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  1. How bored does somebody have to be to bring back up a thread that has been dead for over a month about something that everybody now knows is not a thing?
  2. Is that the play that gave birth to Replay? I was 30 rows back right above the namath jersey visible on left side of photo. Absoutely awful call but we loved it that day!
  3. 6 Possible QB Scenarios

    ONly one I voted as bad move is the trade down for Jackson. Not Jackson per se, although I don't like the idea of a QB that runs half the time. More about the idea of trading down with the idea of getting a specific player when you have no idea if he will be there when you pick. If he were to fall far enough you could potentially use both 2s to trade back into end of first but still high risk.
  4. 6 Possible QB Scenarios

    And still MUCH cheaper than top rookies under prior CBA
  5. 6 Possible QB Scenarios

    Need cost of trading up before oting on those options.
  6. Not rare, but great shot from a great game. Forget year but about 8 inches of snow fell on Meadowlands and it was nice win as game came down to Curtis vs Betis!
  7. Sooo What your saying is, To get in the playoffs you need a good QB, A good defense, a good running game, and some good recievers. Or more simpy put, to get in the playoffs you need a good offense and a good defense. Thanks for the insight.
  8. "there still are doctors who have concerns about Andrew Luck's shoulder and whether he could wind up needing additional surgery." Doctors? What doctors? Luck's doctors? Schefter's plastic surgeon he was seeing for his latest lift? Sounds like pot stirring.
  9. Patsferential treatment

    I agree that they were good catched, but how many apparently good catched have we seen ruled incomplete on replay this year?
  10. Patsferential treatment

    While the whistle in the video you show does look questionable, if the NFl/ officials were trying to fix the game for the Pats the two reviewed Philly TD's could have, based on what has occurred all season, very easily have been called incomplete in replay
  11. I protest! While David Lee Roth's singing ability may be karaoke level, he was a great front man! Have you heard Mick jagger sing live post 1980? Aweful! But a great (possibly the greatest) front man! How this relates to football in general and specificly to the NYJets? I have no idea.
  12. Forget Cousins - Trade for Foles

    Gotta disagree. Feel like half of Foles's throws were high arcing "jump balls" that his recievers just went up and got for him.
  13. 2018 cap expected to be $175M so paying Cousinns $25M would be 1/7 of cap. A shi-load of money for sure but far from 1/3 of cap. I think Cousins is the safest bet. He is in the top half of the league as starter over last three years. Especially when you take away the greybeards that can no longer be a part of anyones long term plans (Eli, Brees, Roth, even Rivers) Add to that the fact that any draft pick, Darnold, Rosen, whoever is a total roll of the dice.
  14. Just watched the clip and don't see where anything they said (In clip, didn't see whole program) is such a slam on the Jets. They are filming what I assume from their statements is the end of the documentary. The director wants to film the end in the Jets locker room. They don't want to end it there because as they say they want to end on a high note. I don't see this a s a slam on the Jets. They dont want to revisit their ugly split from the Jets after which they didn't speak for years. It's about their relationship not the Jets.