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    Tossup between Monday Night Miracle and Jets v.Packers 2002 win to get in playoffs
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    tossup fake spike game and Parcells screwing up win and in game vs Lions 97
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  1. This is not the slightest bit true. I don't think you could have attended games at both stadiums and have made this statement. I have had season tickets in both stadiums and sat in all three levels of both. In addition to the extra levels of club seats raising the upper deck at least 30 feet, at Met life the 2nd and third levels are stepped back as opposed to being stacked over one another at Giants Stadium. The net effect being that the upper deck is MUCH further from the field then at Metlife. As much as I hated playing in "Giants" stadium, while it was a very bare bones stadium there was not a bad seat in that building.
  2. Did I say the stadium was the reason for the on field performance? No, I did not. In fact I am sure the opposite is true. If they are winning more of those club seat holders would be in their seats instead of the club, and more demand for tickets by local fans would keep out opponent fans. As for Gillette, have never been and have no intention of going.
  3. Additionally having high end club seats mid field at field level instead of second tier like most stadiums kills the atmosphere. Leaves the section closest to the field half empty and dead quiet as all the bouggies sit inside the club.
  4. 1- Weeb for SBIII 2- Rex - 2AFCC appearances 3-Herm 3 years in playoffs 4?-for all the Parcells fanboys: Most overrated Jets coach! 1997 - overcoached game 16 against Lions and blew playoff spot 1998 - makes AFCC game . Terrible performance by Jets including 6 turnovers. how much blame does he get for that? 1999 - If he starts Lucas as soon as Testaverde goes down we at least make the playoffs After that nobody worth writing about, although i always wished Pete Carroll got more than one season.
  5. The "constant communication" line has been referenced here about 50 times and was the main topic of at least one other thread.
  6. Doesn't sound right. I am 95% certain that the league requires one individual to own 51% and have clear control. This is to avoid any legal fights over control which helps the NFL and teams from ever having to publicly expose their profits and revenues
  7. "hates" may be overstating it but there were multiple reports that he did not want Bell signed, at least not at that price (which was cheaper than anticipated going into offseason). The reports also stated that this was one of the causes of the rift between Gase and Macc
  8. hoping i am wrong but think Gase will implode
  9. As for 2- Your smart young coach has a losing record and does not play well with others As for 3 -your smart young coach hates the future hall of famer and has said as much As for 4 - the guy that added the talent you are excited about just got fired because your smart young coach doesn't play well with others.
  10. And this assessment of Gase as immature is based on what.......................
  11. If the Jets somehow managed to somehow draft the top rated edge rusher, center, CB, and wide receiver while simultaneously trading back to stockpile double the number of late rounds picks, half of this board would still be bitching about ti.
  12. Seriously? This is what you are worried about in an offensive lineman?
  13. I'll take tape, especially SEC tape, over the combine everyday.
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