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  1. LOSER f*cking fans you are. Always bitching and complaining even over Darnold. Bunch of losers you all are. Go become Pats fans
  2. This Rosen talk needs to end. When he gets his second and third concussion in the NFL his doctor parents will suggest he hang it up and he's already from a well to do family so he'll move on to his other aspirations and the team that picked him left at the altar.
  3. Poor strategy. If Browns want Allen he'll be there at 4. It's: 1) Barkley 2) Chubb 3) Darnold 4) Allen
  4. No, no it doesn’t.. Doesn’t look good in any scheme that’s Jets related
  5. We will get Darnold. Browns will pick Allen and redshirt him, Giants will take Barkley
  6. Asking because if Darnold goes 1 and Rosen 2 then the Jets will probably pick Barkley. We will still have a ton of money next year in free agency...so anyone going to be available?
  7. They’re going to get a feel for TB up until the draft and if looks good, Barkley is the pick.
  8. All for this. And the kid loves the Jets!
  9. Now with the move up and losing 2 second rounders, we need to plug some free agents....who do we go after?
  10. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000921302/article/teddy-bridgewaters-deal-with-jets-worth-up-to-15m
  11. We already have him if Bridgewater is healthy....
  12. Really? And when our front gets held up at the line like always , how long do you think this great secondary can hold up?
  13. Mangini made some great moves for us back in the day. Sucked as a coach but he could pick them -free agency and draft
  14. And with that, I think they are planning on trading DOWN
  15. You know what? What if the FO feels Hackenberg has improved this offseason?? We may not even pick a QB with the 6th pick
  16. When are you going to learn that what you or I think is INSIGNIFICANT? It's the Johnsons' running the show and they have been extended. Long term rebuilding effort. Inept organization from top to bottom.
  17. Sign Cousins, Richburg, Robinson. Draft Nelson, Michel/Jones II, Edge rusher. And we’re not even in the 3rd round yet.... would be amazing
  18. I haven't seen him take a snap under center. All shotgun...
  19. He will be a Jet. They CAN'T do 60 guaranteed right away. That will win the day along with Bates and the idea of building around him as the franchise
  20. Get Cousins and move up to trade with Indy and get Barkley. INSTANT transformation
  21. The strategy SHOULD be to sign a quality vet and draft Rudolph. What would be awesome is to sign a good vet, have Barkley available at #6 and trade up to get Rudolph. Then go edge rusher, corner and O line
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