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  1. There's no rush I guess but geez it does feel like McCarthy 2.0 .
  2. Fans could win $60M in the lottery and they would complain about having to take the day off to collect it.
  3. ....has me feeling we are either getting our own Belichick for the next 20 years with QB in tow. and ....has me feeling this is going to be a dumpster fire only Steve McQueen and Paul Newman can put out.
  4. The Walrus


    Manish is trying to stay relevant during the slowest part of the NFL off season. Anything for clicks. The Daily has been laying off people and he's thinking if I can just get to the end of July I'm good until January.
  5. The Walrus

    6' 9" 400lb offensive lineman

    Turn him into a tight end and send him up the guts.
  6. The Walrus

    Jets Waive Leggett

    You have hope in these guys when they are picked and come in. But Leggett is a depth guy at the position it seems, has never stood up as the man. We are no worse off.
  7. Was going to post this too. I have no idea but I imagine kicking is like throwing, you can't just burn out of the one guy during all practice and camp.
  8. The Walrus

    Breer On GM Search

    My biggest fear is this thing never settles down, we burn a few more seasons and Sam heading into year 5 has had enough and in free agency walks right to the Patriots where they need someone to replace the finally retired Brady. Franchise QBs seem to remain loyal, but don't press your luck.
  9. Bowles and Rodgers for not being here is the biggest influence.
  10. Trade is the obvious route with Lee. But after spending years bagging Bowles and Rodgers defense, I'd like to see if Lee was just a bad fit with them or they didn't coach him up well. He may perform just fine under a coach who isn't the HC's best friend. I'm easy either way. But don't just give him away for a late pick.
  11. Too easy. Here's 40 plus a few more. New England Patriots Depth Chart HC: Bill Belichick OC: Josh McDaniels DC: Open ST: Joe Judge Updated: 04/29/2019 5:36PM ET Pos No. Player 1 No Player 2 No Player 3 No Player 4 No Player 5 OFFENSE LWR 13 Dorsett, Phillip T/Ind 00 Harris, Maurice SF19 18 SLATER, MATTHEW 08/5 17 Patterson, Damoun SF18 RWR 00 Harry, N'Keal 19/1 00 THOMAS, DEMARYIUS SF19 SWR 11 EDELMAN, JULIAN 09/7 00 Ellington, Bruce SF19 14 Berrios, Braxton 18/6 LT 76 Wynn, Isaiah 18/1 00 Cajuste, Yodny 19/3 74 Croston, Cole CF17 00 Lang, Cedrick SF19 LG 62 Thuney, Joe 16/3 75 Karras, Ted 16/6 00 Froholdt, Hjalte 19/4 C 60 Andrews, David CF15 66 Ferentz, James SF17 00 Eldrenkamp, Jake CF17 RG 69 Mason, Shaquille 15/4 63 Schwenke, Brian SF18 RT 61 CANNON, MARCUS 11/5 72 Skipper, Dan SF19 00 Mathews, Ryker SF19 TE 00 Seferian-Jenkins, Austin U/Jax 00 LaCosse, Matt SF19 89 Anderson, Stephen SF18 85 Izzo, Ryan 18/7 00 Johnson, Jakob SF19/EX QB 12 BRADY, TOM 00/6 2 HOYER, BRIAN CF09 5 Etling, Danny 18/7 00 Stidham, Jarrett 19/4 RB 26 Michel, Sony 18/1 34 Burkhead, Rex U/Cin 38 Bolden, Brandon U/Mia RB 28 White, James 14/4 00 Harris, Damien 19/3 46 DEVELIN, JAMES SF12 DEFENSE LDE 91 Wise Jr., Deatrich 17/4 00 Winovich, Chase 19/3 58 Davis, Keionta CF17 97 Kamalu, Ufomba SF18 DT 93 Guy, Lawrence U/Bal 00 Parry, David SF18 00 Cowart, Byron 19/5 DT 00 Pennel, Mike U/NYJ 70 Butler, Adam CF17 92 Herron, Frank CF18 RDE 00 BENNETT, MICHAEL T/Phi 55 Simon, John SF18 95 Rivers, Derek 17/3 45 Harris, Trent CF18 LB 54 Hightower, Dont'a 12/1 36 King, Brandon CF15 LB 52 Roberts, Elandon 16/6 51 Bentley, Ja'Whaun 18/5 59 Munson, Calvin SF18 LB 53 Van Noy, Kyle T/Det 44 Sam, Christian 18/6 LCB 30 MCCOURTY, JASON T/Cle 42 Dawson, Duke 18/2 00 Williams, Joejuan 19/2 27 Jackson, JC CF18 SS 23 CHUNG, PATRICK SF14 22 Melifonwu, Obi SF18 39 Howard, AJ SF19 43 Ebner, Nate 12/6 00 Brooks, Terrence U/NYJ FS 32 MCCOURTY, DEVIN 10/1 21 Harmon, Duron 13/3 RCB 24 Gilmore, Stephon U/Buf 35 Crossen, Keion 18/7 31 Jones, Jonathan CF16 00 Webster, Ken 19/7 SPECIAL TEAMS P 6 Allen, Ryan CF13 00 Bailey, Jake 19/5 PK 3 GOSTKOWSKI, STEPHEN 06/4 LS 49 Cardona, Joe 15/5 H 6 Allen, Ryan CF13 PR 11 EDELMAN, JULIAN 09/7 KR 26 Michel, Sony 18/1 KO 3 GOSTKOWSKI, STEPHEN 06/4 RESERVES SUS 10 Gordon, Josh SUS/IND
  12. If the Raiders need him ? They need everyone at the moment. Even Howie Long is in play.
  13. The Walrus

    Tom Shane is dominating

    Ted Bundy had a fan club too.
  14. Jesus, positivity, can the server handle it ?
  15. I think this is the least discussed X factor for our team this year. A lot of talk of we need player x and trade y. But the coaching makes and breaks every team. IMO we are better now than before and hope results back that up.

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