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  1. There's still hope. Those NFL Films guys seem to get their hands on anything.
  2. It's not getting that mugshot of Kraft being all disheveled and broken which was the honey on my waffle I was looking for.
  3. The Walrus

    Trevor Siemian visiting jets tomorrow

    Like to see Webb develop behind Darnold. But can't fault going for experience as a backup either.
  4. Get used to the new world order in having a QB. You have a young professional kid throwing at you and no BS. Over the next 10+ years we're going to attract some players who wouldn't have come here before.
  5. Yep. Pretty hard to look others in the eye and talk about integrity when you have that known about you. Money means nothing to Kraft, but you can't buy reputation.
  6. The Walrus

    Update on Justin Houston

    I sort of agree with this. We're in a era where a team can be a contender one year and 4-12 two years later. And vice versa. Houston could easily go to a team that went deep this year but is looking in at the playoffs from the outside next year. It's not easy to pick.
  7. The Walrus

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to be Dolphin's QB

    We have him handled. All we need to do is keep the game close and it's ours. He didn't close for us and he won't close for the 'fins. But honestly. If you are going to ride with Fitzpatrick, why didn't you just ride with Moore. We're talking stop gap anyway. Edit: I'm actually looking forward to beating up on him twice this year. He's a Harvard guy and he comes across that the game is nothing more than a business deal.
  8. The Walrus

    Just Joined the Forum

    Yeah I'm married too.
  9. The Walrus

    Just Joined the Forum

    Welcome. Good era to join.
  10. The Walrus

    Just Joined the Forum

    I'd probably add to that the ability to regularly complain about winning meaningless games at the end of season also helps the maturation process for the new member.
  11. The Walrus

    Fake News ESPN

    Who cares, they're dying.
  12. The Walrus

    CB Poole to the Jets

    If a player doesn't average per season at least 3 penalties for roughing the passer or late hits across the middle then I'm not interested.
  13. The Walrus

    What's the difference?

    The coaching change alone gives us 2 more wins minimum. It's a funny old era we live in at the moment. A team can be a divisional playoff team one year and a 5-11 the next. If Gase and co coach well and adding these guys I guess we could be 8-11 wins. Nothing less than playoffs is acceptable. 6-10 doesn't cut it.
  14. The Walrus

    Bridgewater resigning with Saints

    Teddy is a quality guy. One of a few non-Jets I actively follow and want to do well. I don't think the Miami situation feels settled by any means. Good call Teddy.
  15. The Walrus

    Steelers drama must of been pretty drastic.

    That team seems stale and out of ideas.

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