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  1. I was just going to go with Owen
  2. While I would have liked to have seen more improvement on the O-line, if you look at the top 100 free agents on CBSsports and include franchise tags as CBS does theJets signed three of top 30 free agents (including Maye) all at reasonable numbers.
  3. As far as getting QBs drafted I think you have to go with USC, although they were almost all bad to mediocre once in the NFL Darnold, Kessler, Barkley, Sanchez, Leinert, Palmer, R. Johnson, The legend Todd Marinovich, Peete. Quantity, limited quality
  4. To paraphrase the old saying, could we let him play an NFL game before we measure him for the gold jacket.
  5. Watson with no talent around him won 4 games this year, why would you want to give away all our picks to put Watson in that same situation?
  6. That is if you pay for the option, which would be a 25M cap hit next season. I think the point is with the #2 pick in hand you need to create longer term stability. If you dont believe in Darnold take the QB at 2. If you still believe in him which the writer does, You want to extend him to give some stability and avoid big cap hits. Give him three years with a bump this year and a smaller number next year. While many here go straight to the gospel of PFF and say he is ranked #33 or whatever, the majority of people that are actually professional full time evaluators seem to believe Darnold
  7. I'd rather claw my own eyes out than watcha Geno Smith documentary.
  8. Absent a Watson move (which i dont expect) no big QB moves before the draft. Hopefully biggest move of free agency is at WR. (Robinson or Godwin)
  9. I'll take the first trade and skip the second. With the hope to grab DeVonta Smith at 6
  10. First Deshaun wanted to pick the coach and GM, now Russell Wilson wants to be the GM From PFT Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson watched Super Bowl LV from the stands after being named the Walter Payton Man of the Year for the 2020 season, but he’d prefer to be on the field for that game in the future. He’d also like to have more of a voice in the construction of the roster that the team will try to ride to the game. During an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show Tuesday, Wilson was asked if he has much of a voice on that front right now and said “not as much” as he’
  11. Thing is you have to consider how much you have to pay him. If you dont pay him you gave up 2 first rounders for one years service from a box safety that cant cover.
  12. If the Seahawks dont get him signed to a long term deal this is going to look like one of the worst trades in recent NFL history. Even if they do sign him at any where near the numbers he is looking for, he needs to be play pretty much at an MVP level to justify 2 firsts.
  13. 2 Firsts, 2 seconds, and 2 starters? No way! Keep in mind the competition is limited to teams that are on Watsons approved list AND teams that have the draft capital AND teams that have 35 million in cap space readily available. And when Houston says they want "young" starters that means rookie contracts with low cap numbers so Houston is in effect saying they are not taking back any cap hits. The number of teams in a position to go after Watson is then very limited meaning a lower price.
  14. How many games did superstar Watson win this year?
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