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  1. That picture should be hanging in Paris next to Mona.
  2. Love to see Brady get his bell rang in a non-permanent damage Bledsoe kinda way.
  3. Yep. They had to back off the OLine this week and it helped them. Liked how those stats show that the catches were shared around, that makes keying on anyone a bit harder too.
  4. Not a gynecologist but always happy to take a look.
  5. Win or lose, nothing less than 3-4 genuine roughing the passer penalties against us will do. Edit : Wouldn't mind a few unsportsmanlike conducts as well.
  6. Yankees lose to Astros. And maybe something on page 53 about the Jets under the Help wanted section.
  7. You should be out on the Champs Elysees, getting mono and doing blow.
  8. If Darnold back, Herndon back, Mosley back. Coach now or forever hold your peace.
  9. It's all simple for me. If the Oline functions then plays can be called and plays can be made, defense can get a rest. The rest isn't horrific. You fix that one piece and it transforms this team. Our Oline players aren't stars but the way they have operated seems more about assignments and coaching than ability IMO. Said it before, if they can just be good, not great, not pro bowl but good then it would go a long way.
  10. Well I'm not going to flame them for the Kalil experiment. We have a weak OLine and it's was an effort to bring in a vet centre which hasn't worked to date. Considering how bad the Oline has been, I see no downside in trying your Edoga's etc. This group doesn't have to be pro bowl great, just ok to good at their job would do.
  11. Have to admit, I didn't expect it to be quite like this. A loss where we just weren't good enough but this is really poor.
  12. Looks like we're running an option offense, where the only option is to be sacked.

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