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  1. can't take you serious with that avatar.
  2. LOVE THE MOVE Low risk, high reward. I'm a believer.
  3. yeah Elijiah is his brother. I get them mixed up
  4. He would be way more of a Nickel corner. He can go to FS, move Adams to LOS, blitz, move to LB, etc. He'd be on the field as a rover.
  5. PLEASE MACC. PLEASE!!!! The Honey Badger gives us an instant identity. New Jack City with the LSU boys would be so exciting. A bunch of chess pieces. We don't have a top 30 player in the NFL. Honey Badger immediately is our best player and creates a strength.
  6. This is what I had info of it being as well a month ago. We were offering 5/180 90 GTD in first 3 years, 100 GTD total
  7. These dummies don't understand that the draft is littered w good RB's and you don't have to pay them much.
  8. No, an educated guess is making something out of thin air. a source telling me what they hear from organizations and agencies has merit. It’s obvious you’re not one of the more educated posters here so you wouldn’t necessarily understand these facts. You’re speaking with a faulty premise.
  9. I specifically said in the OP I had an agent friend that's connected, did I not? You're a cornball. Wait a month. If I'm wrong, I'll come here apologize and take the L. If I'm right, I need you to take the L. Peace.
  10. I said my source is Graziano? No. Way to speak out of pocket. I have an agent source. Wait a month before running your mouth that I'd make something up for attention on a board that I vaguely check. Why would I do that?
  11. The value is I have a trusted source so stay in your pocket. Wait a month before running your mouth.
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