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  1. Unfortunately NYC has become a literal cesspool of garbage. Every block has become, if possible, filthier. It had gotten better under Giuliani but has now reached disgusting levels. And being ruled by leftist liberals who tax you up the arse but don't make substantial improvements in the lives of NYC residents. Sorry but I'll take S. Florida any day
  2. The limited edition is awful. Jersey after jersey the stripes around the shoulder are uneven
  3. Douglas even said in an interview that the reporting structure was the same in Philly
  4. Yes but what does that have to do with resigning a jag?
  5. You do know even if you're being sarcastic that today is a MANDATORY date so he's team building. Bell is there.
  6. Looks like your liberal leftist tent has good Wifi. Congrats
  7. Don't you have a tent in LA you need to get back to?
  8. Price is only a question in the absence of value
  9. Of course, he came in sooo fast that he ended up getting ahead of the play and then ended up catching the back. It was an initial misread. He’s fast and a strong motor. That’s a good thing.
  10. Got to the combine for numbers and check: VERNON GHOLSTON see how you do...
  11. This was for sure a Greg Williams pick. He sees that raw talent and the ability this young man has to create CHAOS. He’ll mold him well

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