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  1. They're just pissed they couldn't get this guy:
  2. No , he moonlights as The Goldbergs narrator:
  3. aagarcia

    Today's the day.. Mike McCarthy

    Rejected it probably because of Mac
  4. aagarcia

    Christopher Johnson

    It's very well possible. Think about it. Where else? Cleveland?? He has probably had it with Diva QBs like Rodgers. You think he's going to get along with Mayfield? No way. He sees the qualities in Darnold and will take the Jets job.
  5. How the f@ck do the Jets organization not petition the NFL for all these BS calls week in week out?
  6. aagarcia

    Jets - Titans Game Thread

    So you plan on running out the clock and you run on the last play instead of taking a knee? Remember Herm Edwards fumble recovery with the Eagles? Moron
  7. aagarcia

    Congrats Browns

    Did you see the clip on NFL Network about the NFL writer that predicted this? days ago.....
  8. And BTW, Mahomes is not the Mahomes you know now if on the Jets
  9. aagarcia

    The more I watch the Jets

    You didn’t find the officiating bias at all?
  10. aagarcia

    Jets vs Browns Final Injury Report

    He’s questionable not doubtful. He’ll play
  11. We played lazy and sloppy but more disturbing were the penalty calls and lack there of by the refs. Almost crooked man. With a combination of all the above how can you root for this team?
  12. Browns need their first win. Who better than the loser Jets to give it to them? You just know it will be SOJ. Don't even watch the game.....
  13. aagarcia

    I'm Not Upset

    Really? So coming off an opening day big win against an NFC opponent -then coming home and on your HOME OPENER in front of a sell out home crowd you get embarrassed and lose to an AFC rival ? A game that unlike the Lions WILL matter . And that’s not SOJ???

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