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    Tossup between Monday Night Miracle and Jets v.Packers 2002 win to get in playoffs
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    tossup fake spike game and Parcells screwing up win and in game vs Lions 97
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  1. A great Jet that seems to fly under the radar when everybody talks about former players Report: Bengals want to interview Aaron Glenn for DC opening Posted by Josh Alper on February 14, 2019, 2:04 PM EST Getty Images The Bengals zeroed in on Todd Grantham as their top candidate for their defensive coordinator vacancy, but Grantham will be staying at the University of Florida after getting a raise from the school. That leaves the Bengals to move onto other candidates to run the defense for head coach Zac Taylor. One of the names that came up in early stages of their search was Saints secondary coach Aaron Glenn and he’s reportedly back on the list. Josina Anderson of ESPN reports that the Bengals want to move forward with an interview with Glenn. Glenn has been on the New Orleans coaching staff since 2016. He’s also coached with the Browns and scouted with the Jets since ending a 15-year career as a cornerback in the NFL. Rams cornerbacks coach Aubrey Pleasant and former Falcons defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel have also been linked with the opening in Cincinnati.
  2. 20andOut

    No Football Pre-Combine Draft

    The problem with K Hunt, besides the media/ public relations issues is you have no idea when he will be eligible to play between exempt list and/or suspension. If you cut Crowell you are going t o need somebody to add to McGuire/ Cannon
  3. Think it is relatively rare in NFL but common in NCAA where the sideline is jam packed with people.
  4. Wait I thought it was decided MacCagnan/ CJ were morons for interfering in decisions on coaches? Which this clearly is.
  5. "Do you really think the QB (right now) Gase is inhereting is an upgrade over the one he inherited in Miami?" YES!
  6. 20andOut

    8 NFL HC jobs were available..

    I wanted McCarthy over Gase, but I'll take Gase over alot of these guys getting hired!
  7. 20andOut

    Good news everyone can agree on...

    Don't see Bosa sliding to third but could increase interest and value for a trade down with someone wanting to get to three
  8. So you want to hand a young head coach two selfish prima dona a---holes?
  9. 20andOut

    Jets Pressers

    Every high draft pick tries to fight for the shorter deal.
  10. Is there any source or basis for these "true facts" or is this just an exercise in creative writing?
  11. I am not a big draftnik but once Bossa is presumably gone at #1 is there anybody else at the top of this draft that is so worth worrying about whether we pick 2 or 5? Maybe the draft hype really hasn't kicked in yet but it certainly does not feel like last year where besides all the QBs, teams were salivating over a shot at Barkley, Chubb and Nelson.
  12. 20andOut

    Who is the model franchise ?

    Pats, as dominant as they have been are built on two people, Belicheck and Brady and that era is going to come to an end. Steelers have been consistent winners for decades. 4 years with losing record since 1990. They have consistently won with different coaches (though very few) and different QBs.
  13. In the long run I think injuries will prevent the running QB from becoming a prevalent approach. Too few quality QBs and these guys are sure to have high injury rates. Cam Newton is huge and the hits are wearing him down. QBs all run standing up straight and wide open unlike running backs that close up and protect themselves.

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