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  1. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Analyzed Mayfield last night in-depth. I'm absolutely sold on him. Still prefer Jackson, but would be very happy with Mayfield. I wanna see him make more high-low reads, but man is he accurate and a culture changing leader. Jackson + Mayfield > Darnold + Rosen
  2. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Matt Miller sucks but this article is good.
  3. Lamar Jackson [QB, Louisville]

    This is it right here. The fundamental flaw of the Jets' organization is playing possum at QB. Spending 2nd rounders on a QB is what GM's do when they're scared to take risks and potentially lose their job. IE Clemens, Geno, Hack.. Sanchez was the team's singular first round pick QB since Pennington. If Mayfield is our guy, you take him round 1. If Rosen is our guy, you open up the cupboard for him. Ideally, I'd prefer Jackson or Mayfield rather than trading up for Darnold/Rosen as I think they're superior prospects, but either way, you can't wait until round 2-3 again. You need to go all in.
  4. Lamar Jackson [QB, Louisville]

    Don't look now, but Erik Galco of Sporting News reports that the Jets see him as a perfect fit for Morton's offense: https://twitter.com/OptimumScouting/status/928278802140102656
  5. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Do you see what you're doing? You're literally mitigating specific statistical evidence in order to diminish my point. Louisville has the #1 drop rate in all of college football for his receivers. Saying 'it's college football' is fallacy filled logic. Having poor receivers is correlated to a lower competition %. And I'm being objective with Lamar. I'm saying one of his cons are his frame more so than his accuracy. No need to be smug dude.
  6. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Darnold's throwing motion may be unfixable. Not sure if seasoning can change that. Still believe that Jackson's completion % is suppressed by terrible WR/TE's. I think his bigger issue is injuries as he's a wiry athlete still. Needs 15-20 pounds of muscle on him in the pro game.
  7. Lamar Jackson [QB, Louisville]

    Don't disagree. However, as the draft gets closer and closer Darnold and Rosen continue to drop on big boards.
  8. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Yes, and a lot of them are intangible related. I like Mayfield so I'm not about to argue against him for the sake of arguing, but when I analyze him, I see him jump OUT instead of maneuver around the pocket. He has a lot of positive intangibles and is really accurate. Still prefer Jackson, but would strongly consider taking Mayfield over the raw Darnold and the overrated Allen.
  9. Lamar Jackson [QB, Louisville]

    Stat has some fallacies in it. Louisville leads NCAAFB in drop pass rate. That is 5-10% off your percentages.
  10. Lamar Jackson [QB, Louisville]

    His play in the pocket has strengthened dramatically. Last year he was a RB. This year he's staying confident in the pocket. Completion % - I'll point out how his weapons lead the NCAA in drop % with 0 pro talent on offense. Speed and quickness isn't just a check. It's literally other worldly.
  11. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Jackson's mobility is other worldly though. Also has more height, speed and arm strength. Both have similar weaknesses, just Jackson's tools are greater.
  12. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    This is a quality post.
  13. Lamar Jackson [QB, Louisville]

    The hype train is evident as he's picked up steam as a first round pick. Yes, he's polarized, but his tools are real.
  14. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    I've watched Mayfield a lot. He def pushes plays out of the pocket instead of stepping up. That's his only issue I have with him.
  15. Lamar Jackson [QB, Louisville]

    Ironic someone that loves Mayfield hates Jackson. lol