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    Tossup between Monday Night Miracle and Jets v.Packers 2002 win to get in playoffs
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    tossup fake spike game and Parcells screwing up win and in game vs Lions 97
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  1. Terrible List 1- 2011 was Revis' last good year with Jets so he barely squeeks in under the wire 2- Not a big Sanchez fan but he deserves more credit than he gets for his 4 road playoff wins in his first two years. (yes I know defense and running game were major factors) 3,4 Rooting for Sam but am getting to the point that I have had enough of Jamal, but both need to show more before being on any list. 5. Huge Mangold fan, would bump him up not just on his on field performance but as guy who was a team leader and tried to set a tone as far as being all in!
  2. I think they call this "recency bias"
  3. Stopped reading at the "either you agree with me or you are ignorant" opening
  4. Not claiming to be a model fan, but if you hate the Jets and Jets fans so much, why are you a Jet fan. Nobody has a gun to your head. If you want to be popular, pick a team that the media loves and will swear every day is elite. A team like the Cowboys that has three post season wins in the last 20 years compared to the Jets 7
  5. So why are you here? Go buy yourself a Cowboys jersey and move on
  6. The point is first amendment bars the government from telling you or anyone how where, where to practice their religion Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
  7. Edoga was a third round pick at one of the most high demand positions in the league. Most first rounders start at Rt tackle and work their way up to left. Due to injuries and our general O-line sh-t show last year Edoga went from back up to starting Rt tackle to starting left tackle. Saying you should dump this kid because you weren't happy how he performed a s a left tackle in his rookie year is idiotic!
  8. I'm sure just accidentally handed him an envelope full of cash, like when he accidentally stepped into the middle of the playing field with perfect timing to take out the player on kick coverage!
  9. Peyton Down one tier, Warner down at least one. Elway up one, Kelly up at least one
  10. Can we wait and see if there actually is a season before all the miserable pricks on the board put us at 1-15!
  11. I didnt really see this article as a Manish-like hit piece. Everything he says in this article is accurate. He points out that a lot of fans have hated Gase since the minute he was hired which is obviously true to anybody reading these boards. So is the fact that a ot of fans will be screaming for his head if we go 2-0. He said the offense stunk last year which is true but points out it wasn't all Gase's fault (Oline, injuries) which is true and fair. He says Darnold looked better second half of season, true. Mostly he says if Darnold and the offense don't improve significantly in 2020 it will probably cost Gase his job which I think is also true.
  12. Andy Dalton was totally untradable. Nobody was going to pay him the $17.5 million salary that would have come with a trade.
  13. Voted Yes. Two words "herd immunity" Unless you are in a high risk group, you need to get out and stop living in fear. For the average healthy person symptoms are mild or nonexistent as we are starting to see more and more with increased testing
  14. Assuming this guy does become our punter, getting your "starter" at any position even punter with a sixth round pick is a win!

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