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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing Hackenberg signed and bought in to start. He has the skills we need at the QB position right now to contribute immediately.
  2. The fact he is able to never have a high draft pick and just go out a few weeks before training camp and sign a free agent QB and keep the wheels rolling like no big deal says it all. Some coaches are like some quarterbacks, good in the classroom with X's and O's, but can't transfer the knowledge to the real world.
  3. Jim Harbaugh and pay the damm money. We need a experienced coach and we need a culture changer.
  4. Need a real bastard. Someone who will treat them as adults and take no crap. Swears a lot. Doesn't drive a late model car. Thinks air conditioning is for pussies and currently lives in Florida. Korean or Vietnam war experience preferred but not essential.
  5. It all comes down to delivery of results. They don't give Lombardi's for looking the part.
  6. This is better conformation than a Adam Schefter tweet confirming the Jets are getting him. Start ordering jerseys.
  7. Rather than worry about being disrespected how about we worry about winning some respect. We haven't done a whole lot of that in years.
  8. And I can't unsee that so thanks very much.
  9. Lets run a special play or two with Becton in the backfield on 3rd and short. A few gifs in that.
  10. Sorry to lose the talent but he had to go, it's been clear for ages he wasn't happy and the move is best for everyone. We got value + so if it was going to happen we came out of it well compensated.
  11. This lock down has affected us all in strange ways, you'll come good.

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