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  1. Cant block a coordinator from making a move to Head Coach
  2. Alot of these guys dont like admitting mistakes which is what hiring Williams now would amount to
  3. QBR is a shyt ESPN stat and Fitzys is inflated by the backyard football scrambles he has been making which while entertaining are not really what you are looking for in your QB unless his name is Lamar
  4. Wasn't trading the now unemployed Ajayi one of the reasons many here gave for bashing Gase?
  5. Typical Manish. Don't know why anyone bothers to read this guy, never mind posting it.
  6. I hated Rosen going into the draft. Not based on his skills but on his personality. He came across as a total douche. Now I actually feel bad for him. His first two teams gave him no chance to succeed and odds are he will not get a third chance. His only shot is catching on with a third team and blowing them away in camp which is unlikely.
  7. BS Bleacher Report story that one anonymous player said Gase lost locker room and the board explodes! I'll believe what I saw today on the field against a team that needed this game for a playoff spot>
  8. While this story did not come from any of them, Jets beat writers, starting with Mehta, Costello, and Ciimini are like a bunch of message board trolls! They all seem to hate their job and throw out the most rancid raw meat they can come up with and see how many of us Jet fans they can get to lunge at it, and the majority of fans react the way they hoped.
  9. I love it how so many here take everything anybody outside the Jets says about the Jets as gospel. McCarthy was being vilified by his former employer and was announcing that he wanted the Jets job. Now, after not getting the job he is claiming he was just looking into the Jets job and didnt like what he saw. BS! This is a guy desperate to resurrect his reputation
  10. Maybe you didnt watch the game, but todays loss was in no way on Darnold! Blame the O-line, dropped passes and brutal D.
  11. 2007? Who the FK revives a thread from 2007?
  12. While the actual real estate in Jersey might be a little cheaper, the union issues, regulatory issues, taxes and corruption issues are all just as bad in Jersey as in New York
  13. Saw an article last week saying that while the original price tag for the LA stadium was supposed to be just under 2 billion but in the end could wind up costing as much as $6 Billion! Found it Most projects end up costing more than originally expected. The new stadium in L.A. will cost dramatically more than originally expected. A lengthy new item from Seth Wickersham and Don Van Natta Jr. of ESPN.com explores the dysfunction arising from the return of the Rams and Chargers to Los Angeles, where they will share a stadium built by Rams owner Stan Kroenke. The relationship features plenty of tension and acrimony, with the potentially shattered partnership fueled by one basic reality: The price for constructing the stadium keeps going up, up, up, up, up. Fewer than five years ago, the Rams believed the stadium would cost $1.86 billion. By late 2015, the number moved to $2.4 billion. Since then, the project has “gone off the rails,” thanks to vendor competition driven by a $14 billion renovation at LAX airport and an unexpectedly expensive infrastructure association with a field that will sit 100 feet below ground level. Heavy rain in 2017 delayed the opening of the stadium by a full year. By March 2018, the price had moved to $5 billion. Officials with the company building the venue now reportedly refer to it as “our $6 billion stadium.” Complicating the expense problem is a revenue problem. The Chargers have struggled to sell PSLs, the proceeds of which go directly to defray the costs incurred by Kroenke. The Rams expected $400 million to come from those PSL sales; the actual number will be much lower than that, especially after the Chargers dropped the price for upper-deck PSLs to $100. So the stadium is costing much more than expected, and the stadium will be bringing in much less money than expected. And the Raiders — the preferred team in L.A., despite any efforts of the Rams and Chargers to change that — will be playing their home games only four hours away, starting next year
  14. Hope Sammy scored sunday afternoon and sunday night!
  15. Robby still needs to grow up before being given a new deal. While he was right to be pissed at not getting the PI call you cant remove your helmet and take a 15 yard penalty.
  16. I cant say if he looks like this or that other Quarterback but other than a few picks on desperation passes that he has to learn not to throw I have been very happy with everything I have seen from Sam, on and off the field. What was especially important yesterday was to see the kid from Southern Cal play great in the slop. Reminds me of when it was raining on his pro-day and they were expecting the workout to be moved inside and Sam said he wanted to keep it out in the rain!
  17. I could totally see Stafford bailing. Talented QB that has played hard for 10 years with mediocre talent around him (other than Calvin). Lions look like they will continue to be middle of the pack at best. I could definitely see him decide it was time to go before he suffers irreparable damge.
  18. No dumb desperation throws from Sam Establish the run (for first time all year) against a weak run defense Make Haskins look like the unready rookie he is.
  19. So take away stupid eye jokes and this video is about 30 seconds

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