to a Baker Mayfield thread

    To be fair, NoBowles.. you were all in on Glennon as well. And we had intense arguments on me liking Watson, while you thought he was a bust...
  7. Say it with me guys.. Mayfield Michel draft 2k18
  8. Mayfield / Michel rounds 1-2 please
  9. I'd smash Maria Taylor w out a doubt
  10. Jacksonville is pretty much the Jets of 2009. Elite defense, #1 corner, great rushing attack
  11. Alex is probably going to fetch a 3rd rounder that can be as high as a 2nd round pick if the team makes playoffs or he makes pro-bowl.
  12. 2017 NFL Draft's Most Underrated

    I'm not one to bump old threads, but was bored at work and going through my old posts. Kamara, Juju, Budda, Marcus Williams.. 3 of them in the pro-bowl, the others will be in the near future. None were drafted round 1 except Njoku. haha
  13. The issue with Cousins is that he'd cost 30 million a year at 31 years old. No thanks.
  14. Todays bowl games....

    That's not what I said is it? Right now.