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  1. It's your claim. Feel free to demonstrate I said something isn't worth fixing. I'm shooting down the method, which is treating a person different based on color, not the subject.
  2. Building a pipeline for blacks because they were treated differently by continuing to treating blacks differently. There is no reverse racism, there is just racism.
  3. So you admit treating people different based on color isn't a good thing and you insist it continues.
  4. Don't care if they are proposing a 1 spot bump in the 7th, soon as you start to treat people different based on race it all goes downhill.
  5. I blame this thread on COVID 19. No way anyone who gets some sunshine comes up with this scenario.
  6. True. But that just means he's not getting laid much.
  7. Meh. Mr Salad seems to be making moves both sides of the ball and addressing issues. I'm not second guessing the trade.
  8. Florida owe us a refund if this one doesn't work out.
  9. JD doesn't influence the price of coffee beans in brazil.
  10. First time in his life the guy has been told he's not good enough / not required. Interesting to see if it puts a rocket up his ass, mails it in for the rest of his career or he's cashed up and done. With his wife and kids I'd either be done or signing 2-3 years to go all out and then walk away with maybe my mellon intact.

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