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  1. He’s questionable not doubtful. He’ll play
  2. We played lazy and sloppy but more disturbing were the penalty calls and lack there of by the refs. Almost crooked man. With a combination of all the above how can you root for this team?
  3. Browns need their first win. Who better than the loser Jets to give it to them? You just know it will be SOJ. Don't even watch the game.....
  4. Really? So coming off an opening day big win against an NFC opponent -then coming home and on your HOME OPENER in front of a sell out home crowd you get embarrassed and lose to an AFC rival ? A game that unlike the Lions WILL matter . And that’s not SOJ???
  5. Lol, We will be the Browns first win and they deserve it because we are inept. Period. As long as Bowles is here mediocrity will be the thing to strive for.
  6. does anyone have the penalty numbers for both teams???
  7. So you tell me? Did we play subpar? Yes? Did the officiating prevent us from getting momentum??? You tell me. And at home??? THIS is what stops fans from coming back. PERIOD.
  8. for what? to have a no call when they obviously PI us
  9. how do these NON calls happen at home??? this is disgusting. when does someone do something??!!!
  10. So does anyone know who Bowles was screaming at on the sideline? Finally some animation..
  11. We’re not that much better. No Oline and no pass rusher. Same sh*t every year
  12. Well Quinn will eat up Darnold with the POS Oline we have
  13. Ahhh thanks. I was looking on New York Jets.com
  14. Link? Can’t find it. I see other videos but not that
  15. Impressive, he’s got some zip on that ball. Who’s the a$$hole that said he didn’t like the way the ball came out when he threw it... noob
  16. Depends. He may not be ready. Then again playing with 3rd stringers doesn’t help. Hard to gauge.
  17. First preseason game and Crowell has a concussion already. Man.....brutal
  18. And it was a second rounder we stole from Seattle. So.....Mac pulled a heist
  19. He's not going to be traded. If he's that good then he stays. Period. Next year McCown will QB coach for the Jets and Darnold/TB battle it out in training camp.
  20. Rudolph can actually be Bryce Petty in disguise: comparing their jr and sr years where they both played in Big 12: Rudolph: 6'4 235lbs 76th pick Petty: 6'3 230lbs 103rd pick Rudolph: '16: 10-3 AP #11 '17 10-3 AP #14 Petty: '13 11-2 B12 champ AP 13 '14 11-2 B12 co-champ AP 7 (following stats are combined averages of their jr and sr year) Rudolph: 4,322 yds; 64.2%; 32/7; qbr 165 Petty: 4,028 yds; 62.6%; 31/5 qbr 166 Rudolph: 47yds rush 8TD .7ypc Petty: 155yds rush 10TD 1.7ypc
  21. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2017/09/23/fan-brings-custom-sam-darnold-jets-jersey-to-usc-vs-cal-game/
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