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  1. The Walrus

    Bills Sign (then release) Terrelle Pryor

    Prior seems the prototypical modern WR. All the talent in the world with a a poor me me me attitude. Try going to work, running your routes, shutting your mouth and surprise surprise surprise, you have a long NFL career.
  2. He won't. But you offer him double and let him make the call.
  3. Hire either Harbaugh . Or that no name coach from Alabama.
  4. They are going to make the playoffs, I just don't want them to have the easy AFCCG at home run.
  5. Leave him in as coach. His final act of production for this team will be a top 3 draft pick.
  6. The Walrus

    Interim Head Coaching Options

    It's such a doesn't matter appointment. Kevin Greene or Caldwell.
  7. Regardless of Mac, Bowles should be doing a lot more with the groceries he does have. Arians will end up in Cleveland and Bowles will end up there as his DC.
  8. The Walrus

    go Packers

    Packers regress to type. Promise of being a contender because they have Rodgers, but falling short, again.
  9. The Walrus

    go Packers

    Come on Rodgers, earn you reputation. The D have done their thing.
  10. The Walrus


    It's going to be a pillow fight that's for sure.
  11. The Walrus

    People need to lay off Darnold

    IMO Sam is ready to start. It's the Oline, C and WRs that apparently aren't.
  12. A bag of balls was always going to put the Eagles off.
  13. The Walrus


    You're cool pal. I'm totally with you, it's really hard to watch and you're in the right place to vent. You backed your team today and they let you down. No shame in that.
  14. The Walrus


    ^ now you just need to awaken to commas Jokes aside. Something needs to be done.
  15. The Walrus

    Did this game change your opinion on Darnold?

    The QB isn't the issue. Get an OLine with a centre that can snap plus WRs that get separation and Sam throws 4 TDs and not 4 INTS.

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