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    Tossup between Monday Night Miracle and Jets v.Packers 2002 win to get in playoffs
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    tossup fake spike game and Parcells screwing up win and in game vs Lions 97
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  1. Typical Jets fans. Miserable when we lose. Find a reason to be miserable when we win.
  2. So Crowell opens up his mouth and comes up lame the same day? Interesting.
  3. Here is the most important line of the PFT writeup to keep in mind... "it’s important to remember that sources will eagerly promote their own agendas at the expense of the other"
  4. 20andOut

    Was the butt fumble, a fumble?

    Its bad enough the media has to keep resurrecting this crap, do we have to do it here too?
  5. 20andOut

    Poll rank our last three GM’s

    When it comes to players not meeting expectations isnt it kind of a "chicken and the egg" kind of question? Are the players drafted and signed by the GM bad because the GM made bad choices or are they bad because Bowles and his staff failed to properly coach and develop them? Not claiming to know the answer to that question but outside of Hackenbush have any of Maccs picks and signings been that off the wall considering popular predictions at the time they were made? (Not the 20/20 hindsight about players that surprised everybody that posters here like to point out) Macc has found some talent late in the draft and with RFAs, and nothing he has done comes close to Idzik's legendary 0-12 draft.
  6. 20andOut

    Are you going to the patriots game?

    Less than a 50% chance for me at this point. Besides the lack of any faith in Jets showing up, the trip back to LI is usually even more brutal than usual sunday after Thanksgiving. Weather may be the deciding factor. Tickets will not be sold to Pats trolls though, will give to friends or eat them.
  7. 20andOut

    Poll rank our last three GM’s

    While I understand this is a choice among the lesser of three evils. I think people are still overrating Tanny. His priority was always winning the back page and not football games. He was always making headline grabbing moves that usually hurt the team in the long run
  8. 20andOut

    Should the Jets sign Leveon Bell

    Aging running back that is a problem child and wants to get paid a fortune. Let me think about it. Ummm No.
  9. Maybe he would look better if he wasn;t busy wondering how far he would have to chase the next snap. This o-line is awful. especially run blocking. Fix that and see hoe Darnold looks
  10. Picking up that flag absolutely stunned me! The league has these refs throwing the flag on absolutely bullsh*t contact and here this guy is lying on the carpet unconscious and they pick up the flag.
  11. I'm sorry. You have clearly come to the wrong place. This store only sells pessimism and negativity.
  12. Is it time to start considering Sam injury prone?🙄 (just wanted to throw that out there before one of the yahoos did for real)
  13. 20andOut

    Mike Mccagnan in our section

    "old dump of a stadium"??? If you are referring to Giants stadium, outside of the name on the building (which of course we all hated) everything else about that stadium was much better than the venetian blind/psl stadium. Great sight lines, and twice as loud due to three levels stacked one over the other instead of spread back. Everyone was in there seats cheering, not in a club and don't even get me started on the fun had at the ramps!
  14. The Most Important Post-Game Quote You'll Ever Read Alex, what is "you play to win the game!" -Herm
  15. 20andOut


    Nice work on the breakdown. What I would love to see is some sort of breakdown of the production of top 3 or 4 rounds of draft picks over the last few years. Even in the most basic terms of # of starts or % of snaps. I imagine such a breakdown would be seriously time consuming..

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