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  1. I'm loving the feel of hope. But I'm at the point now of wanting to see the first course in the feast.
  2. The Walrus

    Jets Odds To Make The Playoffs.

    Oddsmakers in for a shock when we host the Divisional Round .
  3. The Walrus

    Now that the dust has settled

    Life is like that. We had Belichick in the building and he goes to NE and the rest is history. We pick at #3 and really had no right to have Clev and NYG pass on IMO clearly the best QB to come out in years, but pass they did. Some days are diamonds.........
  4. The Walrus

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    Warning, good things ahead for this team. If you want to grumble about the Jets then get it out now cause you won't get another chance until about 2035. Sammy and the Jets have every chance to succeed here. A coaching staff that are all in on their QB and want to be a part of the ride, a incumbent QB who is a total team player and will support the new guy all the way. If McCown isn't the 2019 Jets QB coach I'd be surprised. It's a great article and shows just how much actually goes into the process of drafting, scouting and trades.
  5. The Walrus

    Jets working out OL Byron Bell

    29yo depth signing if it works out.
  6. The Walrus

    Antonio Garcia Released by Pats

    24yo 3rd round Olinemen scouted by Belichick don't fall into your lap everyday. Worth the trial. If he's healthy, put him on the barbell and buffet program.
  7. The Walrus

    Donahue Instagram post

    Hey, Donahue you idiot. Sam Darnold doesn't embrace social media, he gets on with it through action....just saying.... You want to take a step forward, delete your twitter and instagram, drink a cement milkshake and harden up.
  8. The Walrus

    Darnold Starting and QB Development

    As long as he's starting in time for the AFC championship game an January.
  9. The Walrus

    Darnold Starting and QB Development

    I think Aikman was the same. Wasn't until his 3rd year that he threw more TDs than picks. Seattle is a good example of a team that didn't rely on Wilson only to be the focus of all the pressure, they spread the expectation of performance all around the team.
  10. The Walrus

    Petty Cut

    It's a business and the nature of the sport. If the players want to get their nose out of joint over a player I liked but has no role ultimately going forward, then we have the wrong players. They should be disappointed but then move on.
  11. The Walrus

    Petty Cut

    Of course looking forward to Sam in camp but I'm interested to see Hack. He's year 3 and there's no safety net under him now. He knows he's on the bubble and going to be interesting to see if he throws caution to the wind. I loved Petty's attitude but his chance came last year after Josh went down, he was year 3 and that was his time to show. Best of luck and he should get a chance elsewhere.
  12. Bridgewater is only 25. Younger than Petty and more experience and demonstrated ability. If he is healthy then if the rumours are true and there are teams willing to trade then you trade him (Petty).
  13. He wants to build the OLine but he's not going to take a 6th round prospect in the 3rd or 4th round. I wouldn't mind betting next year he trades down our first round pick and gets a couple of 2nd round Oline guys.
  14. Yeah, perhaps we could have stayed at 6 and kept the 2nd rounders and have got Rosen. But telling us the winning lottery numbers after the draw has no value. For weeks and months we were hearing the chance that 4 QBs could go top 5 or even 1-4. Mac and the Jets did the right thing, we staked our claim at 3 an took the chance part out as much as we could. The day 1 draft presser with Mac he said something like there were 3 on their board, so it all makes sense now.
  15. Love the confidence. Would rather die on our feet than live on our knees any longer.