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  1. Bold Prediction

    Suffering cabin fever me thinks.
  2. Draft Day. April 26.

    I can tell you one thing, now that we've reached the actual week of the draft I am just starting now to feel a little nervious. All the talk about which toy in the store we could buy, well it's about time to make the purchase. Put up and shut up.
  3. Agreed. We've signed and drafted receivers up the wazoo and defense has had premium picks all the way. Lets draft 2 x Oline.
  4. First overall pick is...

    Roll the dice. Take Barkley. Gamble the Giants take a non-QB meaning only 1 QB off the board at #4. Only saying this cause it would mean the Jets would have every QB available at #3. Totally biased answer.
  5. Jets 5th worst to agents

    Agents say 5th worse, huh. It's like getting an opinion from death row inmates on which pen has the best chair. If he drives a hard bargain that's fine.
  6. The 2018 Draft and the mental health of Jets fans?

    To be honest, you are only confirming what we already knew.
  7. Cimini has spoken 1.0: Mock Draft

    God this draft can't come soon enough. If Darnold's there take him. If not and Rosen is then take him. If not then take Mayfield. Done. Now lets go get a goddamm snack.
  8. Jets Waive Five (updated 4/16)

    Looks like the Joel Stave era is over.
  9. Can a #3 overall QB in Rosen

    I like the kid and I think he's going to be a franchise guy, but I really have trouble seeing him in Jet green. The guy has Giant written all over him. IDK, it's been too many years and seeing any educated franchise QB in Jet green doesn't seem real.
  10. What’s going on in NE?

    Rosen before today. Injury concerns, character concerns, is his heart in it. He will be injured all the time. ---- Rosen after the Pats trade up. Damm Pats, taking our QB, he'll win five Superbowls now in NE, the nightmare goes on.....
  11. Brandin Cooks traded to Rams from Patriots

    Agreed he doesn't do trades to that extent. But he hasn't had to either, he's had his 6th round QB to ride for nearly two decades.
  12. Brandin Cooks traded to Rams from Patriots

    Pats are going to #2 for Rosen. Panic Stations.
  13. Jets Sign TE Bucky Hodges

    He's not being signed because he's considered the answer. He has potential and his career has stumbled out of the blocks after being a high prospect this time a year ago. Bring him in for competition as see how he goes in camp.
  14. Jets Claim TE Clive Walford

    3rd round TE with some production prior to last year, cheap and off the waiver. Good move considering we need to be smart being down a few picks.
  15. Allen = Hackenberg is getting a good run atm.