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  1. voted for Petty. They gave Hack every possible opportunity in preseason and he showed nothing. Now give Petty a chance to see if her could at least be answer as backup.
  2. #10 Pick After Today

    Not only Jets. Half the league. It is more about the mediocrity of the entire league outside of a few top teams that up until this week almost everyone was still in theplayoff hunt.
  3. Analytics In Football

    When you watch a baseball game you know if the shortstop or second baseman should have gotten to a certain ball. You can see and anylize what kind of range the outfielders have. In football unless you have the playbook of the team you are watching and know precisely what play and what read was called you have no idea who blocked in when they should have blocked out. Did the LB, Safety or slot CB have responsibiltiy for a certain zone or for picking up aRB coming out of back field. Was running back supposed to go inside but didn't see hole so switched to outside. The outsider has none of that information available to them when trying to analyze players on other teams.That is why the application of analytics to football will always be limited.
  4. Has BB ever rested players week 17? I don't think so.
  5. What's your ideal offseason plan?

    Draft Mayfield or whoever shakes out as best QB after Darnold/ Rosen because I can't see us having a shot at those two Re-sign McCown, Clairborn, Davis , ASJ, Enunwa Cut Skrine, Forte Spend Cap money on oline and CB
  6. Sign Cousins draft one of ND O- lineman and add another, possibly center through FA.
  7. Revis Fan Reaction

    Hoping to see robbie Anderson fly by him on his way to end zone.
  8. Revis Fan Reaction

    I will be attending and I will be one of the boo-birds anytime Mevis steps on the field.
  9. True, this was a smart move you can't try and pump him up by saying he picked Cousins whithout pointing out what a huge mistake he made picking RG3
  10. Yes he did, three rounds after he pissed away his first round pick on RG3
  11. So you want to put a guy who runs to the bottle when under stress in charge of two nut job egomaniacs in the toughest media market in the country! The team will implode but at least the post game interviews/ press conferences will be entertaining!
  12. Huge swing in draft order

    and this is based on what? Your vast experience with and knowledge of Chris Johnson?
  13. With Chip Kelly coming in bringing what will be viewed in most of the NFL as a gimmick offense Rosen should be racing to file for the draft as quick as he can.