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  1. I don't count season 8 ....I pretend like it doesnt exist lololol
  2. Oh I agree ot coulda been much better and im hoping it runs like GOT in the sense S1 was the worst. I just meant I thought beforehand it was gonna be awful and it wasn't that bad is what I meant.
  3. Maybe I could try to run one for y'all tho id def need a comod who could balance lol
  4. It's obv nowhere near as good as the books and def some huge changes that I knew theyd have to make for time and tv constraints but it's better then I'd thought it be and def better then the Billy Zane episode tho lolololol
  5. Hope everyone's doing well!!!! See y'all got a game going atm but I'd be down to play if y'all doing another!!!!
  6. It's only his 2nd game calm down... Lol. I know he's not looked good today but still... Neither has Trevor Lawrence so far either.
  7. Don't hate me cause my team doesn't suck bro...lolololol. I know a few of the lads here I'm just playong around.
  8. I'm more worried about our 2ndary. Verrett torn ACL today ffs... Lololololol
  9. I know were Darnold is..... And I think the Butt Fumbler was the last time u guys won a playoff game or at least were semi relevant... Maybe get Rex and his foot fetish back... Lololololol
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