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  1. Went with torpedoing Idzik for GM. If you hire a competent GM then you probably never hire McCagnan either. Thus avoiding 2 incompetent GMs
  2. Two reasons 1-Union wages 2-political corruption
  3. For most news stories that is already the case. The majority of stories in any newspaper and most websites come straight from AP maybe with some minor editing for space. AP has as much power in the media as twitter or FB but nobody hears about it.
  4. Print media is dying, The Daily Snooze is one larger than expected phone bill away from bankruptcy
  5. Lawrence may have more say in Jax than Shotty right now. Getting back to Etienne, would have loved him in early second if we didn’t have so many other needs but he went way too early
  6. Alot of people looking for the tradeback to recoup picks but would like to see us take one of these defenders (JOK, Ojulari, Samuel) that most ranked as first rounders at 34. Three projected starters plus whatever we get in the bottom half of draft is a win!
  7. Jones also has superior players around him at every position compared to the other team regardless of SEC level competition. Including two projected first round wide recievers. Alabama pretty much has first choice at every position in every recruiting class.
  8. Watched the Herbstreit show QB21 last night. Zach looks like he is 15 yo. Looks like he should be picking out a suit for Jr Prom not the NFL draft.
  9. While I give him full credit for the 2006 draft, Tanny was always better at winning the back page during free agency and the draft than team building. When it came to the draft he usually jumped on the combine warriors because he wasn’t a scout that was going to watch hundreds of hours of tape.
  10. Wow, didnt take long for legalizing weed to impact the board.
  11. I was just going to go with Owen
  12. While I would have liked to have seen more improvement on the O-line, if you look at the top 100 free agents on CBSsports and include franchise tags as CBS does theJets signed three of top 30 free agents (including Maye) all at reasonable numbers.
  13. As far as getting QBs drafted I think you have to go with USC, although they were almost all bad to mediocre once in the NFL Darnold, Kessler, Barkley, Sanchez, Leinert, Palmer, R. Johnson, The legend Todd Marinovich, Peete. Quantity, limited quality
  14. To paraphrase the old saying, could we let him play an NFL game before we measure him for the gold jacket.
  15. Watson with no talent around him won 4 games this year, why would you want to give away all our picks to put Watson in that same situation?
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