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  1. The Walrus

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    Probably the most impressive post of the night. When Max has had enough, it's a bellwether moment that indicates even the most even handed of us have had enough.
  2. Greats days are here. Jets lead 14-3 and it isn't good enough. Love the level of expectation we now have.
  3. What is so obvious in all this is how people seem to put Tom Brady bigger than the team. Montana was traded, Manning went to Denver, teams move on to the future and no one is bigger than the team we're told. Kraft wants to keep Brady to the end, fine, but you have to pay the piper and he'll lose Belichick and Brady at the same time and the Pats will then get their decades of football purgatory. Not that I'm crying of course. The Jets luck has really been in this past year. Pats trade Jimmy G. then the Giants pass on Darnold. We're looking alright my friends.
  4. Lac Edwards. Never happy to see that guy on the field.
  5. Have you got something that I can fit over the tusks ?
  6. The Walrus

    My thoughts

    Pryor isn't long for 1 Jets Drive if he keeps breaking off routes, you just lose trust in a receiver, it's his job to run the route, ball or no ball coming his way. The loss stings because of the missed chances. 2 x red zone for 0 points, 3rd and 19 (or whatever they were) and the Dolphins convert at the end. Even with a few mistakes and the 'phins shutting down the return game we generated the chances. That's what stings for me, not converting chances that odds are should have been. Being a division rival and at home is a kick in the balls too.
  7. Perception of Jets has been poor and it takes time and results to change that perception and culture. We are starting to see the fruit. At the moment the Jets have IMO far more going for them on and off the field than the Giants.
  8. And now free agents will put the Jets at the top of their list cause we have a legit QB and prospects. Only one game, but all signs suggest not the only one. The players look like one team.
  9. The Walrus

    Does Gruden Have A Clue???

    Early days. Need to get well into the season to see if the wheels are pointed straight.
  10. This is ruining our chances of a top 3 pick. ...........................Damm straight it is.
  11. This is what an offense and commander look like.
  12. Like to see Cannon introduced on a few plays as the defense gets tired.

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