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    Tossup between Monday Night Miracle and Jets v.Packers 2002 win to get in playoffs
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    tossup fake spike game and Parcells screwing up win and in game vs Lions 97
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  1. He seems to do pretty well after the game as well............................ https://nypost.com/2022/01/16/braxton-berrios-sophia-culpo-celebrate-first-team-all-pro-honor/
  2. Didn’t see this one up there…”he’s a high motor guy”
  3. Echols was a feast or famine guy. Made lots of good plays but took lots of stupid penalties.
  4. Another vote for John Lynch. Excellent player and announcer. Doing a good job as GM now as well
  5. That Rumor was floating around last offseason as well
  6. Not that I want to see it happen but expecting Andy to drop of a cardiac or stroke right on the sideline one of these days.
  7. How is he not a good player? No drops as opposed to the supposed big name receivers on the team. Great burst after the catch, makes tacklers miss. Always looks like he is giving 110%. He reminds me a lot of a kid they used to have on this team named Chrebet, maybe you've heard of him, or maybe you are too young.
  8. He didn’t make any decision. He was claimed off PS. He could go to Baltimore or go home.
  9. Was just searching for this thread following opening drive. Don’t understand how any jet fan doesn’t like Berrios
  10. Jets are one of six teams awarded London marketing rights. Other teams include jags, Miami, bears, and Vikings. Might mean one game a year but nothing more drastic than that. Still a money grab that makes them even less competitive by adding unnecessary travel
  11. One small consolation this season is watching the Seahawks suck and the next first round pick for Adams move up the board. They paid us a ludicrous price for a mediocre safety, even if he did have a good game today, including a gift pick from Rogers. Now I know there will be plenty of you racing to reply that JD will just waste the pick anyway, but skip the post and allow some of us the one small positive from this dismal season.
  12. YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Another Denzel Mims thread!!!!!!
  13. Said it in 2019, will say it again now
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