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  1. Puts your own troubles into perspective. Anyone here with any struggles, get help, you're not alone.
  2. Well done man. Greatest day of your life. Daughter myself. Just check neither look like Cromartie and you're all good.
  3. Not really a roll with the punches kinda guy are ya.
  4. Dallas are like a cake with all the quality ingredients but they keep burning it in the oven.
  5. Considering some threads that are started, this seems reasonable.
  6. For what he is being paid he needs to be clinically dead before I'd accept a drop off in performance. They'll load him up with something and send him out there.
  7. Sam Darnold is our guy. I know a lot of people will still want to see more and the debate goes on for a while yet, I understand that. But for myself, the guy is 22 and has shown me enough with his ability, leadership and attitude that he's every bit the franchise guy we've been after. He'll make mistakes for a while yet that he shouldn't make, but I've got enough of a sample size for myself that this question is over. Keep building around him.
  8. What the stats don't show is he has to be accounted for even if he's not getting the ball. If he left he'd be picked up asap. Glad to have him.
  9. He can play with a brace, won't affect his performance or mobility IMO.
  10. It's a big market, but credit to the people behind the site for their work to generate the traffic.
  11. That really should be a watershed moment for the Chargers right there. The game is right there for Rivers and he goes all deck chair. He's had his time, he's not taking the team any further. They needed the win and he failed them.
  12. As exciting as winning a spelling bee.
  13. Has that late life Rock Hudson look happening. He's not playing.

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