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  1. I do think the man will be better for his stop in Miami. He seems to be sticking to the side he knows, not sure if he did that at the fins. I wanted McCarthy, but Gase is working hard and is doing enough to look forward to the season and what is delivered. Regardless, just nice to have a coach all in on offense and a franchise QB and RB.
  2. Comparing Gase/Douglas and staff to Bowles/Mac and staff + Darnold being a year in + Bell + Mosley. We surely are a number of wins better, on paper. Hope it translates.
  3. If they can secure long term starters year in year out and we are in the playoffs consistently is all I ask of them. They seem to be football guys with connections looking for football guys for the team. We seem better off, time for rubber to hit the road.
  4. If I had Rich Cimini and Manish covering my sports team I'd be a bit surly too.
  5. Well the defense needs to get used to getting more of the scraps, this is a offensive team now.
  6. Better theory than a lot I've read this off season.
  7. Funny how to world turns. Jets now have a franchise QB, a offensive coordinator for a HC and a OLineman for a GM. No idea now the cake will turn out but the ingredients seem different this time.
  8. If there's one thing I'm eager to see unfold is how Douglas approaches the Oline. He'll do what he can now but by this time next year I suspect it will look very different.
  9. I don't think it was pretty leaving it when he did but CJ made a bold move to cut bait when he did and stuck with it. Got rewarded for it. If he fired Mac in December and didn't have a HC named Gase, I don't know if Joe comes to NYJ. Funny how life works out, leaving Mac in too long enabled Joe Douglas to be landed. Could have pussied out and waited until end of this year then played the GM shuffle with everyone else. Not saying he deserves a design award for how it all came together and played out, just saying life presents the unknown sometimes.
  10. I think Chris Johnson gave away more than people realised in that conference. He said something like the GM needs to create a culture not just be a talent evaluator. Sounded like he was laying out exactly why he got rid of Mac and what he wants in Joe. Mac, talent eval and nothing more. Joe, create a culture, has a plan to build a OLine and Dline and the order of things. Douglas said very few words but we found out more how he see a team than we ever did with Mac and his generic 'always looking to improve' quotes. I also appreciated CJ putting some skin in the game by saying 'his vision' for the organisation.
  11. The man looks like he always orders steak off the menu. Great hire.
  12. 788 people are talking about this The Jets have no chance -- no chance! -- if Gase and Douglas don't have the same vision, don't work collaboratively and don't have each other's back. That doesn't sound too difficult, but it is for this franchise. As the New York Daily News reported last week, and sources confirmed, Johnson and Maccagnan held a secret meeting late last fall with Kliff Kingsbury's agent even though Bowles was still the coach. Maccagnan must have felt like a "Sopranos" character because he went from "made" man to sleeping with the fishes in only a few months. Gase isn't for everybody because of his intense, high-strung personality, so it's fair to wonder about the long-term viability of this marriage. Will Gase stay in his lane and let Douglas handle the roster and personnel decisions? Contractually, Douglas controls the 53-man roster and has final say. Gase insists he's cool with that, but we'll see. One positive: Basically, both men are starting at the same time, which means there shouldn't be any finger pointing if things go bad after one year. They're on the same timeline. They're in it together. Famous last words. This article is like eating a burger without the meat.
  13. If Manish isn't reporting it then it ain't happening.
  14. That's a big call, think we'll need to send that play to New York for review.

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