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  1. There has to be a tipping point somewhere. % of cap spent on Cousins vs trading away picks to get Darnold etc. Me, I'd rather spend some picks over the next 2 years to get to #1 instead of locking up this much money for this player. If Cousins was Rodgers then I'd be in, but if he's not then it's a double whammy, a QB who isn't good enough and not enough money to get other players to make up the difference.
  2. And not just around here.
  3. Does Reich Take A QB 3rd, FA or Luck?

    3 way trade. Bowles to Indy, Reich to Jets.
  4. All part of the charm.
  5. Does Reich Take A QB 3rd, FA or Luck?

    Depends how bold Indy and Reich want to be. They could simply decide that a good QB is going to be at #3 and Luck's future status is a risk and decide to cut bait and have the courage of conviction. But the same applies in reverse, they can have the courage of conviction and commit to Luck come what may with injuries. Being first time HC, I would say you go with Luck. No one is going to criticize you if you stick with Luck and he never gets back.
  6. Does Reich Take A QB 3rd, FA or Luck?

    Once again, Indy seem to land on their feet and get a really good prospect, this time in Frank Reich as coach. One Superbowl win just isn't enough output for what they seem to have land at their feet.
  7. Parcells you could say messed up transitions 3 times. Belichick should have been the NYG head coach but it depends on when Parcells knew about his health. Parcells then left in a mess from the Pats and has admitted he should have worked a little harder to make it work. Then the Jets situation with Belichick. Although, Belichick once Hess died if he wasn't comfortable with the deal to succeed anymore should have gone to Parcells a lot earlier and had a sit down. IMO, they both messed up. But on the current situation no doubt McDaniels is the clear winner in the what an a**hole sweepstakes.
  8. Don't mind the swagger at all. Had enough of this quietly into the night s**t.
  9. If the Vikes can add a QB or Bridgewater can be a step up, they are looking very next step competitive.
  10. Chiefs CUT Darrelle Revis

    Thought he was a part season rental anyway with KC when their season started going to hell, so no surprise. If he wants to keep playing he'll just bounce around filling in.
  11. IMO good move by the Niners. He seems like he could be your guy for the next 10 seasons. If this was the Jets today I'd be reaching for the jar of vas. A lot of money but if everyone is paying that then not a competitive disadvantage.
  12. McDaniels Leaves Colts at the Altar

    You can actually see the seeds of the Pats becoming very dysfunctional for years to come. Brady falling off a cliff and retiring, Belichick retiring, McDaniels becoming the next McAdoo, benching Brady, getting fired. With Belichcik gone there's no GM either. Kraft runs a business and if the culture of that business and the people who keep that culture in place are gutted it could all turn to regular 3-13 seasons. Packers, Steelers, Cowboys have demostrated the ability to rise, fall and rise again, NE are yet to prove they are anything beyond their golden age.
  13. Pauline Notes

    I don't think you're disagreeing with anything I posted. I made the observation that during our TE free offense that there were a lot of posts complaining we didn't have a TE. And IMO now that we have one that is developing and seems comfortable at the Jets we should continue with him. I'm all for having as many looks as possible, ASJ at TE, Enunwa in a H-back roll, some hybrid 2 TE setups. 3-5 wide. deep threat, strong bodies across the middle. I don't think we need to pick.
  14. McDaniels Leaves Colts at the Altar

    McDaniels is nothing special. He's unproven and his first tenure was a failure. He has a lot to prove as a HC and isn't a sure anything. There seems to be these rules in place that you can't sign/announce a coach until they are out of the playoffs/season. Makes you wonder if this incident might have the rules for this looked at so to remove the risk in the future of other teams getting burnt.