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  1. Playoffs or new coach/GM every two years! Great plan.
  2. Make it an awards show like the Emmys or Oscars. Todays social media focused players will love it. ESPN will pay the league a gogillion dollars to air it. Still nobody will watch, but the league and the players will be happy
  3. Most national talking heads like S.A. that are covering every sport nationally are doing very little real analysis and just going with popular history and sentiment. You will hear nothing new or interesting from any of them.
  4. That's what I thought the way ad was capitalized in thread title. Thought some college AD was going to be bashing NFL or such
  5. Jermain Johnson FSU at 26
  6. His attitude towards CS and front office sounds almost Mehta-like
  7. This kind of trade (or any trade with Jets) might be a tough pill to swallow for Seattle. Trading their top receiver to Jets for half what they gave us for a mediocre safety. They would be shredded by press and fans.
  8. All of our recent prior front offices were sieves with every reporter in town getting fed info by someone in FO. Now, nothing
  9. Would rather roll the dice with White who at least showed some flashes than waste money and have Flacco at #2
  10. Nice to see multiple players with a history with coaches and system getting on board.
  11. You are quoting an article that says Saquan Barkley "has lived up to, or exceeded the (pedraft) hype". really???
  12. Rumor out of Seattle is they will only take the #10 for Metcalf if we agree to take Adams and his terrible contract off their hands as well.
  13. Let’s be honest here. It is not Frazier’s demeanor that they need. I’m sure Miami, for having created this mess will be under heavy pressure to hire a minority candidate
  14. A lazy writer trying to fill his required minimum word count. No way any QB is going from Conference Championship to settling for back up roll, or backup paycheck in a league where multiple teams are in desperate need of a starter.
  15. Ona related note, how are Maras statements not a major problem for the Giants? I thought any public statement regarding possible interest in(or not) in another teams player was a major no-no.
  16. Without even getting into the WSS, its just desserts for a completely corrupt POS.
  17. He seems to do pretty well after the game as well............................ https://nypost.com/2022/01/16/braxton-berrios-sophia-culpo-celebrate-first-team-all-pro-honor/
  18. Didn’t see this one up there…”he’s a high motor guy”
  19. Echols was a feast or famine guy. Made lots of good plays but took lots of stupid penalties.
  20. Another vote for John Lynch. Excellent player and announcer. Doing a good job as GM now as well
  21. That Rumor was floating around last offseason as well
  22. Not that I want to see it happen but expecting Andy to drop of a cardiac or stroke right on the sideline one of these days.
  23. How is he not a good player? No drops as opposed to the supposed big name receivers on the team. Great burst after the catch, makes tacklers miss. Always looks like he is giving 110%. He reminds me a lot of a kid they used to have on this team named Chrebet, maybe you've heard of him, or maybe you are too young.
  24. He didn’t make any decision. He was claimed off PS. He could go to Baltimore or go home.
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