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    Football and Golf

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    Tossup between Monday Night Miracle and Jets v.Packers 2002 win to get in playoffs
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    tossup fake spike game and Parcells screwing up win and in game vs Lions 97
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  1. knew that wouldn't take long
  2. While extending TB even at $10M isnt such a bad idea, I just don't see it happening. Radio postgame (forget which particular announcer) was saying how is Denver, with Case Keenum as starter, not blowing up the Jets phones for Teddy
  3. Can we chill out and let the kid play his first game before we try and Rate his whole career?
  4. Probably because it is for the national level. It was not written as new info for die hard jets fans spending their time on a message board, but as a quick overview of the Jets for the average football fan.
  5. Huh? When not busy trolling this website what NFL team are you really a fan of?
  6. In his years with the Jets Martin averaged about 1300 yards per at over 4 yds per carry. If you don't think other teams game planned for him I really don't know what to tell you.
  7. Wow, really not getting all the hostility towards Curtis or the love for Mevis. For me it's Namath, Klecko, Curtis
  8. How does everybody know it is offset language and not the 5th year option(that the Jets must have) that is holding things up? If I remember correctly Sexton used to be very entangled with the Jets. I think his clients included Parcels, Rex and Tanny at one point. Maybe he is used to getting whatever he wanted out of them in the past and is being difficult because he is not getting it now.
  9. Not sure that's a good idea. Have you ever worked in a warehouse, restaurant, etc..They are all stoned!
  10. Her version is she got fired for trying to break up fight. Sounds like she got canned because her guest to the event started a fight in the suite. Notice the lawsuit doesn't happen until after she is canned for other reasons, now suddenly she is a victim of harassment. Beningo allegedly whispered the comments in her ear so of course she has no witnesses. Also claims career came to halt after turning down Beningo. Yeah, because he was so high on the FANs list of movers and shakers . A couple names down the list from Francesa and Boomer. Right after the custodian.
  11. The wound might heal if the media didn't look for every opportunity to rip the scab off.
  12. No>according to PFF they ran him early and passed late when trailing as most would expect. Here are 2017 splits by Qtr Split Value Att Yds Y/A TD 1D Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD 1D Ctch% Y/Tgt Quarter 1st Qtr 74 254 3.4 1 10 8 6 5 .8 0 1 .6 2nd Qtr 48 237 4.9 0 12 9 6 70 11.7 0 3 7.8 3rd Qtr 60 300 5.0 1 14 6 4 22 5.5 0 1 3.7 4th Qtr 21 59 2.8 0 3 18 11 78 7.1 0 4
  13. https://uproxx.com/sports/four-butt-fumble-gifs-were-thankful-for/
  14. WRONG Moore was holding his block till Sanchez ran right into his back and taking out his knee!
  15. I think Crowell is being very underrated as a pickup. He got 852 (952 in 2016) with a 4.1 average on an 0-16 team that was obviously always playing from behind. I am looking forward to seeing a a nice 1-2 punch from him and Powell!