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  1. Nick foles?

    This board is so reactionary. Lets see Bryce, Bryce sucks. Hey Foles had one good game, $120/5 years anyone ?
  2. Thoughts

    I'll reserve judgement on Petty for another 2 weeks. He gets his 3 pitches to swing at. I will say though that it's all too late IMO. Petty could have 10 TDs and 1 Int over the remainder and all he will be playing for is a roster spot. I think the tide of opinion and wanting to do something different, aggressive and brave means we'll take a QB high. And if the team plays like it did today they will keep Bowles despite the record. They are playing for him. Only way in 14 days that Bowles goes is if it all really collapses or they have a big name already on the porch.
  3. Jets Sign QB Joel Stave

    Should fit in well.
  4. Head Coaching Candidates

    Scott Frost or go another year with Bowles and reassess.
  5. I'm as conservative and slow to boil as they come usually, but I'm ready and I think nearly everyone is for management to take a gamble, far bigger than this team usually is prepared to take, on getting a long term QB. So go ahead and be very aggressive on trade up for a top QB this year. But I'd rather not double down. Rather see us taking an Olinemen somewhere in the first four rounds every year. Can't win without a QB or a decent Oline IMO.
  6. McAdoo & Reese Fired

    With regard to the coach, while the record comes into this firing I think it's beyond that and just about McAdoo simply not being the head coach type and leader that the NYG thought he was or could be. If the guy was a bit humble and bought calmness and leadership to the locker room in what is a poor season with injuries, I think it would have reflected on him well and he would have survived. However, McAdoo has come across as a bit of an ego who looks like he cracked at the first sign of a poor season. Long term coaches have the ability to stay calm, regroup and roll with the punches even in bad seasons and situations. IMO, the McAdoo situation was cut and dried. They were having a bad season, why is that and is this the coach who can rebuild the team. The answer was no, move on.
  7. other games today...

    So Gronk, the next time a defensive lineman feels like "he was earning a discriminate amount of penalties" for encroachment , it's ok for them to hit Brady out of frustration after the play is dead ? While he's flat on the ground ? A very weak apology for a guy like this.
  8. This probably sinks Alex Smith in KC too. Could be him and Eli on the market next year as well.
  9. Regardless of the political stuff, Kaepernick is already 30, 31 next season. As a running type QB I doubt he would have any more than 4 or 5 seasons left in him. So IMO he's not a long term answer I'd want anyway. I want a QB who has potentially 10+ seasons in front of him for us. So no deal.
  10. What if Geno does well ?

    What if Geno does well. It's a question the Giants needed to have given thought to and have a rough answer for before they gave him the starter role. If he does well they need to consider he's only 27 with experience and they may want to move forward with him. On the other hand, they simply want him to play out the string regardless of performance and will go a QB in the draft anyway. This is a big chance for Geno, some of the team may have given up a bit but I expect we'll see him come out throwing, just to which team is the thing.
  11. Epic Rant by Francesa!

    The collapse of the Giants has been coming. The consistency and stability of Coughlin is gone and the franchise QB is at an end. Plus Beckham is a fool. Going with Geno is just like running to the other end of the Titanic cause it seems higher. You're still going for a bath. But this is all good for us. Manning is going to the Broncos on a Elway win now mission like his brother. So that leaves Cousins and picks more open for us. The Giants are the clown show in NY taking a little heat off us for a change. And Geno, desperate to stay in the NFL, might win some games and screw them some in the race to America's Next Top QB. Sunshine and Rainbows.
  12. Not getting into if McCown is good or bad vs the Panthers, but it is time to play the kids. The playoffs are gone, 5 games left, lets get Petty or Hack some starts and see.
  13. All those draft picks browns 0-11

    I wonder if a Elway '83 situation could develop with any of these QBs and the Browns. God knows if ever a team deserves to be stood up it's the Browns. They inspire no confidence in going there.
  14. He has physical tools but not the mind. Career backup.