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    Tossup between Monday Night Miracle and Jets v.Packers 2002 win to get in playoffs
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    tossup fake spike game and Parcells screwing up win and in game vs Lions 97
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  1. What? Belicheck has the most secretive FO in the league and he hasn't said anything of value in 15 years.
  2. Macc has already stated that he is willing to trade back. How likely that is to happen depends on the offers they get, which most likely depends on the demand for the weak group of QBs. All of which is out of Macc's hands.
  3. Who gives a sh-- about a predraft press conference. No GM will or should say anything of significance at a predraft press conference.
  4. Can't argue with the puff piece comment, but glad to read this bit and surprised at the comment that alot of places don't do this. We spent a day with the offensive staff and then the next day, we spent with the defensive staff and each coach presented to the scouts. A lot of places don’t do that,” Carr said
  5. 20andOut

    Jets Preseason Order Announced

    While week 3 with starters playing most of game vs giants was fun, the only person that really cared about the outcome of that game is Rex!
  6. Like the Uni colors, including the black. Was getting very nervous when there were rumours of a lime like neon green. Really like the helmet color, but like many I am not impressed with the helmet logo. Overall grade a B
  7. True, but the guy caught smoking a joint doesn't get the same punishment as El Chapo.
  8. Nobody goes to jail for solicitation. Time served(your night in jail after arrest) and a fine. Worst thing they do is publish your name to embarrass the sh*t out of you and your family.
  9. Human trafficker Bob Kraft to skate in most entitled rich guy Patriots way eve Human Trafficker? not exactly. I hate Kraft and Patriots as much as anybody but really?
  10. Not sure that the fact that they couldnt succeed with another team proves it was Macs fault over Bowles' By the time they went to other teams they were 3rd or 4th year players and cost more than that teams newer draft picks or UDFAs. The other teams may have simply not seen the value in taking the time to develop these second hand players
  11. One question I wonder about, that will never be answered is, outside of clear screwups like drafting Hack, does all of the blame lie with MMac? to what percent should/ could the blame be for a lack of development by Bowles' coaching staff. Weren't most of these picks considered solid players coming out of college that were drafted around where they were projected to go? If so many of them failed to pan out, couldnt that be a coaching issue and not a drafting issue?
  12. 20andOut

    Tyreek Hill under investigation

    Curious to see how Mahomes looks with out Hunt and Hill
  13. 20andOut

    Ranking The Jets Beat Reporters

    Gonna have to start reading the Athletic. Never read Hughes except possibly articles posted here. Couldn't even bring myself to choose one of the other awful choices.

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