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OH NO.....ITS ZANDER!!!!!!

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    Crusher's Stomach

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    I'm a douchebag
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    Crusher's Stomach
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    Lunch Wolves
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    Lunch Wolves

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    The Butt Fumble

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  1. Now someone hurry up and run a game!!!! Yes, I'm looking at you Nol!!!!! Lololololol
  2. I feel like theres a sex joke to be made here... lol
  3. You know the only thing that would make this site better is if it were renamed to 9ers Nation!!!!!!!
  4. Im surprised anyone admits to being one in the 1st place...lol
  5. He must have a really really big.............bank account....
  6. sh*t, i blame the drugs but did i congratulate you yet @Jetsfan80 on getting married qnd finally becoming a man?!?!?!?!!?!? If not congrats brother!!!!! ❤
  7. Hey now you should be more understanding our leader is almost a big of a douche as yours!!!!!

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