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  1. With the media, who said manufacturing was dead in this country.
  2. Jimmy G. is like my first girlfriend, looks good, rarely plays.
  3. Looks like the pooch and me have another date tonight.
  4. I just don't see $160M worth of value in Dak. But, at least they have backed their guy.
  5. Sends a message we want you , just want a fair deal for both sides.
  6. Great coach and great man from what I read.
  7. Need Dee Milliner and Vernon Gholston to complete the set.
  8. Time to piss or get off the pot, Rodgers. Got the coach sacked and what you wanted, get your hand off it and start delivering.
  9. He's had a day, how much more time does he need.
  10. 2021 1st Round #2 2022 1st Round QB Sam Darnold QB James Morgan Pre-Loved bag of Balls personally signed by Christian Blaize Hackenberg $100 gift voucher from Puleo's Brick Oven (Don't knock it, worth a 3rd rounder on it's own).
  11. Harbaugh is a loud mouth who speaks before he thinks and has no filter. He'll fit right in in NY.
  12. The Walrus

    RIP Sean

    Sorry for your loss.
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